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FAQ/Walkthrough by hundley4ever

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 10/15/2000

              |  TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA              |
              |     T U R T L E S:                 |
              |                                    |
              |  The Manhattan Missions            |
              |                                    |
              | FAQ by hundley4ever@lycos.com      |
              | Version: 1.3                       |
              | Date: 10/15/00                     |
This FAQ may be distributed as free, public domain. Please 
DO NOT modify or change it in anyway, shape or form and 
claim it as your own. Thank you. :)

What's New?
Version 1.2 - Contact address changed.

Version 1.2 - Added some tips and a new section: credits.
Added a walk-through of the last level.

If you can help out with some walkthroughs of Extortion,
Areas 2+3 or you can transcribe some of the stuff April says
on the news after you beat an area, then e-mail me. Thanks.

Version 1.0 - This FAQ! It's all brand new to you! There's
some sections in the missions section that still aren't finished

Table of Contents
I.    Introduction
II.   Story
III.  Startup
IV.   Characters
V.    Controls
VI.   Missions
VII.  Tips
VIII. Credits

Well, it had to happen sometime. This is probably the only FAQ 
about TMNT: The Manhattan Missions on the web today. If you don't 
know what the game is, then here's the 411. The game was released
for the PC by Konami in 1991 and follows the adventures of the 
then-popular cartoon/comic book/movie heroes. It is drastically 
unlike the excellent TMNT arcade game released around the same 
time and is more similar to the NES/PC game that was released
before it. The game is an adventure game where the turtles have 
to complete various missions to save the city from their nemesis 
Shredder. It's a pretty good game, so track it down if you can, it's 
for DOS.

The evil Shredder is taking over the city! Meanwhile, there seems to 
be a rash of crime in NYC, which is not very unusual, but they seem 
to have a connection to the Shred-head's plan of taking over Manhattan. 
So who can save the city from the clutch of crime and Shredder's master 
plan? Everyone's favorite pizza-eating, crime-fighting, catch-phrase 
spewing mutated ninjas: the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

After the Konami logo, a little intro about the turtles' history plays. 
If you don't want to see it, press ENTER. This should bring you to the 
setup menu. Chances are you'll want to setup your joystick, so choose 
the left/right/single joystick and press ENTER. Calibrate the joystick 
according to the screen instructions and you're ready to go. 

In the lair, you have several options. You can go straight to the action 
via the city map, practice your fighting skills in the training room, check 
out the power each of your turtles has left in examine turtles, charge up 
your turtles' energy by resting 1-8 hours, save and load or exit the game.
You only have 48 hours to save the city from Shredder. Training, resting,
examining and executing missions costs time, so use your time well! 

Leonardo - The serious, strong leader of the turtles is a very well-rounded
character. He has good strength, good speed and good power. His katanas have
decent range too. Good all-purpose character.

Donatello - This braniac is the turtle's resident gadget-head. He has very 
good power, good strength, but limited speed. His bo staff has excellent

Michaelangelo - The party boy of the turtles can be quite lethal. He has
good strength, good speed, but limited power. His nunchakus have good range.

Raphael - This hotheaded, brash and cocky turtle is the renegade of the group.
He has good strength, very good speed but only decent power. His sais have
limited range.

April O'neil - This reporter at Channel 6 is the turtle's eyes and ears on the
above ground. She informs the turtles of the current state of crime in the city
and helps the turtles find about what's going down in the city.

Casey Jones - This vigilante is a friend of the turtles and helps them out when
they're injured.

Splinter - The great master of the turtles, he is the most dangerous rat in the
world. He uses his martial arts knowledge to help the turtles train to get ready
for their battles.

The controls in TMNT are a little bit confusing, especially if you don't 
have a manual, so here's a little explanation about how to us them.

There are two buttons, one called a "base button" and another called a 
"post button". Using these buttons in conjunction with pad directions, the 
turtles can perform various moves. 

In addition, there are two modes for the turtles, walk mode and fight mode. 
Walk mode allows the turtles to walk around freely and at full speed while 
fight mode equips your weapons and readies your turtle for battle. To switch 
between modes, press both buttons at the same time.

