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by twotwotwotwo

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FAQ by twotwotwotwo

Version: 3.0 | Updated: 09/16/2013
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Alley Cat (PC) FAQ/Walkthrough Version 3.0


In this game you control a cat. Not your average house cat, mind you, but a cat that lives in an alley. Life in the alley is hard for a cat, and there are plenty of obstacles in the way of your life goals.

The alley is full of big dogs who hate cats. So you might think it would be a good idea to get indoors to get away from them, right? But no, they're in the building too! And to make things worse, the indoors are also full of floating brooms who hate two things: messes and cats.

You can't even trust your fellow cats. They love knocking you down, and some work with the dogs to try to take you out. Even Cupid is against you, and he always seemed like a nice guy.

So why not just give up? What motivates a cat to try to succeed despite all of these obstacles? Why, the same things that motivate us all: food, love, and breaking vases.

Alley Cat captures the experience of being a cat with all of these things and more. It's the perfect game for anyone who loves cats, hates cats, or thinks cats are ok.

Cat Controls

  • Left/Right Arrow Keys: Move the cat horizontally
  • Up Arrow Key: Jump
  • Down Arrow Key: Move or drop down
  • ALT: Special action (varies depending on Mini-Game)


  • Ctrl-S: Turns sound on/off
  • Ctrl-R: Restart game
  • Ctrl-M: Quit to main menu
  • ESC: Pause the game

Secret Commands

These commands aren't listed on the instruction screen, and they may not work in all versions of the game.

  • Ctrl-Y: Quit to DOS
  • Ctrl-9: Get nine lives (when used on the main screen in a game)

Skill Levels

The starting skill levels are:

  • Kitten
  • House Cat
  • Tomcat
  • Alley Cat

You can start on any of these skill levels, and if you successfully complete the Love Game you'll be promoted to the next skill level.

As you are promoted through the skill levels, several things change. There will be fewer garbage cans on the main screen, there won't be as much clothes on the clothesline, the dog will come much more often, and the windows won't be open for as long. The mini games will also get harder with the dog coming more often here as well, the broom working faster, and so on.

If you are promoted after the Alley Cat skill level, there are three or four more unnamed skill levels that you can progress through. After you beat the last of these skill levels, there's nowhere to be promoted to so it will repeat until you run out of lives.

Main Screen

The main screen is an alley that consists of a fence and some garbage cans. Behind the fence is a building with twelve windows. Three clotheslines span the length of the screen just below each row of windows.

Game Statistics

The fence is covered in what seems to be meaningless graffiti, but it actually contains all of your game statistics.

The number of lives you have left is in the upper right of the fence. It is the number right before the word "CAT."
Current Score
Your current score is under your lives on the upper right of the fence. It is in phone number format, but the dash can be ignored.
High Score
On the upper left of the fence is the word "HI!" and a phone number. The highest score you've had is the phone number (just ignore the dash).
Starting Skill Level
In the lower right is a two-letter word. The first letter is the first letter of the skill level that you started on. The second letter is always an L, and your guess is as good as mine as to what that stands for (mine is "Level").

Depending on the garbage can placement, you may also see the words "LOVE THEM MOUSIES." This actually is meaningless graffiti.


Your goal is to get into one of the windows of the building to play a mini-game. The process basically consists of jumping on a garbage can, jumping onto the fence, jumping on some clothes on a clothesline, and finally jumping into a window.


  • A Running Dog will periodically run across the bottom screen. If the dog touches you, you will die.
  • Cats will poke their heads out of garbage cans. If you are on the garbage can that the cat pops out of, you'll be knocked to the ground and the dog will come immediately.
  • Mice running across the clotheslines will bite your paws if you are hanging on to some clothes. This will make you lose your grip on the clothesline, which usually means you'll end up on the ground again (but this won't cost you a life).
  • Random Objects may be thrown out of a window after it opens. If you get hit by one of these objects, you die.

Getting Started

You start out on the ground in the alley, and your goal is to get up onto the fence so you can get into a window. To get onto the fence, you have to jump off of one of the taller garbage cans.

There are two ways to get onto a tall garbage can:

  • Jump onto a short garbage can, then to a tall garbage can from there
  • Do a running jump

For a running jump, you just need to hold left or right and then press the up key while you're running. On the lower skill levels, the best target for this kind of jump is the tall garbage can at the right edge of the screen since you can't overshoot it.

Garbage Cans

There is one garbage can layout for each of the four starting skill levels. As you advance past this, the Alley Cat Layout repeats every time.

