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FAQ/Walkthrough by MangoMan

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/15/2002

Exile: Escape from the Pit (covers version 2.0)
Guide Version: 1.0

Written By: MangoMan (Dave Cousineau)
Email:      sahuagin@shaw.ca
ICQ:        1378431

Please feel free to send me any questions you have that were not answered here,
as well as any info you have that I may have missed/screwed up (I often get W and E
reversed 8P)


I.     What is Exile?
II.    Why the guide?
III.   Quick Tips
IV.    Character creation
V.     Walkthrough
VI.    Spell Guide
VII.   Combat Guide
VIII.  Item Guide
IX.    Copyright etc...

Heres a small list of the abbreviations I use:

STR - strength
DEX - dexterity
INT - intelligence

HP  - hit points
SP  - spell points
SKP - skill points
AP  - ability points

also, I highlight certain important objects with *'s or %'s
spells look like:
	%Spell Name%

and quest items look like:
	*Quest Item*

I. What is Exile?
Exile is an RPG made by the very cool company SpiderWeb Software.
They have made many shareware RPG's, this being the first. You can visit
their website at www.spidweb.com. There you will find many other great games
including: Exile II and III, Nethergate, the new Avernum series(updated exile
games), etc...
Mac users will be happy to find that SpiderWeb often makes a Mac version of
each of their games.

II. Why the guide?
It is my humble opinion that Exile is one of the best RPG's ever made.
It may not look very good, but as a game it is outstanding. Sadly, there
was not one guide for Exile on GameFAQs. Hopefully, now there is and you
are reading it. 8D

III. Quick Tips
Exile has a few things that are much different from your average RPG.
(See the combat guide for tips on fighting strategies)

   1. Getting hit for more damage than you have health will NEVER kill your
      character. He will make a coughing sound to inform you that he
      has reached 0hp. If your character takes damage at 0hp, he will
      die, although he gets a chance to survive based on his LUCK stat.

   2. It will always take 100 expereince points to get to the next
      experience level. However you will get experience more slowly at
      higher levels. Also, you will gain 5 skill points per level, until
      you reach level 20, when you will start recieving only 4 per level.
      (There are, however, 'potions of skill' that will give you 2 skill points
      if you drink one.)

   3. Experience is NOT spread evenly around the party. The character who
      deals the lethal blow will get about 90% of it, and then the other
      characters will split the remaining 10%. This can make it difficult
      for certain characters to gain levels, if they do not get many kills.

   4. Mages/Priests can wear certain armors, shields, and helms. You have to check
      the 'encumb' stat of the piece of armor. if its anything greater than
      zero, dont give it to a priest or mage or they wont be able to cast spells

   5. This game has food. If you run out, your characters will starve to death,
      slowly and painfully. The least expensive place in the game to buy food is Silvar
      which is a small town west of Fort Exile.

   6. Talking is an important part of the game. Anyone that you begin speaking to will
      start with a descriptive text, and then you can ask them both 'job' and 'name'. They
      will then inform you of their sworn duty, and thier name, respectively. You can then
      ask them about things they mention in these two paragraphs. IE:

         you type          'job'
         he responds:      'I gut fish'
         you can then type 'fish'
         and hell say      'fish smell bad'
         then you type     'smell' etc...

      also a very important time saver is to remember that only the first 4 letters of
      what you type are meaningfull. IE:

         you type          'job'
         he responds       'I gut elephants'
         you can then type 'elep'
         and hell say      'Elephants are gigantic'
         then you type     'giga' etc...

   7. To search a chest, look at it(type 'L' or click the eye icon) Things you
   can search for items include: chests, bookcases, desks, crates, dressers,
   barrels, boxes, and dead bodies. Also note that chests(only chests, nothing else) are always
   trapped, and are always filled with random items/money.(if you save/load you
   can get different stuff)

   8. Secret doors. To find a secret door/passage in this game, you need to walk
   into the wall(not advisable in real life 8D). If there is no secret door, you wont
   be going very far, but if there is you will have walked onto the wall.(rather than into the wall 8D)
   It is wise to remember that if you are looking for a secret passage, there has to be something
   (an empty spot on the map) on the other side to walk to. Make sure there is an area you havent seen there,
   and not a room youve already been in (unless you're lookin for a shortcut to that room.)

   9. Special Encounters. Whenever your party comes across something interesting,
   it is represented by a white dot. Just walk onto the white dot to find out what
   happens. You might have stumbled onto a stash of diamonds, or you may have interupted
   the meal of a bunch of Sliths. Many times you will be attacked so it is always a
   good idea to save before stepping on any.

   10. Music. Unfortunately this game has absolutley no music. It is better, though, if
   you play something in the background. What I found works great is having a bunch
   of songs for battles, some for the map, some for dungeons, and, the best, songs for
   super battles(ie bosses). It kicks ass to play, for example, Chrono Trigger Super
   Boss Music while fighting the battle against Sss-Thsss.

IV. Character creation

Here is how creating a character works. You start with 60 skill points(SKP), and get
to spend them on different areas. Whenever a character gains a level, he gets 5 more that he
can distribute between his stats (at level 20 you'll start to get 4/level). While you do not get to
choose a class, it is a VERY good idea to base your characters on classes. In other words,
concentrate on a few related skills, rather than having every single skill at a really low level.
Note that ordinarily you will have to pay money to get your skills up, but when creating
your character at the start everything is free.

Here is a list of the skills/stats:

Health(HP):  Very very important for combat oriented characters(fighters). Note that you get 2hp for each
             skillpoint you spend. Also note that characters will get more HP from gaining
             levels based on their STR stat(HP is the only stat that increases with level)
             Maxes out at 200.(201 if you are lucky, but i think it goes away)

Spell points(SP):  More expensive than HP(1SP/SKP), and completely useless for certain characters.
                   Get lots of them for a mage/priest, they are VERY usefull, and you DO NOT get more
                   when you get your level up. (although you do get 3 free SP for each level of mage/priest spells
                   you get). Maxes out at 99.

Strength(STR):    The prime necessity of fighter characters, with DEX a close second. The more of this you have the
                  more damage you will cause in combat. Start with AT LEAST 4(should be more), and then get more later.
                  Maxes out at 20.

Dexterity(DEX):   The prime stat of thieves, with STR a close second. This is good to get up soon
                  because with a DEX of less than about 6 you will be missing quite often. The more you get,
                  the more your swings will connect. This stat also improves your thieving skills.
                  Maxes out at 20.

Intelligence(INT):   The prime stat of Mages and Priests. You wont want to get any STR or DEX for a Mage or Priest
                     but you will want to get LOTS of this stat. Fighters/Theives shouldnt have ANY of this stat.
                     Makes magic work better. Maxes out at 20.

Edged/Bashing/Pole/Thrown/Archery:  Decide what weapon type you want your character to be using. Basically
                     Edged/Bashing/Pole are for fighters, and Thrown/Archery is for thieves. Mages/priests
                     shouldnt get any of these. NOTE: it is not a good idea to get more than one type of weapons
                     skill per character. Decide on one weapon type and stick to it. The more of this you have,
                     the better your chance of connecting with that weapon type. Max 20

Defense:     Makes you harder to hit, and lets you move normally while wearing heavy armor. Max 20

Mage/Priest spells:  VERY expensive, but very good. Only get for Mages/priests. Lets a character use mage spells of
                     the same level (although they need to have learned the spells first). A Mage or Priest should start
                     with level 3 in their respective field. This is because everyone in the world knows the level 1-3
                     spells automatically. Also note that for each level of these that your character starts with, he
                     will gain 3 free SP. Maxes at 7

Mage Lore:  At a few points in the game you can learn/get things if you have enough of this in your party. Note that
            this stat is summed from all the members of your party, ie. if everyone has 6 then you have 6x6=36 mage lore
            dont get more than 25 in total. Max 20(per character)

Alchemy:    Not necessary, but kinda useful. If you get this, dont give it to more than one character.
            Lets you make healing potions, curing potions, Weak Strength potions, and poisons, as well as
            Ressurection Balms(needed for ressurect/raise dead) and the Graymold Salve. Max 20

Item Lore:  Very very useful and very very expensive. You can save a lot of money by identifying items yourself
            but is hard to get early in the game. Works the same way as Mage Lore. Max 10

Disarm Traps/Lockpicking:  Obviously get these with your thief. The more you have, the better lockpicker/trapdisarmer
                           you are. While you can get up to 20, I dont usually get more than 3 in each of these, because
                           DEX will help with these skills, as well as your expereience level. Max 20

Assassination:    Very expensive, but extremely useful. Basically the ability to get critical hits or 'smashes',
                  a hit that does more damage than ordinary. The more you have of this, the stronger types
                  of baddies you can get smashes on, and the more frequent your smashes will be. Cant really get
                  this early in the game, but later it is very very good. Max 20

Poison:  hmmm not very useful but almost. Even the game says to only get 3-4 levels tops. Poison is very useful on very tough
         single opponents, like Dragons. Max 20

Luck:    Like assasination, and item lore, a stat youll get later in the game. What this does is saves your life.
         Whenever a character gets killed, there is a chance he wont die based on this stat.
	   Its quite possible that this helps in other areas as well. In fact, it is very likely that everything
         you do will include a small bonus based on this stat. Unfortunately, like many things in this game,
         there is absolutely no way to tell.
         I would advise to get at least 1 point in this early in the game since 0 means no chance of surviving.
         1 is way better than 0. max 20

Level:   Your actual experience level is used in many calculations. This means that even if you
         havent put up any stats, your character is better at level 5 than at level 2.

As far as creating characters goes, you should stick to either making fighters, thieves, mages, priests, or rangers:

   You will want LOTS of STR for these guys to boost up their HP, also will need some DEX or you wont
   be able to hit the side of a barn. Remember to pick only one weapon skill to work it up. Start with it at
   about 10+ and go from there. This is an ideal way to start a fighter:

   HP                   18

   STR                   7
   DEX                   5

   Edged/Bashing/Pole:  10 (choose one of the three)

   dont be afraid to mix and match these 4 stats, but for the start of the game, there isnt much more
   you will want in a fighter other than these 4 stats. Reinforce these as much as you can, and then
   later in the game, add some points to asassination, and defense. Dont spend any points on HP during
   the game, because if you put his STR up to 16+, he will max out at 200hp pretty quickly.

   youll want more DEX than STR for this guy, and should likly go with archery since hell be weaker than a fighter
   and the extra DEX will make his bow extra good. (However, it is unfortunate that later in the game, ranged weapons
   become a lot less good, but the are quite usefull in the early part) A good thief might start something like:

   HP                   16

   STR                   5
   DEX                   7

   Archery               8

   Disarming             3
   Lockpicking           3

   Mix and match how you see fit. Alternatively you could make a melee thief.

   Basically he is a thief, except he gets things like poison, alchemy, and maybe a buncha
   lore, instead of thief skills. You can decide to make him melee or ranged, it doesnt
   matter. Just remember that a melee fighter will want more STR and a ranged attacker will
   want more DEX. Heres an example for melee and one for ranged:

Melee:                                    Ranged:

   HP                   20                   HP                   20

   STR                   7                   STR                   4
   DEX                   4                   DEX                   7

   Edg/Bash/Pole         9(choose one)       Archery               9

   Alchemy               2                   Alchemy               2
   Poison                2                   Poison                2

   When making a priest character, totally forget about STR and DEX. What you will be most
   concerned with is getting INT and SPELL POINTS. Spell points are invaluable in this game,
   largely because you cannot sleep in a dungeon. If you hit 0sp in a cave you are stuck at 0
   unless you have purchased some expensive energy potions. Heres an example of a priest:

   HP                   14
   SP                   20

   INT                   8

   Priest Spells         3

   (Note that you will get 3 bonus spell points for each magic level you start with
   so when this character starts the game he will have 29sp)

   You will definitly want Priest Spells to be at level 3. When getting levels make sure to
   put up INT and SP as much as possible. It would also be a good idea to boost up the HP
   a tad, since the priest wont be getting much from experience levels. Eventually you will
   also want to get higher levels of Priest Spells, and some Luck.

