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Translation Guide by tonberryking

Updated: 07/05/06

Air - Translation FAQ
Made 8/9/2005
By Magusdarkuser@hotmail.com   Tonberryking

Please email me if you wish to use this FAQ on your web page, have questions
or spot any errors. Using this without citing the source is an act of
If anybody uses this article for commercial purposes online,
I will complain to their web master. Any attempt to use this article for
commercial purposes is also prohibited. This article is written by fans for

I'm not trying to be fluent in Japanese. I'm just trying to learn and
understand it more. Since I am very new at this I do not guarantee a 100%
accurate translation so I welcome any comments and suggestions that you feel
would help improve this file. I'm doing translations for both the fun of it, to
hopefully improve my Japanese more and to give you a better understanding on
what's going on and what's being said during the scenarios I translate. Of
course its also better to own the game and enjoy the experience while playing
as well instead of just reading.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned
by their respective trademark and copyright holders.


7/4/06 - Oh my god! An update. Tell your friends! Yep. I revised what I had and
hopefully          it's a little better than before. Anyway, I figure I'll just
revise later. I just          want to move on with the project. Expect more
frequent updates from time to time.           I promise, I think. I really want
to get to where Mizusu is introduced before end           of the month!

8/19/05 - Minor Update. Fixed some minor things. Revising and translating. No
updates for
          a while. :(

8/17/05 - Minor Update? Decided to make this one FAQ. Finished working on story
          translation as written in the manual.

          Plans to revise what I've done so far in the works after I finish
          the character profiles in the manual.

8/9/05 - Finished Prologue FAQ despite some parts I couldn't do.


                               Table of Contents

                                A. Story

                                B. Character Profiles

                                C. Dream Chapter
                                   1-Misuzu Arc
                                   2-Minagi Arc
                                   3-Kano Arc

                                D. Summer Chapter

                                E. Air Chapter

                                F. Extra

+                   +
+                   +
+ A. Story          +
+                   +
+                   +
+                   +


A small town near the sea.

A lone young man had come from a bus.

The young man was in the middle of a journey.

He did not want to come to a small town such as this.

And when enough traveling expenses was earned, his intention was to move to a
bigger town.

His mother had left behind a small doll, the young man's traveling companion.

Without him touching the doll,

it was possible for it to move.

He succeeded the power, called 'houjitsu', from his mother.

He made that into a show and until now,

has continued traveling.

At once, the children of the town come into his company.

He does the doll trick.

However, his intentions are not well received.

Never had this happened.

The time in the town flows comfortably, the young man is confused.

Under the sky which is blue, summer continues without end, he thinks.

And, by the town's seashore, the young man had met a girl.

+                   +
+                   +
+ B. Character      +
+    Profiles       +
+                   +
+                   +

Yukito Kunisaki:

Young person who continues to travel, entrusted with a request from
his mother. By not touching the doll, he can make it move.
(Main Character)

Misuzu Kamio:

Girl who commutes to the school in the rural town which becomes the stage.
With her mother,Haruko, together they are living in an isolated house.
Always cheerful, smiling and strong girl.

Kano Kirishima:

The second daughter of the medical clinic which has been open for a long
time becomes the stage. Both her parents have left this world, now she
lives together with her older sister, a doctor. An animal lover, Kano is
accompanied by a dog called Poteto, is a breeding member in school.

Minagi Tohno:

A tall, beautiful girl. Minagi does not show her feelings on the surface
because of this surrounding people don't know what impression to give.
However, in actuality she has a gentle personality, and a deep maternal
love that is concealed. In school she is into astronomy.

Haruko Kamio:

Haruko makes being untidy and unactive normal, as Misuzu's mother. When
Misuzu is out of school they hardly encounter each other as each day passes for
She drinks sake as her number one source of happiness.

Hijiri Kirishima:

Kano's older sister and doctor at the medical clinic. Her career is
superficial, but as a doctor she is not bad. Hijiri cares alot about her younger
sister, Kano. There are even times when it runs to an extreme.


An uncertain girl, who is vigorious and has a temper. Minagi Tohno's close
friend, and Michiru adores Minagi from her heart. Minagi has been teaching
to play with soap bubbles. She loves it.


Beanbag shaped creature of mystery. (He's called Patato in the manual but
everyone calls him Poteto. Either it's a typo or someone doesn't know their

+                   +
+                   +
+                   +
+                   +
+                   +

:::July 17th Monday:::

My child, listen carefully.

The story I am about to tell you is very important.

It is a long, long story of a journey that will be passed down
from parent to child endlessly, starting now.


...I am cutting the wind

...Layers upon layers of clouds are removed.

Persistently, persistently going higher.

My heart beats swiftly.

Already my body, seems to be crumbling... And my whole bodies's strength is

I aimed toward that place...




I descend onto the pavement.

Suddenly, hot air leaves from the bus's exhaust and it surrounds me.

Standing, I feel dizzy and close my eyes.

The noise from the bus's engine, I can no longer hear it. In replacement,
pushing aside the previous noises, a great number of cicadas chirp.

I breath in from my nose and I smell the scent of salt water.

The sunshine continues to burn the back of my neck because there is nothing to
block it.

I open my eyes slowly.

Unaquainted land spread far out. A summer scene.

Yukito: It's a countryside...

I sit down on the bus stop bench.

Yukito: Phew...

There were many splintered pieces that stuck into my ass, but I try not to let
it bother me.

Yukito: So... What is it? What am I doing in such a place...?