Kitten Layout

In this layout, you have two tall cans and four short cans. Both of the tall cans have a nearby short garbage can, so these are easy stepping stones to the tall cans.

Also note that one of the tall cans is on the far right of the screen. This means that you can easily do a running jump into the right side of the screen to get onto this can (since you can't overshoot it). Starting from the far left, you can jump about when you get to the short garbage can in the middle of the screen.

House Cat Layout

Now you have three tall cans and only two short cans. The easy route here is to use the leftmost short can to get onto the nearby tall can.

You can also use the same running jump to the far right can as in the Kitten Layout, and this is still a fast and effective method. Another good possibility for running jumps might be to go for the two tall cans that are next to each other, since you don't have to time your jumps as accurately.

Tomcat Layout

In the Tomcat layout, you have two tall cans and two short cans to work with. The easiest method here is to use the leftmost short can to get onto the leftmost tall can. They are still right next to each other, so this is no more difficult of a jump than in the Kitten Layout.

A running jump to the far right can is still possible, but now there is enough of a gap between the edge of the screen to allow you to overshoot the can. So you have to be more accurate with your jump.

Alley Cat Layout

This is the last layout, so it's the one you'll see the most if playing for a long time.

Now you have two short cans and only one tall can to work with. The short can on the far right will only be useful as a way to get away from the dog (who will be coming quite often) and as another possible place for the cat to pop up from.

There are two main ways to get on the tall garbage can here:

  • Use the short can on the left. Unfortunately, the gap is larger than in the other layouts, so this is not as easy. You have to be on the far right edge of the short can to make this jump.
  • Do a running jump. If you start standing still on the far left, run right and jump just after you pass the short can and you should be able to make it onto the large can.

You can also do a running jump from the right, but it is a little bit more difficult to do consistently. Starting from a standstill on far right, you need to jump about when you're under the "M" in the word "MOUSIES" on the fence.

On The Fence

Once you make it to the fence your goal is to get into an open window.

There's clothes on the clotheslines that you can grab onto to help you get closer to the windows. But note that once you've jumped off the fence (onto clothes or not), you can't land back on it. You'll just fall back into the alley if you try.

While on the clotheslines, make sure you don't let the Mice bite your paws or fall back down into the alley. You can kill these mice temporarily for a few points by jumping on them, but they'll be replaced quickly.


The windows will open one at a time, throw a random object out, and then close again. If one of the Random Objects hits you then you will die, so be sure to dodge those objects.

To get into a window, you need to be falling (moving downward) while over the open window. So either on the way down from a jump, or from falling while above the window.

Bottom Row
You can walk in front of the window, then do a short jump and fall into the window (press down if you grabbed onto some clothes).
Middle Row
This is the easiest row for entering a window from the fence. You just have to be under the window and do a normal jump, and you should be able to get in.
Top Row
You'll need to jump off of some clothes to get into these windows.

When you get into a window, you'll play one of 5 randomly selected Mini-Games. If you win the mini-game, you'll jump out of the window and fall back down into the alley or, if you're lucky, grab onto some clothes.

Your only friend calls to you!

Now when the windows open, no object is thrown out and there's a female cat in the window. If you get into the window then this time you'll play the Love Game. If you successfully complete the Love Game, you'll be promoted to the next skill level and go through the main screen process all over again.


In the mini-games, you have a goal to complete and there are several things trying to stop you from completing that goal.

If you successfully complete a mini-game, you'll get a score based on how fast you completed the game. Then you'll jump out of the window and get a chance to play the Love Game.


One thing all of the normal mini-games have in common is that there is a flying Magic Broom that tries to knock you out the window or otherwise annoy you. You can distract this broom by running along the bottom of the screen to make tracks. The broom hates messes, so as long as there are any tracks it will ignore you and just focus on cleaning.

And don't think that just because you're inside that you're safe from Dogs. In most of the mini-games the Running Dog works just like out in the alley, which is bad for you when you want to spend some time on the ground making tracks for the broom to clean up.

Finally, there's an open window in every normal game that you entered through. If you jump into it then you'll end the mini-game without losing a life. This can be good if there's a type of mini-game that you just don't like, or bad if the broom knocks you out or you accidentally jump out (while trying to kill that bird, for example).

Cheese Game

Minimum Score: 1500


There is a giant block of cheese with 16 holes in it. This block of cheese takes up most of the space in the room. The window that you came in through is on the right side of the screen, and there is a table and chair underneath said window.


Kill the four mice that live in the giant cheese block by touching them.


