Why does the game keep telling me to insert the disk when it's already in the drive?

  1. I was able to install the game and all of it's programs onto my computer, but when I try to play it I get a message telling me to, "Please insert a Starship Creator disk before proceeding." Not to mention that it opens the disk tray with the disk in it before it gives me the message. When I re-insert the disk and try to press continue I am given the same message and nothing happens. So, when I click cancel I am shown a quit screen that says, "Sorry, but the Starship Creator disk could not be found." I have tried the game on two different computers, one is a Dell Windows XP Home Edition with a Pentium 4 processor and the other is an HP Pavilion Slimline PC. I am willing to say that the computers are not the problem, but I may be wrong. Please help.

    User Info: drennenrj

    drennenrj - 7 years ago

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