Now your turtles can perform different defensive and offensive moves depending 
on the mode they're in, the buttons you press and the direction where you press 
the pad in. This is what they can do in each mode, according to the manual:

Walk Mode, No buttons
Up: Jump straight up
Up-left: Jump back-up
Up-right: Jump up forward

Neutral: Stand
Left: Walk left
Right: Walk right

Down, down-left, or down-right: crouch/pick up item

Walk Mode, Base Button
Up-left, left, or down-left: Throwing star left
Up-right, right, or down-right: Throwing star right

Up: Climp up/Enter door on top

Neutral: Stand

Down: Climb down/Enter door on bottom

Walk mode, Post Button

Walk Mode, Post Button
Any direction: Use item

Fight, No Buttons
Up: Jump straight up
Up-left: Jump back-up
Up-right: Jump up forward

Neutral: Stand
Left: Shuffle left
Right: Shuffle right

Fight, Base Button
Up: Power Attack
Up-left/right: Attack high left/right

Left: Attack middle left
Right: Attack middle right

Neutral: Stand

Down-left: Attack low left
Down: Attack low/kick
Down-right: Attack low-right

Fight Button, Post Button
Any direction: Block in that direction

PRESS F1 to switch turtles at any time.

Now that you know the controls, you're ready to go out and brave the jungle
that is Manhattan. Here is a guide to the various missions you go on in the 
city. Hope this helps you thwart the baddies and get you on your way to kicking
some major shell and scarfing down some mondo pizza!

You have a total of 5 missions + Schredder's lair. They can be completed in any 
order. Once you've completed an area, you're rewarded with a nice cinema scene
that advances the storyline and the next area of the mission appears
on the area map. You don't have to complete the 3 areas of a mission in sucession
to complete the mission. You can switch to another area of another mission at any
time. Note that every time you don't sucessfully complete an area (by exiting before
defeating the boss or having all your players injured), the situation in the area
gradually gets worse, until it can no longer be contained. Try to complete each
area on one try to avoid this.

Channel 6 reports that a mysterious gang of dinosaur-like creatures have been
robbing banks in the city. Your job is to go to the latest bank that the robbers
have struck, stop the robbery and find out where these things are coming from!

Leo has the reach and the strength to defeat the triceratons in short order. Try 
him out!

Area 1: 

When you get to the bank, two of the creatures are stationed out in front of the 
bank. Equip your katanas (assuming you're Leo) then wait until they're in striking 
distance, then let loose your middle attacks until they're defeated. Enter the 
doorway on the far right to go on.

Here are more of those dastardly dinos! Use the same strategy as before. When 
they get too close for comfort, jump to the right and in front of the next 
doorway. Collect the stars before you go. Enter the doorway to go on. 

More dinos are in front of the park. Just use the same strategy as you used with 
the previous two and you'll be okay. There's no need to waste your precious 
energy to beat these guys. Enter the gateway of the park.

Now you're in the park. There's only one dino in this section, so you can 
dispatch of him quickly. There's pizza on the screen to the right, if anyone
needs it. Exit to your left.

There's two dinos here, yet again. Just do like you did before and jump away to 
safety. Continue to the left.

Another pair of dinos. Again, try to jump to safety. Enter the doorway on the left.

Here's another dino, but this one has a laser gun. Jump over the little laser 
beams, and get close to him. Then wail away at him with your middle attack until 
he's down. You won't lose much, if any energy at all.

Now the turtles will find a strange teleporter, which can take them to the next 

Area 2:

Don has the power and the strength to beat the stronger Triceratons here!
The range of his bo staff also helps!

You have been transported to the sewers, a familiar locale. Quickly 
dispatch of the dino using the technique described before. Jump down
the hole into the deeper sewers.

Another dino is waiting for you on the platform. Dispatch of him quickly.
Climb down the ladder. Be careful. Two dinos wait for you at the bottom
of the ladder. Once again, bat them away with your middle attack. When
they get close, jump away. Exit to the right.