If you jump onto the holes on the side of the cheese, then you'll automatically hang on with your sharp, sharp claws. You can also walk on top of the cheese, if you're into cheese walking.

The unique trick to this level is that you can instantly teleport to a new hole by pressing ALT while hanging (or standing) on a hole. Each hole is connected to exactly one other hole, and the connections between them are always the same. So if you press ALT while on one hole, you will go to a second hole. Then if you press ALT again, you will go back to the hole you started from.

The connections between the cheese holes.

The mice move around to random holes, and they are not limited to the hole connections as you are. In addition, the mice react to your position, and if you are close to them then they will be more likely to move to a different hole.

As you kill the mice, they will appear in the upper left of the screen so that you know how many are dead.


Thanks to the giant block of cheese with its many graspable holes, you have plenty of ways to get away from the Running Dog. And thanks to the teleport ability between the cheese holes, you can also evade the Magic Broom for as long as you want without laying down tracks. So this usually proves to be one of the easier levels (although not necessarily the fastest).

When starting out, the key is to avoid getting trapped in the lower right corner under the table. If you start laying your tracks there, the broom will come in to start cleaning and you won't be able to get past it and off ground until you can get to the chair. This is bad if the running dog comes. So when you first enter the room, don't start your track laying in that corner if you can avoid it.

At low levels the mice do not react quickly, so you can often complete this by just jumping from hole to hole at random. If you lay some nice tracks down from the broom right at the start, you may not even have to ever touch the ground again.

At high levels the mice will react to you almost instantly, so you may find teleporting to be very useful. Once you figure out which teleport pattern you're on, you may choose to just sit and wait on a hole until a mouse goes into the hole that you're connected to. Also, note that teleporting into some holes allow you to catch mice into multiple holes. For example, teleporting into the center hole on the top of the cheese also allows you to catch a mouse in the hole on the right.

Another useful fact is that a diagonal-down jump is much faster than falling straight down. So it's much easier to get to a mouse below before they move if you're off to the side and can do a diagonal jump.

For a good application of this, go to the top-left hole on the side of the cheese. If you do a down-left jump from here, you can make it to the bottom-right hole before a mouse can move out of the way. And as an added bonus, you can also catch mice in any of the four holes that you pass through during your jump.

Vase Game

Minimum Score: 2000


The main feature of this room is the large bookcase on the right side of the screen and the giant, bloodthirsty spider that hovers above it. The window is on the left side of the screen, and there are two chairs and two lamps under it.


Get the three vases/plants that are on top of the bookcase.


The unique feature to this game is the Spider. It lives at the top of the screen near the vases, so it will be the main obstacle you have to overcome.

There is also a bookcase that you need to climb to get to the vases. You can hang onto any part of the bookcase just by jumping at it.

The way this works is the spider will move across the top of the screen until it is above you, and then it starts to come down at you with its web powers. It will continue to descend until you either move out of its path or it gets just above the bottom of the screen.

A couple notes on the spider's movement:

  • The spider can only move horizontally while at the top of the screen. So once it has started descending it can't move left or right again until it gets back up to the top of the screen.
  • Once the spider starts to ascend, it cannot descend again until it gets to the top of the screen.
  • The spider cannot kill you while you are standing on the ground.


This game almost always goes pretty fast, as it doesn't take long to complete the objective or die trying. It's one of the simpler games, but it's easy to underestimate the spider and get killed due to impatience.

The key to this level is to take advantage of the spider's lack of mobility once it has started to descend. Basically you stay in one place to get the spider to come down and try and kill you, then move to the side and get to the vases before it can get back to the top of the screen.

At low levels the spider is slow to descend and ascend, so its easy enough to trick him into going getting out of the way. The safest thing to do is lay some tracks for the broom, and then sit on one of the chairs until the spider gets close. Then, run and jump to the top of the bookcase and grab the plants before the spider knows what's happening. But while safe, this is also the slow way.

Getting the spider to come down above the chairs is not very effective at high skill levels since he can probably get back to the top of the screen before you can get the vases. It's also harder to get the broom out of the way long enough to do this.

A better (and faster) method is to go straight to the bookcase. Hang on one side of the bookcase near the bottom until the spider gets close, and then do a diagonal-downward or diagonal upward jump to the other side of the bookcase. I recommend holding the horizontal direction before jumping to avoid accidentally jumping right into the spider.

This gets you out of the spiders path and should give you a quick path to at least one or two of the plants. If you don't have time to get all of the plants before the spider gets back to the top, then go back down near the bottom of the bookcase and repeat the process for the other side.

