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Guide and Walkthrough by LegoTechnic

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 11/06/2006


Utawarerumono - Chiriyukumono heno komamouta
うたわれるもの 散りゆく者への子守唄
for the Playstation 2

FAQ/Walkthrough (Shift-JIS encoding)

Author: "LTN / LegoTechnic" (legoshinigami@yahoo.com)

                                               Version 1.01 (work in progress)
                                               submitted: 11/6/2006

 This FAQ/Walkthrough is based on the Japanese version of "Utawarerumono" for
the Playstation 2 console.  It was released in Japan on October 26th, 2006.

 This is a remake of the original Utawarerumono game by Leaf and Aquaplus 
originally released for the PC on April 19, 2002.  The port to the PS2 was 
largely done by the developer Flight-Plan.

Utawarerumono is a hybrid between a Visual Novel (VN) and a Strategy RPG (SRPG)

 Official Japanese website for the game: http://www.aquaplus.co.jp/uta/


 This guide is intended to help people unfamiliar the Utawarerumono PC game to 
play it (because I want more people to play this game).  It will also help 
those who aren't completely fluent in Japanese, though it is expected that you
can at least read hiragana and katakana (if only for the Yes/No box that often
appears).  Utawarerumono is an equal part Visual Novel and Strategy RPG, so be
prepared for a lot of text and long inbetween battle dialogue.  Thankfully the
game is almost fully voiced, as only narration and internal thoughts are not.

 This is NOT a story guide.  It is merely a gameplay guide with a summation 
walkthru attached, and I will try to reduce spoilers to a minimum.  Because of
this the character section is at the bottom of the FAQ, as it is full of 
spoilers, and characters are listed in the order that you recruit them.  If
someone else wants to do a crazy translation guide, be my guest.  This is 
taking me long enough, and I have no intention of going that far.  If you have
any criticisms about my translations or something else in this guide feel free
to email me.

 If you're only interested in the skill translations, then CTRL+F seek for them
using their table of contents number and title.  You will need to set the 
language encoding of your browser to Shift-JIS to probably view the Japanese
characters, which requires you to have support for east Asian languages.

 This FAQ is for GameFAQs, Gamespot, and Neoseeker use only.  Please don't
swipe it and post it hither and yon, crappy though it may be.  Feel free to
contact me if I made any mistakes.

Update History

 11/06/2006 : Item List is updated and finished.  Compiling list to add item
              and enemy information to the walthrough.  Final Scenario and CG
              information added.  Guide is technically complete, and anything
              else is just garnish or a correction.
 11/04/2006 : Added Skirmish Battle section, dumped all the Item garbage I've
              been collecting, made some poor translations, added the rest of
              the skills, preparing for an enemy/boss section.  Version 1.00!
 11/03/2006 : Multiple corrections and various edits to the text.  Added
              stage names.  Version .99
 11/02/2006 : Finished typing up skills and abilities list, though some info
              is missing.  Updated character section heavily, and finished
              the walkthrough.  Now it's time to see what's new in the 2nd game
              and find out how to unlock those last two CG and the eight extra
              scenario.  Learned how to post FAQs in Shift-JIS!  Version .98,
              because I've been a very busy beaver!
 11/01/2006 : Minor corrections to character section, Magic list, fixed 
              Equipment/Ability garbage, added up to stage 24, added more
              Scenarios.  Version .60
 10/31/2006 : Made numerous corrections, added Eruruu's Herb List (Partial), 
              fixed Element names, updated walkthrough.  Version .40
 10/30/2006 : First Release.  Version .25


What's different in the PS2 version from the PC?

 The PS2 version includes various new gameplay elements not in the original.

  1. A brand new opening animation and song (two variations).
  2. With the exception of narration and internal thought, the game is fully
  3. Additional new characters, new CG, and new bonus extras.
  4. Additional new Events and Battle Stages.
  5. A new and robust Item system.
  6. Eruruu now has a special item technique for various stat/healing/damage
  7. Characters now learn unique special abilities and skills.
  8. Characters can now perform Team Attacks with each other.
  9. Characters no longer buy extra attacks with bonus points, and thus stat 
     level-up costs are changed.
 10. New tutorials are available for the new abilities.
 11. All H-scenes have been removed.  Some CGs have been edited, while others
     have been replaced.
 12. Random skirmish battles have been added, making the number of available 
     battles no longer set.
 13. You are allowed to deploy more characters per stage than in the PC 
     version.  Additionally maps are filled with even more enemies.
 14. There is no longer a difficulty setting when starting a new game. >_>;


Table of Contents

   I. Getting Started
        1. Main Menu                           
        2. Saving and Loading (Options Menu)                  
        3. Fast Forward                        
        4. Rest Phases                           
        5. Skirmish Battles                     
  II. Battle
        1. Setup Screen                        
        2. Basic Gameplay
        3. Turn Order               
        4. Elemental Affinity               
        5. Special/Energy Meter and Combo Finisher
        6. Team Attacks
        7. Items and Skills
        8. Status Ailments
        9. Leveling Tips
 III. Skill list
  IV. Ability Skills
        1. Eruruu's Medicinal Herbs and Effects
        2. Magic Spells
   V. Walkthrough
  VI. Skirmish Battles
 VII. Characters
VIII. Team Attack Pairings
  IX. Extra Scenarios and Tutorials
   X. Bonus Menu
  XI. Completion Bonuses
        1. Unlockable Bonuses
        2. New Game +
 XII. Item List
XIII. Q & A (Questions and Answers)
 XIV. Appendix (inflamed!!!)

I. Getting Started

1. Main Menu

 After the opening plays the main menu will give you five options:

  New Game
  Load Game
  Extra Scenarios (and tutorials)

 The Bonus menu is further subdivided into four additional categories:

  CG viewer
  Sound Test
  Event Viewer
  Item Viewer

 Items in the bonus menu are unlocked as they are encountered in-game.

2. Saving and Loading (Options Menu)

  Pressing the Select button at any time brings up the Options menu.  The first 
 menu option is Save, which can be done anytime during the rest phase or at the 
 pre-battle setup menu, but not during battle or during cutscenes that take
 place on the battle map.  Under it is Load, which can be used at any time.
 The third option below Load will return you to the Title Screen.

 Option Menu translated:
 |Save                 Sound                  Stereo             Monoral      |
 |Load                 Character Voices       On    Off   Main-Character-Muted|
 |Title Screen         BGM volume             Quiet-----------------Loud      |
 |                     Sound Effects          Quiet-----------------Loud      |
 |Items & Word         Voice volume           Quiet-----------------Loud      |
 |  Item/Equipment                                                            |
 |     Dictionary      Message                                                |
 |  Character            Text Speed           Slow      Medium      Fast      |
 |     Dictionary                                                             |
 |                     Battle                                                 |
 |                       Cursor Orientation   Reverse   Normal                |
 |                                                                            |
 |Etc                  Controller                                             |
 |  Reset to Default     Dual Shock feature   On        Off                   |

3. Fast Forward

  If you've already played the PC version of the game, or you for some reason
 don't care about the excellent story, then keep in mind that the R1 trigger 
 button will act as a fast-forward for dialogue and events.  In fact, holding 
 down R1 will speed up almost everything, including character movement during 
 battle and cutscenes.  Very handy for getting those enemy turns to finish 

4. Rest Phases

  Rest Phases occur in between battles.  They basically consist of selecting 
 areas around your location for Hakuoro to visit, though don't worry about
 missing important events.  You eventually get to see all events regardless of
 the order you choose them.

 Controls for Rest Phases:

   Circle Button : Advance text, confirm selection.
   X Button      : Remove/Restore text window (for CG viewing).
   L2 Trigger    : Review Dialogue (lets you re-read previous windows)
   R1 Trigger    : Fast Forward
   R2 Trigger    : Advance Dialogue (lets you advance dialogue when reviewing)
   Select        : Options Menu

5. Skirmish Battles

  After stage 8 or so, a gate location will begin to appear during the Rest
 Phases as the bottom-right location on the event selection map.  Selecting 
 this will take you to a random encounter where you can train your troops and 
 charge your meters. These missions can be done as many times as you want for 
 no loss in scenario time, so feel free to earn a little extra bit of stat 
 increases if you feel the need.

  Skirmish Battles always have the following have a victory condition of "Kill
 all enemies" and a loss condition of "all characters killed".

II. Battle

1. Setup Screen

  Before battle you're given a setup menu where you select your characters to 
 sortie. Pressing the square button on this menu will allow you to equip items 
 earned in battle to characters. You start out with only some weak healing 
 items, but eventually you will gain a variety of stat boosting items, as well
 as items that change your elemental affinity. Note that enemies also have 
 items, and will sometimes come at you with boosted stats. Stats that have been
 boosted appear blue on the stat display. Pressing Start on the setup screen 
 will begin a battle, but remember that the setup screen is your last chance to

 *** Get in the habit of saving during the setup screen.  Sometimes it's the 
     only opportunity you get, as there aren't always Rest Phases after battle,
     and you're not allowed to save during event scenes on the battle map. ***

2. Basic Gameplay

 Basic gameplay controls -

   Circle Button   : Confirmation/Selection button
   X Button        : Cancel Button
   Square Button   : View entire battle map and turn order
   Triangle Button : View a character's or enemy's movement or attack range
   L1 Trigger      : Rotate the direction a character faces before ending their
   R1 Trigger      : Rotate the direction a character faces before ending their
                     turn.  Also speeds up dialogue, events, and enemy movement
                     if held down.
   L2 Trigger      : Cycles the highlighted character's display window between
                     Status, Items, and Equipments.  Works on enemies.
                     Lets you review previous dialogue.
   R2 Trigger      : Makes objects transparent, so that you can see characters
                     otherwise obscured.

   Select          : Options Menu

  Battles take place on a typical square grid. Your character can move and 
 attack in one of four directions as they see fit. When in battle, more damage 
 is done to a character if they are attacked from the sides or from behind, 
 keep this in mind when positioning your units.  To view a zoomed-out version 
 of the entire map, simply press the square button during your turn. 

  When it is your character's turn to move, a blue movement grid is shown, as 
 well as their attack range which is shown in red. Obviously clicking a square 
 moves them there, or clicking an enemy in a red square enables an attack. If 
 you click the square the character is standing on after a move, then you will 
 instead be given an additional menu. The bottom option of this menu is always 
 "end turn", and the option above it is "use items" (in case you equipped a 
 useable item earlier). If a combo attack is available, then an additional 3rd 
 option will appear at the top of the menu. In addition, some characters have 
 4th options that appear at above this option as well (see character section).

  When attacking in battle, you will eventually see a white circle zoom in on 
 your target. As your characters level they will gain extra attacks, and if you 
 press the circle button when these circles zoom in on the character, you will 
 trigger their extra attack. Some characters have only a few extra attacks, but
 others (like Oboro) have a good many, and can have long button chains.

 *** Note that the map cannot be rotated, but you can remove objects from the
  field by holding R2.  Useful if you need to see someone standing behind a 
  tree or wall. ***

  In order to view an enemy's movement range, highlight the enemy and press the
 triangle button.  Press the button again to toggle between their movement and
 attack range.  Very useful especially against mages. 

3. Turn Order

  Character turns come up based on an unviewable speed stat.  Some characters
 are faster than others, and thus get to act on their turn more often.  At any
 time during a battle, press the square button to bring up the map display.
 Character and enemy turn order will be listed vertically on the right, so use
 that to plan ahead if you so desire. 

4. Elemental affinity

  In your character stat window you'll notice an elemental affinity on the 
 left. Certain elements do better against others, and will often give an 
 additional minor damage bonus or penalty when characters attack each other. 

        Earth symbol is a Brown Rock
        Fire  symbol is an Orange Flame
        Water symbol is a Blue Lightning Bolt
        Wind  symbol is a Green/White Tornado

 The Element Affinity Wheel goes like this:

        Earth > Fire > Water(Lightning) > Wind > Earth

        And yes, Lightning is considered to be the water elemental in this 
          game, as it is labeled as such in the tutorial.

 In other words, 

        Earth is strong against Fire, and weak against Wind
        Fire is strong against Water, and weak against Earth
        Water is strong against Wind, and weak against Fire
        Wind is strong against Earth, and weak against Water 

  Therefore if someone of the Fire element (like Oboro) attacked someone of the
 Earth element (like Kurou), then Oboro would do less damage than normal and
 take slightly more damage from Kurou.  Alternatively, if Oboro attacked 
 someone of the Water element (like Benawi), then he would do more damage than 
 normal and receive less damage from him in return.

  Hakuoro is one of the few characters to not have an elemental affintiy. 
 Instead he has a question mark for a symbol.

  In addition, you will run into Light (Holy) and Dark (Shadow) elements.  
 Holy gives a slight affinity to both water/lightning and wind and slight 
 weakness to fire and earth, while Shadow is the opposite.  However since the 
 characters with these affinities have such stupid-high natural magic defense 
 anyway, this doesn't really matter.  Light and Dark are weak to each other.

        Light symbol is a White orb of light
        Dark  symbol is a Black/Purple orb of dark

  Magic spells cast by mages all have an elemental affinity as well.  In the 
 case of spells, the spell's element is the factor of how the damage will be 
 calculated, and not the elemental affinity of the caster.  If an Earth mage 
 casts a Lightning(Water) spell on a Fire character, then that character will
 recieve slightly less damage than another Earth character.  Spells that you 
 can cast will all have an elemental symbol next to them informing you of their

5. Special/Energy Meter and Combo Finisher

  Also in your character stat window you'll notice an HP bar, a special meter, 
 and your experience progression bar. The special meter increases with every 
 action you take, and when it is maxed you can perform an additional extra 
 attack during your combo (ie, if you can only do a 2-hit combo, the special 
 meter will allow you to do a third hit). If your special meter is maxed, then 
 at the end of your attack combo you'll see a red circle instead of a white 
 circle. Hitting the button for this red circle will trigger the extra attack 
 and consume your meter. Early in the game this is fairly bad, as an extra 
 attack does very little damage, and there are better uses for your special 
 meter.  However, if your character has progressed far enough that they've 
 learned all of their natural extra attacks, then the red circle attack will 
 enable a special combo finisher. These moves are excessively powerful versus 
 single targets and come complete with special cut-ins, but deplete the meter. 
 For instance, Teoro can learn up to a max of 3 attacks in a combo by level 7 
 or so. If he's level 3, then he only has 2 attacks available, and using the 
 special meter merely grants him a weak 3rd attack. However, if he's level 7 
 and has all three attacks available, then the special meter will grant a 4th 
 attack, which is one more than his max limit.  This fourth attack will deal 
 very serious damage greater than any other hit in the chain, and will look
 awesome to boot. ;-]

  The special meter may also confer subtle character bonuses in the PS2 game
depending on their skills.

