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Class Guide by IrenicApollyon

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/04/06

-> Team Fortress FAQ <-
Version     : 1.0
Console     : PC
Written by  : Andi Nuruljihad "IrenicApollyon" Nasruddin
Contact     : irenicapollyon@hotmail.com

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                               > TABLE OF CONTENTS <

  The Classes............................................................[A000]
      Offensive Tactics..................................................[A011]
      Defensive Tactics..................................................[A012]
      Offensive Tactics..................................................[A021]
      Defensive Tactics..................................................[A022]
      Offensive Tactics..................................................[A031]
      Defensive Tactics..................................................[A032]
      Offensive Tactics..................................................[A041]
      Defensive Tactics..................................................[A042]
      Offensive Tactics..................................................[A051]
      Defensive Tactics..................................................[A052]
      Offensive Tactics..................................................[A061]
      Defensive Tactics..................................................[A062]
      Offensive Tactics..................................................[A071]
      Defensive Tactics..................................................[A072]
      Offensive Tactics..................................................[A081]
      Defensive Tactics..................................................[A082]
      Offensive Tactics..................................................[A091]
      Defensive Tactics..................................................[A092]


:: Introduction ::
Team Fortress is one of the most popular FPS game modes available today. First
released in 1998 for the Quake 1 engine, Team Fortress (TF) has been recreated
on nearly every major FPS release since.

After the runaway success of the Capture-the-Flag game mode (which also first
appeared on the Quake 1 engine), the TF development team broke new ground by
introducing class-based gameplay. Though the heart of TF is undoubtedly CTF,
the incorporation of eight well-balanced classes appealed to those searching
for a team-based FPS and TF became an immediate hit in the Quake community.

As of the writing of this introduction (April 15, 2006), TF has been around
for nearly eight years. Since 2004, the Quake 1 community overall has been
dwindling and the TF scene (at least on the Quake 1 engine) has nearly
altogether vanished. The probable reason is that there aren't enough new gamers
coming in to replace the old ones. I like to think that it's related to my
disappearing from TF for two years when I moved to southeast asia.

If anyone's still up for a game of TF, you can meet me on the Amnesiac servers
on weekends! I usually play as ~Ocelot-[] or BAR.

By the way, this FAQ is written assuming that you've already got the basics of
TF mastered, this means walking/running/jumping/shooting and simple TF commands
like "build" and "autozoom". The only people who wouldn't know about those are
people that have never played TF before, so if you're still in the dark go
ahead and give TF a shot.

  These strategies and hints are based off my gameplay experience on a
  fiber-optic cable connection. Your own online gaming experience may differ.

                                  > P A R T  A <

T H E   C L A S S E S
The main draw of Team Fortress is the classes. Class-selection used to be one
of the most important aspects of your overall gameplan. Though clan-tourneys
are non-existent today, you'll find that proper class selection will be vital
to the defense of your base.

      Some of these classes or the items that I list are only available in
      MegaTF. MegaTF is a revamp of the original TF that made small upgrades to
      the overall game system by putting in new weapons and such. Nowadays, MTF
      is basically the only TF played online. MegaTF classes/items will be 
      marked accordingly.

One other thing I should mention is that these are very basic summaries of each
class. More in-depth information can be found in each individual class's
section (see Part A010 through A090).

Class Name      Description

1. Air/scout    The scout is the fastest class in the game and is usually used
                to capture (cap) the flag. In clan games it is often used at
                the start of a game to get some basic recon of the opposing
                team's defenses.

                  - Axe, Shotgun, Nailgun
                  - Concussion Grenades
                  - Flash Grenades
                  - Caltrops (MTF)
                  - Jetpack (MTF)

2. Sniper       Obviously the sniper will be spending a lot of his time
                shooting people from a distance. The sniper class is only
                effective in long-to-medium range situations. Sniper is the
                first line of defense for a base and a good sniper can scare
                the pants off a team's offensive force.

                  - Axe, Sniper Rifle, Automatic Rifle, Nailgun
                  - Frag Grenades
                  - Flares
                  - Alert Mines (MTF)
                  - Airstrike (MTF)

3. Soldier      Probably the most important class in any team, the soldier is
                the backbone of a strong offense or defense. The soldier is the
                most popular online class, and for good reason.

