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Strap on your flight safety harness and launch your Advanced Tactical Fighter (ATF II, a new generation of high technology aircraft designed for the 21st Century) into a series of dangerous attack missions, supporting your ground and sea forces, with the goal of defeating your enemies at all costs.
Become the "Top Gun" of your invasion force. But, watch out: Enemy interceptor aircraft will challenge you every inch of the way.
The challenge is formidable! Spanning a global area containing air bases, fuel dumps, communication points, and factories strategically placed throughout continents and islands, the player must assist his allied forces with the destruction or takeover of the enemy installations.
Air Strike U.S.A. is a unique blend of arcade action and strategy in a modern day flight combat game.
- Fast 3-D action & mind-bending strategy
- Eight world maps in full relief
- Strategic and mobile targets
- Selectable crew members
- Load & save high-score table

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