   Mages are very similar to priests, except that Mage Spells costs 6SKP instead of 5SKP
   This is rather annoying when getting levels since you only get 5SKP per level. Also when
   creating the mage character he will have 3 less skp to use. Heres an example:

   HP                   14
   SP                   20

   INT                   7

   Mage Spells           3

   All of the advice for priests also applys for mages...

   NOT a good idea, but maybe fun for the advanced player. Basically it is almost impossible to have
   a multi-classed character, because there are too few skp to use on all of the stats you would
   require. The only multi-class I have ever used was a priest-mage. These are not too difficult
   because priests and mages are so similar. He would never be as good as a stand-alone priest or mage
   but having another source of both types of spells can be very useful. Here are 2 examples of a

   HP                   12    HP                   14
   SP                   12    SP                   16

   INT                   5    INT                   7

   Priest Spells         3    Priest Spells         2
   Mage Spells           3    Mage Spells           2

   Obviously if you want level 3 spells, you will eat up lots of your other stats. Alternatively
   you could try lvl3 mage and lvl2 or 1 priest spells. Also note that once your regular mage or priest is
   is getting pretty tough, it is easy as pie to give them access to lvl 1-3 of the other classes spells.

Party Creation:
There are any number of ways to create your party, but if you stick to some guidelines,
you will fare much better

Every party should have, at the very least:
   1 fighter
   1 thief
   1 priest
   1 mage

You shouldnt ever have to have more than one thief, but add as many fighters, mages and priests
as you want.

Below are some wise party combinations:

Fighter     Fighter     Fighter
Fighter     Thief       Fighter
Fighter     Priest      Thief
Thief       Priest      Ranger
Priest      Mage        Priest
Mage        Mage        Mage

(When playing through the game for this guide, I chose the party on the right)

Spell Guide:
Here is a decription of some of the effects magic can have, followed by the
descriptions of the spells themselves.

(Note that spell costs are equal to the level of the spell
ie: lvl 1 spells cost 1 mana etc..)

Magical Effects:

   Blessing a character makes that character better at every thing he does in combat.
   It increases his hit, evade, damage done, and damage blocked. There are varying degrees of blessedness.
   Mutually exclusive with Curse.

   The opposite of a Bless. Cursing a character/baddie makes him much worse at everything
   he does. It lowers his hit, evade, damage done, and damage blocked. There are varying degrees of cursedness.
   Mutually exclusive with Bless.

   Any hasted character or baddie will have more AP. This can allow them to walk a long way, swing up to 3x, or cast
   up to three spells, in one turn. Max AP is 12, you can haste someone until they hit 12ap.
   Mutually exclusive with Slow.

   Any character/baddie who is slowed will miss every other turn. Weaker baddies will miss their very next turn,
   tougher baddies will miss the turn after the next. A creature is either slowed, or not slowed, but multiple uses
   makes the slowness harder to get rid of.
   Mutually exclusive with Haste.

   Fear makes the baddie run away, wasting ap's on movement... On an outside encounter the
   baddie will flee from the battle area, which can be useful but wastes experience. The way fear works is each
   baddie has a 'morale' stat that you cant see. Everytime something bad happens in battle (he takes damage,
   or one of his friends gets burned to a cinder), his morale drops a little. Once it hits 0 he will try to flee.
   What a fear spell does is drops the morale of the target creature a whole bunch. A creature is either afraid,
   or not afraid.

Magical Attacks:

   Usually does a lot of damage to non-fire-resistant baddies, such as Nephils, Nephars, Sliths, Humans, etc...
   But there are a lot of baddies who are fire-resistant. It is better to use Non-fire magical attacks on them.

   Any spell that inflicts damage, (except poison spells), counts as magical damage. This includes fire!
   There arent a lot of magic resistant baddies, but there are some. Try using poison on those guys.

   Works slowly but can do good damage. There are varying degrees of poisonness, so use more than once to
   severly poison your opponent. Unfortunately, there are no group poison spells, so poison is always more useful
   versus single, strong opponents.

Priest Spells:

Level 1:

Minor Bless:
   Really inexpensive way to bless a guy, but also a really weak blessing.

Minor heal:
   Really inexpensive way to heal a guy, but also a really weak healing...

Weaken Poison:
   If you're only a bit poisoned use this instead of Cure Poison to save a SP.

Turn undead:
   Not too useful, but good damage on undead for not a lot of SP.

   Uhhh. Well. Useful for relaying a location to another person... I guess...
   This shouldnt be a spell, it should just be in the menu. Maybe its used for those
   dungeons that dont have a map?

Level 2:

   The best way to bless a guy early in the game. Never underestimate the usefullness of
a good blessing. Someone who is blessed will wreak havoc in a normal fight, and will be
much more effective in a tough fight. Can also be used to remove curses. Note also that
theres more than one level of blessing. Casting this twice on a guy makes him even more unstoppable.
Combine with a couple uses of haste and you have yourself a juggernaught.

Cure Poison:
   If someones badly poisoned, use this asap!

   Opposite of bless, everything that applies for Bless applies in the opposite way for this
spell. Always use this when you only have one or two opponents, since it would have the same
effect as blessing your whole party...

   The only light spell for a priest. Chases away the darkness...

   Only way for a priest to do damage early in the game... Not fire so works good on fire resistant

Level 3:

   Heals a good amount of hp to one guy, usually...

Light heal all:
   Extremly useful if all six of you should happen to fall to 0hp simultaneously.(as well
as when youve all suffered a moderate amount of damage). This is actually better than the spell 'Heal All'

Holy Scourge:
   Just like Curse, but better. I usually use this one instead.

Detect Life:
   Useful when you're fleeing a dungeon, you can determine which path to take to avoid bumping
into any baddies. (Baddies show up as dots on the map)

   Fear spell. Makes the target become afraid.

Level 4:
(all of the level 4 spells are available for purchase from the priest in Formello.)

Cure All Poison:
   Casts Cure Poison on all 6 of your characters. Even if only 2 characters are poisoned, if
they are very poisoned, use this. It is the same price as 2 Cure Poisons, so the only time you
wouldnt want to use it is if only 1 guy is poisoned, or 2 guys are only lightly poisoned.

Curse All:
   Extremly useful!! Once you get this you will be able to win much harder battles. More
useful when you are against a large army. If you are against only one baddie, ie a dragon,
then this is almost useless. It also has the nice effect of passing through walls.

Dispel Undead:
   Does a large amount of damage to one undead creature.

Remove Curse:
   If you're careful, you wont ever need to use this. Removes a cursed item from your hand/head/body.

Level 5:
Bless Party: (Buy from the priest in Formello)
   Extremly useful, even moreso than Curse All, because once you kill everyone who is cursed,
they're dead, but if you're Blessed and kill everyone, your still Blessed. Also very useful for
countering the enemy's Curse All spells.

(The rest of the Level 5 priest spells can be purchased from the Priest in the Tower of the Magi)

Major Heal:
   Does a great deal of healing to one character. If you have Revive, I would suggest using that
instead, if you need it. Its only one more SP and completely restores their HP.

Raise Dead:
   Brings a dead party member back to life, but doesnt heal thier wounds. Nice when you finally
manage to kill that Dragon, but he killed one of your guys just before kicking the bucket.
Requires a Resurection Balm, which are hard to come by, and only works if the body has not
been obliterated

   Priest version of Fireball. Same area of effect as Fireball. Useful to get the priest a bunch of experience, or
to flame-broil some Sliths.

Level 6:
(These can be purchased from the priest in the Tower of the Magi.)

Heal All:
   Probably better to use Light Heal All, actually. This is more useful in a battle,
because it heals more HP with one use, but two uses of Light Heal All usually heals
more than one use of this, for the same price. Both spells are capable of healing the
party 16hp with one use. IMHO a crappy spell.

   Oh is this ever sweet. Heals the target 100% and also removes any poisons. A tad useful...

Ravage Enemy:
   I think what this spell does is Curses the target as much as he can be Cursed.

   If you run into a Basilisk and he turns a couple of you to stone, use this to turn them back.
Protection from Petrification woulda been nice, but owell...

Mage Spells:

Level 1:

   Useful when you only have 1 or 2sp left, and want to see more than eerie black.

   Useful since its not fire, and cuz it only costs 1sp, but hardly even does any damage.

Minor Haste:
   Inexpensive way to haste someone. If the target doesnt do much moving,
then you will be able to swing twice. Probably the best Level 1 spell.

   Very similar to the Minor Bless priest spell. Inexpensive way to bless someone.

   Gives a baddie a small fright. Wont make a Haakai run in terror, but maybe a goblin.

Level 2:

Minor Poison:
   Very useful on tough opponents, and the only poison spell in the early part of the game.
Not many, if any, baddies are resistant to poison. Multiple uses work even better.

   Not as good as Wound, but still useful. Its fire so resistant baddies wont take much damage.

   When fighting one or two formidable enemies, this will make one lose half their turns,
or nullify their hastedness.

   NOT a silence type spell, has nothing to do with making a mage/priest less able to cast
stuff(which i thought it was for a long time 8D). Its just the mage's version of the curse spell.

   Makes the weapon of the target become covered with poison. Useful way to get poison into
the veins of a few baddies. Use on an archer and youll have ranged poison. Wears off after
a few shots. Minor Poison and Poison are probly better cuz they will for sure poison the target.

Level 3:

   Unlocks a locked door. Some doors are magically locked, and will require you to use this
spell to unlock them. The only way to tell is that your thief will repeatedly fail to pick the
lock. (Its possible that the doors are just abnormally hard to pick, but I like to say that their
magically locked. AFAIK, they are.)

   Gives the target up to 8 more AP. Extremly useful. A fighter would be able to walk three steps,
and then swing his sword three times. A mage/priest could walk 1 step and then cast 3 spells.

   Most devastating attack spell in the early game. Can fry your guys too so be careful.
This spell is like using a tough version of flame on a 3x3 grid centered on the spot you
choose. Its fire so it doesnt hurt fire resistant baddies as much.(also it seems as if baddies
get a 'saving throw' (if you know d&d), because they tend to only take 50% or 25% as much damage
as their comrades, sometimes) all areas of the grid are equally painful.

   area of effect: (x = spot chosen; o = anyone here gets hit)

Long Light:
   Gives you light in the darkness for a long time. I almost always use this one.

   Makes the enemy afraid. Works a lot better than scare. Two uses of this can
scare a Haakai! Being afraid will make the baddie run away. If your beside him youll get free
swings, and the baddie will waste AP. You will also waste AP trying to run after him though.

Level 4:
(all of the level 4 spells are available for purchase from Miles in the Formello library.)

   Very good to use on single tough opponents, especially fire/magic resistant ones.
Will always poison its target. A lot stronger than Minor Poison. Use more than once to severely poison the target.

Ice Bolt:
   Does good damage, and isnt fire. Note that this isnt really Ice, but Magic. Useful on Drakes,
and other fire resistant baddies (but because its 'not fire', not because its ice (it isnt))

Slow Group:
   Extremly useful! Once you get this you will be able to win much harder battles. Any baddie
within 12 paces will be slowed, and thus miss half of their turns. The exception is when they are
hasted, it will decrease the level of haste. Multiple uses wont have any effect, except to make the
slowness harder to get rid of.

Magic Map:
   Makes the entire map for the floor of the dungeon you are on visible. Very very very expensive to buy,
and requires a saphire each time you use it. Useful if you want to find every last nook and
cranny in a dungeon. Wont work in dungeons that have no map.

Level 5:

Stealth: (Purchase from wandering green mage in the Tower of the Magi)
   Useful to sneak by some baddies, if for some reason you are unable to fight them. Baddies wont notice you
   unless you walk right up to them. This doesnt work if you have a light on, i dont think.

