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Years ago, Marta Louise Velasquez watched as the evil Vulture forces killed her father by blowing up his fighter ship. Now she is a lieutenant in the Traffic Department, the defending force of the planet Seche. She is dedicated to avenging her father's death by destroying the Vultures and ending their 25 year rule of the planet. It will be a tough fight because Colnel Kovia and the Vultures are constantly sending skids to destroy the traffic department.
Use the mission map, on-board strategic computer, and LINT (Location Indicator of New Targets) to guide Lt. Velasquez through the battle. Fire afterburners and shoot guns and missiles to demolish Stilettos, Stingrays, and Hornets. For those really intense confrontations, use the Emergency Energy Armor Intensifier to simultaneously obtain full shields, an extra foot of armor, and a huge rack of missiles. Do not let Lt. Velasquez down! Help her destroy the Vultures and restore peace to the planet.
T.D. 2192 contains:
- Outstanding graphics and sound
- Challenging fun for the whole family
- No graphic violence
- Full menu with story line
- Easy installation
T.D. 2192 supports:
- Sound Blaster & Joysticks

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