6. Team Attacks

  Another use of the special meter is the Team Attacks. Team attacks are only 
 available when certain characters are all within a range of 2 squares of the 
 attacker, and they generally deplete 2/3 of the special meter from the attack 
 leader and 1/2 from all other members involved. The option for team attacks 
 appears when you select the character during its turn, and will appear above 
 the "use item" command. Team attacks all hit various area of effects and 
 confer status ailments, but they can only be triggered by the attack leader.
 So as to keep spoilers minimal Team combos are listed in the character 

7. Items, Equipments, and Abilities

  Press the L2 button to cycle through a characters status window to see their 
 equipped item list, and then their abilities menu.  Characters can get items
 from killing certain enemies, advancing to certain levels, and completing 
 maps.  New abilities/skills are earned as a character levels up, and are
 unique to that character.

  Enemies and objects on the battle maps often carry items as well which you 
 can view the same way.  When you kill these enemies, you sometimes get their 
 items at the end of the battle.  If you recieved an item, then a yellow 
 message will flash about the character's head to tell you "Hey, I got an 
 item!"  On many stages you'll find rocks, stick fortifications, fences, and 
 sometimes large boulders.  It is to your benefit to destroy these not only 
 for easy experience, but for the occasional item they might yield.

  In addition, it's a good idea to scan your enemy's special ability screen, 
 as certain skills can cause numerous problems, such as status ailments and
 boosted stats.  Most of the time it's a good idea to case a map for any 
 particularly nasty abilities ahead of time.

8. Status Ailments 

   Note that if untreated, all status effects eventually wear off.  Their 
   duration is random for all characters, though they tend to last no longer 
   than three or fours character turns.

 a. Poison - indicated by a little purple skull over your head.  Life will 
             decrease by percentage each time the character's turn comes up.
             Poison cannot kill you, though it can reduce you to 1 HP.

 b. Confusion - indicated by a dark swirly cloud.  Hallucinating characters 
                move erratically, and are not controllable, though they will
                not attack others.  Eruruu's Fumiluir Honey will cure it, or it
                will wear off.  Inflict enemies with it and laugh at them.

 c. Stun - indicated by stars over your head.  Stunned characters will be 
           unable to act when their turn comes up.  Stun is cancelled when 
           the character is attacked.

 d. Attack Down - indicated by a red arrow pointing down.  Eruruu's Attack Up 
                  buff will appear as a red arrow pointing up.

 e. Defense Down - indicated by a blue arrow pointing down.  Eruruu's Defense 
                   Up buff will appear as a blue arrow pointing up.

 f. Magic Defense Down - indicated by a green arrow pointing down.  Eruruu's 
                         Magic Defense Up buff will appear as a green arrow 
                         point up.

9. Leveling Tips

  When leveling up your character's stats after a battle, it's most important
 to focus on the attack stat, otherwise you will end up doing very little
 damage in the end game.  Some characters have cheaper attack costs than
 others, in which case you should take advantage.

  However it is important to have a few good defensive units so that you aren't
 overwhelmed.  A few units have low defense costs and good defensive skills, so
 consider pumping up either their defense or magic defense and making them
 impervious to physical or magical damage.

  Generally you should always treat the attack stat with highest priority,
 followed by physical defense and then magic defense.  Also look at costs, as
 it's generally wasteful to spend 90 points on a single increase of magic
 defense when that same character can increase attack for only 50.  Typically
 physical frontliners need high physical defense with their attack, but ranged
 fighters are often served better by having a higher magic defense and just
 avoiding enemy archers (as they don't like to be hit).  Regardless, it's
 important to make sure they can still hurt the enemy.

  Note that the ATTACK stat increaes a character's effectiveness with spells.
 This includes Eruruu's healing abilities, as well as your mages.

  Character-based leveling recommendations are included in the Character 
 section if you feel you need additional advice.

III. Skill list

  A list of Skills that your characters can learn.  They can be viewed by
 cycling to the skill display while highlighting a character (press L2).

   近接回避 - Adjacent Evasion - evade melee attacks, including extended range
                attacks from mounted riders and whips (but not projectiles)
   明鏡止水 - "Clear and Serene" (as in "reflective mirror, still waters") - 
                energy meter is not completely depleted after a combo finisher
   報復の技 - Counter Technique - gives a chance to counterattack when 
   窮死覚醒 - Critical Awakening - evade rate increases as life decreases
 ムアの加護 - Divine Protection of Mua - reduces damage taken by an amount
                proportional to the special energy meter  
     弓回避 - Dodge Arrows - allows a character to evade projectile attacks,
                but not melee strikes
   死中求活 - Escape from Certain Death - at critically low life the energy
                meter instantly fills to MAX
   勇気の瞳 - Eyes of Courage - allows a character to move freely 
                irregardless of enemy positioning (overrides Eyes of Fighting
   闘志の瞳 - Eyes of Fighting Spirit - prevents enemies from moving 
                past the character (they can't step on a square next to the 
                character and then continue on, they must go around)
       飛行 - Flight - allows a character to move over enemies and obstacles 
                unhindered (overrides Eyes of Fighting Spirit)
   カミユイ - "Hairdresser" - adjacent allies recieve less damage from magic
   体毛硬化 - Hardening of Fur - The direction from which you are attacked no
                longer gives additional damage bonuses (being attacked from
                behind is the same as being attacked from the front)
   士気向上 - Improve Morale - slightly increases the abilities of certain 
                characters when they're adjacent
       遠投 - Long Throw - Range of use for equppied items is increased
 道具の心得 - Knowledge of Tools - ????????
   闇の術法 - Magic of Dark  - enables the use of dark magics
   土の術法 - Magic of Earth - enables the use of earth magics
   火の術法 - Magic of Fire  - enables the use of fire magics
   光の術法 - Magic of Light - enables the use of light magics
   水の術法 - Magic of Water - enables the use of water (lightning) magics
   風の術法 - Magic of Wind  - enables the use of wind magics
   術法抵抗 - Magic Resistance - decreases damage due to magic
   ぶち壊し - Mangle - drastically increases strength when attacking an 
                obstacle, rock, or fortification
       薬術 - Medicinal Practicioner (herbal healer?) - allows the use of 
                medicinal herbs and drugs (Eruruu's skill)
   起死回生 - Miracle - instant resurrection when killed with a MAX energy 
                meter (consumes the meter)
   貫通攻撃 - Penetrating Attack - when attacking an enemy directly adjacent
                to the character, then an enemy standing directly behind it is 
                also hit
   自然治癒 - Self-healing - character regenerates a small percentage of their
                HP total at the start of their turn
 護身呼吸法 - Self-protective Breathing Technique - defense power increases as
                the energy meter fills
   会心の技 - Skill of Satisfaction - occasionally causes a critical strike 
                (increased damage, indicated by a flash)
   戦術指揮 - Strategic Command - slightly increases energy of all adjacent 
                allied units at the start of the character's turn
   烈火の技 - Technique of Raging Fire - attack power increases as the energy 
                meter fills
   水に弱い - Weakness to Water - defence is drastically reduced in areas full 
                of water

 * Note: Skills that base their effect off of the energy meter also base off
         the total stat.  A character with a high attack stat will get more
         benefit from the Technique of Raging Fire than one with a low stat,
         just as a character with the Divine Protection of Mua will gain more
         benefit if their defense stat is higher. 

  Enemy units can not only have any of the above skills, but can also have any
 of the following special enemy skills depending on type.  These are marked
 with a purple swirl symbol to their left.  Player characters can only obtain
 these effects with certain equipments.

   混乱攻撃 - Confusion Attack - gives a chance to confuse a target on attack
   気力低下 - Energy Decrease - lowers the energy of a target on attack
     毒攻撃 - Poison Attack - gives a chance to poison a target on attack
   気絶攻撃 - Stun Attack - gives a chance to stun a target on attack

   異常無効 - Immunity to Status Effects - cannot be effected by status effects
                (note that all rocks, sticks, and obstacles have this skill)

IV. Ability Skills

 Just a brief and spoiler-free listing of the various medicinal herbs and magic
in the character ability menus. ;-] 

1. Eruruu's Medicinal Herbs and Effects

     Green Herbs (buffs)

        ヤツモロロの薬湯 - Medicated Bath (water) of Yatsumororo
                             Heals an area of 5 squares in a plus shape with
                             the center positional anywhere within 2 squares.
            ミルィルの蜜 - Honey of Fumiluir
                             Cures all status ailments (very useful).
          カプマゥの煎薬 - Infusion (shot) of Kapumau
                             Slightly increases a character's special meter.
        ポロネロ草の軟膏 - Salve of Polonelo
                             Temporarily increases a character's Attack.
        トンプルチの軟膏 - Salve of Tonpuruchi
                             Temporarily increases a character's Defense.
          コゥーハの軟膏 - Salve of Kou-ha
                             Temporarily increases a character's Magic Defense.

     Red Herbs (debuffs)

            ネコンの香煙 - Burnt Incense of Nekon
                             Slightly reduces enemy's energy meter.
          ケスパゥの香煙 - Burnt Incense of Kesubau
                             Chance to inflict "Stun" on an enemy. 
          紅皇バチの蜜蝋 - Beeswax of the Crimson Emperor Bachi
                             Chance to inflict "Confusion" on an enemy.
          ワブアブの粉末 - Fine Powder of Wabuabu
                             Chance to inflict "Attack Down" on an enemy.
        テクヌプイの香煙 - Burnt Incense of Tekenupui
                             Chance to inflict "Defense Down" on an enemy.

2. Magic Spells

  These are all of the magic spells in the game, not including any boss 
  specific spells (such as Orikakan's lightning attack).  Both enemy mages and
  your magically inclined characters can use these, though two are restricted
  to specific characters.

   水の術法 - Magic of Water

       クス・トゥスカイ - Kusu Tousukai   (Water)
                             Lightning strikes a single square. Can target 
                             any enemy within a range of four squares.

       ヤムイ・ゥンカミ - Yamui Unkami    (Water)
                             Lighting strikes in a giant diagonally connected 
                             X-shape five squares long on each leg.  The 
                             center of the X can be positioned anywhere 
                             within a range of three squares.
                             Can only be used from a standing start.

   風の術法 - Magic of Wind

       フム・トゥスカイ - Fumu Tousukai   (Wind)  
                             Wind strikes all enemies on the eight squares
                             directly around the caster.

       エネン・ゥンカミ - Enen Unkami     (Wind)
                             Wind strikes all enemies in a circle roughly two
                             squares from the caster.
                             Can only be used from a standing start.

   土の術法 - Magic of Earth

       テヌ・トゥスカイ - Tenu Tousukai   (Earth)
                             A falling rock strikes a single square. Can 
                             target any enemy within a four square range.

       シスエ・ゥンカミ - Shisue Unkami   (Earth)
                             A giant rock hits all targets within a five 
                             square area in a plus shape.  The center of the 
                             plus can be set anywhere within a range of three
                             Can only be used from a standing start.

   火の術法 - Magic of Fire

       ヒム・トゥスカイ - Himu Tousukai   (Fire)
                             Fire hits all targets within a five square area 
                             in a plus shape.  The center of the plus can be 
                             set anywhere within a range of three squares.

       アゥエ・ゥンカミ - Aue Unkami      (Fire)
                             Fire blasts all enemies within a 13 square 
                             diamond shape.  The center of the diamond can be 
                             set anywhere within a range of 3 squares.
                             Can only be used from a standing start.

   光の術法 - Magic of Light

       ラヤナ・ソムクル - Rayana Somukuru (Light)
                             Holy Light strikes all enemies within a 3x8 
                             rectangular area in front of the caster.
                             Can only be used from a standing start.

   闇の術法 - Magic of Dark

       ヌグイ・ソムクル - Nugui Somukuru  (Dark)
                             Shadows strike all enemies within a 3x8 
                             rectangular area in front of the caster.
                             Can only be used from a standing start.

V. Walkthrough

 This section is a walkthrough, and as such it contains quite a few spoilers.
I am not out to ruin the game, so story elements are left largely alone, though
most bosses are named.  If you prefer, you can take this up on a stage-by-stage
basis, but keep in mind that there ARE a good deal number of events that will
be spoiled in the walkthrough section.

Stage 1: 招かれざるもの - The Uninvited Things

    Victory condition: All "Kimamau" are defeated (Kimamau = monkey things).
    Losing Condition : Hakuoro or Eruruu is killed.

    Party: Hakuoro, Teoro

  An introductory stage, really.  Victory is obtained when all the monkeys are 
 dead.  Eruruu shows up on the far left after Hakuoro's third turn or so to 
 provide much needed healing, so try not to dash too far ahead before she gets 

  * Completing this mission unlocks Scenario 2 (Attack Tutorial). *

Stage 2: 荒ぶる森の主 - The Wild Guardian Spirit of the Forest

 - Part a:

    Victory condition: Lure Mutikapa (the tiger) to the covered water trap.
    Losing Condition : Hakuoro is killed.
    Party: Hakuoro, Teoro, Eruruu
    Enemy: Kimamau x5
           Obstacle x2

  The goal of this mission is to lead the tiger to the highlighted trap (the
 round covered pit in the center).  The monkeys are there to get in your way
 and give experience, but you can ignore them.  You cannot actually kill the 
 tiger here no matter how you try (and it will trounce you).  Once the tiger 
 sets foot on the trap, you are whisked instantly away to the second half of
 the map.

 - Part b:

    Victory condition: Mutikapa (the tiger) is defeated.
    Losing Condition : Hakuoro is killed.

  Try to position yourselves in such a way that Eruruu is always shielded from
 attack, as it's very hard for her to run away from Mutikapa.  Also keep her 
 within healing range of Hakuoro and Teoro, so that they don't die miserably.

Stage 3: 乱 - War

    Victory condition: Open the Gate by reaching its switch.
    Losing Condition : Hakuoro is killed.

    Party: Hakuoro, Teoro, Dorii, Guraa

  This stage introduces the archers Dorii and Guraa.  They cannot attack 
 enemies right next to them, but attack a decent range away.  Get a feel for 
 them, as you'll probably be using them a lot.

  For this battle you need to reach the mechanism that opens the gate, which is
 marked at the beginning of the map (a guard is standing on the square, and he 
 won't move from it even if you pelt him with arrows).  You must actually stand
 on the square to complete the map.  Feel free to destroy the stick 
 fortifications for extra items and experience.  

  Once you reach the switch, you move on to the next stage.  Note that the only
 chance you get to save in between is during the next pre-battle setup screen.

  * Completing this stage unlocks the Scenario 3 (Archery Tutorial). *

Stage 4: 戻れぬ道 - The Path of No Return

    Victory condition: Nuwangi and Sasante are defeated (both of them).
    Losing Condition : Hakuoro or Oboro are killed.

    Party Limit: All available

  Oboro will join you on the first turn, and be under your control.