                  - Axe, Shotgun, Double-barreled Shotgun, Rocket Launcher
                  - Frag Grenades
                  - Nail Grenades
                  - Spike Traps (MTF)
                  - Proximity Mines (MTF)

4. Demoman      Ask anyone who knows anything about TF and they'll tell you
                the demoman is vital to a team's defense. The demoman's grenade
                launcher has a built-in pipebomb function so you can lay traps.
                Pipebombs are a great way to stop incoming scouts and soldiers
                with their eyes on your flag.

                  - Axe, Shotgun, Grenade Launcher, Pipebomb Launcher
                  - Frag Grenades
                  - MIRV Grenades

5. Medic        The medic does exactly what you'd assume from a medic class.
                With his axe, the medic is capable of healing wounded soldiers.
                When the same axe is used on the opposing players however, the
                victim becomes poisoned. Very useful in situations where you're
                deep in the enemy base and low on health.

6. HWGuy        The heavy weapons guy is a double-edged sword. On one hand he's
                packing some incredible firepower, on the other hand he's slow
                as dog doo. This is one of the harder classes to master, but
                once you've got the hang of it you're a veritable one-man army.
                Still, regardless of your skill you're still a sitting duck for

7. Pyro         Pyro is one of the weaker classes. Armed with a flamethrower
                and incendiary cannon, this class's flashy moves make it a
                popular choice among newbies. However, once you get the hang of
                one of the other classes you'll find yourself leaving this guy
                behind. Still, he's useful against sniper nests.

8. Engineer     The engineer is a niche class, those not looking for an active
                role in the action are going to go for this one. The engineer
                is predominantly played as a defensive role, but occasionally
                you'll see the bored engineer player branch out and try some
                offense. This class has sentry guns and ammo/health dispensers,
                both are a vital asset in sticky situations. Sentry guns make
                a great defensive option, picking off enemies that managed to
                slip past your snipers.

9. Spy          The spy is easily the hardest class to master. This class has
                the unique ability to change his team color and skin to look
                like a member of the opposite team. Also, his axe is especially
                effective from the back and results in some cool one-hit kills.
                Good spies are hard to come by nowadays, but when you meet
                one you'd best keep your eyes open. Very funny on servers that
                have Team Kill enabled.

0. RandomPC     RandomPC is just a random selection. If you don't know what
                class you want to play, RandomPC will choose one for you. Every
                time you respawn (reappear after a death), your class will be
                randomly selected.

Health    : 90
Armor     : 75

Loadout   :

  1. Axe
      Your standard Quake axe, used only in suicidal or emergency situations.

  2. Shotgun
      The single-barreled shotgun. Not useful for anything more than accurate,
      long-range shooting. Useful when distracting snipers that have a bead on
      you (if your aim is good enough). Unfortunately, having to reload every
      eight shots is a real hassle so I wouldn't recommend using this too much.

  4. Nailgun
      Ahh... here's the gun you should have equipped whenever you've got the
      ammo for it. The nailgun is perfect for quick hit-and-run guerilla stuff.
      You're not going to be it using for killing in most cases, just to
      distract a pursuer long enough for you to give 'em the old conc grenade
      and run.

  Gren 1. Concussion (Conc) Grenade
      The conc grenade is the most important part of the scout's weapon loadout.
      Pretty much useful in any situation, including flag-running and nest
      cleaning, the conc grenade is a vital part of any scout's run. Be careful
      though, the conc grenade doesn't just affect the target, but the user too
      if he gets within its range. Conc'd scouts are more than a hilarious site,
      they're easy targets.

  Gren 2. Flash Grenade (MTF)
      The flash grenade has a similar role to the Concussion grenade. The major
      difference between the two being that the flash grenade blinds anyone
      within its radius, whereas the conc gren will cause your screen to move
      around. The conc grenade is preferable in most cases because a skilled
      soldier or demoman can still get you when they're blind, but a decent
      sniper is nothing without his eyesight and they can sometimes kill you
      even when conc'd. Use both of these grens with the utmost caution.

  Drop 1. Caltrops (MTF)
      The caltrops are spikes that you leave behind. When someone steps on them
      their speed drops down significantly (similar to the effect of a leg shot
      caused by a sniper). This is useful in dark areas or narrow corridors and
      hallways (such as the basement in 2fort5).

  Drop 3. Flash Mine (MTF)
      The flash mine has the same effect as the flash grenade. The flash mine
      however is only activated when it is stepped on. This has the same uses
      as the caltrops, that is to lose anybody tailing you.

O F F E N S I V E   T A C T I C S
* The scout's main role is flag-runner. Use the scout's high speed to get to
  the enemy flag safely.