Major Haste: (Purchase from wandering green mage in the Tower of the Magi)
   Oh baby. This spell kicks the ultimate ass. It is by far my favoritest spell. If your mage is
at a high enough level, then this will triple the AP of all six of your party members. this means you
can use Bless Party/Curse All/Light Heal All with your priest, and then Slow All/Fire Storm/Group Fear with
your mage for example. Meanwhile your fighters/archers are whoopin ass. Sadly, having 12ap's means that
you only get to shoot 4 arrows, not 5 or 6, which is double, rather than triple the shots.

Firestorm: (hit 'buy' from Konig the mage in the Inn at Cotra)
   Ooooo. Devastating. Doesnt hurt as much as Fireball but has a bigger area of effect.
   Careful, its easy to cream one of your own guys. All areas of the grid are equally painful.

      area of effect: (x = spot chosen; o = anyone here gets hit)

Dispel Barrier: (Reward (in Fort Dranlon) for retrieving the Magic Tome from the Sliths)
   Ah once you get this, you dont have to carry around any more piercing crystals. Woohoo!

Level 6:
The level 6 Mage spells can be purchased from X in the Tower of the Magi. You will need to tell him
that Boutell has a large anvil.

Major Poison:
   Use this on a baddie to give them a slow painful death. Useful to get free hits on a really tough opponent.
If you plan on killing your enemy almost instantly, then this might not be a wise decision.

Group Fear:
   If you find yourself in a losing battle, or if you just dont want to waste time killing all the baddies,
use this to make the enemy flee.

   Like Icebolt, does a very large amount of Magical damage. This can do up to about 70hp of damage, with
suitable conditions (Blesses and Curses). Very useful.

Ravage Enemy:
   Both Slows and Curses all enemies in an 8-square radius. Somewhat short-ranged compared to Slow Group,
but useful nonetheless.

Level 7:

   Very useful when fighting a lot of Drakes, as well as in many other cases. One use will
give everyone a lot of magic resistance, as well as make the target invulnerable. Slightly useful!! 8D.

Major Blessing:
   <swoon> Egad ok this is the ultimate in Blessing spells. Once you get this, you can win
many difficult battles. Blesses AND Hastes the ENTIRE party AND poisons all of their weapons!
Hopefully you dont have much trouble figuring out that thats a tad useful... 8P

Combat Guide:
If you're having trouble with a certain fight, here are some tips for how you
can win.

Single Tough Foe:

Ok there are two main types of really hard battles in this game. We'll start
with how to overcome one really really tough opponent, such as a Dragon.

(Note that if you arent at a high enough level, it wont matter what you do, your party
will die a very horrible death)

When desecrating altars, you will quite often have to fight one of these battles
against a Haakai, or maybe a Mung Demon. Unfortunately they will get a free turn if
they were spawned from a white dot. If you are being killed instantly then there is
little you can do to survive.

First off, before stepping on the dot, hit the sword icon and go into battle mode.
Use Bless/Haste on your fighters and maybe your archers too if you have the SP. This will
be much easier if you have Bless Party and/or Major Haste. Maybe poison the tips of your
weapons as well.As soon as you are ready, go back to walk mode, maybe save the game so
you dont have to rebless and step on the dot. Once the battle starts and you have your
first turn, do NOT just walk up to the enemy and start swinging. Instead, cycle through
your characters(using wait), and use Holy Scourge with anyone in your party that can use
it. If your priest is hasted, use it twice on the baddie, and then use Light Heal All
if you need it, or maybe Wound, or Bless Party if you have been cursed. Once you have
cursed the enemy(only use Holy Scourge twice, at most), start swinging. Hopefully you
should still be blessed/hasted, and the enemy will be cursed, so you may even kill him on
this single turn. If not, make sure you use Slow on him. He should then miss his next
turn(if not, pray you survive his turn). On the start of your next turn, do NOT begin
swinging. Instead cycle to your priest magic users and either re-Bless your party, or
re-Curse the enemy, or both. Then proceed to hack away, and if you are doing
substantial damage, you should be able to get him this time around. If not, continue
the process.

Other things to try include:
      Poisoning the enemy as many times as you can. This can really hurt him a lot. Only
      useful if the fight lasts a while though.

      Equip 2 one-handed melee weapons on your fighters. If you are Blessed, and he is
      Hasted, then both weapons should be able to hit a lot and this will double the amount
      of hits you get.

      Get your hands on some nice potions like a Potion of Invulnerability, an Ambrosia,

Against a large army:
First thing, if you cannot win no matter how hard you try, and you dont even have Curse All and
Slow Group then you arent tough enough to win yet, most likely.

The key to victory is to make sure that all of the enemies are Slowed and Cursed, and
that all of your party members are Blessed and Hasted. This becomes easier when you get more advanced spells,
but for nearly every single battle in the game, this is the key to victory. You may have
to manage your SP properly if you dont have Major Haste, etc..

Also remember to let your priest Bless/Curse BEFORE your fighters/archers do their thing,
Blessing/Cursing takes effect immediatly, unlike Haste, which waits a turn first.

Also if you use Slow Group, many baddies will miss their very next turn. Not all types of
baddies will, but many.

Advanced really tough battles will come down to a war between your preists/mages and the enemy
priests/mages, both struggling for the Blessed/Hasteness of thier own party, and the Slowed/Cursedness
of their enemy's.

Sometimes, its a good idea to haste your fighters, and have them walk to the back of the enemies army,
and take out the enemy priests/mages. Not always, but sometimes. Also, you can pelt them with arrows
and Wound/Kill type spells. If they're Nephils, then definitly use FireBall.

You will find that Bless Party/Major Haste will be EXTREMLY useful on hard battles.
To get Bless Party, go to Formello and hit buy when talking to the priest. Make sure to buy
it for your priest, not your fighter. Major Haste can be found in the Tower of the Magi.
There is a green colored Mage walking around that will sell it to you.

V. Walkthrough
Exile is a game that is completely nonlinear, so this guide will not be done
in the only order you can go through the game. It will be split into different
sections, one for each town/lair. It is not really a step by step walkthrough,
but more of a 'how to do each level' guide. This is because, as I said, Exile
is completely nonlinear...

For each of the lairs, I have given its location relative to a nearby town,
as well as any tools that you will need to fully loot it.
(Every now and then you'll come across locked doors that are nigh impossible to pick.
It may be that they are locked with magic, but they may also just require a high
lockpicking skill. Either way, the spell Unlock always seems to do the trick,
so I will refer to them as being magically locked. This is one of many things
that we cant know for sure)

Here is an index so you can quickly see the order I have listed each area.

1. Fort Exile
2. Fort Duvno
3. Silvar
4. Brigand Fort

1. Fort Exile:
Location:         (starting point) E of Silvar; S of Fort Duvno

There isnt much to do here but what you will want to do is go to the south and
enter the door on the right. Talk to the man behind the desk and he will give you
some weapons, armor and food. Other than people to talk to, that is all there is here.
Make sure to save before you leave.

NOTE: The one thing you CAN do here is create new party members at the portal you came here in.

2. Fort Duvno:
Location:         NW of Fort Exile

Here you will find an indentifier, a fletcher(arrow shop), a "thief store"(sells poison,
lockpicks, and torches) that is also a place you can sell anything, a weapon shop, and an Inn.
It would be wise to grab some lockpicks on your first visit as well as some bows and arrows
(if you need them) since you dont start with any.

Talk to the prison guard and he will tell you that there is a group of bandits to the
north that have been annoying him recently. The bandit fort is the first dungeon that
I usually visit. You will find it just a short ways to the NW, in the middle of a big
mountain. When you see an oval of rock to the NW, look for a path leading into it from
the NE.

He will also mention a nephilim fort which is located further to the north. It is located
directly north of the bandit fort.

3. Silvar:
Location:         W of Fort Exile

Loot:    Steel Short Sword

Ah, home, sweet home... For now Silvar will be your main base of operations, together
with Fort Duvno. They have the best priced food in the whole world(of exile), and
also have a trainer, and weapon and armor shops. The only thing lacking is an identifier,
but hes just a short jog away in Fort Duvno.

In the west part of town you will find a locked door. It is a store that ran out of
business, but if you pick the lock there is a secret door in the bottom left corner of the room
Inside is a nice sword, guarded by a trap. Hopefully you will have purchased some nice lockpicks to open the door with in Fort Duvno.

Also if you talk to the rations store clerk, she will mention she has been hearing
strange noises. If you pick the lock on the door to the right, there is a secret door
at the far SE of the room with the cows. Behind the secret door is a fight against
some nephils. save before steppin on the dot. If you are all still at level 1 you may
find this a bit hard to do now. In that case save it for later.

4. Dharmon:
Location:   SW of Blosk, Gnass, and Fort Emerald; W of The Castle

5. Brigand Fort:
Location:            NE of Fort Duvno

Enemies:    Spawned: Thug, Brigand, Apprentice
Loot:       Chests, Mace, Wand

Other than looting the place, there is no real goal here. Like all dungeons, you will not
even be able to completely kill every last bandit due to respawning. Make sure to save it
before entering and a good trick to get into is to have at least two saves.(In a dungeon,
and outside)

In the SE area there are a couple of locked doors. The one on the north end of the wall cannot
be opened, so dont waste any picks on it. After picking the eastern door you will battle against
2 spirits, and then you will be able to loot the 2 chests.

There is a chest in one of the rooms inside the fort.

In the room just north of that, search the bookshelf. There you will find a nice wand
that you can sell for good money.

To get into the room in the NE that is blocked by a pile of rubble, find the secret door
at the eastern end of the south wall. In there you will find a mace in one of the crates.

6. Nephilim Fort #1:
Location:            N of Brigand Fort

Enemies:    Spawned: Goblin, Nephil, Nephil Archer, Nephil Shaman
Loot:       Chests, Ring, *Bronze Key*

This is the first dungeon in which you will encounter darkness. Use light or long light to
see in the dark.

If you veer to the right after coming into the room with goblins, and a pool of water
in the middle, there will be a tunnel leading to the east. Take the southern path and
you will stumble onto a garbage dump area. Beware of the 2 lizards. Once you
kill them continue to the end of the tunnel. There is a secret passage in the N end of the wall
Search the body that you find there and you will find a ring.

North of the pool, swing left and you will come across another garbage dump, this one however
has an encounter with a snake that will net you a few dollars.

The room at the very top middle of the map has a locked door that is magically locked.
You will need a mage to cast the spell Unlock. Inside is a nice chest.

Look for a secret door in the south wall of the room in the far NW. Inside, guarded by a trap
is the Bronze Key that you will need in another Nephil lair, as well as another chest.

7. Bat Cave:
Location:      N of Fort Duvno; S of Formello

Enemies:    Spawned: Bat, Rabid Bat, Lava Bat

Loot:       Ambrosia, 250gp, Silver Gauntlets

This place is full of a heckuva lot of Bats. Bats are weaker than Goblins, but there are also
Rabid Bats, and Lava Bats. When you come across a Lava Bat, go into attacking mode quick, cuz
itll bake your party. The goal here is the Silver Gauntlets.

Once you have made it to the NE area, look around in the south part for a secret passage in the
west wall. At the end you will find 250gp and some nice gauntlets.

Look out across the big lake of fire. There is a white dot against the wall. Using Light Heal All
you can walk across the lava. You can make it go a lot quicker if you turn off sounds temporarily.
If you dont have enough magic points, you can also take a step, and then wait until each character
has regained 1hp, then take another step. By wait I mean click on your party repeatedly. You can
also hold Numpad 5. The white dot is a potion of Ambrosia. (full health potion)

8. Cotra:
Location:      W of Silvar, along the shoreline

Talking to the mayor and his secretary, you discover that the Nepharim(tough Nephilim)
captured a large group of men, who are being held prisoner at a fort to the north.
You also learn that you will be well rewarded upon rescuing them. (see Underground Fort)

9. Underground Fort
Location:      N of Cotra

Enemies:  Spawned:     Nephar, Nephar Archer, Nephar Warrior?, Nephar Shaman
          Encountered: Nephar Chieftan, Demon, Haakai

Loot:     Ruby, Jeweled Goblet, *Pommel*

This is the fort where the nephars are keeping the Cotrans captive. It will be dark so make
sure to use long light.