  Both Sasante (fat guy) and Nuwangi (straw-head-guy) are fairly strong, and if 
 any of your characters get attacked by them with low life they'll probably be 
 killed.  Additionally, Sasante can initiate a team attack with Nuwangi that
 will effect a 5 square plus-shaped area for high damage as well as inflict
 a poison element (not cool!).  Fortunately they seem content to hang around 
 for a few rounds, so clean up as much as you can before they come after you 
 Note that Sasante also has the skill that increases the special meter of 
 allies standing next to him at the start of his turn, and that Nuwangi has a
 skill that raises his attack as his energy rises.

  If you prefer, you can actually lure Nuwangi far enough away that they never
 pull off their team attack (as Nuwangi needs to be within a 2 square range of
 Sasante), but if you do that then you won't be able to unlock it in the Event
 Viewer.  As far the bosses go individually, Nuwangi is actually the bigger
 threat.  Sasante has the worst movement range of any mobile character in the
 entire game (range of 2), and can easily be soloed by either of your archers.  

  Also be sure to notice the first winged character sneaking along the upper-
 left side of the map.  Winged characters are all mages, and they have good 
 range.  Additionally, all enemy mage units have a special ability to instantly
 fill their special meters to MAX when at critical life.

  The map ends when both Sasante and Nuwangi are defeated.

 * Completing this stage unlocks Scenario 4 (Status Recovery). *

Stage 5: 森の娘 - Daughter of the Forest

    Victory condition: Benawi and Kurou are defeated (both of them).
    Losing Condition : Hakuoro is killed.

    Party: All available

  Mounted lizard riders, including Benawi and Kurou, all have an attack range 
 of 2 squares in any direction, so keep that in mind.  For this map, move up 
 once and then hang back so that they can come to you.  After a few turns you'll
 receive some special reinforcements whose very presence will frighten the 
 lizards so much that their movement for the rest of the battle will be reduced 
 to a single square only.  Note that Benouwi has a leadership effect that 
 raises the special meter for all friendly units standing next to him.

  This is actually the first stage that Team Attacks are available for you to
 use.  If you feel so inclined, then give them a try.

Stage 6: タトコリの関 - The Barrier of Tatokori

    Victory condition: Destroy the Gate and Fences (all of them) 
    Losing Condition : Hakuoro is killed.

    Party: Field 6 total - Hakuoro, Oboro required (note that 6 is all you have)
           * Teoro will be temporarily unavailable for this stage *

  The goal here is to totally destroy the barricade, which means not only the 
 big gate but all the targetable fence pieces attached to it.  Once either the
 gate or a piece of the fence is destroyed (there are three pieces), you'll get
 a cutscene showing you what shenanigans Teoro was up to.  Once you've finished
 destroying the gate and all three fence pieces, then Kurou will show up as an
 enemy reinforcement.  Take him out to end the map.

  Characters with the Mangle skill can destroy fortifications and fences almost
 instantly, so consider them for the door.  While Teoro is unavailable, you
 should have at least one other character with ths skill. ;-]

Stage 7: ヌワンギ - Nuwangi

    Victory condition: Defend the bridge (survive for ??? rounds).
    Losing Condition : Hakuoro is killed.

    Party: Field 6 total - Hakuoro, Eruruu required

  You must defend yourselves for a certain amount of time against the ever 
 increasing horde of enemies.  Feel free to run up and fight the mobs for 
 experience and items, but be careful not to become overwhelmed.  If you want 
 to play it safe, turtle up on the bridge, though you lose a lot of time doing
 this when you could be killing.  Team Attacks work excessively well due to the
 large number of enemies grouped together here.

  After a certain amount of time has passed, you get to battle Nuwangi again, 
 but he's all alone this time.  He's still fairly strong, but you shouldn't 
 have any problems with him.

Stage 8: 皇都侵攻 - Capital Invasion

    Victory condition: Kurou is defeated.
    Losing Condition : Hakuoro is killed.

    Party: All available

  This time you're on the offensive heading towards the capital, but once again
 Kurou stands in your way.  Make use of the fortifications to bottleneck entry
 points if you like, or destroy them for cheap experience.  Be mindful of the 
 troops in the alleys so they don't surprise you in the rear.  The stage ends
 when Kurou is defeated.

Stage 9: 決戦 - Decisive Battle

    Victory condition: Benawi is defeated.
    Losing Condition : Hakuoro is killed.

    Party: All available

  You're at the capital, but Benawi is guarding the palace gate.  There are a 
 lot of enemies spread about, so be careful and use those nicely placed 
 defensive walls for cover.  Benouwi won't move for a few turns, so use that 
 time to mop up as many of his troops as you can.  The stage ends when Benaowi
 is defeated.

  * Completing this mission unlocks Scenario 5 (Team Attacks). *

  * Skirmish Set #1 is available during the rest phase *

Stage XX: Skirmish Missions

  From this point on, you'll occasionally see a gate area during the rest 
 phases down in the lower right corner of the room map.  Selecting these 
 initiate a random battle that you can use to train your troop or charge their 
 meter.  They're completely optional, but you can sometimes get nice items 
 from them.

  * Teoro is no longer available for story missions, but can still participate 
 in skirmishes *

Stage 10: シケリペチム軍侵攻阻止 - Obstruction of the Shikeribachim Invasion

    Victory condition: All Woptars (lizards) are defeated.
    Losing Condition : Hakuoro is killed.

    Party: All available

  The goal of this mission is to stop the lizards carrying the explosives
 before they make it up the path.  The stage ends if the lizards all die, 
 regardless of whether or not you killed the soldiers.

  Be mindful of the sword-using soldier with red armor, as he has skills that 
 boost his stats, making him a little stronger than normal.  This will be a 
 trend for all red-armored officers to come, so be sure to look out for them. 

  Afterwards enjoy the event.

Stage 11: 特攻 - Suicide Attack

    Victory condition: All enemies are defeated.
    Losing Condition : Hakuoro is killed.

    Party: Field 7 total - Hakuoro, Eruruu, Karura required
  Just defeat all the enemies to win.  Make use of the traps to corral enemies,
 and let them have it.  

  This map marks the first appearance of the high-ranking woptar lizard riders,
 identified by their gold forehead protector (rather than silver one).  Like
 their red-armored soldier counterparts, gold lizard cavalry have skills that
 boost their stats and are much stronger than their troops.  In particular
 watch out for their Penetration skill, which allows them to attack both the
 person next to them as well as the person behind them if they're both within
 range.  Coupled with a lucky critical is serious hurt (since they have that 
 skill, too).

  If you're hunting for rocks to destroy for items, then be sure to use the 
 square button to check their locations on the map.  They're scattered out in 
 the far edges of this battle. >_>;

Stage 12: エヴェンクルガの女 - Woman of Evenkuruga

    Victory condition: Defeat Orikakan.
    Losing Condition : Hakuoro is killed.

    Party: Field 7 total - Hakuoro, Eruruu required

  You're surrounded, which isn't good.  Try to keep your weaker characters out 
 of harm's way while they support others.  Hakuoro must also be watched, as 
 they really want him dead, and will gang him if possible (now would be a good
 time to exploit his Miracle skill if your meter is full).  Orikakan will not 
 move for the first few rounds, so take advantage of that to waste his troops 
 before dealing with him.  Keep in mind that he has the counter skill, as well
 as a lightning spell that strikes in a large checkered pattern.  Also take 
 note that one of his troops is a woptar rider officer (gold armor), and he
 should not be underestimated.  He can actually one-shot Eruruu if his critical
 skill activates.

  Remember that Aruruu, Benawi, and Kurou all have Eyes of Fighting Spirit, so
 use them to try to keep enemies from running past you to get to Eruruu and
 your weaker characters.

  When Orikakan is defeated, he'll recieve special reinforcements from the 
 upper-right side of the map.  In addition, he will regenerate half his life, 
 and must be taken down a second time.  The stage ends when both he and the 
 reinforcement "commander" are defeated.  The reinforcement archer has the
 poison skill, but it won't trigger often (if at all).

Stage 13: 橋の上での死闘 - Desperate Battle of the Bridge

    Victory condition: Touka is defeated.
    Losing Condition : Hakuoro is killed.

    Party: Field 6 total - Hakuoro, Eruruu required

  Touka and her troops are on the bridge, which keeps them nicely bottlenecked. 
 Only real problem is whether to go straight for her or wipe out her troops.
 Fielding archers and lizard cavalry is probably a good idea here.

  Afterwards enjoy her foolishness. ;-D

Stage 14: 偽りの真実 - The Truth of Lies

 - Part a:

    Victory Condition: Hakuoro reaches the exit panel at the bottom-left of map.
    Losing Condition : Hakuoro is killed.

    Party: Field 6 total - Hakuoro, Eruruu required
           * It is recommended that you do not field Aruruu *

  In a unique start, it's just Hakuoro and four generic soldiers against 
 Orikakan and his four minions (despite your earlier party selection).  The 
 only purpose your soldiers have is to stall them long enough for Hakuoro to 
 reach the designated escape panel.  You can try to keep them alive, but don't
 be surprised if they all die gloriously to cover your escape.  It is
 impossible to defeat Orikakan at this juncture with just Hakuoro and the 
 soldiers, though you may enjoy experimenting with your generic mage.

  You might get items for keeping them alive.  I don't know, as they always
 seem to die for me.

  Once you reach the designated square you switch to part b.

 - Part b:

    Victory Condition: Orikakan is defeated.
    Losing Condition : Hakuoro is killed.

  Your party members will be scattered about in the swamp.  Note that this is a
 "wet" area, and if Aruruu was fielded then you'll get a message indicating
 that her defense has plummeted drastically.

  This is a pretty rough stage, as Orikakan is powerful and he has a lot of 
 cavalry with him.  Be careful how you set your characters up and use your new
 ally's abilities to blast from range.  Also be mindful of Orikakan's lightning 
 spell, which still has its checkered hit pattern.  He will probably use it 
 quite a lot.

  * Completing this stage unlocks Scenario 6 (Magic Tutorial). *

  * Skirmish Set #2 is available during the rest phase *

 *** This is your last chance to do a skirmish battle for a while, so if you 
     think you need to build your characters, do so.  Skirmishes will not be 
     available again for quite a while.  Make sure your entire team is fairly
     even in levels, or you'll be sorry. *** 

Stage 15: ギリヤギナの剣奴 - The Sword-slave of Giriyagina

 *** Only your female characters (and Hakuoro) are available for the next set 
     of stages, because Haku's a pimp and he left all the men at home.  He even
     brings Yuzuha with him. ;-] ***

    Victory Condition: All enemies are defeated.
    Losing Condition : Hakuoro or Derihourai are killed.

    Party: Field 6 total (all but one) - Hakuoro, Eruruu, Karura required

  Don't let their generic appearance fool you.  This map begins the trend of 
 generic enemies with status-inducing abilities, and enemy types will be 
 having these abilities all the way until the end of the game.  Generic archers
 can all now randomly inflict poison (including YOUR generic archer), mages can
 now decrease your special meters (if they attack with a non-spell), and the 
 red-armored "officer" soldiers can inflict the stun effect if they hit
 you.  Also, note that the enemy officer in red has high skill-boosted stats, 
 making him very dangerous.  Ugh.
  The map is set up with your team in the upper left, and Derihourai and four 
 bodyguards at the bottom.  Worse yet, the only way for your troops to reach
 the action is by racing along a winding narrow path.  And they will have to 
 HURRY, as Derihourai and his bodyguards cannot hold out for long (seriously, 
 they can't).  Your mages are exceptional here due to their range, so I suggest
 you bring both.  Otherwise stress attack and abuse team combos if available.

  Derihourai and his generics are fully under your command, so have them back
 into the corner and hole up as best they can, giving priority to Derihourai
 himself (since if he dies the map is failed).  They should be able to hold out
 long enough for your other troops to save them, though feel free to do a 
 little fighting with them.  The generics have weak attacks, though their 
 defense is acceptable.

  The enemy captain is strong, but he'll mind his own buisness for a while.
 You'll still need to hurry though, as after four turns or so of doing nothing,
 he'll charge straight for Derihourai and his group, and he's lethal to them.
 If you have any available Team Combos that can hit large groups, you may want
 to consider them.

Stage 16: 潜入 - Infiltration

    Victory Condition: Secret cave entrance is reached by a character.
    Losing Condition : Hakuoro is killed.

    Party: Field 7 total - Hakuoro, Eruruu, Karura, Derihourai required
           (Again, all but one of your available)

  While the armies war elsewhere, you sneak into the castle along a hidden 
 coastal path, not unlike a thief in the night.  Only problem is the hidden 
 coastal path is full of evil monkeys and tiger cannons. >_>;

  If you've participated in a recent skirmish battle, then you'll know that the
 kimamau monkeys now have the dangerous new abilities to inflict "confusion" 
 and "stun" on your characters.  Having them helpless or wandering
 uncontrollably around this map is not good, so try to keep Eruruu within arm's
 reach of anyone engaged in melee.  She can use her "fumiluir honey" to cure 
 any status ailment (the 2nd herb in her list), but only a limited number of
 times per map.  Also note that monkeys have horrible magic defense, which you
 can exploit to your leisure.  Try to mob each monkey with multiple attacks, 
 and heal when needed.
  This stage is your first encounter with the tiger cannons.  Tiger cannons
 will blast anything in front of them, but they cannot move.  If you can, get
 behind or beside them and just smack them around until they break for some
 nice experience and items.  Try not to let them hit you, as their attacks
 often induce a stun or confuse effect, though characters strong against
 the fire element should serve as decent shields.  Note their odd attack range
 by highlighting one and pressing the Triangle button twice.

  Be sure to destroy any rocks you come across, including the giant boulder up 
 at the top.  Many of them have decent items on this map.

Stage 17: カルラゥアツゥレイ - Karurauatsuurei

    Victory Condition: Suonkas is defeated.
    Losing Condition : Hakuoro or Karura are killed.

    Party: Field 7 total - Hakuoro, Eruruu, Karura, Derihourai required
           (Again, all but one of your characters...)

  Let's just say Suonkas is rather displeased with how Karura has chosen to
 live her life. ;-]

  There are quite a number of enemies scattered around, so you might as well 
 keep together and take them out as you can.  Be careful with Karura and 
 Hakuoro, as the game ends if either of them die.  Also make sure to press the
 R2 button and check for any Stealthy McNinjas hiding behind the walls on the 
 sides, so that they don't surprise you.  Be careful with your positioning, as
 you don't want to keep so locked together that the mages can cook you alive 
 with their AoE fire spells.  Suonkas will content himself to wait for you, so 
 take your time with the grunts before ascending the steps.