I can't think straight in this heat.

Yukito: One ramen set!


That's right...

Yukito: The fact is that I've used all my money.

And because of that, I had to get off in this remote town.

In the first place, I can't eat a meal without money.

How I long for a Ramen Set. It is a continuing dream.

I could, but not without income.

If I could gain some here, I will be able to leave immediately, but...

I look around the area.

Just then, right before my eyes an older sister with her younger brother passed
by me.

How lucky I am.

Yukito: Hey, you kids there.

I stop calling to them.

Children: Huh?

They both face towards my direction.

Yukito: Now Oniisan is showing you a trick.

I removed the doll from my back pocket and lay it down on the pavement.

Yukito: Come now, the Fun Doll Play is begining!

Idley my hands are just above the doll. I put forth concentration.

When that is done, I quickly get up.

With my will the doll moves freely.


The doll begins to walk.

Yukito: What do you think? Cool, isn't it? Fun, isn't it?

I look at the children's faces.

Boy: Childish. What do you think?

Girl: Ah, this is neat, right?

They speak differently.

Yukito:(These kids...)

Well, no problem. Nothing has changed because they saw my trick.

Yukito: Well, you two. Since you've seen big brother's trick therefore you are
probably going to pay me.

Boy: What is this single guy talking about?

Girl: Takashi, ignore him. It's no good.

Boy: I will kick this as we go home!

The boy looked at my feet.

My doll is there.

I strech my hand out, but I was a moment too late.


The doll kept flying to the other side.

Girl: Takashi, come over to me quick please!

Boy: Bye. Bye. Bu~!

The sister and brother leave in order to escape.


Afterwards, nothing but a desolate wind blew.

No, I'm wrong. The cold weather is only in my mind.

As usual, the area boils. It seems like it is envelopped in heat.

Yukito: Sigh...

I sit once more on the bench.

Yukito: What is it...?

Yukito: Ramen Set.


I remember.

Yukito: Searching for the doll is useless.

I stand up.

Yukito: How far did it fly off to...?

I look up while walking.

The sky was spreading without any point of closer.

Not a thing interrupted it either.

The sky and earth, at my eye level, cracking into two.

Yukito:(This really is a countryside...)

I lift my head higher to block out the earthly setting from my vision.

Everything was dyed in blue.

Yukito: ...........

Back there on the bus as I was being shaken, I saw a continuous dream. What I am
seeing now kind of reminds me of that.

That was certainly a dream.

Persistently, persistently going higher.

I aimed toward that place.

At that place what waits there?

In order to know this, I keep walking.

The sunshine sways.

A single bird flutters, aimed towards the sky.

That destination certainly is radiant. I cannot see.

Now, if I were to close my eyes, would I accompany it?

Leaving my body which does not have wings on the ground.

I closed my eyes to see.





Intro Title:Tori no Uta
Composition:Shinji Orito
Arrangement:Kazuya Takase
Vocals: Lia

We bid farewell to the vanishing vapor trails
Dazzeled, we ran away, we were always weak
From that day we changed
We could not remain the same forever
My hands let go with regret

That bird still cannot fly well yet but
Someday it will cut the wind and know
There are still far off places it cannot reach
It gazes with only a wish inside itself

The children walk the tracks of summer
Their bare feet exposed to the blowing wind
Far away are their youthful days
In both hands, are wishes ready to fly away

Chasing and chasing the vanishing vapor trails
From that day we crossed that hill changed forever
We have to be honest so that
We can protect this Poseidon like strength without fail


Yukito: ............

I heard a voice.

Probably calling... Someone...?

My neck... Is in pain.

If I noticed, concrete ground was before my eyes.

Yukito:(Was I sleeping...?)

I try to remember what I was doing.

And I stopped thinking about that prank.

Yukito:(Because it is too pitiful...)

I searched for my doll that kid kicked.

I searched and walked all around in several places in the direction it flew to
but,the doll isn't found in the end.

Above this bank where I sat and rested, I was attacked by hunger and drowsiness.
I must have fainted so that I could fall asleep.

I probably slept for two or three hours. The area was dark already.

Yukito:(Looks like I can't search anymore today...)

That doll was an important tool of the trade.

Without it, I cannot obtain an income.

Also, I cannot get food.

It was a life and death problem.


I look around the area.

Yukito:(Where is it? Here...?)



I'm hungry.

Well, what should I do...?

Sham people like the highwaymen?

I unsteadily walk out.

Because of hunger, my walking is unsteady.

There is a person that is passing by me.

It was an old woman. Leisurely walking by.


Now, I walk even slower than an old woman.

I was in shock.



I am extremely exhausted.

Hunger was my greatest weakpoint.

Yukito: Guh...

I have finally collapsed.

Coming to this town, there is nothing.

...No child for my trade and I'm starving...

....An old woman passes by....




:::July 18th Tuesday:::


It is bright waking up.

Also, smelled of fish.

Voice: You suddenly collapsed, it suprised me...

Said a head peeking in for a second.


Yukito:(That's right... I collapsed and was dying in the street...)

But... This fish smell.

Voice: I am a person in this union, I carried you here on my shoulder... It was


A fishing cooperation union...

The area has white styrol piled up like a mountain.

It seems like I was in a large garage.

Middle Aged Woman: How do ya feel?

Yukito: ........

Yukito: ...Hungry.

Information and Thanks

Thanks to Key for making Air and the Air anime.
Thanks to Gamefaqs for posting and hosting my faq.

Copyright 2005 Tonberryking

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