If you dont want to attack head on, there is a secret passage on either side of the main
entrance that lead to a series of secret tunnels. This also makes a good escape route.

Be VERY careful at the locked room in the extreme NW. You will have to fight some demons
if you decide to open the door. Demons are just sorta tough... 8) If you manage to defeat
the demons, you will be rewarded with the pommel of the DemonSlayer. Dont worry if you have to
come back later in order to do it.

Another place to watch your step is the nephars dark altar. If you step on the dot you will
have to face a Haakai. They make normal demons look like goblins. There is a VERY good chance
you will not be able to do this fight yet(I was just barely able to at level 6), in which
case you can come back later. If you want to try to attack him, see the Combat section, unless
you are experienced in Exile combat. The reward is the Jeweled Goblet that you can sell for a nice

The main goal here is to free the prisoners. They are being held in a prison in the middle of
the buildings past the gate(north of the pool). Youll know the building because it has a nephar
chieftan. There will be two locked doors to pick through, and then you can talk to the prisoners.
They inform you that they can only safely escape through the portculis(gate) to the north.
Go north and look for two metal looking doorways. The door to the right of them is locked.
Inside is a lever. Pulling it opens the portculis. Go back to the prisoners and they will then
attempt (successfully) to escape. Now you can return to the mayor of Cotra for a nice reward.

There is a ruby in a dresser in a building in the NW.

10. Mertis:
Location:      S and then E of Silvar.

Loot:    *Ebony Broach*?

There isnt a whole lot to do here. The weapon and armor shops have some good stuff, but not
nearly as good as Fort Draco.

There is a wierd man in the absolute south-east corner of the map. He will sell you a broach
if you hit buy. Im not sure how your supposed to find out he has it.

11. Dark Pit:
Location:            N of Mertis

Enemies:    Spawned:     Skeleton, Zombie, Wight, Ghast, Spirit
            Encountered: Poison Mushroom

Loot:       Piercing Crystal, Flame Halberd, Silver Ankh, *Pearl Broach*

After fighting past a bunch of Undead, and some wierd Mushroom baddies, you will come to
a dead-end where you will find a sapphire. You will need to retrace your steps, there is
a secret passage in one of the caves to the north along the southern wall. Once you come
to another dead-end there are three secret passages. Theres a lot of secret passages, so
I will just mention one easy path through it. Stand in the most north eastern part of this cave.
Now go (through the wall) right three, up three, and then go right a bunch, and then up a bit.
When you come up to the white dot that says the black mist is gone, you know you have made it
past this small little maze. Keep going up. Right past where it says 'Everything goes black'
look for a secret passage in the north wall. Here you will find a piercing crystal that you
can use if you dont already have a way to break the barrier you'll find at the end. Now just
follow the path of the tunnel and you should make it all the way to the end. Break the barrier,
and search the bodies that lie past it for the Pearl Broach, a nice Halberd, and a Silver Ankh.

12. Almaria:
Location: W of something...
          far to the SW of Silvar

It is here that you will be able to purchase wine! Use it to get past the gremlins in the
forest near Silvar. You can also purchase Weak Energy potions from the sage, as well as
Rings of Fire Res. which are very useful, but quite expensive at 1200.

13. Formello:
Location:   a ways N of Fort Duvno

Loot:    Necklace of sorts, 3000gp

If you have talked to the mayor of Almaria, you should know that the mayor of Formello needs
help with her necklace. Ask her about it and she will mention the big Nephilim fort to the west.
Shes not kidding when she says its big. It is the first dungeon with more than one floor, and
it has three. Travel west and then cross the bridge to the South. Dont attack from the front,
its VERY well defended.

You can rob the treasury and no one cares. There is a locked door at the top of the mayors
building in the east. Pick it, and the door you come to next. In this second room
there is a secret passage in the rock wall on the east. Now you will find many traps.
Make sure you SAVE it before stepping on anything, because these traps can easily kill your
entire party. There are two things to loot, and each is hooked up to a trap that you cant disarm.
Once you're at a high enough level, you will be able to survive the blast. I was able to
just barely survive the bottom one at level 7. The upper one is harder. Having some Luck would
help a lot. Using Protection would help immensly. Go to the Ogre Cave to get it.(you need enough
mage lore though)
In Formello you will be able to purchase all of the level 4 priest spells from the priest in
the temple, and she even sells the level 5 spell Bless Party. A mage by the name of Miles,
located in the back of the library, will sell you the level 4 mage spells.

14. Nephilim Fort #2:
Location:            W of Formello
Make sure to bring:  *Bronze Key* from Nephilim Fort #1

Enemies:  Spawned: Nephil, Nephil Archer, Nephil Warrior, Nephil Shaman, Nephar, Nephar Archer,
                   Nephar Warrior, Nephar Shaman, Nephil Chieftan, Nephar Chieftan, Giant Spider

          Encountered: Giant Lizard, Ghast, Ogre, Drake, Haakai, Anastasia

Loot:     Chest, Shield, Bronze Plate Mail, Gold Necklace, Fang Necklace, *Necklace*, %Major Blessing%

It would be very very unwise to attack from the main entrance because it is extremely
well defended. Instead, go around to the NW and find a path that goes along the south
side of the river. There are a couple Nephil encounters, and then look for a secret passage
in the south wall leading straight to the rear of the Fort.

Theres a lot of Nephils here so beware.

Main Floor:

   There is a shield in a crate in a locked room in the southwest.

   Look for a secret passage in the north wall of the back room of the temple area. There you will
   find an interesting note.

   Beware, the Nephils have a pet Drake down here. Its guarding a magically locked door.
   If you go through the door beware of an ambush when you step on the white dot. Many hungry
   undead Ghasts will attack from behind on both sides. Your reward is three chests, and a suit
   of plate armor. Not too shabby.

Second Floor:
   Beware! If you desecrate the altar, you will have to fight 2 (thats TWO) Haakai!!! NOT easy...
   Especially not easy since they get a free turn. If you have Curse All and Slow Group it will
   make it a looot easier. Best to kill em before they can move 8D

   In the bedroom with an Ogre in it in the NE area, there is a secret passage behind
   the bed leading to a chest.

   If you have not found the Bronze Key from the first Nephilim Fort, you wont be able to
   get into the brownish temple room. Unfortunately thats where the Mayors necklace is.
   If you do have it, watch your step. There are three Nephar Shamans at the end of the room,
   waiting to blast you to oblivion. The necklace you are looking for is in the room on the
   bottom right. The one in the room on the bottom left is also useful, however.

   You will also find Traitoress Anastasia on this floor, along with two Nephil Chieftans and archers.
   Not too hard a fight if you're at a decent level. Always remember to check the combat guide
   if you have trouble with a fight. Once you have killed her, check the north wall for a
   secret passage. Theres a chest and two more passages between the bed and the shelves. You
   can learn Major Blessing in the left room, if you have the mage lore, and a shortcut back
   in the room on the right.

When you leave, dont forget to give the mayor back her necklace. You will get a Crown Token that
will let you enter The Castle.(as well as a heap of gold and experience)

15. Hidden Tower (Solberg's Tower):
Location:   SE of Formello; need to sail down the river from Fort Draco

Make sure you bring:    You need to have found the password to enter the tower(See 'Tower of the Magi')
                        If you are coming here, Solberg will want you to have the Demonslayer
                        (See Below, as well as Underground Fort, Slith Temple, and Crypt of Drath )


Loot:    *Crystal Key*

To actually get here, you have to buy a boat from Fort Draco. Sail it south down the river as far as you can.
Continue following the river to the east. As you begin to near Formello, there will be places to land the boat
on the south side of the river. Investigate them and you should find a big place with a bunch of lava. Without
stepping on the lava, there will be an area of the lava that you cant see. To get there, dont burn your feet
walking through the lava. Instead look for a secret passage in the rock just above the part you cant see.
The lava there is cool enough that you wont get burnt. That or theres a bridge you cant see.

You CAN go ahead and kill the Haakai lord without the Demonslayer, if you're strong enough, but I usually like to get
it first, since Solberg says you should 8D

To find the Demonslayer:
   It has been split up into three parts. As Solberg will tell you, the Nephars have a piece(the Pommel), the Sliths have
a piece (the Blade), and a Lich has a piece(the Tip). To find the pieces, see "Underground Fort", "Slith Temple", and "Crypt of Drath"

Once you have obtained the Demonslayer, or you dont have it but want to kill the Haakai Lord anyway, go to the room south of
Solberg, and search his bookshelves. You will find a secret passage that leads to the Crystal Key. Use this to gain access to
the area where the Haakai Lord is kept in the Tower of the Magi.

16. Cave of Motrax:
Location:      N of Formello

Enemies:       Fire Lizard, Motrax
Loot:          *Ivory Broach*
               If you can kill Motrax: Wand of Death, 3000gp, Scrioth

Motrax is likely the first dragon you will meet. He is also the most friendly, although if
you break into his hoard, he will still try to kill you. Make sure not to anger him or kill him
before talking to him a bunch, you need to find out where a certain key is located. Once he tells
you that the Stone Key is located somewhere to the southeast, and it says 'You take note of this'
then you are free to kill him. Make sure you dont just attack him, let him attack you when he
discovers you invading his hoard.

Look for a secret passage in the cave wall to the very west of where you enter. There is a spirit that
will tell you about Motrax's hoard, and of Motrax's temper when it comes to his treasures. To loot Motrax's hoard,
look for a secret passage right near the water in the dead-end in the east. BEWARE of the second white dot!
If you step through the shining light it will set of an alarm, and Motrax will come for your heads.
He cant swim, so he will be waiting for you when you return. Note that he is a LOT tougher than any baddie
you will have seen so far. Haakai and Mung Demons are nothing compared to a Dragon. If you have Protection,
then make one of your fighters invulnerable and attack Motrax at the secret passage. Make sure to
Bless/Haste your fighter, and to Slow and/or Curse Motrax, use Slow Group and Curse All, or use
Ravage Enemy(the Mage one) because they all go through walls. If you have a lot of SP you could use Protection
six times and sail up to Motrax. That would take 42sp though, so its probably not a good idea.

Beware of his 'cousins' in the west area of the cave, they are gaurding the Ivory Broach, as
well as a small stash of gold.

17. Ancient Crypt:
Location:   N of Formello; SW of the Cave of Motrax

Enemies:    Spawned:    Skeleton, Zombie, Spirit, Ghoul, Wight
            Encountered: Vampire, Eye Beast

Loot:       Piercing Crystal, Ice Staff, Steel Dagger, Arrows of Life(6)

Outside the entrance you will find a priest, and an alchemist. They will tell you that they cant find
a way to open the door. For the longest time I thought I needed a key... All you have to do is
look for a secret passage on the west end of the brown wall. Theres a lever to pull that will
open the door.

This place is very dark. Lights wont last more than a few steps here.

Theres a cool dagger of sorts in the room in the east. A Piercing Crystal is on a body in the northeast.
In the room in the center of the north there are two Vampires, Your reward is an Ice Staff.
Theres a pool of lava in the northwest. If you can walk over it, you will get six Arrows of Light.

Im not sure what, but something you do here makes the door you came in lock behind you. To open it you must find a
lever in the middle western room. In the room look for the secret passage in the north wall. Make sure
to only pull the lever once!

18. Fort Draco:
Location:     N of Nephilim Fort #2

Loot:       Steel Tip Spear

This place is the place to be if you want weapons and armor. It has the best of the best stuff.
Dang expensive though...

When you are at the weapon shop, take note that the blacksmith has a very large anvil. X in the
Tower of the Magi is looking for someone with an anvil. The blacksmith's name is Boutell. Also,
chat with him and you will learn that he is the only one in Exile with the skill to repair a sword.
He will be the one that eventually reforges teh DemonSlayer.

Look for a secret passage in the locked room in the east. You will find a Steel Tip Spear.