Two dinos wait for you here. Use the 'ol bait and jump away technique
to escape from them. You can either enter the sewer tunnel or climb up
the ladder. Up the ladder is a bunch of stars, a dino and a pizza power-up.
If you need some energy or some extra stars, go up the ladder. Go back down
when you're done. 

Going through the sewer tunnel, you will exit to the outside. Dispatch of the
two dinos using your middle attack. Go the right.

Go on top of the lumber. Walk to the very edge of the pile, then jump away to
the right side and you'll exit.

Here's the big boss of the area. This bot can fly and fire lasers, but he
has a weakness. When he lands, walk behind him. Wail away using your middle
and power attacks and he's as good as a transitor radio.

The turtles will find a strange vehicle which can take them to the next

Area 3

There's a triceraton on the right. Defeat him using a turtle with good weapon
range like you did the ones before. Exit to the right. 

There's no enemies on this screen. So just exit to the right.

There two triceratons on the right ledge. Do yourself a favor and just fall 
off the ledge and take the easy route.

Defeat the triceraton. There's pizza here for anyone who needs it. Exit to the

There's a bot here, just ignore him and exit to the doorway on the right.

Now there's three triceratons here. You only need to defeat the one who the
boss is. Just keep the two triceratons on your level on the same side. Stay close
to them and wail away using your middle, high and power attacks. Keep it up and they
won't have a chance to fire at you and you'll defeat them in a short amount
of time.

That's the end of the triceraton invasion, thanks to the guys in green!

Channel 6 reports that there is a mysterious arsonist setting fires in the city!
The turtles have to investigate who's behind these mysterious crimes.

Don has the reach to defeat many of the enemies here.

Area 1: 
You start out on a rooftop. Jump to the next rooftop. There's a punk waiting
for you there. Arm yourself with your weapon and wait until the enemy gets
within striking distance. Then hit him once with your middle attack, then get
closer to him. When he's in striking distance, hit him again with your middle
attack. Repeat until he's defeated. 

Now you're near a taller building. Instead of going on the fire escape of the
other building, just fall down. 

You'll fall two screens and find yourself in an alley. Use the technique you used
to defeat the punk before to defeat the baseball bat guy. Now climb up the ladder
to the fire escape.

On the above screen, you'll see a ledge to the left. Climb up to the top platform
of the escape and jump to the right. Walk all the way to right until you get to the
edge of the fire escape platform. Now jump to the ledge on the left. Walk to the
left to exit.

On this ledge, you'll encounter another punk. Make short work of him and then enter
the left window. 

Now you come face to face with the arsonist. Strike him one hit at a time with your
middle attack to keep him away. When he's too close, jump away from him repeatedly
to avoid his chain strike. Keep him at a safe distance and keep hitting him with 
your middle attack until he's defeated. 

The arsonist is defeated, and now it's time to foil the environmental pollution

Area 2:

Leo can keep the robots away with his the reach of his katanas.

You're at the docks for this area. Use your middle attack (again, Leo seems to have
the best reach) to blow up the robot. Strike the bot once and it draws back. Follow
it and keep using your middle attack on it. Keep a safe distance away from its robotic
arm attacks and you'll beat him. There's pizza on the top left if anyone needs it. Jump
on the barrel and then onto the ledge to get it. Before climbing the ladder, you'll 
need to go to the right.

There's another robot here. You can either risk it by jumping your way to the right and
avoiding the bot, or you can defeat him like you did the first one.

There's some jumps on this screen. Manuever your landing on the posts above the water 
and you'll be fine. Exit to your right.

There's a few more jumps on this screen. With practice, you'll get a perfect landing
every time. Pick up the rope and exit to the left. Go back to the first screen.

On the first screen, jump on the barrel and jump onto the ledge. Again, there's pizza
for anyone who needs it. Climb the ladder. 

On top of the ladder, there's a jumping bot on the ledge of the left. Get close to the
edge of the left to lure the bot to jumping off. Jump to the right to avoid his
attack. Exit to your left. 

