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He's mean. He's tough. And when it comes to the alley, he's definitely top cat. His name is Freddy. Still... behind that meow, under that funny flea-bitten facade, he's just a pussycat at heart. And this pussycat is in love!

Yes, Freddy has found a sweet feline that he's crazy about. When an alleycat like Freddy finds a femme fatale like Felicia he'll do everything in his power to win her heart. So, Freddy is busy collecting anything he can get his paws on, and saving it all for his sweetie. He's running up and down the alley, raiding peoples' apartments in this frenzied love hunt.

But life in the alley isn't that easy. There's a nasty dog named Bowser Von Spike who would like nothing better than to take a chunk out of our hero. There are nasty little mice that have no great love for Freddy. And then there are the people who live in the alley. They don't like Freddy's singing, and show their displeasure by tossing bottles, fishbones, and all sorts of rude objects at Freddy. And worst of all, Felicia is fickle!

Now you know the story... But the big question is can you help Freddy make true love prevail?

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