19. Remote Temple:
Location:      S and then a bit E from Fort Draco

Enemies:    Spawned:     Gaurd, Captian, Acolyte, Priest, Evil Acolyte, Evil Priest
            Encountered: Vapor Rat, Spirit, Zombie, Demon, Mung Demon

Loot:       1 free mage lore per person, Scroll

The temple is located on the other side of the lake. You will have to grab the
boat that is resting by the docks and sail out to the other side. Hopefully there wont be
too many baddies waiting for you on the other side. If you have trouble landing, it may help
if you let your light go out.

If you dont want to attack head on, there is a secret passage in the goop, which is on the north side.

If you manage to fight your way past the Evil Acolytes/Priests, then BEWARE of stepping on the
dot in front of the altar. Like many of the evil altars in the game, if you desecrate it, you will
have to fight a really tough battle. In this case you have to battle a Mung Demon, and two regular
Demons. Not easy. It might be a good idea to leave, rest, and come right back with full magic.

If you search one of the bookshelves in the north area, you will get some scrolls, and also
a one free magic lore per person bonus. Yay!

Unfortunately, the trip out of here will likly be much harder than the fight to get here.
There is usually a large army waiting for you back at the start, and the mages will pummel
you as you sail up. What you can do if you cant make it, is to wait by holding Numpad '5' while your far away in the
boat and stock up on SP. Then go to one of the 1-square pieces of ground, almost touching the dock.
From there use Long Light and then you can pelt the bastards with FireBalls, or even better is

20. Spider Cave:
Location:      NW of Fort Draco

Loot:       Wand, Helm, *Malachite Broach*

Ugh. I hate spiders. If you have talked to the beggar in Fort Draco, you know to ask 'Spider' about the
'mission'. Unfortunately all of these things are named 'Spider'. If you search around the eastern cave, you will
find a spider that doesnt react with 'Youre Silly!' when asked about 'mission'. He will tell you that you
will be rewarded if you rescue a spider kidnapped by Areneas to the west.

You will be rewarded by being able to explore the cave in the north. When you return, search the bodies to find the Malachite Broach,
a wand, and a helm.

21. Arenea City:
Location:   W of Spider Cave

Baddies:    Spawned:     Arenea, Elder Arenea
            Encountered: Imp

Difficulty:    2

Pretty simple dungeon. The prisoners are being held in the north. Beware of the two Imps in the far northeast.
Theres a scroll in the far northwest in an Arenea library. In order to free the prisoners you will have to fight
a bunch of Elder Arenea which may be difficult if you arent at a high enough level.

22. Fort Dranlon:
Location:      Far W and a bit N of Cotra along the shore line

Here there are some good, hard, rewarding quests to go on, both involving the dreaded Slithzerikai
and both requiring a boat. To get a boat, go to Cotra or Silvar.

Talk to the mayor and he will tell you that he wished he had some idea of what the
Sliths are planning. You can find what hes looking for in a Slith Fort on an island to the SW.(See Island Fort)

Talk to Mairwen the Mage, and she will mention a tome. It is located in the Swamp City to the
west. (See Swamp City)

23. Island Fort:
Location:      SW of Fort Dranlon on a big island in the lake.

Enemies:       Spawned: Slith, Slith Warrior, Slith Mage, Slith Priest
               Encountered: Slith Chieftan

Loot:          Iron Slith Spear, *Crystal*, *Plans*

This is one of the smaller, easier Slith dungeons. Note that it has more than one entrance.

In one of the boxes in the NE there is a Slith Spear. Ooooooo....

In order to get anywhere here you need to steal the boat that is resting by the dock in
the NE area. On a rocky area across the water just south of where you grab the boat
is one of the six quartz crystals.

Once you cross the lake, look for a secret passage in the far SE of the second half
of the fort. Search the three boxes for cool cool stuff, including the Plans that you
need to give to the mayor of Fort Dranlon.

24. Swamp City:
Location:   W of Fort Dranlon across the river.

Enemies:    Spawned:     Slith, Slith Warrior, Slith Mage, Slith Priest
            Encountered: Slith Chief

Loot:       Chests, *Slith Tome*, *Onyx Key*

This is a Slithzerikai city, and it is well defended. You will have to fight your way past the bridge
whilst being shot at by archers, and priests/mages. Once you get past the entrance, the rest of the
area is much easier.

At the very north there is a nursery that you will have the option of destroying. Beware that there is
a large fight if you decide to.

In the brownish rooms in the northeast, you will find the Slith Tome, as well as the Onyx Key. Take the
Tome back to Fort Dranlon to recieve Dispel Barrier. Also look for a secret passage in the south wall
of the far eastern brown room. There is another secret passage on the righthand side of the water, so
that you can get around it. This will net you a couple chests.

25.Slith Temple:
Location:   SW of Fort Dranlon

Enemies:    Spawned:     Slith, Slith Warrior, Slith Mage, Slith Priest
            Encountered: Slith High Priest, Slith Chief

Loot:       Lightning Rods, GlowStones, *Iron Key*, *Blade*

First Floor:
   Nothing complicated here, just sliths and open tunnels. The stairs to the basement are in the northwest.
   Check the strong boxes that are all over the place for some goodies.

   In the northeast there is a secret passage behind a stagmite. Inside is a fight against a High Priest. You are
   rewarded with the Iron Key.

   More tunnels, and even more sliths, especially Slith Mages, and Slith Priests. When you get
   to two traps that are gaurding a dead end, look for a secret passage a bit to the east, at the
   extreme southeastern corner of the map. Now, finaly, you will be approaching the temple. The temple
   itself will require the iron key that you found on the first floor. Inside you will find the Blade of the
   Demonslayer! Yay! Although once you grab it you will be attacked by a large Slith force. Doh.

   In the large cave that the temple is in, look for a secret passage on the west wall. You will find
   a scroll, some gems, and a shield.

26. Tower of the Magi:
Location:      S of Mertis

Make sure you bring:    You will need the Crystal Key from Solberg's Tower here, but its not necessary
                        unless you want to kill the Adze-Haakai
				To get the *Blessed Athame* you will need a Piercing Crystal, or %Dispel Barrier%

Enemies:       Encountered:   Imp, Demon, Adze-Haakai

Loot:          *Blessed Athame*, *Onyx Scepter*

Well first of all, you need to find a secret passage to get here. Look for it exactly 7 paces
east and 1 pace south of the tower itself, in the western wall.

In this place, secret passages, locked doors, and magic barriers are all over the place. If you
plan to search this place thoroughly, be careful. There are some very scary things to find here. As you
might expect, you will be able to purchase many nice spells here. There are also many nice shops
that sell many wondrous and very very expensive trinkets. There is a wizard walking around
that will sell you Major Haste, and Stealth, both quite useful. The temple is not hard to find.
There you can buy the Level 5 and 6 priest spells(except Bless Party, which is in Formello). For the
Level 6 Mage spells, look for a secret passage along the corridor on the far east. Its
near the south end of the corridor. Here you will find X, who is looking for someone with a large
anvil. Boutell in Fort Draco does, so mention 'Boutell' and you can buy some spells.

There are two secret passages, one in the south wall of the room with the lava in the pond,
and one in the north wall above the pool in the bottom south. They will both lead to a bunch of magic barriers.
You can walk through all but the last, although its painfull. Beyond them you will find an Imp, and a Demon.
Kill the Imp, but talk to the Demon. He will tell you what it is that has been summoned to the tower. A Haakai.
Not just any Haakai, either, but a Haakai Lord. Now that you know its a Haakai, go talk to the guy in the
very south. He will tell you to look for a hidden cave to the east, where Solberg the Triad Mage left instructions
on how to find him. Look for the instructions in the mazy tunnels to the east. (See 'Hidden Tower' to continue)

In the room with the Imp and the Demon there is also the Blessed Athame. You might as well grab it now. Dispel
the barrier on the left(not the one with the dot in front, though) and then step onto the bottom right piece of
lava(its painful). Then move up-right once more into a secret passage. The white dot is the Blessed Athame. Leave the same
way you came(still painful).

Once you have obtained the Crystal Key from Solberg, (See 'Hidden Tower'), you will be able to pass the barrier
with the dot in front. The rooms beyond are very dark and mazy:

   - The very first room you will be in will be a 2x2 room with no exit(cept the way you came in).
     There are three secret passages, one in each of the north, west, and south walls. First, go through
     the one in the south.

   - You will have to fight past two demons, and then walk through a hall of zap-tile floor. At the end of the hall,
     look for a secret passage in the north wall. Press the button ONCE, (or any odd number 8P), and then go back
     to the 2x2 room.

   - Now go through the west secret passage. You will have to fight two more demons. Once they are dead, look for
     a secret door in the south wall of the tunnel. Press the button ONCE, and then return to the 2x2 room.

   - Now go through the north secret door. Past it is another 2x2 room with zap-tile floor. Look for a secret door
     in the west wall.

   - Go south and then west from the secret door, and look for a secret door at the end of the hall in the north wall.
     Continue straight north through another secret door.

   - Now you will be in another 2x2 room. Look for a secret door in the east wall. Ignore the white dot(its only pain), and go north
     and then east. Past the rune on the floor, you will meet the Haakai Lord, an Adze-Haakai.

   - When you kill the Adze-Haakai, dont forget to grab the Onyx Scepter.

   - To get out, go back the way you came, avoiding the white dot(its only pain).

27. Ogre Cave:
Location:   NW of the Tower of the Magi

Enemies:    Spawned: Ogre
            Encountered: Giant Lizard, Asp, Ogre Mage

Loot:       Chests, Potion, %Protection%

No real goal here, but lots of fun looting. Not to mention getting to kill lots and lots of Ogres.

In the room with all the bodies, there is a secret passage leading to a nice potion.
Right by the double doors in the south-east, there is a stone room with a Cave Giant.
In the back of the room there is a secret passage leading to a chest.

In a room near the center of the map, there are three bookshelves. Search the middle one
to find the spell Protection. If you have enough mage lore, all of your party members will be
able to learn it. I was able to read it with a total of 12 mage lore. This is a VERY useful, Level 7
mage spell.

In the prison room where you find a prisoner walking around, he will metion a secret pasasge. Look for it at the back
of the prison cell. It leads to a long tunnel that ends in another secret passage, that leads to a small piece
of ground in the middle of the lake. This will be very very useful for when you are retreating.

At the north end of the lake, there is a locked door with an altar inside. There is a secret passagein the west
wall. After disarming two traps, and unlocking another door, you will find three nice chests. Sweet.

28. Athron's Lair:
Location:      S of Cotra across the lake

Enemies:       Encountered: Drake, Living Statue

Loot:          Arrows of Light(4)

Whilst wandering the Honeycomb, you may have discovered a strange energy field that prevented you from exploring
tunnels in the northern part. To get there you will have to buy a boat from Cotra or Silvar and sail it
south across the lake from Cotra. Look for a landing site that has a bunch of swamp on it; after landing
there look for a secret passage right after the white dot.

If you have met Motrax, know that most Dragon's are not as friendly as he. Many will eat you because you look
tasty, others because they can. In other words BE CAREFUL! Beware, also, of the Drakes that are scattered
throughout Athron's caves.

If you search the northern wall of the tunnels in the west, you will find a secret passage that leads
to a Drake nest with some money and arrows. Near the entrance to the western tunnels there is another
secret passage that leads further into the cave. Beware of the Living Statues, it can be hard to see which
ones are Living, and which ones are just statues. Look for another secret passage in the north wall
of the room with all the statues. Now you will come up to Athron.

Apparantly, there is a reason to speak to him. I know not yet what that may be.

There is a secret passage in the north wall of the eastern tunnels that lets you get past a barrier,
but there isnt anything there...

29. The Castle:

Location:   W of Almaria
Make sure to bring:  *Crown Token*

In order to come here you will need a Crown Token. If you dont have one, then see "Nephilim Fort #2".
Actually, you CAN sneak in through a secret passage to the west, but you wont be able to talk to the King
without a valid Crown Token.

