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Join in the battle that spans the globe.
You must destroy the evil terrorists ... but first you must find them!
It is two centuries from now, and the earth is governed by the World Council. Unfortunately, terrorism never came to an end. Now, the dreadful terrorists have not only wiped out an entire city, but they have killed your family. Your only desire is to seek revenge.
Where are these terrorists? How did they get a hold of nuclear weapons? You received a clue from a fellow fighter-pilot, but now he has disappeared. It is completely up to you.
Following the clues, you take off to single-handedly destroy terrorist sights in the islands, Greenland, and Egypt, finally reaching the command center in Italy. Your only weapons are lasers, heat-seeking missiles and bombs. Can you find the terrorists' nuclear facilities and destroy them ... before they destroy the world?
Zone 66 contains:
- Outstanding graphics and sound
- 360-Degree scrolling action
- No graphic violence
- Full menu with story line
- Easy installation
Zone 66 supports:
- Sound Blaster & Joysticks

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