* Be careful with your grenades. They are not unlimited. They can also affect
  you if you get within their blast radius.

* When crossing open territory, don't walk in a straight line. This makes you
  easy pickings for snipers.

* Get to know the map. Sometimes there are less direct routes to your goal. For
  example, a water route or scenic detour may take longer but will be safer.

* Remember that in TF the flag doesn't return to the starting point when it's
  touched by opposing members. It only returns after a period of time (this is
  set by the server administrator) so if you drop the flag report its location
  to your team!

* If you find any sentries, report them to your teammates. It's useless trying
  to run past sentries that are higher than level 1, and unless you can get to
  the sentry's blind spot (underneath it) don't try to take it out yourself.

* I know that the scout's grenades are fun to use, but don't abuse them. Using
  more than one at a time will qualify as spamming on most servers, and if
  people start complaining you'll get kicked out.

* There is a technique that is sometimes used by scouts called Conc Jump. This
  technique is used to propel oneself forward quickly. You'll see skilled
  scouts use this one when they've got the flag and they want to cross open
  area without having to worry about snipers in the nest. To perform a conc
  jump, prime a grenade for two seconds. Throw the grenade on the ground in
  front of you and run forwards. You should be in front when the grenade goes
  off. The blast will launch you forward and you won't take damage, however you
  will still be conc'd so if you don't make it all the way across the field get
  ready to run.

D E F E N S I V E   T A C T I C S
* Contrary to popular belief, the scout DOES have some defensive uses. The
  flash and conc grens are useful in confusing incoming scouts that are going
  for your flag. They are also great for pushing your opponents into the water,
  where your snipers can take them out easily (or if you're in MTF, throw a
  toaster in and watch them get zapped).

Health    : 90
Armor     : 70

Loadout   :

  1. Axe
      Like I said, standard Quake axe. You won't be using this at all.

  2. Sniper Rifle
      This is the main weapon you'll be using. Hold down the fire button to
      prep for a shot (you will slow down significantly while holding this
      down) and release to shoot. The longer you hold it down the stronger the

  3. Automatic Rifle
      This is just the sniper rifle set on auto mode. With this, you've got a
      machine gun that is weaker than the sniper rifle, but stronger than the
      nailgun. Only use this in short-range situations. If you try using the
      auto rifle on opposing snipers in long-range situations, you may get
      kicked for "spraying".

  4. Nailgun
      The nailgun is the next option for short range combat. Like I mentioned
      earlier, the sniper isn't really equipped for short-range combat so you
      should avoid any situation where you'll be forced to pull this one out.

  Gren 1. Frag Grenade
      The frag grenade is your regular grenade. You hold it for three seconds
      and it explodes. This is the second strongest part of your arsenal, and
      definitely an "emergency-situation" weapon.

  Gren 2. Flare
      In some maps there are some sweet areas to hide in, they're dark and
      many people won't be able to see you. If you're facing a sniper who's
      hiding in the shadows, throw a flare in there and it'll light up the

  Drop 1. Alarm
      These aren't very useful. I tend to drop a thousand of these at the
      start of a map and when the warning text that appears saying that one of
      my alarms has been tripped I'm usually so focused on something else that
      I don't notice. And then I die.

O F F E N S I V E   T A C T I C S
* Snipers are great for taking out enemy sentry guns. When you hear the call,
  go ahead and bring down the gun.

* Don't forget to watch your back! Keep your ears perked for footsteps.

D E F E N S I V E   T A C T I C S
* When you're sniping from your nest and you're facing off against other
  snipers, never stop moving. Don't spend too much time aiming, or rather aim
  while you strafe. Then when you've got a bead on your target, stop click the
  attack button, then immediately continue strafing.

* Take a position where you'll have the largest field of vision. Most maps have
  a set area for snipers called a "sniper nest". Those places have a great
  commanding view of the field. The downside is that the opposition will be
  expecting you to take position there.

* When the flag is taken, put yourself near a choke point. Choke points are
  narrow areas that are very important in a flag-run (e.g. the basement in
  2fort5). You should be able to take anyone going in or out of these areas.

* When coming out of a corner, don't hold the shoot button and hope to get a
  shot in when you peak out from the edge. This kind of sniping, called
  "corner sniping", is ineffective and your slow exit from behind the wall
  makes you a prime target for snipers. In addition, if your rifle's laser dot
  is resting on the wall, players using software Quake will be able to see it
  from the other side and predict where you'll appear from.