  When the enemies on the bottom floor are cleared, group together and heal up.
 Once you're ready, send your troops up the stairs.  As soon as someone steps 
 on the last step, a trap wall will trigger, blocking your path to the boss.  
 In addition, some reinforcements will charge in from the sides (3 on each).
 While the trap wall can be destroyed, it's better to let it stay up for a bit
 as it forces the reinforcements to funnel towards you, and lets you control 
 them easier.  Suonkas and his archer bodyguards can attack you through the 
 wall, so run back a bit and let his own trap weaken his forces.

  When you're ready, hit the wall a few times and go after Suonkas and his two
 archers.  He's a knife-thrower with a linear attack range of three, but 
 unlike archers his range doesn't skip a space in front of him.  He also has a
 powerful lightning spell that strikes out linearly for three squares in all
 four directions (centered on him), so be careful when clustering around him.
 He's surprisingly strong, so whatever you do don't let him and his archers 
 gang up on a low defense character, or worse yet Hakuoro or Karura.

  The stage ends when Suonkas is defeated. 

  * Derihourai will stay behind after the battle and no longer be available. *

 *** The upcoming event scene marks the first PS2 exclusive stage chronicling
     the adventures of those left behind while Hakuoro jaunted off with Karura.
     New characters and new CG abound, as well as new battle stages. ***

Stage 18: 追跡 - Pursuit                                        [PS2 exclusive] 

    Victory Condition: All enemies defeated.
    Losing Condition : All allies defeated.

    Party: Dorii, Guraa, Oboro, Benawi, Kurou
           * It is recommended that you equip healing and status restoration 
             items to your characters before starting the map, or else play very
             carefully, as Eruruu is not here to heal you. *

  Most of the enemies on this map are weak, but don't underestimate them as 
 their damage can pile up.  Also check out the officer soldier in red with his
 boosted stats, as well as Nopon and Gomuta, both of whom have beefed defense 
 and attack (despite their appearance they're actually quite skilled).

  Gomuta the customized Kimamau (monkey) can cause both confusion and stun
 if he hits you (ugh), but since you have two archers and two mounted knights,
 you should be able to kill the stupid thing without actually getting close to
 it.  Gomuta will start ambling towards you from the start of the battle, but 
 he's a little indecisive on who to go for. ;p

  Nopon is a much bigger pain in pretty much every aspect.  He knows greater 
 thunder magic (Yamui Unkami), so be careful about staying in his range. 
 If this is your first exposure to the spell (Urutorii learns it at level 17),
 then know that greater magic can only be cast from a standing start and 
 generally has a large area of effect.  Better to force the mage to move first
 before being able to launch a spell. 

  If you can, destroy all those sticks at the top of the map for items.

Stage 19: 滅びし國の皇女 - The Ruined Country Princess          [PS2 exclusive]

    Victory Condition: Kamchataal, Nopon (the real one), and Gomuta are all 
    Losing Condition : All allies defeated.

    Party: Dorii, Guraa, Oboro, Benawi, Kurou
           * It is strongly recommended that you equip healing and status 
             restoration items to your characters before starting the map. *

  Yes, I know.  As if the fact that Inkara even HAD a daughter wasn't strange 
 enough, Nopon actually manages to become even MORE annoying.  A feat I 
 believed impossible just a map ago.  This stage absolutely sucks, not only 
 because it's moderately tricky, but because you'll be hearing Nopon call 
 himself a genius so many times you'll scream in agony. ~_~

  As far as I'm concerned the map has five boss characters.  Gomuta you should
 remember, as he's the same as before (but a level higher).  Nopon also gained
 a level, and apparently learned "kage bunshin" during the event scenario, 
 which means you have two level 12 clones to deal with as well.  Be careful of 
 their lightning, though it seems only the real Nopon uses the greater thunder

  Try to take out Gomuta as soon as possible.  The last thing you need is a 
 confused character wandering around confused and getting killed.  His monkey 
 friends aren't as dangerous, but you definately don't want them ganging up on
 you.  Try to keep away and kill them with mob tactics and range as best you 
 can, but make Gomuta and the Nopon clones a definate priority (hope you 
 brought healing items).

  You unfortunately don't have long before Kamchataal and the real Nopon come
 after you (only a turn or two).  Surprisingly enough, Nopon is infintely more
 dangerous than Kamchataal with his greater magics, so make sure he goes down
 hard.  Kamchataal herself is decently strong, and as she uses a whip she can
 attack up to two squares away.  However, she doesn't really have any spells or
 specials, and she's not too difficult to stay away from.  She has a much
 better voice than her minions as well. >_>

  There's a big rock with an item in it over on the left if you think you have
 a chance to get it without being magicked to death.  The stage ends when all 
 bosses are defeated.

  When you're done, watch Oboro learn why monkey's are disgusting creatures.

Stage 20: 残してきた想い - Feelings Left Behind                 [PS2 exclusive]

    Victory Condition: All enemies defeated.
    Losing Condition : All allies defeated.

    Party: Dorii, Guraa, Oboro, Benawi, Kurou
           * It is strongly recommended that you equip healing and status 
             restoration items to your characters before starting the map. *

  This map isn't so bad as it looks, really.  Nopon's big super genius surprise
 is really just a pair of those tiger flame cannons, only he's allowed them to
 actually move (one single space per turn).  Of course, to do so he had to make
 them lightweight, which means their HP is very low.  Not a problem at all.

  The real trouble is everything else.  The Kimamau monkeys can confuse and 
 stun, as can Gomuta, and the red-armored officers can stun as well.  As it is,
 you have four ranged attackers, so use them to clear a spot and let things 
 come to you.  By now Benawi might have learned the Penetration skill, allowing
 him to attack everything within his range at the same time (both squares at
 once), so if the opportunity presents itself be sure to use it.

  Nopon is still the most dangerous due to his greater magic, but don't under-
 estimate Kamchataal's attack strength.  If someone is hit by her, they might
 strongly consider an item for healing.

  There's some sticks to destroy for items.  You might as well.

  *** After this stage the flashback ends and you resume the main storyline ***

Stage 21: 暁を乱す者 - The One Who Disturbs the Dawn

    Victory Condition: All enemies defeated.
    Losing Condition : Hakuoro is killed.

    Party: Field 8 total - Hakuoro, Eruruu, Aruruu, Touka required

  This stage has lots of obstacles you can destroy for items or experience.  
 Most of the enemies here are fairly weak, but note the woptar lizard rider 
 that starts in the upper-right corner of the map, as he is in fact an officer
 with boosted attack and defense stats.  However since he's enclosed in a tiny
 area blocked by two stick fortifications (with an archer), he won't move from
 that spot until you get up right next to him (enemies here will never destroy 
 foritifications, even to get out).  Since he won't bother you, concern 
 yourself with everyone else and take him out last.

  Additionally, archers continue the trend of poisoning you randomly, but at 
 least now you have Eruruu.  Consider an Eruruu/Aruruu combo to clean yourself
 since they're both automatically fielded.

  Also notice that this is the first stage that Aruruu goes into battle with 
 Gachyatara (the Mikyuun fox/weasel) sitting on her shoulder.  Gachyatara will
 not only change her attacks and their timing, but enable her true combo
 finisher.  It will also power up Touka's Team Attack with her.  Try them out.

Stage 22: ハンサナの攻防 - The Offense and Defense of Hansana

    Victory Condition: All enemies defeated.
    Losing Condition : Hakuoro is killed.

    Party: Field 8 total - Hakuoro, Eruruu required
           * This is a "wet" stage, so it is recommended that you do not
             field Aruruu, as her defense will be drastically reduced. *

  Again there is a soldier captain with boosted stats, as well as a number of
 mages to worry about and archers that can inflict poison.  The thing you 
 really need to watch out for is the captain's stun effect, because stun can
 equal death on this map (you'll see why later).  Don't let him hit you if you
 can help it.  Otherwise head over to them and let them have it.

  After so many enemies have been defeated, Hakuoro will notice the effect the
 heavy rain is having on the river.  At this point the victory/loss conditions 
 change drastically.  You have to race all of your characters up onto shore,
 and if any of them are left standing in the river, then they'll be killed by 
 the oncoming flood waters.  It doesn't matter which riverbank you send your 
 units, so long as they are standing on shore by the end of Hakuoro's 2nd turn 
 after the cutscene, otherwise you will get a game over if even ONE of your
 characters fails to escape.  If there are any leftover enemies (and there
 probably are), you can ignore them or kill them on your way, but your priority
 is reaching the shore over all else.

Stage 23: 狩りし者、狩られし者 - One Who Hunts, and One Who Hunts the Hunter

  * Buckle down, this is a LONG stage.  Be sure to save on the setup screen. *

 - Part a.

    Victory Condition: Hakuoro reaches the end of the mountain path.
    Losing Condition : Hakuoro is killed.

    Party: Field 8 total - Hakuoro, Eruruu required

  The path here is long and annoying, mostly because it just takes so long to
 move eight characters along to the end of it.  There's a lot of fortification 
 scattered about to get in your way, but you can also use it to your advantage
 with the groups of enemies.  Split into two groups and work your way along the
 two paths while being mindful of the archers and mages (who can shoot down 
 cliffs over the wooden walls).

  There's a single red-armored officer near where you start.  Kill him first 
 as he can cause stun.  You shouldn't have a great deal of trouble with the 
 rest of the map if you play it carefully.

  Both Kurou and Karura have the mangle ability that lets them break 
 fortifications in a single hit, including the special high-HP stick things 
 on this map.  Aruruu also has the skill if you choose to field her.

 - Part b. 

    Victory Condition: Niui is defeated
    Losing Condition : Hakuoro is killed.

  You start this map with whatever characters you had running up the path, and
 everyone has had their health restored to full (no chance to save in between).

  Niui stands on his raised area guarded by three red officers, but they won't
 move for four or five rounds, so start cleaning up the grunts.  Be mindful
 of the tiger flame cannons as they can still cause stun and confusion effects
 (which are disastrous).  Thankfully these are just standard cannons and can't
 move like Nopon's things (or even turn for that matter), so if you watch their
 attack ranges you can ignore them completely.

  This stage introduces a new generic unit : the greater mage.  Greater mages
 can cast both Shisui Unkami (greater lightning spell) and Yamui Unkami 
 (greater fire spell), but only from a standing start.  Both have fairly large
 areas of effect, and even though there are only two mages you should be 
 careful about how you approach them.

  After enough time has passed if you haven't come for Niui then Niui will come
 for you.  He has a movement range of 5, so you've next to no chance of out-
 running him, and his physical combo is strong enough to annihalate your weaker
 characters.  In addition, he has a wind spell that effects a 3x3 square area
 in front of him for decent damage (though argueably much less that his single
 target combo).  Keep Eruruu the hell away from him and try to surround him 
 with beefier characters.  Also note that his three red-armored bodyguards will
 come after you at the same time he does, and they're also very dangerous 
 thanks to their stun effects.  The officers also have the critical skill,
 which can kill even some of your best characters in a combo.

  Enjoy the event afterwards (is it just me, or does Niui have the weirdest 
 laugh ever? >_>).

 * Skirmish battles are once again available during the Rest Phase, as well as
   the two events you didn't select waaaaay back during the last Rest Phase. *

Stage 24: アヴ・カムゥ - Avu Kamuu

    Victory Condition: A least one characters survives until time expires.
    Losing Condition : Everyone dies. ;_;

    Party: Everyone except for Hakuoro, Eruruu, and Aruruu

  After one of the longest rest phases in the game, you're greeted with this
 rather strange stage.  The Avu Kamuu armors will head up the map destroying
 everything in their path, and try as you might you can't inflict even a single
 point of damage on them (though that doesn't stop you from trying).  Oddly
 enough they seem much more interested in destroying all of the rocks lying
 around rather than your characters, and will completely ignore you unless 
 there are no other rocks lying around.  The stage ends either when enough time
 has passed, or the Avu Kamuu start attacking the 2nd gate at the top.  All you
 need is a single character to survive to clear the stage.

  While there are many rocks, none of them have items.  In fact, the only thing
 to do in this stage is be useless and run away.  However, you still earn bonus
 points for attacking (quite a lot, in fact).

 * This stage unlocks Scenario #7 : Challenge tutorial *

 * Skirmish Set #3 is now available during the rest phase *

 *** After the event following this stage, the opening animation will also
     change to reflect late game characters and events.  The old opening can 
     still be seen in the Event Viewer found in the Bonus option on the title
     screen menu (Event 88). ***

Stage 25: 灼熱の牢 - Prison of Scorching Heat

    Victory Condition: Reach the Gate
    Losing Condition : Hakuoro is killed.

    Party: Field 8 total - Hakuoro, Eruruu, Urutorii, Kamyu, Genjimaru required

  Lots of new and weird enemies, but don't let them fool you.  None of the
 prototype Avu Kamuu can move, and their attack range is only one, so feel
 free to have your way with them.  Watch out for the little automated crossbows
 as they like to hide out of sight and surprise you when you step in their
 expansive range.  They also can't move but have a cannon's range, and can

  There are two paths you can take, though you can actually swing by doing
 both.  Genjimaru is pure awesome in a can, so have no qualms about sending him
 and a few others one way and the rest another.

  When you reach the land bridge and try to cross it, Hien will show up in his 
 blue Avu Kamuu.  It's both strong and well armored, but nothing you can't 
 handle.  The victory condition will change to Defeat Hien, and doing so will
 end the stage for you.

  Hien has a movement of 3 and an attack range of 1, but he also has a special
 melee strike that hits everything within a 2 square range around him.  Expect
 him to pull if off on you and keep your mages and healer away from it.
 Otherwise he's not too bad, as he can't use the skill after moving.

Stage 26: 滅びゆく者 - The One Who Destroys

    Victory Condition: All enemies are defeated.
    Losing Condition : Hakuoro is killed.

    Party: Field 8 total - Hakuoro, Eruruu, Genjimaru required
           * This is a "wet" stage, so it is recommended that you do not
             field Aruruu, as her defense will be drastically reduced. *

  Lots of Avu Kamuu here, as well as a few hidden crossbows along the sides.
 Thankfully after your training in the previous map the armors are just tough
 as opposed to undefeatable, so employ mob tactics to take them out.  If you've
 been pumping Karura's attack stat, you'll find her to be excellent at
 slaughtering pretty much everything in this map, especially if Urutorii or
 Touka is with her.  The armors like to bunch together due to their low
 movement stat (3 sqaures) so you might consider some team attacks as well.
 Avu Kamuu have a chance to reduce your special energy meter when they hit you,
 and the crossbows can still poison you. 

  If you haven't been using your combo finishers, now is the time to start.
 They make the armors much easier.  Try not to get sniped by crossbows hidden
 from view by the armors themselves.

Stage 27: 仮面 - Mask

    Victory Condition: All enemies are defeated.
    Losing Condition : Hakuoro is killed.

    Party: Field 8 total - Hakuoro, Eruruu, Genjimaru required

  More new enemies.  They have poor movement range but are decently strong.
 Also unlike the majority of what you've been dealing with lately they actually
 have elemental affinities.  Clear out the first few near you and work your
 way over to the path leading up the hill (it makes a good choke point).