Dogfood Game

Minimum Score: 2500


There is a whole pack of Sleeping Dogs in this room, as well as a bunch of dogfood bowls. The window is on the left side of the screen, and there is one chair underneath it. There is also another chair, a lamp, and a picture on the right side of the screen.


Eat all of the dogfood bowls (that is not a typo, you have to eat both the food and the empty bowls).


Unlike most of the mini-games, the room here is made up of four rows. The chairs and lamp are on the top row, and you can only lay down tracks on the bottom row.

But the controls work pretty much like normal:

  • When you jump from any row other than the top row, you move up two rows. Jumping from the top row is just normal jumping.
  • If you do a running jump from the bottom row, you can go up three levels.
  • When you press DOWN from any row other than the bottom row, you move down one row.

To eat dogfood and/or a bowl, hold the ALT key while you're near a bowl. If you hold ALT when you aren't near a bowl, you'll move to the closest bowl on your current row and begin to feed.

The amount of dogfood in each bowl depends on the skill level that you're playing at. At the Kitten skill level, they are all empty. At Alley Cat and above, they are all full.

While you are near one of the Sleeping Dogs (and on its row), it will slowly wake up. First it will open one eye, then both eyes, and then the screen will flash red and a warning will sound. If you are around that dog for much longer, he will wake up and kill you. But if you move away from a partially awakened dog, it will slowly fall back to sleep.

There are never any dogs or bowls on the bottom row, and the Running Dog will not appear here. This means that you cannot die while you are on the bottom row (although the broom can still knock you up to higher levels where you can die).


This mini-game is basically an exercise in patience. It tends to take the longest of any of the mini-games, especially on the higher skill levels. That said, if you do have patience then this isn't a particularly difficult mini-game. Most of the time when you die, it's because you got greedy and tried to finish a bowl as a dog was waking up.

As the skill level of the game increases, there's more to eat and the dogs wake up faster. But the strategy is always the same: go to a bowl and eat until a nearby dog gets close to waking up. Then get away from that dog and eat from another bowl.

And try to keep the Magic Broom busy with tracks, otherwise it's likely to hit you into a dog that is close to waking up.

Fish Game

Minimum Score: 3000


The unique feature in this room is the small fish bowl on a table at the left side of the room. The window is in the middle, and there is a chair right under it. There is also another chair and a table on the left, and a lamp on the right.

Entering the fish bowl takes you to another screen. You'll be in the Water along with twelve fish and some Electric Eels.


Get inside the fish bowl and eat all of the fishes.


In this game, there's a little bowl of fish on a table. Your first goal is to jump into the bowl to gain access to the delicious fish. You'll probably spend very little time in the room here, as it isn't very difficult to get to the bowl. In fact, you might have trouble getting out the window if you don't like this game because the broom will sometimes knock you right into the bowl. And once you're in the bowl the window is inaccessible, so you're stuck playing the game.

Although you are bigger than the bowl while in the room, once inside you'll find that the bowl is actually just as big as the room that contains it. Either that or you became very small just as you entered the bowl, but the point is that this is a magic bowl. Inside this bowl with you are a lot of fish and electric eels.

The bowl always starts with twelve fish, but the number of eels increases with your skill level:

LevelStarting Eels
House Cat4
Alley Cat8

And every time you eat a fish, another eel will come in from one of the sides of the screen.

There are two new ways to die in here:

  • Touch one of the Electric Eels, which are electrified as you may recall
  • Run out of air and drown in the Water

As you swim under water, you'll gradually change color from your default black to blue, pink, and then red. After red comes death, so you'd better be on your way to the top or to the last fish when you turn red. To get air, you need to be at the top of the screen and swimming upward (press the UP key).


This mini-game doesn't seem all that hard at first glance, as there are many fish and few eels. But since every fish you eat is replaced by an eel, so the game gets gradually harder.

The trick is to get the fish at the bottom first. Then the bottom will be filled with eels, but you won't care because all of the remaining fish are at the top.

The strategy is the same between the different skill levels, other than that there will be more eels and you'll run out of air faster on higher skill levels.

Bird Game

Minimum Score: 3500


The main focus of this room is the bird cage on a table in the center of the room. The window is on the left and there are two chairs under it. On the right there is another chair, a lamp, and a picture.


Knock the bird cage off the table to break it and set the bird free. Then eat the bird.