* Though shadow sniping can be useful in the beginning, don't rely too much on
  the shadows. Once you're caught shooting from the dark, the other side will
  be expecting it.

Health    : 100
Armor     : 150

Loadout   :

  1. Axe
      Do I have to explain it to you? Don't touch this one.

  2. Shotgun
      I find this one useful when your opponent has been launched in the air
      and your aim on him isn't good enough to get a rocket in. The shotgun has
      great accuracy from long-range as well.

  3. Double-barreled Shotgun
      This is another good one for close-range situations. Naturally, you would
      pick this one over the rocket launcher since it doesn't have a blast
      that you should be worrying about. Surprisingly strong when it connects,
      but the four-shot reload can be a problem.

  7. Rocket Launcher
      The weapon you'll be getting the most use out of. The rocket launcher has
      a very nice blast radius and will be your lifesaver. Be careful not to
      get hit by your own blast.

O F F E N S I V E   T A C T I C S
* The soldier is the backbone of any good offense. This is because he has the
  capability to rocket jump. Anyone will tell you that the rocket jump is what
  makes the soldier such an all-around powerful player. To rocket jump, aim
  down, then shoot and jump at the same time. You should be launched fairly
  high into the air. Rocket jump veterans can use the rocket jump to increase
  their running speed and propel them across a field with ease.

* When shooting, aim for their feet. Remember that rockets have a blast radius
  so your aim doesn't necessarily have to be perfect. Just get them in the
  heels. A good shot will launch them into the air and you can get a few more
  shots in before they land.

* When facing off against another soldier, and he's aiming at your feet, jump
  around as you fight. This technique should lower the damage you take from
  explosions around your feet. But if you land right when a rocket goes off
  underneath you, you'll be launched into the air.

D E F E N S I V E   T A C T I C S
* (MEGATF) You can set proximity mines around chokepoints to stop any units
  that manage to enter your base. Just remember that a poorly placed proxy
  mine won't go off when an enemy unit passes by too quickly, so scouts and
  bunny-hoppers will slide by unnoticed.

* Your rockets are annoying to snipers and your rocket-launch can get you into
  sweet defensive spots. Use them to their fullest, just watch your health.

* Spike traps are useful in dark areas that lead to your flag.

Health  : 90
Armor   : 100


  1. Axe
      Uh.... yeah.

  2. Shotgun
      Demomen don't really use this one much unless they have no choice.

  6. Grenade Launcher
      Your main means of destruction, good in medium-range situations and good
      to have when facing a room full of baddies. Just don't hit yourself.

  7. Pipebomb Launcher
      Shoots yellow pipebombs that explode on the press of a button. Bind the
      "detpipe" command to a key and press it to watch the pipebombs blow up.
      These things pack a lot more power than regular GL grenades but are easy
      to spot. The PL makes the demoman a vital part of any team's defense.

  Gren 1. Frag Grenade
      Stronger than your GL grenades but takes three seconds to blow.

  Gren 2. MiRV Grenades
      A single grenade that explodes and fires off multiple pineapples that, in
      turn, explode as well. Good for clearing out crowded rooms.

O F F E N S I V E   T A C T I C S
* The demoman is good for causing mayhem in the enemy base. Not very useful
  against snipers, however. Very good against sentries and HWGuys but, as I
  mentioned earlier, be careful not to get in the way of one of your own

* If you manage to get near the sniper nest, toss a MiRV in there and move on.
  At the very least it'll get the snipers running and give your teammates a few
  seconds to breathe.

* Find a place to lay pipes in the enemy base, preferably near critical spots
  like near the flag or on the sniper nest.

D E F E N S I V E   T A C T I C S
* Lay lots of pipes but not in an open area. You don't want the other side
  catching sight of them and taking an alternate route. Lay them near your
  flag for maximum effectiveness.

Health  : 90
Armor   : 75

Loadout :

  1. Bioaxe
      This is the most important part of a medic's loadout. With the bioaxe you
      can heal teammates as well as poison the other side. Another plus is that
      when you heal teammates from poison or hallucinations you get a frag.

  2. Shotgun
      Useful? I think not. Even if you've got the ammo, use the bioaxe.

  5. Super Nailgun
      Another important part of your inventory, the super nailgun is great
      against high-armored soldiers. The only problem is it requires some good
      shooting to really prove effective. Good against sniper nests as well.

  Gren 1. Frag Grenade
      Useful against basically anything in any situation. A good thing to have
      stocked at all times.

