Review by DR SMOOTH

Reviewed: 08/17/03

Graphics mean nothing to the mighty Celts and Romans

Looking through some games one day I came across the title of Nethergate. One look and I know that this game would be fun. What drawn me was the chance to play a great role playing game as either Celts or Romans. I myself enjoy both cultures so I got the game and started. At first I had mixed feelings. The graphics weren't horrible but were not that good compared to some other games. The controls and gameplay were easy and fun though. After awhile I grown accustomed and was on my way into the stunning world of Nethergate.

Nethergate's controls are extremly easy and fun to control. Just click someone to attack in combat when it is your turn and watch him hack away. Spells are easy to. Just bring the spell menu up and click the spell. Then click who you want to smite and they will be smoten. It just doesn't get any easier. The difficulty of the game is hard but as long as you save often and you try hard you will get through the toughest of Nethergate's dungeons. With the humongous world and tons of armor, weapons, spells, items, and quest the game never gets old and is extremely fun.(The world is based on historical research)

STORY 9/10
What can I say? The story is fantastic. With so many twist and turns and places to go. The year is 60 AD and the Roman Empire is at the peak of it's glory, under the rule of the cruel and unjust Emperor Nero. The isle of Britannia is full of rebellions against the Roman leaders and Celts ransack city after city. Play as the Celts and stop the Romans or play as the Romans and quell the Celts rebellions. With even more plot twists to come in the game later the story is truly great.

Graphics aren't everything and so is the case hear. It is a 3D world but the graphics could have been better. Although they are kind of corny the graphics are neat in some cases.

SOUND 3/10
Sound? What Sound? Did you hear Anything? Well there isn't much sound but what is there is okay. Sword attacks and fireballs exploding are ok I guess.

Nethergate is an extremly large world with many people, places and things to see. The game may take awhile to beat but it is well worth it as the story is great. Also it is as if there are two games in one. Play as the Celts or as the Romans, each with their own levels. The game doesn't stop there either. Many secret places and easter eggs to find in this game. Also tons of items to use in your quests in Nethergate's great world.

Hey. It's a great game.

This is one of the best games I've played in awhile. If you got alot of free time and like role playing games then this is for you most definetly. It one of my favorites and I hope it will soon be yours to.

Rating: 9

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