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Construct. Ride. Expand. Connect.

Assemble your own fully-operational train set on your computer, using LEGO SYSTEM Trains.

A variety of great sound and animation effects create a vibrant and bustling atmosphere.

Turn your PC into a rail system with three trains, eight types of carriage and a limitless track-building potential.

Populate your LEGO® railway with tiny commuters who ride the trains and wonder around your town.

Make LEGO Loco your screensaver - it runs even when your PC is idle.

Route trains from your machine to others on a Local Area Network and deliver messages.

Travel the world by sending trains across the internet.

Design your own 'postcards' and deliver them on the mail train to other LEGO Loco users around the world.

You can even carry out other PC tasks while the train set is operational.

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