  Gren 2. Concussion Grenade
      Good for conc jumping. The technique is the same as the scout's. If the
      server is MegaTF then you'll be able to heal yourself from the effects
      of a conc jump as well (use the "drop3" command)

O F F E N S I V E   T A C T I C S
* The medic's medium speed makes it good for flag runs, but he really becomes
  valuable when he's around teammates. Keep your friends' health out of the red
  and heal them from hallucinations, flashes, and conc's for some extra frags.

* Use your own concs to throw off the other guy's aim and get a few cuts in
  with your axe.

D E F E N S I V E   T A C T I C S
* A good place for medics is the sniper nest. Keep your snipers healthy, happy
  and free from concs and flashes.

* Here's a trick that my brother and I discovered that can get you hundreds of
  frags in a short amount of time. This only applies when there is an enemy spy
  who is being fairly liberal with his use of hallucination grenades as well as
  another medic on your team:

    - When you find a hallucination grenade has gone off, call your medic buddy
      and tell him its location.
    - When you've both gotten there, run inside the grenade radius so that you
      can both feel the effects of the hallucinogens.
    - Each of you pull out your bioaxes and heal one another. Keep healing one
      another until the hallucination-inducing cloud disperses.

  The sweet part about this trick is that you get one frag for every time you
  heal the other guy, and since you're both within the hallucination grenade's
  effective area, you'll continue to be influenced by the gas until the cloud
  wears off.

H E A V Y   W E A P O N S   G U Y
Health  : 100
Armor   : 200

Loadout :

  1. Axe

  3. Double-Barreled Shotgun

  7. Chaingun/20mm Cannon(MTF)
      Now we're gettin' down to the good stuff. The chaingun is like a powered
      up nailgun and can tear down basically anyone in mere seconds. The only
      drawbacks are 1.) It has a slow rev-up time; 2.) Your movement slows down
      noticeably when this gun is on blast.

      In MegaTF there is a 20mm cannon version of the gun, accessible by
      pressing the '7' key (or whatever your "impulse 7" command is bound to)
      again. The difference is the 20mm is a LOT stronger and eats up ammo a
      good deal quicker. Preferable in most occasions to the chaingun.

  Gren 1. Frag Grenade
      This one's useful when you're facing off multiple guys and you can't get
      the chaingun revved up.

  Gren 2. MiRV Grenade
      Same exact grenade as the one that the demoman has. Same uses as well.

O F F E N S I V E   T A C T I C S
* HWGuys are terrible in open areas where they'll be easy targets for snipers.
  Try to keep a low profile when crossing and NEVER go alone.

* When facing off against multiple enemies, you have two choices and these are
  dependent on the type of class you're up against:

    1.) Put your back up against a corner as you fire. This is useful against
        fast moving targets like scouts and medics because they won't be able
        to circle around you and get you from behind. Just be sure to kill the
        medics before they can get close enough to poison you.

    2.) Stay as far away from the walls as possible. Good against soldiers and
        demomen because they have weapons that shoot explosive ammo. If you're
        up against a wall, you become a much easier target for rockets and

* HWGuys are too slow to carry out capping runs but they make great escorts.
  If your teammate has the flag be sure to run ahead and take care of potential
  threats (for example: snipers and soldiers).

D E F E N S I V E   T A C T I C S
* HWGuy is actually quite the versatile class when you've got him mastered. The
  great thing about HWGuy on defense is his MiRV grenades. If you're camping
  the basement and you read an "Incoming to BM" message then throw your MiRV
  into the flag room and that'll at least slow down their movement.

* (MegaTF)
  In MegaTF if you use the 20mm cannon you can do a move that is similar to the
  rocket jump. Just aim down, shoot and jump at -ALMOST- the same time. Since
  you can't shoot while you're in midair, you'll have to press the fire trigger
  -JUST BEFORE- you jump.

Health  : 90
Armor   : 100

Loadout :

  1. Axe

  3. Double-Barreled Shotgun
      Far more effective in close proximity than the flamethrower or incendiary
      cannon. This gun is the, unfortunately, the weapon that packs the most
      wallop in the case of the pyro.

  6. Flamethrower
      Does just what you'd think a flamethrower would. It annoys and hurts, but
      it rarely does enough damage to kill. When someone is hit by the flames,
      they'll go on fire temporarily until the fire dies out.