  Once all initial enemies are defeated Dii will show up with Kanhorudari and
 some more masked men, and the victory condition changes to "defeat Dii".  If
 you want you can just blitz Dii, or you can take out the others for items.  I
 recommend fortifying yourself on the path and letting Kanhorudari and the
 masked men to come to you, where you can pick them apart.

  Kanhorudari is powerful, but not really strong enough to worry.  He has a
 powerful fire attack that he can use from a standing start, but frankly you
 should be able to kill him easily before he ever gets the chance to use it
 (assuming you fortfied and waited for him back at the hill).

  Dii isn't very strong physically, but he has a powerful light magic attack 
 that hits everyone within a two square radius around him for moderate damage.
 However he cannot use the skill after moving.  Defeating him ends the map.

Stage 28: クーヤ - Kuuya

    Victory Condition: Kuuya is defeated.
    Losing Condition : Hakuoro is killed.

    Party: Field 8 total - Hakuoro, Eruruu, Urutorii, Kamyu, Genjimaru required

  Kuuya stands at the top with no less than ten Avu Kamuu scattered about.  
 While it's possible to blitz Kuuya and the four guards near her, it is 
 recommended that you get some leveling done on the armors on the side.  Kuuya 
 and the four armors nearest her won't move until at least the eighth or ninth
 turn, so you have plenty of time to deal with them.

  Along the left side of the map are 6 Avu Kamuu that will make their way 
 towards you.  Go up and employ mob attacks to take them down like before.
 After three or four turns a set of 6 reinforcement armors will come out of the
 wall, so be prepared to take them out as well.  Afterwards make your way to
 Kuuya, who should also be on her way to see you by now.

  Kuuya has a fire slash attack that hits everything in a 5x2 radius in front
 of her.  The range is awkward when she turns, so don't accidentally get your
 weaker characters killed.  She cannot use the skill after moving.

 * The upcoming Rest Phase is the last one in the game, and thus this is your
   last chance to take part in any skirmish battles (Set #4) in order to level
   up your characters.  Note that the only chance you'll have to save your game
   from here on out is during the pre-battle setup phases (may be a few 
   exceptions during off-map events). *

Stage 29: 太古の夢跡 - Ancient Ruins of Dreams

 - Part a.

    Victory Condition: Hakuoro reaches the designated square.
    Losing Condition : Hakuoro is killed.

    Party: All available

  The immortal slimes are defensively resilient and also have the regenerative
 self-healing skill, but they're scattered so far about that it's virtually
 impossible for them to give you any trouble.  Try to save your energy meters
 for later.

  Once Hakuoro (and only Hakuoro) reaches the designated square at the end of
 the path, you're sent to the second half of the map.

 - Part b.

    Victory Condition: All enemies are defeated.
    Losing Condition : Hakuoro is killed.

    Party: All available

  This is probably the most amusing stage of the game.  The slimes morph into
 shadow clones of your characters, and best yet they copy many of your skills!
 Alas they're only at level 20, and by this time you should be higher level
 than them.

  For the first turn your shadow will move immediately after your character,
 though your higher level characters will begin to act faster during the later
 rounds.  If a character attacks (or is attacked by) their clone, then they'll
 say a little comment about it.  I liked having everyone finish off their
 respective dopplegangers with their combo finisher for poetic justice.  Well,
 except Eruruu, who just gave a confusion effect to hers.

  Things to watch out for: 
  - Hakuoro clone has the Miracle resurrection skill, and will probably have to
      be killed at least twice.
  - Eruruu clone will actually run up and smack you instead of healing others.
  - Karura clone is strong enough to kill your weaker characters in a single
  - Benawi clone knows the Penetration skill.
  - Urutorii clone knows the Rayana Somukuru light spell, which has a very long
      area of effect (3x8 in front of her), and can be quite damaging.  She
      will cast the spell every chance she gets from back in her corner.
  - Character clones with evade skills can dodge your attacks in mid-combo.
  - Character clones with counter will usually smack you back.

  Anyway, have fun.

Stage 30: 力を求めし者 - The One Who Seeks Power

    Victory Condition: Hien and Hauenkua are defeated.
    Losing Condition : Hakuoro is killed.

    Party: All available

  A simple stage, as it's just the two bosses with no grunts.  You can attack
 Hien if you wish, but you can't actually hurt him (his defense stat is ??),
 so other than to maybe see the neat event don't bother.  He won't move from
 his inital spot, but he WILL attack anyone near him.

  When someone first attacks Hauenkua an event will trigger.  Afterwards gang
 him with your entire force.  He can hit a 3x3 area directly in front of him,
 but only from a standing start.  It's strong, but not terrible.

  Once Hauenkua is defeated another event will trigger, and then Hien will go
 active (and thus his defense no longer lists as ??).  Take him out the same 
 way as last time.

Stage 31: 大封印 - The Large Seal

 - Part a

    Victory Condition: Mutsumi is defeated.
    Losing Condition : Hakuoro is killed.

    Party: All available except for Urutorii

  This is more of a fun event battle than anything else.  No comment, as you
 shouldn't have a problem figuring out what to do.

 - Part b 

    Victory Condition: Dii is defeated.
    Losing Condition : Hakuoro is killed.

  It's just Dii, but he's lethal when he's serious.  He's decently fast and 
 will probably even get the first turn (meaning some of your characters will
 likely get hurt), and he has decent movement, though he won't actually move 
 much.  He'll mainly use a long range skill with a 3x8? rectangular area of
 effect, so don't leave any characters in such a range while they make their
 way up to him.  He also has the regenerative self-healing skill now, but this
 is more of a mild inconvenience assuming your attack stats are decent.  

Stage 32: うたわれるもの - The One Who is Sung                    [Final Stage]

 * The setup phase is your last chance to save the game! *

    Victory Condition: "Final Boss" is defeated.
    Losing Condition : All characters are killed.

    Party: All available

  The final boss is big, but slow.  However he's incredibly powerful, and his
 attack ranges are huge!  If you're in front of him, then it's very likely that
 he'll hit you.  Eruruu's first medicinal herb (AoE healing) will be invaluable
 here, as will her combo attack with Aruruu (AoE healing).

  You can't hurt the actual boss at first, as its protected by its arms.
 Instead focus on them.  Scroll the cursor around the map to see where you can
 hit both the arms and the body, as each target has three places you can
 attack it at once.  Using AoE magic spells is exceptionally useful, as they
 can hit the arms and body three times at once if positioned properly.

  Sets of slimes will frequently spawn in  to harass you, but they're mainly to
 prevent you from leaving Eruruu outside of the boss's attack range and running
 a heal clinic.  Take out the slimes at range so they don't end up weakening
 your characters enough for the boss to kill them, and then focus on the arms.

  The boss will attack in the following pattern:
    - Left Arm hits everything on the left side of the map.
    - Right Arm hits everything on the right side of the map.
    - Body hits everything in front of it.

  While it's possible to try to run around avoiding his attacks, it's not
 really worth it to do so.  Once an arm is defeated that attack in the pattern
 changes to a more simplistic blast that will instantly reduce a single
 character to 1 HP, but won't actually kill them.  That skill is absolutely 
 horrible if you've been ignoring the slimes, but otherwise you should be able
 to have Eruruu cure them back up before the boss strikes again.  Once both 
 arms are defeated you can start to whittle away the boss's actual lifepoints.

  Fun fact: Your characters will say a new personalized comment when you use
            your combo finishers and team attacks on the boss (I'm particularly
            fond of Oboro's comments).  Additionally since the boss is level 50
            (and you're probably in your mid-late twenties), your characters
            will likely level up a few times during the battle, which acts as a
            free full healing.  

  Congratulations, you beat the game.  Enjoy the ending.  Afterwards you will
 be prompted to save a clear file.  Do so.  Did you catch the title reference?

VI. Skirmish Battles

  Here are all of the available random skirmish missions available.  They're
 arranged in sets, with three being available for each major plot division 
 (save the last one).  Skirmish battles are randomly chosen when you select the
 area, so if you're aiming for a particular one just reset and try again.

  Skirmish availability:
     Set #1: Skirmish 1-3 - available after stage 9 until stage ??
     Set #2: Skirmish 4-6 - available after stage 14 until stage ??
     Set #3: Skirmish 7-9 - available after stage 23 but before stage 24
     Set #4: Skirmish 10  - available only during the final rest phase between
                            stages 28 and 29

Skirmish 1 : 栄華にすがりしもの : Those Clinging to Glory 
Skirmish 2 : 再来、招かれざるもの : Reappearance of the Uninvited Things
Skirmish 3 : つわもの達よ : The Stalwart Breakthrough 
Skirmish 4 : 続・つわもの達よ : Continuation of the Stalwart Breakthrough
Skirmish 5 : 賊 : Thief
Skirmish 6 : キママゥと踊れ : Dance with the Kimamau
Skirmish 7 : 没落の果てに : Ruin's End
Skirmish 8 : つわもの達の宴 : Feast of the Valiant
Skirmish 9 : キママゥ皇 : The Kimamau King
Skirmish 10: 彷徨いしもの : Those Who Wander
VI. Characters

 This section contains a number of spoilers as well (obviously), but is useful
for seeing how characters develop and when they learn their skills.

1. Hakuoro

   The main character.  Uses a fan to attack and has a demon mask on his face.  
  Hakuoro is one of the few characters throughout the game that does not have
  an elemental affinity (his affinity is represented by a '?').  In addition, 
  his combo finisher is also unique in that it will take on a random elemental
  attribute, usually one that the opponent is weak against.  He also gains a 
  fifth finisher near the end of the game that is "non-elemental".

   Hakuoro is the main character, and thus you are often required to field him.
  In addition, the losing conditions of many maps is for Hakuoro to die, which
  makes keeping him alive your top priority.  His unique "Miracle" skill helps
  with this, as anytime he dies with a full energy meter he'll instantly 
  resurrect with full life.  Try equipping him with energy raising equipments
  to keep him safe in the case of emergenciess.  The 練気の兜 item would 
  probably help in that regard.

   As his survival is usually top priority, consider taking advantage of his
  decent defense cost to buff him up a bit.  Magic Resistance isn't nearly as
  important as physical defense for Hakuoro, as he not only a melee fighter,
  but also obtains the Magic Resistance skill.

   His Improve Morale skill slightly increases the abilities of all female
  allies that are adjacent to him.  Seriously. >_>;

 Element: Non-Elemental

 Movement Range : 4
 Attack Range   : 1

 Number of Attacks: 4 (finisher is 5th)
                    1 -> 2 at level 5
                    2 -> 3 at level 9
                    3 -> 4 (max) at level ?? (missed it >_>;)

 Skills:   士気向上 - Improve Morale (starts with this skill) 
           起死回生 - Miracle (starts with this skill)
           戦術指揮 - Strategic Command (learns at level 15)
           術法抵抗 - Magic Resistance (learns at level 20)
 Costs: Attack 60
        Defense 50  
        Magic Defense 50

 Combos with: Oboro
  Attack hits a 3x3 square in front of Hakuoro.  Reduces the special energy
  meter of enemies.

2. Eruruu

   Your one and only Healer-type character.  Eruruu can heal characters
  adjacent to her, but cannot normally heal herself.  She carries a number of 
  herbs with her that serve various medicinal effects, such as antidotes and 
  area-of-effect heals, as well as a bevy of debuffing herbs to let her pester
  enemies.  Herbs have a limited number of uses per battle that increases as 
  Eruruu levels up, but all medicinal drugs are replinished at the start of the
  next map (so feel free to use them like crazy).

   Typically Eruruu is very fragile to physical attack and should never be on
  the front line.  It's best to keep her in a supportive role, but well within
  range of the characters actually fighting.  Her speed is slow and her 
  movement is very low, so consider speed increasing equipment so that she'll
  act more often.

   Raising her Attack stat increases the effectiveness of her healing
  techniques, so try to put at least a point in that every level or so.  With
  such a high defense cost you'll want to keep her away from archer range
  (Dodge Arrow helps with that), though you might as well toss a few points
  into her cheap Magic Defense to keep her nigh-immune to mages.

 Element: Earth

 Movement Range : 3
 Action Range   : 1

 Number of Actions: 2 (finisher is 3rd - Yes, she has a Super Heal)
                    1 -> 2 (max) at level 6

 Skills:       薬術 - Medicinal Practicioner (learns at level 4)
             弓回避 - Dodge Arrows (learns at level 7)
               遠投 - Long Throw (learns at level 12)
         道具の心得 - Knowledge of Tools (learns at level 26)

 Costs: "Attack" 50 
        Defense 80 
        Magic Defense 30

   Medicinal Practicioner skills (in order of appearance in her list):

     Green Herbs (buffs)

        ヤツモロロの薬湯 - Medicated Bath (water) of Yatsumororo (level 7)
            ミルィルの蜜 - Honey of Fumiluir (Familiar?) (level 4)
          カプマゥの煎薬 - Infusion (shot) of Kapumau (level 16)
        ポロネロ草の軟膏 - Salve of Polonelo (level 6)
        トンプルチの軟膏 - Salve of Tonpuruchi (level 9)
          コゥーハの軟膏 - Salve of Kou-ha (level 17)

     Red Herbs (debuffs)

            ネコンの香煙 - Burnt Incense of Nekon (level 19)
          ケスパゥの香煙 - Burnt Incense of Kesubau (level 23)
          紅皇バチの蜜蝋 - Beeswax of the Crimson Emperor Bachi (level 21)
          ワブアブの粉末 - Fine Powder of Wabuabu (level 11)
        テクヌプイの香煙 - Burnt Incense of Tekenupui (level 13)

 Combos with: Aruruu
  Creates a massive area of effect healing centered on Eruruu that also cures 
  all status ailments.

3. Teoro

   A big guy with an axe.  Teoro has a good defense, powerful attacks, and he
  starts with the critical strike skill.  Unfortunately he's slow and weak to
  magic, and his movement is terrible.  However he has mangle, so he can just
  tear up all those rocks and sticks and stuff. ;-D

   Toss all your bonus points into his Attack and Defense.  Don't bother with
  his magic defense, as it'll never amount to anything anyway.  Just keep him
  away from mages and he'll be a great hard-hitting wall, which you seriously
  need at the beginning of the game.  He also gets his combo finisher before
  ANYONE else (level 5) so try to take advantage of it, especially since he 
  doesn't have a skill or team attack to divert your energy interests. 