On your first visit, the King will give you a mission to kill the leader of the Sliths, Sss-Thsss.
To do this you must go to the Slith Fort to the north in the middle of a big lake.(See Slith Castle)

Once you get the *Head of Sss-Thsss*, the king receives word that Fort Remote has been attacked.
The king then asks you to investigate(See Fort Remote (after))

When you return, the king asks you to rid Exile of Grah-Hoth. This is one of the three ways to 'win' the game.
(See ?)

30. Tower of Patrick:

Location:   SW of The Castle

The cook, Marco, mentions he's looking for some oil and garlic to make some spaggheti sauce. Im not sure if its
possible to help him.

There is an interesting thing here but i dont know what its for.

31. Tower of Sulfras:
Location:   W and then a ways N from Fort Remote

Make sure to bring:     Sulfras will want you to get the Onyx Scepter, and the Silver Circlet.
                        (See 'Tower of the Magi' and '???')

Loot:    Chain Mail?, Mace?

Sulfras isn't a very nice dragon, but at least he wont try to eat you, like Pyrog. He will say that
he wishes you to retrieve the Onyx Scepter, and the Silver Circlet. Your reward will be passage through his tower
to the east. I think this is another way to 'win' the game. Note that if you kill Sulfras before being given
passage to the east, you will never be able to go there,(i think)

32. Blosk:
Location:   NW of The Castle

33. Gnass:
Location:   NW of The Castle

Here you will be able to purchase as many Steel Slith Spears as you want, for 2000gp each.
Expensive, but definitly worth it for a +4 spear.

34. Fort Emerald:

Location:      NW of The Castle

If you talk to Silverio in the middle of the fort, she will tell you that you can find a
Royal Seal in a shattered fort to the southeast.

Pray at the shrine in the southeast, and you will be told by the god of the Slithzerikai
to kill Sss-Thsss. You will not receive a reward for this from him, but you will from King Micah(See 'The Castle').

35. Fort Remote (before):
Location:      W of The Castle

Well theres not much to do here at all, as you will hear from the residents. Actually, other than talking to people, there
is nothing at all to do... Not even an inn.

36. Fort Remote (after):
Location:      W of The Castle

Baddies:    Encountered: Imp, Demon, Haakai

Your goal here will be to find the white dot surrounded by runes. After you talk to Grah-Hoth, you will
have to fight through some Demons/Imps/Haakai. Return to King Micah with the bad news.

37. Slith Fortifications:
Location:    N of Fort Emerald; W of Slith Castle

Baddies:  Spawned:     Slith, Slith Warrior, Slith Mage, Slith Priest, Slith Chieftan
          Encountered: Giant Lizard

Loot:     Chest, few hundred gp

There are two ways to enter this fort. One is to use Dispel Barrier from the north. The other is to enter through
a secret passage in the southeastern corner and unlock a door. There isnt much here at all. In the northwestern
area there is a locked door that you wont be able to open. Look for a secret passage in the south wall. You
will discover that there is a Slith Castle on an island in the middle of a lake east of here. To get there, youll have
to set sail from Fort Dranlon and travel west, and then south.(See Slith Castle)

38. Slith Fort:
Location:   W of Fort Dranlon; N of Slith Castle
Make sure to bring:  %Dispel Barrier%

Baddies:  Spawned:   Slith, Slith Warrior, Slith Mage, Slith Priest, Slith High Priest, Slith Chieftan
          Encountered: Imp, Demon

Loot:     Chests, %Ravage Spirit%, *Onyx Key*

This place is littered with secret tunnels, which can make writing a walkthrough a bit tricky...
There are too many, so just know that if there is nowhere to go, there IS a secret passage to

Two of the desks that are in the first room contain scrolls. The room to the west will be the escape route,
but its just a dead end with nothing of interest for now. Clean it out if you wish, then head east.

Here are some important secret passages:(they go in order, hope this aint tooo confusing)
   - North wall of the tunnel to the right of the first room.
   - North wall of the room you found from the previous secret passage.
   - East end of the tunnel you are now in.
   - South wall past the door to the west of the same tunnel.
   - North wall of the very north west part of the maze of tunnels you found from the previous secret passage.
   - Far south wall directly south of the previous secret passage. This is the escape route that you will use later.
   - East wall of the tunnel in the very northwest.
   - South wall just north of the three statues.(dont take this one)
   - 4 paces east of the previous one, there is another that will let you bypass the zapping tile floor.
   - East wall of very southeastern part of these new tunnels.
   - South wall right before the previous secret passage.(on left side, not right side)

When you finally reach the main magical research rooms, you will find the spell Ravage Spirit(if you have the mage lore),
as well as the second Onyx Key. Note that this Onyx Key is exactly similar to the one from Swamp City, and
if you have both it makes no difference.

39. Slith Castle:
Location:  S of Slith Fort

Make sure you bring:    *Onyx Key* from Swamp City OR *Onyx Key* from Slith Fort

Baddies:   Spawned:     Slith, Slith Warrior, Slith Mage, Slith Priest, Slith High Priest
           Encountered: Basilisk, Sss-Thsss

Loot:      Chests, Gila Cloak, Nimble Gloves, (Fine) Lemonwood Bow, *Head of Sss-Thsss*

First of all, to get here you will need to sail from Fort Dranlon. Follow the river to the west, but then
go south as soon as you can. There is a lot of water around here, but the Slith Castle is on an island a ways

Main Level:
   Theres not too much on this floor except for a lot of Sliths.

   There are three entrances to the castle, but you will only be able to enter from the north.

   In the southwest there is a potion in a strongbox, as well as some food.

   In the southwest, there is also a locked door with two white dot's behind it. I have absolutely no
   idea how to get the doggone door open. If anyone finds out, please mail me.

Second Level:
   In the southwest, there is a pool of water. Look for a secret passage that leads to a boat. Use the
   boat to sail to a small cove where theres a strongbox containing a (Fine) Lemonwood Bow.

   After you pass by some libraries in the west half, there will be a portculis in the north. When you walk through it,
   it slams shut behind you, and you get to battle Sss-Thsss and all of his henchmen. Have fun 8P
   Note that once you walk through the portculis, you wont be able to continue searching the castle, until
   you leave and come back. Also, if you come back to this room you may have to fight this battle again,
   only Sss-Thsss will be absent.

   Once you kill all of the sliths, check the north wall on the left, right in front
   of the double doors for a secret chest. Also there are two secret passages in the north wall behind
   Sss-Thsss' Throne. The one on the left leads to a Gila Cloak. The one on the right leads to
   a bridge that will collapse if you walk over it and drop you into a pit of basilisks. There are two
   buttons in the tunnel that, if both pressed once, will prevent the bridge from collapsing. One button
   is hidden in the north wall, the other is a few steps back in the south wall. Across the bridge are
   three chests, and a pair of Nimble Gloves.

40. Pit of the Drake:
Location:   W of Fort Remote; S of Tower of Sulfras

Baddies:    Spawned:       Fire Lizard, Drake
            Encountered:   Chasm Drake

Loot:    Mithral Plate Mail, 1500gp, Smite

Be sure you can handle fighting an extremly large number of Fire Lizards and Drakes before coming here.
Rings of Fire Resistance would be helpful, but not necessary. This is one of the dungeons where its
really dark and your light goes out after 10 steps or so. Be careful, in the middle of the map,
there is a LOT of Fire Lizards and Drakes. If you can kill all of them, you can grab the Mithral Plate Mail
and 1500gp. Also be careful of the Chasm Drake wandering around the caves. He is almost as tough as a
Dragon, and wont talk before trying to kill you. It has one heckuva lot of HP, but it doesnt use any
magic which helps. Once you manage to kill the Chasm Drake, search the caves in the far north for
Smite, the Giant-slaying bashing weapon!

41. Gremlin Cave:
Location:     N of Fort Emerald; W of Slith Fortifications

Baddies:    Spawned:       Gremlin
            Encountered:   Soldier, Assassin, Archer, Wizard, Witch, Haakai, Mung Demon

Loot:    Chests

Argh the nasty thing about Gremlins is that with each successful hit they get, they steal about 15-20 food!

Look for a secret passage in the west wall of the large cave in the northeast. It will lead to a teleporter.
It will lead you to a secret Empire base elsewhere on the map, where you will have to fight off a bunch of Empire soldiers.
You can loot the two chests once theyre all dead. Look for a secret passage behind the bed in the southeastern bedroom.
Unfortunately there is nothing in any of the boxes. Step in the portal and you will be zapped to another area of the
cave. Here you will find a magic crystal sphere thingy that the soldiers were using to communicate with the surface world.
Unfortunately, whether you look into it, or just break it, you will now have to fight a Mung Demon AND a Haakai(sometimes
there is no Haakai though. Actually though.) You can peer into it forever, and fight as many Mung Demons as you wish, but
once you break it you will only have to fight the one last battle. The teleporter to the south will not let you leave this cave.
Look for a tunnel in the west wall just past where the bridge to the crystal sphere is. The teleporter at the end of the tunnel
will take you back to the Empire soldier's fort. Now look for a secret passage just to the east of the door youll be walking through.
Pull the lever, and the teleporter to the south will take you back to the gremlin part of the cave, so that you can leave.

42. Crypt of Drath:
Location:   N of Slith Fortifications
Make sure you bring:    *Stone Key*

Baddies:   Spawned:     Zombie, Skeleton, Wight, Ghast,  Spirit, Imp
           Encountered: Mung Rat, Living Statue, Vampire, Demon, Eye Beast

Loot:      Chests, Wand, Necklace, *Tip*

First Level:
   In the southeastern corner, you will find a message telling you that you will need the Stone Key. The
   dragon that it mentions is Motrax.(See Cave of Motrax)

   In a tomb in the middle eastern area, you will find a scepter (i think its a rod of health).

   If you try to cross the bridge, you will fall. To get by, there is a secret passage just to the east of the bridge.

   When you reach the room with all of the dead bodies, be careful. There is an ambush waiting for you when you step
   on the white dot. In the room with the statue look for a secret passage in the south wall.

Second Level:
   There is a necklace in the second tomb south of where you start. The tomb to the south of that is not accessible from the door.
   There is a secret passage in its south wall. After fighting the Vampire, look for another secret passage in the north wall for a chest.

   In the far southeast, you will find a boat. Dont take it yet.

   In the top northwest corner, you will find a laboratory of sorts. Behind each of the barriers is a Demon. Check the right-hand cell for
   a secret passage. There you will find one of the two buttons you need to press.

   Now go grab the boat and sail across the lake. Sail to the far west side of the lake and there will be a path on the south side
   that leads to a magic barrier. Dispel it, as well as the one after it, and then press the button. Now that you have pressed the two
   buttons, you will be able to enter the brown building in the south middle of the lake. Also look for a locked door along the
   south shore of the lake. It will lead to two more chests. If you are unable to land on the shore of the big island with the brown building,
   then land on a nearby piece of ground and use long light, then launch some Fireballs or Firestorms at the shore to get rid
   of any annoying pests. Inside is the stairs to the next floor.

Third Level:
   Unfortunately on this floor you wont have a map at all, AND your light will do absolutley nothing, so dont waste any magic points on casting Long Light.
   Just follow the path for now, and you will come to a large room where there are about 4 Imps waiting for you. After killing them, dont go through the door
   in the east. Look for a secret passage in the north wall, and step through the portal.

   Now you will be in a room with three portals, and a bunch of lava in the middle. You need to take the correct sequence of portals to make it out of here.
   First take the north one, then take the east one twice. Now you will be in a room that looks exactly like the others. Its not however. Look
   for a secret passage in the southeast corner. BEWARE! This passage will take you straight to battle the Lich. There is an alternate path
   in a secret passage in the north wall of the tunnel. There is also a third path in the north wall of this second tunnel. After you dispatch
   the Lich and his minions, look for a secret passage in the south wall of his room. Follow the path and it will lead to the tip of the Demonslayer! Yay!
   Continue following the path and it will take you to a portal that you can use to return to the start of this floor.