  7. Incendiary Cannon
      This gun looks and acts like the rocket launcher, the main difference
      being that it's significantly weaker and the rockets move a good deal
      slower. When someone gets caught withing the splash radius of these
      incendiary rockets they'll go on fire (similar to the flamethrower).

  Gren 1. Frag Grenade
      You should never go into battle without frag grens stocked. These things
      are vital to your survival, your weapons are nothing more than a means
      of annoying the other side.

  Gren 2. Hot Potato
      This grenade proves that pyros like flashy lights, but are overall very
      ineffective in doing their job. This grenade just sits there and explodes
      continuously, setting anyone near its blast radius aflame.

O F F E N S I V E   T A C T I C S
* Use the incendiary cannon to annoy the crap out of snipers.

* The incendiary cannons and flamethrowers are effective against sitting units,
  this means HWGuys and Sentries.

* The flamethrower can be used as a blinder. Since the Pyro is actually more of
  a escort class, when the flagrunner you're protecting is being tailed fire
  the flamethrower behind you and they'll be blinded by the flames.

D E F E N S I V E   T A C T I C S
* The flamethrower is a nice choice for blocking off entrances and exits. Since
  the ammo takes awhile to deplete, just sit there and fire through doors when
  you hear the "incoming" call.

Health  : 90
Armor   : 75

Loadout :
  1. Spy Knife
      This is the only axe that is actually useful in TF. The spy knife is
      invaluable when you're doing what you're intended to do, that is spy.
      The knife does extra damage as well, from the front doing about 1.5x
      the normal damage, and from the back it's a one hit "stealth kill". Just
      don't carry it around when you're in the base since it gives away that
      you're a spy.

  2. Tranquilizer Gun
      The tranq gun is also a useful weapon. You'll generally have this out
      while you're disguised then switch to the knife for the kill. Great for
      slowing down soldiers and scouts so that you can get a knife in their

  3. Double-Barreled Shotgun
      Also good for situations where you're going for a kill and you can't get
      close enough for the knife. Just remember that it reloads every four

  0. Grappeling Hook (MTF)
      The grappeling hook allows you to scale large buildings or travel long
      distances without risking being seen. Really only useful when you need to
      get someplace high and you don't want to alert anyone. Try using it in an
      open area and you're bound to get shot.

  Gren 1. Frag Grenade
      Handy in tight situations. Except when disguised.

  Gren 2. Hallucination Grenade
      Throws out a hallucination-inducing gas that causes the victim to see and
      hear false explosions and bombs going off around them. It also kind of
      throws off their aim. This is really only useful against snipers.

O F F E N S I V E   T A C T I C S
* For the spy, the best way to keep your visibility level down is to take the
  long way to the other team's fort. Don't try walking through an open field
  since that'll alert the other side of your approach and they'll be on the
  lookout for a spy.

* Don't walk around with your knife pulled out. Anyone catches you with that
  and you're dead. Instead, have the tranq gun equipped until you can get
  behind someone and use the knife.

* Throw the hal-gren on sniper nests and other popular sniper spots. This'll
  help your teammates cross dangerous areas.

* (MegaTF)  If you use the "drop3" command, you will drop a backpack. Unlike
  the regular kinds of 'packs that contain ammo and such, this 'pack will
  remove all ammo from the person that touches it. Place it in sniper nests
  as well as the entrance to the other side's base.

D E F E N S I V E   T A C T I C S
* (MegaTF) Use the "drop3" 'pack around your flag area, especially in narrow
  halls and dark spots. Incoming scouts that touch your pack will be unable
  to use their jetpacks and this'll make their exit a lot harder.

* You can use the "disguise" command in your own base as well. This tends to
  trick the other players since they wouldn't expect a spy disguised within
  his own base. This can get you a few easy kills. Just be careful when playing
  in servers that have team-kill enabled.

* Use tranqs on scouts. Since it lowers the weapon response time, it is also
  useful against HWGuys since it will take them an eternity to get their
  weapon fired up.

Health  : 90
Armor   : 75

Loadout :

  1. Spanner
      This is your spanner. Use it on sentry guns to upgrade/refill/dismantle
      them, or on your dispenser to refill/dismantle it.

  2. Railgun
      The railgun is a very strong weapon. The problem is that it is a real dog
      to aim with. Its shots travel very slowly so I wouldn't recommend it in
      long-range combat.

  3. Double-Barreled Shotgun
      Besides the railgun, this is the most popular engineer weapon. Good in
      basically any situation, its only drawback is the four shot reload.