Here, there's a jumping bot to the platform on the left and a jumping bot on the 
top ledge. Take out the bot to the platform to the left with a few ninja stars. 
While still on the lower platform, manuever yourself to the right of the bot 
on the top. Jump up. This will lure make the bot jump to the right. Keep 
repeating this process until the bot jumps off the platform. Now you can climb 
the ladder on the left and enter the door. 

The boss is just another robot on treads. Defeat him like you did the other ones
and you'll be on your way. 

The robot operator tells the turtles the plot to detonate a bomb on ship and exactly
which ship the device is on!

Area 3:

Here you're on the ship. Your job is to defuse the bomb on the ship. There's a 
foot soldier to your right. Try to jump to the right and avoid him. Exit to the
right side.

There are too foot soldiers here. Take out one with some ninja stars. Jump over
the other one. 

There's another foot soldier here. Just try to jump away from him and exit 
to the right side.

There is a foot soldier with nunchakus here. Use a turtle with good weapon 
reach (such as Leo/Don) and hit him once with your middle attack to keep 
him away. Hit him again and repeat the process until he's defeated. 

Now you're in the ship. While you could venture to try to defeat the foot 
dudes here and entering the doorway to get some powerups, it's best to 
jump to the right and go straight to the boss. Defeat the first foot 
soldier, the turn your attention to the soldier in the front of the bomb. 
Try hitting him with a few stars, then get in close to him. Use a turtle 
with good weapon reach to get some hits on him without getting too close. 
Effectively use your blocks and some power hits and he should be defeated. 

The turtles will defuse the bomb and avert environmental disaster!

Arms Dealers
Some punks have been bringing in illegal firearms for sale. The turtles 
must find out where the illegal weapons are coming from and stop the
criminals behind the arms dealing.

Area 1:

Leo's long reaching katanas help you defeat the uncool cats here.

You're near a bridge here. There are two cats here that are relatively
easy to defeat. Keep using your middle attack to keep them at a distance
and you'll defeat them very easily. Climb up the ladder.

When you climb off the ladder, there's a short cat waiting for you. Use
your middle attack to beat him. Climb up the ladder. Defeat the short
and tall cat on your right. There's some pizza one screen to the right,
if you're willing to defeat a few more cats to get at it. After you
get the pizza, you get go back one screen left to get some ninja stars. 
On the screen with the ninja stars, take the topmost ladder to exit.

Now you're in a parking lot. Be ready to defeat the cat with the 
same technique. Exit to your right.

More cats again, keep using your middle attack to beat them. Instead 
of going down the ladder, jump to your right to exit. 

You should fall down a screen and to the right of some more enemy cats.
Enter the door.

Here's the boss. Keep using your middle and high attacks against him while
at point-blank range. He won't have a change to attack you with his chain. 

The turtles have found a map which will lead them to the source of the 

Area 2:

Raph has the strength to handle all the close quarter battles of this place.

The map has showed you the way to the warehouse. There's some enemies here
you need to beat. Again, use your middle attack to keep them at a distance.
Enter the door to the warehouse.

Here, a mutant rat with a gun shoots at you. Jump over the bullets and onto the
weapons crates. Exit to your right.

There's another gun-toting mutant rat here. Jump on the platform above. Walk to the
right end and off the platform. You'll exit through the door this way.

There are a few more enemies here. Take care of them in short order. If they get 
too close, just avoid them by jumping to the right. Exit through the door.

Here's the boss of the level and he's packing heat. Get really close to him
so that you are not in front of his range of fire. Then wail away at him with 
any bunch of attacks, until he's done.

The bad guy might have gotten away, but the turtles have placed a tracking device
on the truck to see where they're going to!

Area 3:

Raph at full strength has the ability to dodge most of the enemies in this area.

The tracking device leads the turtles to a dojo with footclan members in it. Enter
the front gate to take down the ringleader of the illegal weapons cartel!

There's really not much I can do to walk you through this level. Just keep going
to your right and when you come across doorways, enter them. If your turtles are
near full power, you should be able to make it through the level by just dodging
the foot clan. They're way too hard to take on. 

The last boss is another gun-toting guy. Defeat him the same way you beat the last 
boss in Area 2.

