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Reviewed: 05/22/01 | Updated: 05/22/01

Another Great F&C Game!

Sakuranbo Kaigan Cherry Beach is a game from one of the best known japanese Game Makers: F&C.
From the screenshots I have seen it looks like another Adventure game, but it has some good new things around. (see -> Gameplay)


Your Grandmother has got a house at the beach but she don't need it, so you can have it. You have the idea that you could use it during summer vacation as a restaurant. Of course you will meet many Girls (and a boy) who would love to work for you in the restaurant.


You start a day with the setup menu. You can choose which girl has to work where (in the kitchen, advertising outside, serving and more. Every girl has got her favourite places where she wants to work. After every day her Stress-Factor is rising, this is not good because after a certain point they don't want to work anymore and just go around or sit down and smoke a cigarette. To lower it you can have yourself and / or her a day off. You can also close your restaurant for one day. Maybe when the wheather is bad (You can have a look at the wheather report at the beginning of every day). At the end of the day you can talk to one of girls so you know what they think about it at all. Then you see a statistic about how many customers you had and about how much money you got.
You will also need to take some days off because this is the chance to meet other girls and ask her to work for you, or you meet one of your employees at a romentic moment at the beach. This is also the moment where the game gets ecchi sometimes ;)


The game has got wonderful CGs when you walk around and meet the people and it has cute Bitmaps at the restaurant screen, when they are working around.
As for the sound there is nothing too great but it features cute voice actors (the game is fullvoice).
There is also a CG Menu at the Title Screen where you can have a look at all the CGs you already have seen.


Yes! My friend played through it 6 Times! I didn't play it that often but that is surely because I get myself so many games. It is worth the money!


Well, I don't think you have a chance to rent a japanese game. If you happen to live in Japan or have some other connection you might rent it. As most of the Bishoujo Games you have finished it after a few hours of playing.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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