The first thing you need to do is knock that bird cage off the table. One option is do do running jumps into it from the ground (just watch out for the Running Dog). Alternatively, if you can get onto the table (often by having the broom hit you), you can just walk into the cage to push it over.

Once the cage falls off it will break and the bird that was inside will start to fly around the screen. Now all you have to do is touch the bird to win.

The picture and the curtains are both good launching points for attacking the bird when it is high on the screen. Just watch out for the window if you're trying to get onto the curtains.


The Magic Broom can actually be helpful here, as it can knock you high into the air. So one good trick is to purposely jump into the broom while the bird is nearby and hope you get knocked right into it.

On higher skill levels it can be hard to have time to lay tracks before the dog comes. So you may opt to skip the track laying and just hope that the broom helps more than it hurts.

Love Game

This is the special mini-game that you can play after completing one of the normal mini-games.


This is the bonus level after beating one of the normal mini-games. There are seven rows of hearts, and there are Pushy Cats on each row except for the bottom row. There are also 24 Cupids on the sides and the top of the screen.


Get to the cat on the top row.


The rows are made up of two types of hearts: normal (pink) and broken (black or blue). You can only walk on full hearts, and you will fall through broken hearts.

The cat on the top row is your friend, but all of the other cats are your enemies. These Pushy Cats try to keep you from getting to the good cat by knocking you down a row when they touch you.

The pushy cats react to your movement. Basically they all want to stay roughly above/below you, but there's enough randomness built in so they don't just sit directly above you at all times. As you get to higher skill levels, this tracking is a lot more accurate.

The cupids will randomly shoot arrows diagonally across the screen. These arrows will break normal hearts and fix broken hearts as they pass through them. If you touch an arrow, you'll kill the arrow and fall down a row.

You can fail the game by falling through broken hearts on the bottom row or being knocked off the bottom row by an arrow or cat.


You start the game on the bottom row with at least one gift. You can pick up a gift by touching it. While you're holding a gift, the colour black is replaced with blue throughout the screen.

If you are holding a gift when you get to the cat on the top row, your bonus multiplier will be doubled.

You also get a bonus gift for each time you've failed the love game in a row (up to 8). So what can you do with extra gifts? Give them to the other cats to make them go away!

You can drop the gift you're holding by pressing the ALT key. If you drop a gift on the row of one of the pushy cats and the cat touches the gift, they will take it and disappear (although they will come back eventually if the game lasts long enough). If you drop a gift on the top row, the good cat will take it and you will receive no benefit.


One of the best situations is having a vertical path of normal hearts that goes all the way to the top on one of the edges. If you can lure the cats away by moving off to the opposite side, then you can often just jump straight up and get to the top. This is usually fairly easy on low skill levels, but very difficult on high skill levels.

Also, note that a running jump can allow you to skip a row. This is normally only possible from a row with a lot of unbroken hearts and preferably no pushy cat.

At higher levels the pushy cats track you very well, so getting touched by a cat at any level usually means you will end up being pushed all the way to the bottom. As a result, you should try to avoid being directly above a spot with broken hearts on the bottom row because you probably won't get a second chance if you're hit.

This is where spending any extra gifts can be very helpful. A row in the middle with a lot of unbroken hearts is particularly useful because it lets you take a break from your climb to lure the other cats off to one side.


Upon completing the game, you get a score based on how fast you completed the game as well as a bonus multiplier.

You'll also be rewarded with a brief cutscene of dancing cats. The number of cats on this screen will also increase with you skill level, up to a total of 34.

Dancing cat formations.

The bonus multiplier starts at x1 on the kitten level, and then is incremented by 2 up for each skill level after that up to a maximum of 15. Also note that this bonus multiplier is doubled if you have a gift when you complete the game.

LevelBase MultiplierDancing Cats
House Cat0304
Alley Cat0716

If you beat the mini-game again after getting to skill level 8, then the rewards will repeat level 8 every time.

Deadly Enemies

These are the enemies you'll encounter in the game that can kill you.


Dogs are, without question, your worst enemy. They will probably be the source of most of your deaths.

Running Dog

There is a dog that will run at you along the bottom of most screens. If you come into contact with the dog, you will get into a fight which will carry you off the screen to the closest side and you will die.

The dog always starts from the side of the screen that's farthest from your current position. The only way to get the dog to go away is to get off of the ground and stay there until the dog gets to the edge of the screen. If you are on the ground behind the dog, he'll turn around.

It won't come too often on the easier skill levels, but on the Alley Cat level he comes almost constantly.