The turtles have found a map that shows where Shredder's hideout is!

Ivory Smugglers
Channel 6 reports that there ivory has been smuggled into New York. The turtles
must stop these Tusk-en raiders!

Area 1:

Leo does fine against the punks here.

You're in a subway. Avoid the punks and exit through the opening in the railings.

On the subway platform, there's a lot of punks. Use your middle attack to keep them
at bay, as soon as they get too close and they're not blocking the entrance to the 
subway car, enter the entrance to the subway. 

More punks are in the subway. You can either take care of them with your attacks, or 
just jump away to the right. Exit to the right.

Two punks are in this part of the car. Defeat them and exit the subway car.

There's a knife punk waiting for you on the platform. Beat him quickly. Go down the 
ladder and exit to the right quickly, so the punk on your left does not attack you.

There's more punks here. Keep him away with your middle attack. When they get too 
close, jump to the right and exit through the hole. 

There's two more punks in the building. Keep them away with your middle attack. When 
they get two close, jump to the right and exit through the doorway.

Here's the boss, Bebop. You might want to switch to Michaelangelo to beat him. Jump 
over the crate to start battling him. Keep a safe distance away from his punches and 
use your high and middle attacks to strike him, one hit at a time. When he's hit, he'll 
stagger back a little. When he's back within striking distance, hit him again. Keep doing 
this and he'll be down for the count.

What was Bebop doing at the Kitkat Club?

Area 2:


The turtles are in front of the DMI building. Pickup the stars and enter the gate. 

The first part of this level is pretty straight-forward. Beat the enemies with your 
middle attack and keep climbing up. When you come to the movable platform by the window, 
jump on it and it will take you to a window that's broken. Enter it. 

There are some more punks here. Beat them or jump away from them, it's your choice. Exit 
to the right.

The boss of this level may be short and wears a silly shirt, but he has an automatic 
weapon. Use a few stars to beat the punk with the knife. When he's done, you should be 
able to get close to the boss and wail away at him until he's down. Raphael is a good 
choice to beat this guy.

The turtles "convince" the guy to tell them where there boss is hiding!

Area 3:


This is the kitkat club. Beat the guy with the tonfa sticks using your middle attack, 
then enter through the door.

Keep the enemy on the right away with your middle attack. When the doorway isn't blocked, 
enter it.

There are two enemies in this room of the club. Beat them, or avoid them, it's your 
choice. Exit to the right.

There are two chairswinging enemies here. Try to jump over them. 

There's a guy throwing glasses at the bar. Jump over the glasses and enter the doorway on 
the top.

There's only two baddies in this room. Try to jump to the left and avoid them. Exit to 
the left.

There's another gun-toting guy from the last area. If you need the pizza, jump over the 
shots and get it. Exit through the open door on the left.

The last boss here is very lazy. He just sits in his chair and spits dart-like objects at 
you. Duck under the things and to the right until you're right in front of him. Hit him 
with middle and high attacks without letting up and he's as done.

The turtles find a security pass! Wonder what it's for?

Channel 6 has reported a mysterious man has demanded money from the city, threatening to 
weaken the foundation of the world trade center.

Area 1:

Mike can take on the mousers pretty well here.

There are several mousers that are out for the turtles on the first screen. Just jump 
away to avoid them. Exit to the right.

Jump over the mousers and pick up the rope. Go back and exit left.

Enter the tunnel on this screen.

Quicky climb the ladder. Once you climb off the ladder and are on the platform, exit to 
the right.

Walk to the edge of the platform. Use the rope to cross the gap. Land on the platform 
with the wheel. Pick up the wheel. Cross the gap using the rope again. Go back to the 

Avoid the mousers and exit to the left.

On this screen, drop to the ground and use the wheel on the circle-shaped space on 
the pipe. Avoid the mousers and exit using the tunnel on the bottom.

There are several mousers on this screen. Avoid them and exit to the right.

Avoid these mousers again and enter the tunnel.

Now on this screen you'll see the water flow has stopped. Avoid the mousers and then 
enter the new doorway.

There are some things on the ceiling dropping slime that can avoided pretty easy in 
this room. Exit to the right.