  Gren 1. Frag Grenade
      Good old frag grenade. Never lets ya down.

  Gren 2. EMP Grenade
      The damage the EMP does is dependant on the ammo that the target is
      carrying. The more ammo they carry, the more damage it inflicts. Use this
      against Soldiers, Demomen, and HWGuys. It is also very effective against
      Sentry Guns.

O F F E N S I V E   T A C T I C S
* The engineer doesn't really have the health or the weaponry to play an active
  role in offense, but his EMP is useful against sentry guns and for blowing up
  pipebomb traps that may have been laid.

* If you can get a sentry gun built within the other fort, good work. You'll
  get a good deal of frags from this, though the average lifespan of a sentry
  gun built in enemy territory is very short.

* (MegaTF) The mag mine you can place is good on sniper nests or in front of
  a sentry. When an opposing player steps on it, he'll be trapped for 10
  seconds, unable to move, making him an easy target for snipers. Just
  remember that just because he can't chase you doesn't mean he can't shoot.

D E F E N S I V E   T A C T I C S
* Try to build your sentry gun in a place where the other team won't expect it.
  Most importantly, put it in a place that won't make it an easy target. This
  means keep it away from walls and away from doors as well.

* You can build sentry guns that float, though the process is a lot longer than
  the standard means. What makes a floating sentry great is that it is far from
  walls, floors, and ceilings, meaning that splash damage from rockets and
  grenades won't touch it. This makes it ideal for defense. Here's how to build
  a floating sentry gun:

    1. Get up somewhere high, like a catwalk or a ramp. Then look over the edge
       but don't jump off.
    2. Build a sentry gun so that it falls of the edge to the floor below you.
    3. Restock your metal and armor and come back to your sentry. Get above it
       again and build a dispenser on top of it. If you did it correctly, your
       dispenser should be sitting right on top of your sentry gun.
    4. Use the "build" command and make your sentry gun self-destruct. If you
       did everything correctly, the dispenser should now be floating in the
    5. Restock metal and armor one more time and return to the edge above your
       dispenser. Build a sentry gun on top of it, then self-destruct your
    6. Restock metal and return to the edge, jump on top of your sentry gun
       and hit it with your spanner. When the menu pops up, choose "Upgrade".
    7. Repeat step 6 until your sentry gun is at level 3.

                                  >   PART B   <

S T R E N G T H S   A N D   W E A K N E S S E S
So here's another very important section. Here you'll find information on how
best to take down individual classes, each classes major weakness, and which
classes you should watch out for. Without further ado, read on!


When you're playing as scout, remember that strength is exactly what you're
lacking, so violence is never the answer. Instead, use your conc's and flash
grens to keep you alive. Getting the flag should always be your first priority.

>>  C L A S S E S   T O   W A T C H   O U T   F O R  <<<
- Soldier
  The expert soldier is a major threat in medium-to-close range situations. Try
  to avoid them at all costs. Since a good soldier is nothing without their
  eyesight, use the flash grenade to throw them off your trail.

- Sniper
  A good marksman is dangerous in medium-to-long range situations. When facing
  off against a sniper, the best option would be to close your distance as fast
  as possible. Another good idea would be to take another route.

- Engineer
  The engineer himself is actually no problem, his guns don't have the speed
  necessary to really give you a problem. However, it's the sentry gun you've
  got to watch out for. Since you will almost *NEVER* be able to take it down
  yourself, call a teammate to help you out with this one.

>>  I S   E F F E C T I V E   A G A I N S T   ...  <<

- HWGuy
  The Heavy Weapons Guy is just too slow. He's about the only class (other than
  a surprised sniper) that a scout can take on by himself. Just give him the
  flash grenade and run circles around him as you shoot. Easy as pie.

- Pyro
  The pyro is a little more dangerous than the HWGuy as he'll be able to set
  you aflame even without his vision. The trick here would be to conc him so
  his aim is off, and then finish him off from medium distance.

F R E Q U E N T L Y  A S K E D  Q U E S T I O N S
Alright everyone, get ready for a big helping of redundancy because below is
my FAQ of a FAQ. Right on.

[1] How do I get good at this game fast?          [C001]
[2] What's the difference between TF and MegaTF?  [C002]
[3] What is 'bunnyhopping' and how do I do it?    [C003]
[4] Where can I download TF?                      [C004]
[5] Where can I download MegaTF?                  [C005]

1.  How do I get good at this game fast?

    Are you kidding me? There are some that get very good very quickly, but
    they're lying if they said they've never played a FPS before. The only way
    that I can guarantee will work for *EVERYONE* would be the same method you
    would use when you want to learn to play the violin or want to become a
    professional dog walker. Practice. Now get outta here.