 Element: Earth

 Movement Range : 3
 Attack Range   : 1

 Number of Attacks: 3 (finisher is 4th)
                    1 -> 2 at level 3
                    2 -> 3 (max) at level 5

 Skills:   会心の技 - Skill of Satisfaction (starts with this skill)
           ぶち壊し - Mangle (starts with this skill)

 Costs: Attack 70
        Defense 50
        Magic Defense 70

 Combos with: No one

4. Dorii

   The archer in the blue pants.  His attack cost is cheaper than his twin's 
  but he learns his additional attacks later, and has a more expensive defense
  cost.  While it's easier to make him stronger by buying stats, most of 
  Dorii's earlier skills are defensive in nature, which is kind of weird, but
  help even him out with his brother.

   I usually like to pump the two archers' Attack stats almost exclusively, as
  they should never be out front tanking.  I might put a few points into Magic
  Defense if I have extra points left over, though.  And maybe a few points in
  Defense if it rounds out a number?  His first skill will help the latter out
  when his energy meter fills.  Regardless keeping your archers strong is the
  best way to raise them.
 Element: Wind

 Movement Range : 3
 Attack Range   : 2-5 (straight linear direction only)

 Number of Attacks: 2 (finisher is 3rd)
                    1 -> 2 (max) at level 8

 Skills: 護身呼吸法 - Self-protective Breathing Technique (learns at level 5)
           近接回避 - Adjacent Evasion (learns at level 10)
               遠投 - Long Throw (learns at level 14)
           窮死覚醒 - Critical Awakening (learns at level 20)
           会心の技 - Skill of Satisfaction (learns at level 25)

 Costs: Attack 70 
        Defense 70 
        Magic Defense 40

 Combos with: Guraa
  Hits all enemies in a 3x5 rectangular area in front of Dorii.  Causes 
  Defense Down.

5. Guraa

   The archer in the red pants and Dorii's twin brother.  Always has a slight 
  blush on his cheeks for whatever reason...

   Guraa has a slightly more expensive Attack cost, but he learns the Raging
  Fire skill very early, so that will boost his attack up to his brother's
  level nicely.  In fact, in the early game he'll probably outshine Dorii in
  damage not only because of his skill, but because he learns his combo 
  finisher two levels earlier than his brother.  In the end the two of them
  pretty much even out though, so they both end up about the same.

   As previously stated, attack is definately the most important stat for the
  archers.  Gura's cost is a little higher, so feel free to plop a few points
  elsewhere if needed (because eventually even your most reclusive characters
  WILL get hit).  The raging fire technique increases attack relative to the
  amount of energy currently in the meter, but this shouldn't dissuade you from
  using his finisher and combos.  

 Element: Wind

 Movement Range : 3
 Attack Range   : 2-5 (straight linear direction only)

 Number of Attacks: 2 (finisher is 3rd)
                    1 -> 2 (max) at level 6

 Skills:   烈火の技 - Technique of Raging Fire (learns at level 5)
             弓回避 - Dodge Arrows (learns at level 10)
           明鏡止水 - "Clear and Serene" (learns at level 15)
           窮死覚醒 - Critical Awakening (learns at level 20)
           会心の技 - Skill of Satisfaction (learns at level 25)

 Costs: Attack 80
        Defense 60
        Magic Defense 40

 Combos with: Dorii
  A 13 square area of effect in a diamond shape can be positionally targetted 
  centering up to three squares from Gura (linear distance only).  Causes 
  Defense Down.

6. Oboro

   Your ninja of the game.  Oboro wields two swords and is one of your fastest
  characters by far.  His turn will come up faster than most others, and he has
  the best movement out of ALL your characters (he's the only one with 5 move).
  If you need someone to get somewhere in a hurry, he's usually your guy.

   Oboro's attack stat cost is great!  It's his cheapest stat, so pump it like
  no one's buisness to really see Oboro shine.  He occasionally gets two turns
  in for an enemy's one, so having him hit hard twice in a row is definately a
  pleasant action.  Some defense would be good every now and again so that he
  doesn't die by accident, but focus on attack to make him awesome.

   He has both evade skills, but don't rely on them.  They might save you a few
  times, though.

 Element: Fire

 Movement Range : 5!
 Attack Range   : 1

 Number of Attacks: 5! (finisher is 6th!)
                    1 -> 2 at level 7
                    2 -> 3 at level 10
                    3 -> 4 at level 13
                    4 -> 5 (max) at level 16

 Skill:   勇気の瞳 - Eyes of Courage (starts with this skill)
            弓回避 - Dodge Arrows (starts with this skill)
          報復の技 - Counter Technique (learns at level 5)
          近接回避 - Adjacent Evasion (learns at level 10)
          窮死覚醒 - Critical Awakening (learns at level 20)
          死中求活 - Escape from Certain Death (learns at level 25)

 Costs: Attack 50 
        Defense 60 
        Magic Defense 60
 Combos with: Dorii and Guraa (both must be in range of him).
  Effects an area of 13 sqaures arranged in a diamond pattern, with the center
  of the area positional anywhere up to two squares away from Oboro.  
  Causes Stun effect.

7. Aruruu

   Eruruu's sister riding on Muukuru the tiger.  She has extremely high defense 
  with a low cost, but if you field her in a stage with water then her tiger
  loses strength and her defense stat plummets.  In addition, although she 
  gains all of her attacks at level 13, her combo finisher is not available
  until after she obtains the Mikyuum fox/weasel.  Trying to use her finisher
  before then has both humorous and completely useless results.  However it's
  worth seeing once just to complete the Event Viewer.

   The "Mikyuum" fox/weasel will appear during the Rest Phase following stage 
  20, and Aruruu will name it Gachyatara.  It will upgrade her sprite, change 
  her attacks, and finally enable her true combo finisher.  It will also grant
  Aruruu the wonderful Self-healing skill.

   Since her defense cost is so low, I tend to pump it up with leftover points,
  though I always buy at least one attack stat per chance.  Once she hits level
  10 and gains her Divine Protection of Mua skill, her defense stat will ascend
  to stupidly high levels as her energy meter fills, making her your absolute
  best tanking character in the game.  Additionally she'll gain both the 
  Self-healing and Hardening of Fur skills on top of that, making her almost
  physcially unkillable (and effectively immune to poison).

   Also don't neglect her Eyes of Fighting Spirit ability, which prevents
  enemies from moving past her in one turn.  It lets her act as a three
  character wall instead of just one in regards to enemy movement (though it
  will not work on characters with the Flight skill).

 Element: Wind

 Number of Attacks: 3 (finisher is 4th)
 Movement Range   : 4

 Skills:   水に弱い - Weakness to Water (starts with this skill/flaw)
           ぶち壊し - Mangle (starts with this skill)
           闘志の瞳 - Eyes of Fighting Spirit (starts with this skill)
         ムアの加護 - Divine Protection of Mua (learns at level 10)
           自然治癒 - Self-healing (learns after stage 20)
         道具の心得 - Knowledge of Tools (learns at level 20)
           体毛硬化 - Hardening of Fur (learns at level 25)

 Costs: Attack 70
        Defense 30 
        Magic Defense 50

 Combos with: Kamyu
  Strikes a 3x7 rectangular area in front of Aruruu.

8. Benawi

   Benawi is a mounted "woptar" rider with a halberd.  He ties Oboro in having
  the most number of attacks, but gains his finisher much later.  He's the only
  character on your team to gets the situationally useful Penetration skill 
  which can let him strike two enemies at once if they're standing next to each
  other, but he never really gets as strong as others.  Still, his skills are
  very useful.

   Even if you pump his attack stat, Benawi will still seem more of a defensive
  fighter.  Even so, with his penetration skill ability to hit with critical
  strikes, he more than makes up for any deficiencies.  In fact, that's one 
  area where he has Oboro beat, as Benawi gains a chance to hit a critical with
  each attack in his combo, and he has five hits to try with!  Criticals on 
  later hits of the combo still do massive damage, even if normally those hits
  are very weak.  Additionally you'll want him around for his strategic command
  skill, as it boosts the energy of all allies next to him at the start of his
  turn (and he comes with it).  Give him a speed increasing item like the
  フムカミの(奇)御魂 and watch him be an energy battery.
 Element: Water

 Movement Range : 4
 Attack Range   : 2 (directly in front of him)

 Number of Attacks: 5! (finisher is 6th)
                    starts at 2
                    2 -> 3 at level 13
                    3 -> 4 at level 16
                    4 -> 5 (max) at level 19

 Skills:   闘志の瞳 - Eyes of Fighting Spirit (starts with this skill)
             弓回避 - Dodge Arrows (starts with this skill)
           戦術指揮 - Strategic Command (starts with this skill)
           貫通攻撃 - Penetrating Attack (learns at level 12)
           会心の技 - Skill of Satisfaction (learns at level 15)
           明鏡止水 - "Clear and Serene" (learns at level 18)
         護身呼吸法 - Self-protective Breathing Technique (learns at level 22)

 Costs : Attack 70
         Defense 40
         Magic Defense 40

 Combos with: Kurou
  Strikes in a massive X-shaped pattern in front of Benawi (7 squares for each
  half of the X).  Causes Stun.

9. Kurou

   A mounted "woptar" rider with a very long sword.  Due to his lower cost and
  skills, it is much easier for Kurou to become stronger than Benawi by the
  late game, though his defense will not be near the same.

   Kurou is actually an unexpected gem.  His attack cost isn't too high, and
  he learns the Raging Fire technique pretty early, giving him a great boost
  to his attack.  His stats start out pretty low when you first get him, but
  if you work with him and pump that attack, he'll be one of your stronger
  characters in the end game.  And he can attack from a range of two, which is
  just bonus!  He also has mangle, and since he's a lizard cavalry he's
  decently speedy.  If you need obstacles cleared away, then he's probably your
  best go-to guy.  Raise his defense with extra points if you like, as he does
  eventually learn the Divine Protection of Mua, which works best off of a
  high defense stat and full energy meter.

   Kurou gets a lot more love in the PS2 version, including his first
  appearance in a CG image.  I think someone at Flight-Plan or Sting really
  liked him.

 Element: Earth

 Movement Range : 4
 Attack Range   : 2 (directly in front of him)

 Number of Attacks: 4 (finisher is 5th, gained at level 17)
                    starts at 2
                    2 -> 3 at level 13
                    3 -> 4 (max) at level 16

 Skills:   闘志の瞳 - Eyes of Fighting Spirit (starts with this skill)
           ぶち壊し - Mangle (starts with this skill)
           烈火の技 - Technique of Raging Fire (learns at level 13)
           報復の技 - Counter Technique (learns at level 17)
         ムアの加護 - Divine Protection of Mua (learns at level 21)
           死中求活 - Escape from Certain Death (learns at level 25)

 Costs: Attack 60
        Defense 40
        Magic Defense 50

 Combos with: Oboro
  Hits a 5-square area in a plus-shaped pattern centered two squares in front
  of him.  Causes Stun.

10. Karura (Karla?)

   She's the character with the large heavy collar, blue braided hair, and the
  giant sword.  A little slow and weak on the magic defense, she makes up for
  it with a very high strength potential.  In fact, since she has so few 
  attacks in her combo, they tend to do excessively large amounts of damage, 
  especially her finisher.

   There is only one thing you need to do when leveling Karura, and that is
  pump up her strength.  Her magic defense will never amount to anything, and
  beyond maybe a few points to keep her defense a nice round number, there's
  no reason to ever bother doing anything EXCEPT increase her attack.  Simply
  put, she is to be your strongest character hands down, and once she learns
  the Raging Fire technique you'll see her first attack almost double most 
  other characters entire combos!  She might start out unimpressive, but she'll
  make up for it in the later stages where she's one of the only characters 
  that can still one-hit KO enemies with her finisher.  If she ever manages to
  get a critical with her skill, then expect the enemy to go splat.

   Don't worry too much about her defense, as she has a pretty high HP total.
  Her speed is a little slow, but not unbearably so like it was in the PC game.
  So long as you watch out for mages, Karura will tear up, especially as a
  support attacker and boss killer.

 Element: Fire

 Movement Range : 4
 Attack Range   : 1

 Number of Attacks: 3 (finisher is 4th)
                    1 -> 2 at level 15
                    2 -> 3 at level 18

 Skills:   ぶち壊し - Mangle (starts with this skill)
         ムアの加護 - Divine Protection of Mua (learns at level 14)
           烈火の技 - Technique of Raging Fire (learns at level 16)
           闘志の瞳 - Eyes of Fighting Spirit (learns at level 19)
           会心の技 - Skill of Satisfaction (learns at level 21)
           明鏡止水 - "Clear and Serene" (learns at level 22)

 Costs: Attack 50 
        Defense 70 
        Magic Defense 90!

 Combos with: Touka
  Strikes a triangle-shaped area in front of Karura five squares wide and three
  squares tall.  Causes Defense Down

11. Urutorii

   The blond character with white wings.  Urutorii is a mage specializing in 
  Wind and Lightning (water) magic, and later in Light.  Since she has wings 
  (and thus the Flight skill), she is able to move anywhere within range 
  regardless of any obstacles or enemy skills that might otherwise hinder her.
  While she does technically have a basic attack, her spells tend to be much 
  more useful, and rare is the occasion to actually go melee with her (though 
  you'll want to see her combo finisher at least once to complete the Event 

   Urutorii works best as a magic sniper, though her spells tend to have odd
  hit ranges.  Unfortunately it's her attack stat that determines the damage
  done by her spells, and it's cost is quite expensive.  You should put as many
  points into it as possible, otherwise she'll be gimped and useless late in
  the game, and Urutorii is actually quite useful.  As a mage she can hit
  multiple enemies every turn with spells, and can attack with two different
  elements to exploit enemy weakness.

   While you should focus on attack, go ahead and toss a few points into magic
  defense to make her impervious to it.  She raises the MDef of those around
  her just by being next to them, so that's somewhat handy.  She begins each
  stage with a limited stock of magic spells, but they replenish at the
  beginning of every battle, so feel free to spend them.  Note that her last
  three magic spells can only be used from a standing start, so you can't move
  and then cast them, though you can still jump away after casting the spell.

 Element: Light (unique)

 Movement Range : 4 (flight)
 Attack Range   : 1
 Number of Attacks: 2 (finisher is 3rd)
                    1 -> 2 (max) at level 18

 Skills:       飛行 - Flight (starts with this skill)
           水の術法 - Magic of Water (starts with this skill)
           風の術法 - Magic of Wind (starts with this skill)
           カミユイ - "Hairdresser" (learns at level 16)
           光の術法 - Magic of Light (learns at level 23)
           術法抵抗 - Magic Resistance (learns at level 20)

 Costs: "Attack" 80
        Defense 80
        Magic Defense 20

   Magic Spell List (in order of appearance):

       クス・トゥスカイ - Kusu Tousukai   (Water) (starts with this spell)
       フム・トゥスカイ - Fumu Tousukai   (Wind)  (starts with this spell)
       ヤムイ・ゥンカミ - Yamui Unkami    (Water) (learns at level 17)
       エネン・ゥンカミ - Enen Unkami     (Wind)  (learns at level 17)
       ラヤナ・ソムクル - Rayana Somukuru (Light) (learns at level 23)

 Combos with: Karura
  Hits a 3x5 rectangular area in front of Urutorii.  Causes Attack Down.

