Reviewed: 08/21/19

a Wonderful Game Hurt by an Awful Translation

Giniro Silver is a unique Visual Novel, in more good and bad ways than one.

It was released in Japan with the option to play it in either Japanese or English (with the menus all in Japanese). However, Its English translation was so bad that even I - who learned English as my second language and still make a lot of mistakes in it - found difficulty in reading it. However, beneath this awful translation and crude interface lays a true gem and one of the most emotionally powerful and unique Visual Novels I have ever read.

Its story dares to go deeper than any game has ever dared to go. Just look at its main characters as evidence of that: One is a young slave girl who had her Achilles tendon cut so she doesn’t escape and got raped so many times for so long that her mind basically "dissolved" and returned to her childhood period. To her sad and poor childhood period. Another is a thief who, on the surface, seems like he is full of contradictions. He kills anybody he steals from yet he is kind. He firmly believes that "The weak must die" yet he helps this extremely weak girl who can't even walk. He is also a guy who suffered many horrible things in his life, not the least of which was being forced to bury his parents while they were still alive and begging him to help them. These two meet and embark together on an adventure. An adventure that will not end in them saving the world or finding a lost treasure. An adventure of simply trying to survive the harsh and unforgiving world they live in.

Said adventure is one of many, as the story is divided into chapters and each chapter will, at first glance, seem like it has its own completely separate characters and story, and the connections between the chapters will not appear to you until you delve deeper into the wonderful main story.

The art style is simple but charming and really fits the mood of the scenes. The sound track is OK but a bit repetitive, and the voice actors are good and enjoyable to listen to.

All in all, if not for its extremely bad English translation, this game would have been incredible. At its current state, it is a game that is certainly worth playing for anyone but grammar teachers.

Rating: 9

Product Release: Giniro (Complete DVD) (JP, 08/31/01)

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