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Behold! Both the Modern World of Terra and the Magical World of Valoria will soon be torn asunder by the destructively potent power plays of eccentric, cunning Lord Wizards! There is but a single hope to unify the realms and bring the Wizards under control... and that hope is YOU.
A hero's quest it is, and not to be taken lightly. Accept the challenge, and become Apprentice to your Mentor Wizard. Then watch, listen, and learn as the ancient, esoteric art of SpellCraft is revealed. Travel the World of Terra gathering ingredients required to build spells; blend conjured concoctions from these ingredients, and awaken their magical Aspects with the right Magic Words; test your spells in combat against enemy Wizards. But you will need skillfully conjured magic to survive in their realms! For they will conjure mythic marvels and unspeakable terrors, in desperate attempts to quell your ever-growing command of the Word.
Coveted is the magic that bequeaths unlimited power. But beware! So mysterious is it, and elusive as the Word itself! Rare though the formulas be, and scarce the Aspects... without the Magic Word, they are nothing.
A challenge to be mastered by only the most experienced player, SpellCraft offers:
- 100+ hours of game play
- Richly detailed graphics (256-color VGA)
- Spell-binding music and sound effects that are compatible with AdLib, Roland, and Sound Blaster sound cards
- For MS-DOS and compatible systems
- Brilliant 20" x 24" print included

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