Review by Jonny2284

Reviewed: 11/29/03

"Don't Dream it, Build it" - but if this is how it's built I'd rather dream


When you look at this game in the ship, it looks like a lot of fun, the back shows a beatifully rendered section of a Starbase, the other shot shows a nicely rendered Bird of Prey, misleading boxes are a staple of the gaming world true enough, but it's been years since I've seen anything as misleading as this.


To put it short, the 'game' (and I use the term loosely for reasons I will later explain) casts you as a fleet admiral designing a ship. Sounds good huh? You start by picking for several classes, 1 from the Kirk time, the rest from Picard, Sisko et al's time. Then you change the look of your ship picking various hull sections, nacelle designs and nose/saucer sections. Still sounding like fun? Then you get to add parts to the ship, which really is nothing more than scrolling through around 30 menu choices clicking ''Install''. Then your treated to a nice 3d model of your designed ship, which actually looks quite nice. Followed by the only part of the game that can be loosely called fun, picking your crew. You get all the Trek regulars and all the cameo's and 1 shotters than a trekkie will love. Unfortuantly this section will only take about 5 minutes, and that's if you stop to read the biographies of every obscure crewman. By this point only people who bought this game for high amounts of money or trekkies will still be playing it's quite frankly that boring, and you get the bit that the box hypes as being the good bit. You've built your ship, now send it on a mission.

What you actually get is a little overhead shot of your ship moving across a map at speeds that make you think your playing on an Amiga, even in accelerated mode, while your updated once in a while by a brief video clip of an asteroid belt or a little piece of text, that's about it. You may get an occasional decison in the form of ''Go back to base, stay here'' but by then most people will have shut the game down. The missions contain Zero activity, you watch your ship move across a grid, you don't make decisions you just watch. I'm a Trekkie, I'm not ashamed to admit it, but I will not sit watching a graphic move across a grid just because it's shaped like the Enterprise, who would want to sit through all 34 of these missions is either the most hardcore trekkie on the planet or somebody who finds beeps every 30 seconds while you navigator points out something interesting (or rather your see 1.5.85:Asteroid field).

I really cannot overemphasise how little substance this game has, If you had some, minimal control over the actual mission it could at least be deemed a bad game, but as it is at present, it's not even a game.


There is no story, besides that of your missions which usually comes down to ''Proceed to outpost, ''I've closed the game by now'' and defend it''.


Really is an area of 2 halves. In the inital contstruction of a ship your treated to very nice 3D mock up of your ship, but then your also faced with a 2D overview of it crawling across a map in 800X600 regardless of your desktop resolution (your treated to a black border, which at my current 1600 X 1200 is very nice I assure you).


Well the 1 area of the game I have little to complain about. The music, though often played in rather dumb patterns (You have the ''peaceful'' music playing throughout the battle and then the sinister ''Something big is about to happen'' on the uneventful trip home) is good. The Sound, at times is rather irritating to here, Beep,beep,beep if watching a mission in accerlated mode is like beating R2D2 with a severed limb, but it's by far the most polished area of the game.


Well, if your listening to this review I hope your playtime is 0, the game really is that bad, however if your a masochist and did want to sit down through all 34 missions to ensure your moneys worth, your talking from 10 - 40 minutes a mission (on accelerated mode) however replayability is also a big fat zero, you've spent half an hour watching your little 2d ship once, come hell or high water I guarantee you won't be able to stomach it again.


I was once involved in a discussion on a certain board of this site regarding the review system and how low we should be able to pick for a review, and I was quoted as saying ''No game deserves 1/10 or lower, it must have some quality to make it worth playing''. But since I already have several AOL disks as coasters this really does have no endearing qualities even for the most hardcore Trekkie.

Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

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