12. Kamyu

   Kamyu is the young blue haired girl with black wings.  She is a mage 
  specializing in Earth and Fire magics, and later in Dark.  Kamyu proves to be
  a MUCH better mage than her counterpart Urutorii for a number of reasons,
  mainly in regards to her spells.  First of all, the earth and fire lists
  have much less restrictive area of effect requirements, and Aue Unkami in 
  particular hits in an absolutely abuseable area.  Secondly, her attack cost
  is cheaper, and since the attack stat determines the strength of her magic 
  spells, it makes it much easier for her to do more damage as a magic sniper.

   I'd say pump up her attack stat exclusively.  She's a fragile little waif
  with the absolute lowest defense stat in your army (and it will likely always
  be dirt poor), but so long as you avoid archer ranges and the frontline 
  you'll have no problems.  Her spells are all positionally snipeable, so have
  her jump around and blast the hell out of everything.

   Like Urutorii, Kamyu has a melee attack you won't use much (though you'll
  still want to see her finisher once to unlock it in the Event Viewer). Kamyu 
  begins each stage with a limited stock of magic spells, but they replenish at
  the beginning of every battle, so feel free to spend them.  Note that her 
  last three magic spells can only be used from a standing start, so 
  you can't move and then cast them.

   Also of note is that her combo attack with Urutorii covers an absolutely
  MASSIVE area (the largest available, in fact), and can do some decent damage
  to a lot of enemies.
 Element: Dark (unique)

 Movement Range : 4 (flight)
 Attack Range   : 1

 Number of Attacks: 2 (finisher is 3rd)
                    1 -> 2 (max) at level ?? 

 Skills:       飛行 - Flight (starts with this skill)
           土の術法 - Magic of Earth (starts with this skill)
           火の術法 - Magic of Fire (starts with this skill)
           闇の術法 - Magic of Dark (learns at level 23)
           近接回避 - Adjacent Evasion (learns at level 18)

 Costs: "Attack" 70
        Defense 80
        Magic Defense 40

   Magic Spell List (in order of appearance)

       テヌ・トゥスカイ - Tenu Tousukai   (Earth) (starts with this spell)
       ヒム・トゥスカイ - Himu Tousukai   (Fire)  (starts with this spell)
       シスエ・ゥンカミ - Shisue Unkami   (Earth) (learns at level 17)
       アゥエ・ゥンカミ - Aue Unkami      (Fire)  (learns at level 17)
       ヌグイ・ソムクル - Nugui Somukuru  (Dark)  (learns at level 23)

 Combos with: Urutorii
  Strikes a massive plus shaped area in front of Kamyu 3 squares wide and 9 
  squares long with an additional 3x9 rectangular perpendicularly crossing it
  in the center.  Causes defense down.

13. Touka

   Touka is the purple-haired warrior with a brown long-coat.  She fights with
  a sheathed-sword style and apparently likes cute animals.

   Touka comes to you largely balanced in all attributes, and best of all 
  appears with her combo finisher ready for use from the get-go.  Her innate
  critical skill is also very nice to have.

   Stat-wise she's very strong in defense (which is apparently a common trait
  among the Evenkuruga), but her attack stat is a little low when compared to
  others.  I would recommend pumping it like mad when you can, as her defense
  attributes are already pretty decent, and with high attack you'll have a very
  good frontline fighter.  She may not be as strong as Karura, but she's
  faster, and she can take a hit much better.  Dodge and Counter are both fun
  to have as well, even if you can't completely rely on them.

   Touka's combo attack with Aruruu actually has two forms.  If you want to
  complete the Event Viewer, you'll need to see them both.   

  Fun fact: When used on living things her combo finisher creates a great 
            splash of blood, but when used on objects and cannons it doesn't.

 Element: Water

 Movement Range : 4
 Attack Range   : 1

 Number of Attacks: 4 (finisher is 5th)
                    She has all her attacks from the moment she joins you.

 Skills:   会心の技 - Skill of Satisfaction (starts with this skill)
           近接回避 - Adjacent Evasion (starts with this skill)
           報復の技 - Counter Technique (learns at level 16)
           勇気の瞳 - Eye of Courage (learns at level 19)
         護身呼吸法 - Self-protective Breathing Technique (learns at level 20)
           明鏡止水 - "Clear and Serene" (learns at level 22)
           窮死覚醒 - Critical Awakening (learns at level 24)

 Costs: Attack 60
        Defense 50
        Magic Defense 40

 Combos with: Aruruu
  Hits an area made of two 3x5 rectangles in the shape of a plus directly in
  front of Touka.  In addition to being absolutely hilarious, it reduces enemy
  special meter as well.  This combo attack will both change in animation and
  increase in power once Aruruu gains Gachyatara, though it is still useful
  beforehand.  The latter form isn't as funny, but is more powerful.

14. Derihourai

   Karura's brother who wields a pair of Tonfa.  He has much better stats than
  his sister for some strange reason, but no skills. >_>

   Derihourai's stats are all pretty balanced, and his magic defense is
  far superior to Karura's meager value.  Frankly he's more like Touka in this
  regard.  You should probably pump his attack exclusively, as he doesn't
  really need anything else.

   He has an absolutely awesome combo finisher, so make sure you see it while
  you can.  You don't get him for too long, but he's pretty decent while he's 

 Element: Fire

 Movement Range : 4
 Attack Range   : 1

 Number of Attacks: 4 (finisher is 5th)
                    starts at 3
                    3 -> (max) at level 15

 Skills:     弓回避 - Dodge Arrows (starts with this skill)
           報復の技 - Counter Technique (starts with this skill)

 Costs: Attack 50
        Defense 70
        Magic Defense 70

 Combos with: No one

15. Genjimaru

   An old one-eyed warrior who aids Kuuya.  This guy absolutely rocks!

   Genjimaru is one of the fastest characters you get in the game (rivaling
  Oboro), and his turn will come up very quickly.  While he may not be the
  strongest character, his defensive stats and extremely high HP total make
  him a walking tank, and his ability to retain energy after using his
  finisher makes him amazing (especially considering that he has no team
  attack or skill to distract him from using it).  Charge him forward to the
  front of the party and watch him not only outrun everyone else, but shrug off
  everything thrown at him to boot.

   Like a certain other Evenkuruga, his attack stat is a little low, so pump
  that.  His defense is already high enough that it doesn't need any extra

  Fun fact: When used on living things his combo finisher creates a great 
            splash of blood, but when used on objects and cannons it doesn't.

 Element: Earth
 Number of Attacks: 4 (finisher is 5th)
 Movement Range   : 4
                    He has all his attacks from the moment he joins you.

 Skills:   会心の技 - Skill of Satisfaction (starts with this skill)
           近接回避 - Adjacent Evasion (starts with this skill)
             弓回避 - Dodge Arrows (starts with this skill)
           闘志の瞳 - Eye of Fighting Spirit (starts with this skill)
           明鏡止水 - "Clear and Serene" (starts with this skill)

 Costs: Attack 70
        Defense 60
        Magic Defense 60

 Combos with: No one 

VII. Team Attack Pairings

  Each character has at least one Team Attack with another character, so if
 that's all you're looking for then feel free to check here.  Keep in mind that 
 in order for the Team Attack option to appear, character need to be within a
 range of no more than 2 squares from each other.  Also, only the first name of
 the set can initiate the attack.

  List is in order of their appearance in the Event Viewer, in case you need to
 reference one you missed. 

   Hakuoro + Oboro
   Eruruu + Aruruu
   Aruruu + Kamyu
   Oboro + Dorii + Guraa (both must be within range)
   Dorii + Guraa
   Guraa + Dorii
   Benawi + Kurou
   Kurou + Oboro
   Karura + Touka
   Touka + Aruruu
   Touka + Aruruu + Gachyatara
   Urutorii + Karura
   Kamyu + Urutorii  
   Sasante + Nuwangi (the only boss combo)

VIII. Extra Scenarios and Tutorials

Extra Scenarios can be reached from the third option on the main menu.

Scenario #1 : Basic Tutorial - Available from the start

  This is the basic tutorial for gameplay.  Ask Eruruu-sensei anything you
  like, and then destroy the sticks.

Scenario #2 : Attack Tutorial - Available after stage 1 or 2

  This is the tutorial for extra attacks, and allows you to practice hitting
  the circle button as the circle zooms in.  Combo the sticks to death.

Scenario #3 : Archery Tutorial - Available after stage 3

  This is the archery tutorial.  Destroy the stick targets from over the fence
  and rocks.

Scenario #4 : Status Recovery Tutorial - Available after stage 3

  This is the tutorial for Eruruu's herbs.  Use the "fumiluir" herb (Familiar
  herb) to cure Hakuoro's poison status.

Scenario #5 : Team Attack Tutorial - Available after stage 9

  Use Eruruu and Aruruu's combo to cure everyone of their status ailments in 
  one turn.

Scenario #6 : Magic Tutorial - available after stage 14

  Use Urutorii's spells to destroy all three stick targets in the same move.  
  Note that you can't use her third and fourth and spells after moving.  She is
  given her first four spells for this stage, but you only need the third one.

Scenario #7 : Challenge Stage - available after stage 24

  Granted it looks imposing seeing a level 50 Sasante and two Avu Kamuu's next
  to your level 15 characters with only a wooden wall between them, but this
  mission is actually very easy in the PS2 version (the PC version of the stage
  was a lot harder).

  All you have to do is everything you learned from the previous tutorials. 
  Urutorii can annihalate the three enemies corraled in the pen with her magic
  quite easily, and then she can magic away most of the rocks and fort walls
  (her fifth spell can do most of it alone).  Have Dorii use his arrows to 
  snipe the wooden sticks in the upper corner, and let Eruruu cure Hakuoro's 
  poison with her familiar herb (2nd one).  Let Hakuoro and Aruruu destroy the
  giant boulder at the bottom of the screen.

  The giant rock is supposed to be nearly impervious to all damage except for 
  combo finishers, but it looks like the developers bugged and forgot to make 
  it immune to Aruruu.  Whoops. ;-]

  Once all enemies and rocks are gone, the stage ends. 

Tutorial 8: Extra Challenge #2 - Obtained after collecting all items 
            [PS2 exclusive] 

  This stage pits your entire cast of playable characters (including all
  temporary ones) against the entire cast of boss characters, set in waves.
  Everyone (your units included) is level 50, and Hakuoro has his "special end-
  game finisher combo", if you get the point.  The object is to defeat all the
  bosses.  Really, you should just have fun with it. ;-]

  Completing this stage unlocks the last two CG in the CG Viewer.

Tutorial 9: Developer's Room - available after completing the game.

  Wander around and talk to the game developers.  There's some fun surprises
  inside this stage, so be sure to explore.  Why they're all cats is anyone's
  guess. ;-]

IX. Bonus Menu

1. CG Viewer

  CG viewer lets you view CG seen in the game.  Anytime you view a CG the data
  is flagged and it will appear here.  All CG are unlocked in the normal 
  playthrough save the final two.  

  I haven't unlocked those yet. :-/

2. Sound Test

  Lets you listen to music you've encountered in the game.  Once you hear it
  for the first time, it will show up here.  The last few songs are obtained
  by beating the game, and include the TV anime's opening song and the opening
  music of the original PC game.

3. Event Viewer

  Let's you watch events from the game.  Events 1-57 are unlocked during the
      standard playthrough.  58-87 are unlocked whenever you perform the 
      corresponding move.  88 is always unlocked, and 89 unlocks after 
      stage 24.  Event 90 is unlocked upon completion of the game.

  Events 1-57  : All of the story events and the various selectable scenes 
                 from the Rest Phases.
  Events 58-73 : Character Combo Finishers. 
  Events 74-87 : Character Team Attacks.
  Event  88    : Original Game Opening Animation. 
  Event  89    : 2nd Game Opening Animation.
  Event  90    : TV anime opening (textless)

4. Item Viewer

  View the various items descriptions of everything you collected during your 

X. Completion Bonus * SPOLIERS *

1. Unlockable Bonuses

 Upon completing the game you are asked if you want to create a clear-file
 save.  Doing so creates a save file with a star on it, and it unlocks the 

 1. The TV anime opening video in Event Viewer
 2. The original opening music from the PC version of the game, as well as the
    PS2 version's ending music in the sound test
 3. The Developer's Room in the Scenaio option of the Main Menu (Scenario 9)
 4. The next time you start a new game you will be prompted on whether or not
    you wish to play in "Scenario Skip" mode, which will skip all Rest Phases.
 5. ?????

2. New Game +

  If you saved a clear-file at the end of the game, you'll notice it in the
 load game menu (it will be marked with a Star).  Loading this file will start
 a New Game +.

  Benefits of New Game + :
   - You keep all of the items and equipments previously collected
   - Eruruu has all of her medicinal herb abilities from the start (which lets
       you do silly things like like inflict confusion on Nuwangi)
   - Aruruu starts with her Regenerate skill (glitch?)

   Still looking for more.

XI. Item List

  First of all, if you're looking for a particular item that happens to be a
 clear bonus from one of the skirmish stages, know that there are multiple
 reward sets for each skirmish stage, so you may have to beat the mission
 multiple times to get what you want.  Also note that you can't take part in
 skirmishes if you're playing on "Scenario Skip" mode.

  If an item is described as "found in", this means that the item is in a rock
 or other obstacle, or maybe carried by a grunt.  If you want to be sure you
 get everything, then always press the square button to check the map for
 destroyable obstacles, and clear them all.  Sometimes they're hidden in hard
 to reach corners of the map.

  I am well aware that my Japanese skills are probably horrible, and that some
 of the item translations are wonky or incomplete.  If you wish to correct me,
 or better yet contribute, then please email me.

  And if you were thinking about playing the game without using item, then
 think again!  I didn't do this for my health, you know, so now you have no
 excuse to ignore them! ;p

  Items are listed in the numbering order used in the bonus menu.  Items that
 you acquire naturally during the storyline do not have ':' comments stating
 where/when they're found, because you can't miss them.

1. Equipments

  Equipment items tend impart stat bonuses or effects.  With the exception of
 rings and bracelets you can't "use" them like a normal item, though they still
 take up one of your two item slots.

