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1517. Mexico-Tenochtitlan, the Capital City of the Aztec Empire.
You are Little Serpent, a young huntsman. When out hunting one day you come by chance upon the murder of a nobleman who leaves you mysterious information you should never have heard...
Wrongly accused of the murder, soldiers have taken your parents hostage to force you to give yourself up. A strange illness is eating away at the country, with clues that link to your own misfortunes.
With danger everywhere, you must choose your friends well, solve the clues and unmask the traitors. The fate of Aztec is in your hands.
- 3 in-depth game modes: adventure - exploration - encyclopaedia
- Puzzles and clues combining thought, skill and action
- Detailed exploration with the interactive map
- "Omni-Expert" help mode
- Use the "codex" to view the key points of the mystery at any time
- Stunning 3D reconstruction of the incredible Aztec world

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