2.  What's the difference between TF and MegaTF?

    There are several minor upgrades that have been made in MegaTF, the most
    noticeable visually would be the new skins and a few new models. In 2005
    there was another update to the game code with the inclusion of Tesla Coils
    and parachutes. Here's a list of all the changes:

    - the "Scout" class has been changed to the "Airscout" class and is
      equipped with a jetpack that runs on cells.

    - New "drop1", "drop2", and "drop3" commands for each class. Drop2 being
      the command for TOASTERS, a ball of electricity you throw into the water
      to zap baddies.

    - Parachutes can be used with the "chute" command. This allows you to
      survive long falls, but also slows down your descent and makes you an
      easy target for snipers.

    - Tesla Coils, a stationary security gun similar to the sentry gun in
      function. A lot deadlier than the sentry, though, and harder to destroy
      as well.

    - The HWGuy has a new weapon, the 20mm cannon. It's selected by pressing
      the "impulse 7" button again (selecting the chaingun twice). A lot
      stronger than the chaingun but eats through ammo.

    - When snipers throw flares into the sky, they will drop down slowly,
      illuminating anything within its glow until it dies.

    - Snipers can use the "drop3" command to call airstrikes. Use your sniper
      reticule (the red dot) by holding the attack button, and then use "drop3"
      to call an airstrike. After 30 seconds the target will be bombed.

    - Soldiers can use "drop3" to place proximity mines. These mines explode
      when shot or if a member of the opposing team gets too close.

    - Soldiers and HWGuys can use "drop1" to place spike traps. Similar to
      caltrops, but the effects don't wear off. Can be removed by HWGuys.

    - Demomen can use "drop3" to throw up a floating MiRV grenade. This is just
      a regular MiRV with a helicopter rotor, so that it floats up.

    - Medics can use "drop3" to place a syringe. The syringe poisons any member
      of the opposing team unfortunate enough to step on it. Only affects one
      person before disappearing. Can be removed by other medics.

    - Pyromaniacs can use "drop3" to throw down a pool of lava. When a member
      of the opposing team steps in it, they will get stuck and burn to death.

    - Engineer can use "drop3" to drop a Mag Mine. When someone from the other
      team steps over the Mag Mine, they will be trapped and unable to move for
      5 seconds.

    - Spies can use "drop3" to drop the Trick Pack. When the other team touches
      it they're ammo is taken away.

    - Spies now jump a lot higher than the other classes. They also drop down a
      little slower than the other classes.

3.  What is 'bunnyhopping' and how do I do it?

    Bunnyhopping is the exploitation of a glitch within the Quake 1 game engine
    in which *ANY* class is able to move almost as quickly as a scout. This
    exploitation involves a lot of jumping and strafing, and is considered
    cheating in some circles of the TF gaming scene, so you may not be allowed
    to perform it on some servers.

    The first thing you'll need to know to perform bunnyhop is the proper
    jumping method.

      * Try to learn how to perform a series of jumps. To do this press and
        hold your "jump" key in the middle of a jump. This will automatically
        'queue' a jump for you so that when you land you'll immediately jump
        again. Every time you jump, press and hold "jump" to keep the series

    Now that we've got that out of the way, you can learn how to perform
    a running bunnyhop.

      * Walk/run forward and gain some momentum. When you're moving at
        maximum speed, press "jump" and perform a series of jumps. You'll
        see that you're being propeled forward with no slowing down.

    Easy right? Now the hard part: turning. Turning during a bunnyhop actually
    has two uses: (1) it helps you turn corners at high speeds without any
    slowdown whatsoever; (2) it actually *SPEEDS YOU UP*.

      * Do a running bunnyhop. Now to turn left, move your mouse *LEFT* and
        *AT THE SAME TIME* strafe *LEFT*.

      * To perform a right turn, move your mouse *RIGHT* and *AT THE SAME TIME*
        strafe *RIGHT*.

                                    > CLOSER <

Well, I think that's about it for my Team Fortress FAQ, if you have any
questions or contributions to make go ahead and drop me an e-mail at:


And don't forget to put "Team Fortress FAQ" in your subject line, else you risk
my ignoring it.

Special Thanks  :
* Allah SWT
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