The boss here is Leatherhead. Try to take out the mousers with a few ninja stars. Use 
Leo if he's not injured. Use your middle attack to keep Leatherhead at bay. When he 
gets too close, jump over him. Keep using your middle attack and he's carry-on luggage.

Don finds some new materials in Baxter Stockman's lab!

Area 2:

More extortion in Chinatown!
Tatsu is the boss.

Area 3: 

Rescue hostages in a warehouse.
Rocksteady is the boss.

The turtles put the clues together and form a plan to bring down Shred-head's plot 
once and for all. You'll have to beat skilled foot clan members and four mini-bosses 
who use the turtles' own weapons against them! Then you have to face the boss himself: 
the human can opener, Schredder!

On the first screen, there are some platforms you'll have to leap onto. The jumps are
easy enough. Be sure to collect the stars on the right. You'll need them later. Exit 
to your right.

There are a few more jumps here too. Be sure to grab the rope on the second platform
as you will need it on the next screen. Again, exit to the right.

There's a foot soldier here. Get in front of him and hit him with ninja stars till he's
down. Two should do the job. Use the rope to swing yourself over the gap. The exit is 
on the right.

There's three foot soldiers here. Walk forward and take them out with ninja stars. Two
should do the trick for each of them. After they're defeated, the exit opens. Enter it.

He's the first of the mini-bosses. He has a bo staff, just like Don. He's the hardest 
of all the mini-bosses. If you still have ninja stars, use some now. Should he still be
standing after all your turtles' stars are gone, then switch to Raph and fight him one
on one in a close quarters battle. Once he's defeated, the exit will open, enter it.

The next sub-boss is a lady with nunchakus. Just switch to Don and use your superior
range to defeat her quickly. Use your middle attacks, and she's down. Again, enter the
exit once she's beat.

A guy with a pair of sais is the next sub-boss. Again, use Don's superior range to your
advantage. Use your middle and upper attacks, and he's gone. Enter the exit when he's

This is the last of the sub-bosses, a guy with a pair of katana swords. The same strategy
you used for the last two sub-bosses should work on this guy. Once he gets too close, jump
away and get back into attacking range. Using your middle and lower attacks, you should be
able to defeat him fairly easily. Using any ninja stars you have left will help. After he's
down, enter the new doorway. 

This room has a bunch of pizzas. Switch between turtles and chow down to your heart's delight.
Exit to the right when you're done eating.

It's Shredder! Not to fear, he's easy to beat. Switch to Leo and use your middle and upper 
attacks to beat him in short order. You'll take some hits in the process, but if he has full
energy, then Schredder is no problem.

The turtles have turned Schredder in to the police and now it's time for some R and R!

Tips and Tricks
Unless you're fighting, it's best to stay in walk mode. You move faster and you're 
able to move more freely.

Don't just wail away mindlessly at your enemies. Wait until they are within striking 
distance, then use your middle attack once.That should make most enemies back down a 
little. Move closer to them. When they're in striking distance, hit them again. Repeat
the process to defeat almost any foe. 

Part of being a good ninja is knowing when to fight and when to flee. In general, you should
not fight if you can avoid it. Remember, you don't have to defeat all the enemies in the
level to clear the board, all you have to do is beat the boss. The majority of a mission
should be spent trying to save your energy and quickly finding the boss.

Only rest when two or more turtles have low energy, otherwise just wait until you can
powerup the one weak turtle with a pizza powerup.

When you train, try to do it before you load your saved game. When you've ready to
play, load your saved game. This saves precious hours of time.

In general, Leo and Don should be the best characters to use in most stages. They have 
great weapon range and should be able to dispatch most enemies with ease.

If you find a stars or pizza power up, switch to the character who needs the power up 
the most and then pick it up.

- Konami for making a great bunch of Ninja Turtles games. If you liked this game, then try
playing TMNT 1 for the NES/PC.

- Undermanhattan.com for being the best TMNT site on the web. 

- The Underdogs for helping me grab a copy of the game.

- Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird, for creating the TMNT. Pokemon what?

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