Review by Akuma.

Reviewed: 06/24/00 | Updated: 06/24/00

For the people that liked Ultima 6...

Nethergate in a RPG in which you are a group of Celt or Roman warriors who fight to prevail; but the story isn't so simple, because you won't fight only with humans, but with magical creatures such as goblins, fomorians and Faeries, and youare involved in the event that made all of them disappear and caused the end of the Roman Empire...

Gameplay 9/10: For travelling and walking in cities this game has his own system, but the combat engine, the equipment system, and the experience gaining system are pratically the same as Ultima 6. This make this game look like Ultima 6 a lot, with the advantages and the disadvantages there can be; it may look like a surpassed game, but for sure it's funny. I found myself several times incapacited to leave the game after 4 hours of playing!
Music 4/10: That's where the game lacks; musics aren't very good, and sound effects sometimes are very irritating.
Graphics 6/10: This game has a modest but well-made graphic; it could disgust you if you just stopped playing Final Fantasy VIII, but after all it is very nice. I liked the images in the charachter screen, made with some irony. The only defect is that there are no FMV scenes.
Difficulty 10/10: This game is, as Ultima 6 was, very well calibrated; difficulty, but never frustrating. The help section is very well-made, and discovering secret quests isn't difficult at all, like in a FF game.
Story 9/10:If you liked celtic legends and roman history you're gonna love this game. Plus, the narration is great!
Overall 7/10: If weren't for poor graphics and pathetic sound this would be one of my favourite games; a good story with legendary and treue events, a very good gameplay, a well calibrated difficult and tons of side quests and Easter Eggs (''Sylak's talking skull'' maybe is the best thing of the game!) are enough to make a big game.

Rating: 7

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