43. Lair of Pyrog:
Location:      E of Giant Castle

Loot:    Chests, *Chalcedony Amulet*(Broach), *Dragon Key*

Pyrog is the meanest Dragon in the game. He feels he is the king of dragons or something. He is not good
for anything, and you can kill him as soon as you wish. He will likely attack you the first time you talk to him anyway.
For being the 'King' of Dragons he sure has a crappy hoard.

44. Bargha:
Location:      W of Giant Castle

To enter:
If you are entering from the east, you need to look for a secret passage in the northern cave wall.
If you are entering from the west, you need to talk to a soldier behind the wall, and say 'enter'.

In the dead body room, one body has a small pouch of gold on it. Another is diseased, so only search bodies
that are on the right-hand side.

If you talk to the mayor, he will ask you to go to the Giant Castle to the east, but there is no goal, or reward
for doing this. (You have the goal of retrieving the Giant Key, but it has nothing to do with the mayor, nor can you
save them from the Giants or anything.)

45. Spire:
Location:      N of Fort Spire

You can earn up to 580gp by fighting in the arena, although you will have to kill an Ur-Basilisk...
There is a bug where youll fight something that looks like a rat, but its really a Lizard of some sort.

46. Giant Castle:
Location:      E of Bargha; NW of Fort Dranlon by boat; far W of Fort Draco

Loot:          Chests, Scroll, Shield, Chain Mail, *Giant Key*

Baddies:       Spawned:       Ogre, Giant Lizard, Cave Giant, Fire Lizard
               Encountered:   Giant Shaman, Giant Chief, Wizard, Haakai

Main Floor:
   If you are here then hopefully you are strong enough to fight off many many Giants.
   Make sure to save it before going in, you may never come back out.

   The first thing youll see is a white dot a little ways into the castle. Stepping there
   will send you plummetting into the dungeon, and as far as i know theres no way to avoid it.

   (Proceed to Giant Basement)

   Once you get back up here, make sure you have gotten the Giant Key. Theres no way out otherwise.
   Depending which flight of stairs you took, you will have to fight the big battle against
   all the Giants sooner or later. In the northeast, behind the locked door, is a battle against
   a Giant Chief, and a Wizard.

   In the room with the Giant Chief and the Wizard, a secret passage leads to a chest. Also there is
   a scroll in the bookshelf.

   In the north in the temple area, a secret passage leads to a chest.

   To leave the castle, you have to go through a white dot in the south right near the main
   entrance. Your Giant Key will open the door now. Now that you have the Giant Key, you can explore all
   the strange areas to the far north (on the main map).

Giant Basement:
   Lucky for you, the walls in the dungeon have many secret passages. Look for one behind the
   stalagmite in the lower right. Going left from there will take you to a dead end, and two
   other cells with secret passages. Go right. Talking to the poor Nephar youll find out that you
   need a key if you ever hope to escape.

   If you search in the northeast(also in the southeast), behind a stalagmite there is a secret passage
   leading to some hidden Giant rooms. The Giants seem to have a pet Haakai down here. Once you kill it
   look for a secret passage behind where it was standing. The book will mention the Adze-Haakai at the
   Tower of the Magi, as well as Grah-Hoth who it says is at a Basalt Tower. Across the zap-tile floor,
   look for another passage that leads to a suit of Magic Chain Mail(yay!), an Eye Beast, and a couple chests.

   This floor is just a maze of caves with secret passages littered
   about everywhere, as well as a bunch of lizards. You will want to get to the northeast area,
   which is where the Giants buildings are. Once there, look for a secret passage in the north
   wall of the small southwestern room. Past the trap you will find the Giant Key! Yay! Now take either of
   the two stairs here to return to the main floor. The northern one will have less fighting right away.

   (Continue with the rest of the Main Floor)

47. Shattered Fort:

Location:      S of the Honeycomb; W of the Tower of the Magi


Baddies:       Spawned: demons, demons, and more demons

West of the Tower of the Magi is a large cave where a river pours into a lake of lava. If you manage to walk
to the south end of the lava lake, you'll find the etrance to the Shattered Fort. This was originally Grah-Hoth's
main base of operations, until the people of Exile(i think, may have been the Empire though) attacked the fort,
and trapped him in a bottle.

I dont have what i need to open the door, so i will continue this later.
It may be an Onyx door, but it doesnt open from an Onyx key.

48. Bandit Lair:
Location:   S of Fort Spire; N of Fort Saffron

49. Other:
There are many interesting things all about the world of Exile.
Anything not related to a particular town or dungeon will be listed here.

- North of Fort Duvno, and a little to the south of the Bat Cave, there is a secret passage
in the eastern wall. Inside is some arrows and food.

- Crystal Cave:
   Konig, a wizard in the inn at Cotra, will mention a crystal cave. To the N of Cotra
   there is a mountain with a waterfall on the south end pouring into the river.
   Look for a secret passage in the north eastern part of the mountain. There you
   will find the crystal cave. What you need to do is find the 6 missing crystal's scattered
   around the regions to the south, and west. You will need a boat to do this. Here
   is a list of where to find each one:

    - SE of Cotra in the lake is a large island with a white dot in the middle. The
      white dot is a crystal.

    - There is another island in this lake to the west. Of the two with mountains on them
      it is the southern one. There is a secret passage on the east side leading to another

    - If you sail N up the river that Fort Dranlon rests beside, turn east right away.
      Down this watery corridor, you will find some land. Come to ground on the shore
      that is bigger than 2 squares. It will lead to a long tunnel with a dead end. In
      the south wall of the tunnel is a secret passage leading to a shrine that contains
      another crystal.

    - The sliths have a fort on an island south of Fort Dranlon. There is a crystal located in
      the fort.(See 'Island Fort' in the walkthrough)

    - To the east of the Island Fort, there is a large swamp. In a tunnel to the east of the
      swamp there is a talking lizard(white dot). Talk to him and agree to give him some food.
      He will eat exactly half of your food, and then give you a crystal as thanks.

    - SouthWest of Fort Dranlon, across the large river, there are slave-camps where humans
      are slaves of the Sliths. The first time you save one of the groups of slaves, they
      give you a crystal. You also get a bunch of experience each time you save a group.

   The reward for fixing the crystals is 30 experience per person, and +2 strength per character.

- West of the Tower of the Magi there is a lake of lava.(Actually it could be a volcano,
since there isnt any elevation in this game.) If you walk into the lava(go from the west), you will find a white dot.
If you can manage a battle against an army of Demons, after walking on lava, you will be rewarded with
a Prismatic Wand.

- About 15 paces east of Fort Dranlon there is a secret passage in the north wall.
There is some loot in exchange for a tough slith encounter.

- In the mazy caves north of Formello there is a secret passage leading to a cave with
3 sapphires in it.

- If you travel south from Swamp City, on foot, and then turn west, keep going until you cant go
anymore. Look for a secret passage that leads to an Orb of Sight.

- South of The Castle, there is a white dot mentioning that there is a picture carved into the wall.
There is a secret passage one square east of the dot, leading to an interesting white dot, and some
money and a potion.

- In the northeast corner of the Honeycomb, near a poison fountain, there is a secret passage leading
to a fountain that will give you some experience the first time you drink from it.

- In the east of the Honeycomb, there is a hermit who will sell you a 'broach'. It turns out to be
a necklace, and your party thinks it is worthless, but it is actually an 'Amulet of the Cobra'.

- On the north side of the large pit that Fort Spire hovers over, there is a secret passage in
the south wall along the path.

- In the east wall of the lava lake that surrounds the Shattered Fort, there is a secret passage that leads to
a bunch of Lizard encounters, and then a nice Helm.

IX. Item Guide


Damage:     Base damage is a random number between 1 and this number (inclusive)
Bonus:      This number is added to all hits. A higher bonus may make it easier to hit your opponent.
Special:    Any special effects are listed here

Ex.: A Bronze Axe has 8 damage, and 1 bonus. So it is capable of doing 2-9 damage.
Note that 2-9 is only base damage, there are other modifiers such as STR, and defense,
possibly weapon skill, as well as blesses/curses etc...
The +1 bonus may also be applied to your weapon skill.

(sometimes there will be more than one type of the same item. An example is the Lemonwood Bow.
Since these are very hard to catch, dont be surprised if I miss a couple. If I find two versions of
the same item, I will label the better/more useful version as 'Fine')

(note: to poison arrows, you must not have a melee weapon equiped; either that or the arrows must come
before the melee weapon in your inventory)

Note that any character can equip either a 1-handed weapon and a shield, two 1-handed weapons, or one 2-handed weapon.
If you have two 1-handed weapons equiped, you will receive a to-hit penalty with the second weapon.
Note that you can equip two 1-handed spears, as impossible as that may be in real life.

                     Damage         Bonus       Special

Melee Weapons:
Grim Greatsword          14            -5       Cursed

Cursed Short Sword        6            -2       Cursed
Cursed Saber              9            -2       Cursed
Cursed Broadsword        10            -2       Cursed
Cursed Spear             10            -2       Cursed; 1-handed spear

Stone Axe                 8            -1
Stone Tip Spear          10            -1       2-handed

Stone Dagger              4             0
Club                      5             0
Stone Short Sword         6             0
Stone Mace                7             0
Stone Spear              10             0       2-handed

Bronze Dagger             4            +1
Bronze Short Sword        6            +1
Bronze Rapier             7            +1
Bronze Mace               7            +1
Bronze Axe                8            +1
Bronze Saber              9            +1
Bronze Broadsword        10            +1
Bronze Tip Spear         10            +1       2-handed
Bronze Spear             10            +1       1-handed spear
Bronze Greatmace         12            +1
Bronze Greatsword        14            +1       2-handed
Bronze Flail             14            +1       2-handed
Bronze Halberd           18            +1       2-handed

Iron Dagger               4            +2
Iron Short Sword          6            +2
Iron Mace                 7            +2
Iron Axe                  8            +2
Iron Broadsword          10            +2
Iron Tip Spear           10            +2       2-handed
Iron Spear               10            +2       1-handed spear
Iron Slith Spear         12            +2       2-handed
Flame Halberd            18            +2       2-handed; Can cast the spell 'Flame' many times.

Steel Dagger              4            +3
Steel Short Sword         6            +3
Blessing Blade            6            +3       Blesses Occasionaly
Steel Mace                7            +3
Steel Axe                 8            +3
Steel Saber               9            +3
Steel Broadsword         10            +3
Steel Tip Spear          10            +3       2-handed
Steel Halberd            18            +3       2-handed

Smite                     9            +4       Giant slayer(deals additional damage to Giants)
Steel Slith Spear        12            +4       2-handed

Magic Spear              10            +5       1-handed spear
Scrioth                  14            +5       2-handed; Can cast the spell 'Flame' many times.
Demonslayer              14            +5       2-handed; deals additional damage to Demons

Projectile Weapons:
Crude Bow                 0             0       0-handed
Cavewood Bow              0            +1       0-handed
Lemonwood Bow             0            +2       0-handed
(Fine) Lemonwood Bow      0            +3       0-handed
Yew Bow                   0            +3       0-handed

Flint Arrows             10             0
Bronze Arrows             9            +1
Burning Arrows            9            +1       Hits 3x; Physical/Magical/Fire
(Fine) Bronze Arrows     11            +1
Steel Arrows             10            +3
Arrows of Life            9            +4       deals additional damage to Undead
Arrows of Light           9            +4       deals additional damage to Demons

Darts                     4             0
Throwing Knives           6            +2
Poison Darts              6            +3       Always poisoned
Lightning Rods            7            +3       Hits 3x; Physical/Magical/Fire
Steel Throwing Knives     8            +4
Magic Darts               8            +6


Defense: This is similar to the defense statistic, in that it allows
you to dodge blows, and reduces damage a bit.

Encumb.: If you're a magic user then just having 1 of this will screw your spells up.
If you're a fighter, then too much of this will make you lose AP's. To get around
these effects, equip rings of skill. For fighters, you can also spend SKP's in the defense stat.