There are only three places where a dog will not run across the bottom of the screen if you wait long enough:

  1. Inside the fish bowl during the Fish Game
  2. In the Dogfood Game (but the room is filled with sleeping dogs...)
  3. The Love Game

Some of the indoor dogs are different colors than the outside dogs, so you can take comfort in the fact that it's not just one dog that hates you. I'm sure that this isn't because the game only has a four-colour palette. Not at all.

Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping dogs only appear in the dogfood mini-game, and they are much easier to deal with than the running variety. As long as they are asleep they are harmless, but if you stand next to them for too long they will wake up and kill you just like any other dog would.

Random Objects

This is a composition of several screenshots. There will never be more than one open window or item at a time in the real game.

Random objects are thrown out of the windows of the building you're trying to get into, and if one hits you then you die. Pretty simple, right?

The objects include boots, rolling pins, rotary telephones, and empty tin cans. Other than how they look, they all work the same way: they are thrown out of a window, and if they hit you then you die.


You'll only find the giant spider in the Vase Game. It lives at the top of the screen and only wants to kill you. Your goal is to break the vases that also happen to be at the top of the screen.

There's really not much else special about the spider. It doesn't shoot webs at you or have any special attacks. Just don't touch it and you won't die.

Electric Eels

The electric eels live in the fishbowl in the Fish Game. Coming into contact with an eel results in you being electrocuted.

The fishbowl starts out with only a few eel, but each fish you eat is quickly replaced by an eel. They are slow and don't actively pursue you, but as the bowl fills up with eels they become hard to avoid.


Water is your enemy? Yes, it is when you're swimming in it during the Fish Game. If you stay under water for too long, you will drown.

Indirect Enemies

There are a lot of enemies that they don't directly kill you, but instead knock you around and potentially into something that does kill you. Sometimes these enemies will even accidentally help you.


Except for the cat at the top row of the Love Game, cats are mean to you. They don't kill you directly, but they knock you down (often into something that will kill you).

There are two types of enemy cats that you'll face:

Garbage Cats

These cats live in the garbage cans on the main screen. They pop up out of the garbage cans one at a time to say hello. The bad news is that if you're on that garbage can when they pop out, you will fall to the ground and a Running Dog will instantly come. This is bad because you're now on the ground.

Pushy Cats

During the Love Game, there are six (and eventually seven) other cats hanging around. The one on the top row is great, that cat is your friend (your only friend). All of the other cats are your enemies, and they will try to push you down through the floor.

If you touch one of these pushy cats, you will get knocked down a level. If you get knocked down to the bottom level and there aren't solid hearts there to land on, you will die. In addition, if you wait around long enough for a cat to appear on the bottom row and run into it, you will die.

These cats cannot move at all vertically. As for horizontal movement, they will usually try to stay approximately above/below (especially on higher skill levels). This means that if you get hit by one cat, there's a good chance that you'll hit every cat underneath you all the way down to the bottom of the screen. It also means that there's a good chance of running into cats on your way up.

You can temporarily get rid of a pushy cat by giving them a present (by dropping it with the ALT key). This will make them disappear, but they will come back if you take too long to finish the mini-game. A pushy cat will also eventually appear on the bottom row, which is very bad because touching that cat means instant death.


Mice like to walk across the clotheslines on the main screen, and if they walk over some clothes that you're hanging on they'll bite you and you'll fall to the ground.

You can kill these mice by landing on them, and you'll get a few points for it. But they'll respawn after a little while.

Also, note that the mice in the cheese mini-game cannot hurt you in any way. So those mice are not enemies, they are just food.

Magic Broom

You'll find this flying, magical broom in all of the normal mini-games. It knocks you around randomly any time you come into contact with it. And it actively chases you unless you give it something to do.

Sometimes this works out in your favour, like when it knocks you into the bird or the last mouse in a giant wedge of cheese. But more often than not, it leads to you being thrown out a window or knocked into a dog.

So most of the time you'll want to leave some tracks at the bottom of the screen for the broom to clean up. The broom hates messes, so as long as there are any tracks it will ignore you and just focus on cleaning.

You can lay tracks in any room that has a broom in it just by walking on the bottom row. The more tracks you leave on a given space, the longer it takes the broom to clean it up.


Cupids only live in the Love Game, and they just shoots arrows. Not necessarily at you or at anything in particular, they just like to shoot arrows.

If an arrow hits you, you'll fall down a row. If you're on the bottom row, then you will fail the Love Game. But it's not Cupid's fault you got in the way of his arrow, is it?

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