  1. フムカミの草履   - Sandals of Fumukami
                          - Increases movement by 1
                          : found in stage 3
  2. フムカミの戦足袋 - Battle Socks of Fumukami
                          - Increases movement by 2
                          : found in stage 22
  3. フムカミの御魂   - Soul of Fumukami
                          - Increases "speed" by a slight amount
                          : found in stage 12
  4. フムカミの奇御魂 - Weird Soul of Fumukami
                          - Increases "speed" by a moderate amount
                          : found in stage 16
  5. 兵士のトゥバイ   - The Soldier's Toubai 
                          - Increases attack power (no effect on Eruruu)
                          : found in stage 7
  6. 金剛扇           - Indestructible Folding Fan
                          - Increases attack power (Hakuoro only)
                          : clear stage 10
  7. 双滅牙           - Dual Fang of "Horo"
                          - Increases attack power (Oboro only)
                          : clear skirmish 2
  8. 薬箱             - Medince Box
                          - Increases recovery power (Eruruu only)
                          : clear skirmish 4
  9. 旋迅弓           - Fast Spinning Bow and Arrow
                          - Increases attack power (Dorii and Guraa only)
                          : clear skirmish 4
 10. 覇陣             - Battle Supremacy
                          - Increases attack power (Karura only)
                          : found in stage 17
 11. 疾風             - Squall
                          - Increases attack power (Touka only)
                          : found in stage 20
 12. 虎爪牙           - Tiger Claws
                          - Increases attack power (Aruruu only)
                          : clear skirmish 2
 13. 烈破槍           - Violent Tearing Spear
                          - Increases attack power (Benawi only)
                          : found in stage 14
 14. 剛芯直刀         - Straight-edged Sword with Hardened Core
                          - Increases attack power (Kurou only) 
                          : clear skirmish 4
 15. 羽蝶扇           - Butterfly Wing Folding Fan
                          - Increases attack and adds chance to inflict poison 
                            (Hakuoro only) 
                          : clear skirmish 2
 16. 双蛇刀           - Dual Serpent Blades
                          - Increases attack and adds chance to inflict poison 
                            (Oboro only)
                          : found in stage 14
 17. 紫貴の幻弓       - Royal Phantom Bow
                          - Increases attack and adds chance to inflict poison
                            (Dorii and Guraa only)
                          : clear skirmish 5
 18. 朴歌仙           - Humble Sage
                          - Increases attack and adds a chance to stun (Karura
                          : clear skirmish 4
 19. 鬼灯崩           - Cascading Demonic Light
                          - Increases attack and adds a chance to stun (Kurou
                          : found in stage 18
 20. 吼狂牙           - Crazy Beast Fang
                          - Increases attack and decreases enemy energy
                            (Aruruu only)
                          : found in stage 21
 21. 轟閃             - Roaring Spark (Thunder?)
                          - Increases attack and decreases enemy energy (Touka
                          : clear skirmish 5
 22. 風華武威         - Fragrant Wind's Militaristic Power
                          - Increases attack and decreases enemy energy (Benawi
                          : clear skirmish 5
 23. 鎧徹し           - Armor Focus
                          - Increases attack against Avu Kamuu (Karura and 
                            Touka only)
                          : clear skirmish 8
 24. 甲砕き           - Shell Breaker
                          - Increases attack against Avu Kamuu (Aruruu only)
                          : clear skirmish 8
 25. 祭祀の枝         - Ritual Branch
                          - Prevents loss of skill bonus when energy meter is
                            depleted for applicable skills by 1 stage
                          : clear skirmish 2
 26. 祭祀の盃         - Ritual Glass
                          - Prevents loss of skill bonus when energy meter is
                            depleted for applicable skills by 2 stages
                          : clear skirmish 6
 27. 祭祀の器         - Ritual Container
                          - Prevents loss of skill bonus when energy meter is
                            depleted for applicable skills by 3 stages
                          : clear skirmish 7
 28. 祭祀の鏡         - Ritual Mirror
                          - Prevents loss of skill bonus when energy meter is
                            depleted for applicable skills by 4 stages
                          : clear skirmish 10
 29. 兵士のアベリュ   - Soldier's Aberyu
                          - Increases defense
                          : clear skirmish 2
 30. テヌカミの鎧     - Armor of Tenukami
                          - Increases defense and magic defense, and also 
                            protects against status ailments
                          : found in stage 25
 31. 練気の鉢金       - Gold Crown of Tempered Air
                          - Increases rate of energy acquisition slightly
                          : clear skirmish 4
 32. 練気の兜         - Helmet of Tempered Air
                          - Increases rate of energy acquisition moderately
                          : found in stage 18
 33. 戦舞の瑠璃       - Lapis Lazuli of the War Dance
                          - Begin a battle with MAX energy meter
                          : clear skirmish 2
 34. 戦舞の浄瑠璃     - Joruri of the War Dance
                          - Begin a battle with MAX energy meter
                          : clear skirmish 6
 35. ヒムカミの護符   - Charm of Himukami
                          - Changes elemental affinity to Fire
                          : clear skirmish 2
 36. クスカミの護符   - Charm of Kusukami
                          - Changes elemental affinity to Water
                          : found in stage 9
 37. フムカミの護符   - Charm of Fumukami
                          - Changes elemental affinity to Wind
                          : clear skirmish 2
 38. テヌカミの護符   - Charm of Tenukami
                          - Changes elemental affinity to Earth
                          : found in stage 8
 39. カントコロの護符 - Charm of Kantokoro
                          - The effects of elemental affinites are increased
                          : clear skirmish 4
 40. モシリコロの護符 - Charm of Moshirikoro
                          - The effects of elemental affinities are reduced
                          : clear skirmish 6
 41. ユタンカラの護符 - Charm of Yutankara
                          - Elemental affinities have no effect
                          : clear skirmish 5
 42. 夜神楽の鼓       - Hand Drum of the Evening "Kagura" Dance
                          - Probability of recieving a status effect reduced 
                            by 50%
                          : found in stage 12
 43. 里神楽の横笛     - Flute of the Village "Kagura" Dance
                          - Immunity to status ailments
                          : clear skirmish 8
 44. ヒムカミの指輪   - Ring of Himukami
                          - Use the ring to cast a ranged fire attack
                          : found in stage 4
 45. ヒムカミの腕輪   - Bracelet of Himukami
                          - Use the bracelet to cast a ranged area of effect
                            fire attack
                          : clear skirmish 8
 46. クスカミの指輪   - Ring of Kusukami
                          - Use the ring to cast a ranged water attack
                          : found in stage 12
 47. クスカミの腕輪   - Bracelet of Kusukami
                          - Use the bracelet to cast a ranged area of effect
                            water attack
                          : clear skirmish 5
 48. フムカミの指輪   - Ring of Fumukami
                          - Use the ring to cast a ranged wind attack
                          : clear skirmish 1
 49. フムカミの腕輪   - Bracelet of Fumukami
                          - Use the bracelet to cast a ranged area of effect
                            wind attack
                          : clear skirmish 5
 50. テヌカミの指輪   - Ring of Tenukami
                          - Use the ring to cast a ranged earth attack
                          : found on stage 6
 51. テヌカミの腕輪   - Bracelet of Tenukami
                          - Use the bracelet to cast a ranged area of effect
                            earth attack
                          : clear skirmish 6
 52. ヤオシケプの袋   - Bag of Yaoshikepu
                          - Increases the range of items when used
                          : clear skirmish 4
 53. クスカミの泪     - Tear of Kusukami
                          - Increases bonus points earned when character kills
                            an enemy
                          : clear skirmish 6
 54. キムンの毛皮     - Fur of Kimun
                          - Increases experience earned when equipped
                          : clear skirmish 6
 55. ユカッテの角     - Horn of Yukatte
                          - Increases chance to hit?
                          : clear skirmish 4
 56. シトゥンペの鈴   - Bell of Shitounba
                          - Increases evade rate?
                          : clear skirmish 6

* 滅 (Horo) is the Japanese character for Nirodha, one of the Four Noble Truths
   of Buddhism.  Nirodha is the noble truth of the cessation of suffering.
** 浄瑠璃 (joruri) is a sung narrative with a shamisen accompaniment.
*** 神楽 (kagura) is a type of ancient Shinto music and dance.

2. Consumable Items

  Consumable items are just that.  Consumable.  When you use one of these items
 it will disappear from your character's equipment forever.  However, starting
 a New Game + will give you back the total of all the items you found in the
 previous playthrough.

  Consumable items are scattered everywhere throughout the game, and most of
 them are very common.  By the end game you should have encountered at least
 one of each, if not more than that.  You get them from both enemies/objects
 and as stage clear bonuses.

 57. シゥネ・ケニャ   - Shiune Kenya
                          - Recovers a small amount of HP 
 58. シゥネ・ヌクイ   - Shiune Nukui
                          - Recovers a moderate amount of HP
 59. シゥネ・ウンヤク - Shiune Un'yac
                          - Completely recovers HP
 60. ソヴヤピ・ンクリ - Sovyabi Nkri
                          - Increases energy by a small amount
 61. アマム・ウチュ   - Amam Uchyu
                          - Increases energy by a moderable amount
 62. ケウトゥアマン   - Keutouaman
                          - Instantly fills energy meter to MAX
 63. スリテンユシリ   - Suritenyushiri
                          - Cures poison and heals for a small amount
 64. トゥレプの茎     - Stalk of Tourebu
                          - Cures stun and heals for a small amount
 65. ハルニレの葉     - Leaf of Harunire
                          - Cures confusion and heals for a small amount 
 66. 紫琥珀の霊薬     - Purple Amber Miracle Drug
                          - Cures all status ailments and fully restores HP
 67. 水命丹           - Red Water of Life
                          - Permanently increases attack by 1
 68. 陽炎丹           - Red Haze of Heat
                          - Permanently increases defense by 1
 69. 土甲丹           - Red Shell of Earth
                          - Permanently increases magic defense by 1
 70. 夢幻丹           - Red Fantasy
                          - Permanently increases attack, defense, and magic
                            defense by 1
 71. タラチ・タムヒト - Tarachi Tamahito
                          - When character is dealt a killing blow, item is 
                            consumed and the character continues to live

3. Collection Items

  Collection items serve no purpose but to look neat.  Some collection items
 are gained for completing certain stages, while others have rather unique 
 requirements.  I'll try to fill them in as best I can as best I can.  Note 
 that the final item (Hakuoro's mask) will not appear until the game has been
 completed.  Also, only item #72 requires you to view Rest Phase events in any
 type of particular order, as only in the very beginning are there events that
 can be sicked (note that said events are not listed in the event viewer). 

  * Thanks to sou for White Cloth information *

 72. 白い布           - White Cloth
                          : Go outside before entering the bedroom to see
                            Eruruu's laundry scene after stage 2
 73. 兵法書           - Book of Strategies - Record of Benawi's experiences in
                          combat.  A warrior's handbook.
                          : clear stage 5
 74. 大きな徳利       - Large Sake Jug - Karura's favorite sake bottle.  Has a
                          capacity of approximately 1 "shou" (1.8 liters)
                          : obtained during Rest Phase after stage 10
 75. ヌワンギの鉈     - Nuwangi's Hatchet - Hatchet only for Nuwangi.  The 
                          blade has only spilled a little blood?
                          : clear stage 7
 76. 押し葉           - Pressed Leaves - The Eruruu and Aruruu flowers put
                          between paper and allowed to dry.
                          : Obtained during Rest Phase after Stage 1
 77. ムントの羽       - Feather of Munto - One of Munto's white feathers.
                          It's a little dry.
                          : obtained during Rest Phase after stage 10
 78. ウルトリィの羽   - Feather of Urutorii - One of Urutorii's white feathers.
                          It is filled with vitality, and is fluffy and soft.
                          : obtained during Rest Phase after stage 10
 79. テオロの斧       - Teoro's Axe
                          : obtained during Rest Phase after stage 11 if Teoro
                            is level 10 or more
 80. 派手な外套       - Gaudy Overcoat - A luxurious overcoat that Sasante
                          wore.  It is made of expensive materials.
                          : clear stage 4
 81. 血染めの帯       - Bloodstained Sash - Cloth that Suonkas had wrapped
                          around his head.
                          : clear stage 17
 82. 六角の髪留め     - Hexagonal Hair Clinch - Kamchataal's hexagonal hair
                          : clear stage 20
 83. 食べかけの果実   - Partially eaten fruit - Fruit that Gomuta has already
                          started eating.  It's begun to ferment a little.
                          : clear stage 18
 84. 十得工具         - "Ten Profit Tool" - An object of Nopon's with various
                          tool attachments in it.
                          : clear stage 19
 85. 黒手帳           - "Little Black Book" - Hauenkua's...
                          : clear stage 30
 86. 歴戦の鉢金       - Veteren's ????? - 
                          : clear stage 30
 87. 歴戦の眼帯       - Veteren's Eyepatch - 
                          : obtained during Rest Phase after stage 28
 88. カミュの羽       - Feather of Kamyu - One of Kamyu's black feathers.  
                          It is filled with vitality, and is fluffy and soft.
                          : obtained during Rest Phase after stage 23
 89. 金剛鍾           - Solid Weight - Kurou uses this to strengthen his body.
                          : clear stage 8
 90. 木彫りの人形     - Carved Wooden doll
                          : obtained during Rest Phase after stage 20
 91. ハリセン         - Harisen - Large fan made of paper.  It can't be used 
                          as a weapon.
                          : found in stage 13
 92. つぼ             - Jar 
                          : found in stage 26
 93. 同人の書         - Doujinshi (fan-made comic book)
                          : found in stage 29 (ha ha!)
 94. 小さな巾着       - Small Purse
                          : clear stage 27
 95. 育毛剤           - Hair Tonic - Inkara used it as a hair restorer.  It's
                          a very expensive hair tonic.
                          : clear stage 9
 96. ユズハの髪の毛   - Yuzuha's Hair - Hair that Yuzuha tied together.  It 
                          gives a very soft and delicate impression.
                          : obtained during Rest Phase after Stage 1
 97. 香辛料           - Spices - A powdery yellow energizing spice that
                          everybody loves.
                          : found in stage 20
 98. ムックルの縫い包み Stuffed Toy of Mukkuru - A hand-stitched stuffed toy
                          of Mukkuru as a kitten. 
 99. しましまのシッポ - Striped Tail
                          : found in stage 29
100. ハクオロの仮面   - Hakuoro's Mask 
                          : one of the rewards for clearing the game.

XII. Q & A (Questions and Answers)

Q: Is this game a hentai game?
A: No. The original PC version was, but the PS2 version has had such content

Q: Are there any new CG in this game that weren't in the PC game?
A: Yes, there is new CG to replace the ones that were removed, as well as a 
   few new scenario CG.

Q: Are there any new characters or stages?
A: Yes, there are new stages, and new characters in those new stages.  There
   are also new a few new events before and after those stages.

Q: Do any new characters join your party that didn't in the PC game?
A: No. No new characters join you.

Q: Did the opening to the game just change? O_o;
A: Yes, the opening changes to reflect more relevant scenes once you pass a
   certain point in the plot.  The original game did this as well.  This change
   happens after the completion of stage 24.

Q: Why the hell did you write a FAQ for a game no one will ever play?
A: ... Shut up!

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