                  Defense       Encumb        Special
Cursed Helm             0            2        Cursed
Cursed Breastplate      0            2        Cursed

Leather Helm            1            0
Leather Baldric         1            0
Leather Armor           2            0

Bronze Helm             2            0
Bronze Buckler          2            0
Bronze Shield           3            0
Bronze Studded Armor    3            1
Bronze Greathelm        4            1
Bronze Breastplate      5            2
Bronze Greatshield      5            2
Bronze Chain Mail       8            2
Bronze Plate Mail      12            4

Iron Helm               3            0
Iron Buckler            3            0
Iron Shield             4            1
(Fine) Iron Shield      4            0
Iron Studded Armor      4            1
Iron Greathelm          5            1
Iron Breastplate        6            2
Iron Chainmail          9            2

Steel Helm              4            0
Steel Studded Armor     6            1
Steel Shield            7            0
Steel Greatshield       7            2
Steel Breastplate       8            2
Steel Plate (Mail?)    15            4

Emerald Helm            5            0        Can cast the spell 'Poison' many times.
Crystal Shield          5            0        Protects from Petrification
Ice Shield              5            0        Fire Resistance
Magic Helm              6            0
Blessed Circlet(helm)   6            0        Protection from Undead
Cloak of Prot.          6            0        Poison Resistance
Gila Cloak              6            0        Poison Resistance
Life Shield             8            1        Saves u if u die;destroyed in process
Magic Chain Mail       14            2
Mithral Plate Mail     18            2        Blesses Occasionally
Every character can wear up to two rings, one amulet/necklace, and one set of gauntlets.
Equiping two of the same type of ring does not have a cumulative effect.

ie: if you equip a Bronze Ring of Regen, AND a Gold Ring of Regen, then whichever one comes
first in your inventory will work, and the other one will be ignored.

- A character wearing a Ring of Poison Res will take less damage from poison.
Also, having Poison Resistance of any kind will keep the character from getting poisoned by

   Bronze Ring of Poison Res  (Level 0)
   Gold Ring of Poison Res    (Level 2)

- A character wearing a Ring of Regen will heal HP over time much faster than normal.

   Bronze Ring of Regen       (Level 0)
   Silver Ring of Regen       (Level 1)
   Gold Ring of Regen         (Level 2)

- A character wearing a Ring of Skill may be able to hit more often in combat.(not sure)
He WILL be able to equip heavier armor, and not lose AP's.
Using a Ring of Skill, a PC can use magic while wearing heavy armor!!

   Bronze Ring of Skill       (Level 0)
   Silver Ring of Skill       (Level 1)
   Gold Ring of Skill         (Level 2)

- Protection probably lets you dodge attacks more often.
It may do other things but its hard to tell.

   Bronze Ring of Prot.       (Level 3)
   Silver Ring of Prot.       (Level 5)
   Gold Ring of Prot.         (Level 7)
   (Fine) Gold Ring of Prot.  (Level 8)

   Silver Gauntlets:       Protection

- A character wearing a Ring of Fire Res will take less damage from fire.
Wearing two does not increase the effect, however combine with an Onyx Charm
to double the protection against fire. (reduces fire damage to 50%; doubled would be 25%)

   Ring of Fire Res.          (Level 2)

- A character wearing a Fang Necklace may be able to hit more often in combat.(not sure)

   Fang Necklace:          Blesses wearer occasionally

- A character wearing an Onyx Charm will take less damage from magical attacks.
This includes fire, so combine with Ring of Fire Res to get double fire resistance
(reduces fire damage to 50%; doubled would be 25%)

   Onyx Charm:             Magic Resistance

Nimble Gloves:          Aids in thieving
Silver Ankh:            Protection from Undead

Ring of Weight             (Level 2) Cursed

Here is where to find all the ingredients and recipies you will require to make potions
with your alchemist:


   Comfrey Root: With these you can make Weak Healing, and Weak Curing potions.
      Start from Mertis and go east as far as you can (like 20-30 paces). There
      should be a swamp to the S. Cross the swamp. There is a secret passage behind the
      white dot. After going through the passage, turn west. There is another secret passage
      in the north wall. The dot is the Comfrey Root.

   Spider Gland: These you will find every now and then when killing spiders. Shocking, no?
      Use to make Weak Poison, or Medium Poison.

   Asp Fangs: When killing Asps you will likely find some of these. Use to make Strong Poison.

   Toadstools: North and a little east of Cotra there is a swamp. In the middle of the
      swamp, toadstools grow. Use to make Medium Poison.

   Crypt Shrooms: South of the Honeycomb, (which is west of Mertis), there is a very large cave where
      a water-lake empties into a lava-lake(it is also located west of the Tower of the Magi).
      In the north-east corner of this cave there is a secret passage that will lead you to
      some Crypt Shrooms. These can be used to make Strong Poison.

   Glowing Nettles: Buy some wine from the inn at Almaria, and 'Approach' the gremlins
      in the forest northeast of Silvar. Theyll let you pass now forever(they really like wine).
      In the forest grow Glowing Nettles. Use to make Weak Strength and Medium Healing potions.

   Asptounge Mold:  Southeast of the Giant Castle, there are some Giants gaurding a small grove.
      If you fight the giants and get past, there is some Asptounge Mold growing there. Use to make
      Killer Poison.

   Ember Flowers: A ways west of Fort Draco, across the river(not the one right beside the Fort, another river).
      Look for them in a big circle of mountain. Use to make Resurection Balms.

   Graymold:   Start from Fort Dranlon, and travel west by boat. Go down the river
      that flows to the west, and when you come to a large lake, start traveling to
      the north where there are many stones and rocks in the water. Continue traveling north
      and you will come to a narrow river that forks into three streams, making two islands.
      Land on the lefthand island. The first white dot is a Giant encounter, and the second is
      some Graymold. Use to make Graymold Salve. You will need this to heal Hathwisa, Patrick's
      sick wife.(See Patrick's Tower)


   Weak Poison:       Fort Duvno. Of the three shops in the west, talk to the northern one.
   Weak Healing:      Tower of the Magi. Go to the store with the Witch behind the counter.
   Weak Curing:       Tower of the Magi. Go to the store with the Witch behind the counter.
   Medium Poison:     Tower of the Magi. Go to the store with the Witch behind the counter.
   Weak Strength:     Formello. Talk to Miles in the library.
   Strong Poison:     Fort Draco. Store right next to the Blacksmith.
   Medium Healing:    Patrick's Tower. Talk to a man in the NE named Kai.
   Killer Poison:     Dharmon. There is an alchemy store that will sell it to you.
   Resurection Balm:  Dharmon. There is an alchemy store that will sell it to you.

   Graymold Salve:    From Fort Draco, cross the bridge, and immediatly start traveling south.
                      Go as far south as you can and look for a white dot near a pond. You
                      will need enough Mage Lore.


Scroll: Fireball     Can cast the spell 'Fireball' once
Scroll: Firestorm    Can cast the spell 'Firestorm' once
Scroll: Poison       Can cast the spell 'Poison' once
Scroll: Slow         Can cast the spell 'Slow' once
Scroll: Shockwave    Can cast the spell 'Shockwave' once
Scroll: Stealth      Can cast the spell 'Stealth' once
Scroll: Kill         Can cast the spell 'Kill' once
Scroll of Magic Res. Gives the user temporary magic res.

Crystal Wand         Can cast the spell 'Dispel Undead' many times
Fire Orb Necklace    Can cast the spell 'Firestorm' many times
Ice Staff            Cas cast the spell 'Ice Bolt' many times
Orb of Sight         Can cast the spell 'Magic Map' many times
Prismatic Wand       Can cast the spell 'Ravage Spirit' many times
Rod of Health        Can heal a target many times
Wand: Fireballs      Can cast the spell 'Fireball' many times
Wand: Flame          Can cast the spell 'Flame' many times
Wand: Slow           Can cast the spell 'Slow' many times
Wand of Carrunos     Supposedly makes the target stronger. Can only be used on enemies
Wand of Death        Can cast the spell 'Kill' many times
Wand of Venom        Can cast the spell 'Poison' many times

Weak Poison    (Level 2)
Medium Poison  (Level 3)
Strong Poison  (Level 4)

Fine Lockpicks
Magic Lockpicks

Bronze Ring:     Value 60
Sapphire:        Value 250
Ruby:            Value 350
Gold Necklace:   Value 400
Uncut Rubies:    Value 1000
Jeweled Goblet:  Value 3000

Weak Speed Potion       Hastes user (Level 0)
Medium Speed Potion     Hastes user (Level 1)
Strong Speed Potion     Hastes user (Level 2)

Weak Healing Potion     Heals user  (Level 0)
Medium Healing Potion   Heals user  (Level 1)
Strong Healing Potion   Heals user  (Level 2)

Weak Curing Potion          Cures poison(Level 0)
Medium Curing Potion        Cures poison(Level 1)
Strong Curing Potion        Cures poison(Level 2)
(Fine) Strong Curing Potion Cures poison(Level 3)

Weak Energy Potion      Restores SP (Level 0)
Medium Energy Potion    Restores SP (Level 1)
Elixer of Power         Fully restores SP (Level 4)

Weak Bliss Potion       ??? (Level 0)

Weak Strength Potion    Blesses User(Level 0)
Strong Strength Potion  Blesses User(Level 2)

Knowledge Brew:     The drinker of this potion will receive two free skill points
Brew of Lethe:      The drinker of this potion will lose about 50-60 experience points(may have other unknown effects)
Protection Brew:    The drinker will receive magic resistance for a short time.

Ambrosia:           The drinker will have his HP completely restored. (Level 0)

Weak Invul. Potion: The drinker will receive invulnerability for a short time. (Level 0)

Weak Poison Potion:   Poisons user (Level 0)
Medium Poison Potion: Poisons user (Level 1)

Medium Doom Potion:  Poisons user

Shielding Crystal       Each use makes the user invulnerable for a short time.

Mist Globe:  These can have a variety of effects. Save/Load to discover what the Mist Globe
             you have does. Here are the effects I have seen:
               1. Completely heals user
               2. Permenently raises the STR of the user by 2.
               3. Poisons user

Glowstone:  Each use will give you some light for a short time.

Piercing Crystal: Dispels Magic Barriers

Lifesaver Amulet: If you die while wearing this, you are brought back with full hp.
The amulet is destroyed in the process.

Amulet of the Cobra: If you have this equiped, then any poison you use on an enemy will be more


   Ivory Broach:      Gaurded by Motrax's 'cousins' in the Cave of Motrax.
   Malachite Broach:  Save the Spider's friend from the Arenea. (See Spider Cave)
   Pearl Broach:      At the bottom of the Dark Pit north of Mertis on one of the corpses.
   Chalcedony Amulet: Amongst Pyrog's hoard. You must kill Pyrog to get it.

   Bronze Key:       In Nephilim Fort #1, the new fort that the Nephils are constructing North of Fort Duvno.
                     Use it in Nephilim Fort #2 to get the mayor's necklace back.

   Stone Key:        You need to talk to Motrax to find out that its to the southeast. While it IS to the southeast,
                     you cant get there by traveling southeast, you need to go around in a circle; start by going southwest.
                     You will find it at a white dot that you may have already looked at. Since you know
                     your looking for a key, you will be able to find it in the large pile of rubble.
                     Use it in the Crypt of Drath.

   Onyx Key:         There are two of these. You only need one. Getting both doesnt hurt(much).
                        1. Located in the Swamp City, west of Fort Dranlon, across the river.
                        2. Located in the Slith Fort to the north of the Slith Castle.

                     Use either one in the Slith Castle to access the second floor

   Dragon Key:       Around Pyrog's neck is the Dragon Key. You must kill him for it. Use to access his hoard.

   Iron Key:         This key is both found and used in the Slith Temple.

   Crystal Key:      This key is found in the Hidden Tower. Use it in the Tower of the Magi to get to the Adze-Haakai.
                     (See Hidden Tower, and Tower of the Magi)

Copyright (c) 2002 Dave Cousineau

You may distribute this document at your leisure, as long as you do not modify it in any way,
and as long as any profits(of any kind) that are made are mine.

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