Review by wizardman

Reviewed: 03/06/06

A fun gem that doesn't put any strain on you.

Progress Quest is not an easy game to describe. It’s partially reminiscent of old text-based games, partially an RPG adventure, partially an MMORPG sans cooperation, and partially a quest to see how long you’re willing to let your computer run, doing nothing but letting Progress Quest, well, progress.

If I could define progress quest in a word, that word would probably be simple. Not just simple, but (extremely simple) ^ 5. The start of the game is slightly intense and slightly complicated, as you have to choose your race, class, and stats. The classes of characters are all uniquely different, and none of them are really any better than the other. A Gyrognome Shiv-Knight and a Will O’ the Wisp Ur-Paladin are really no different on the surface. They are, graphics-wise, whatever you want them to be. The characters are entirely imagination-based. If you wish for your character to look like an evil devil monster, than that’s what it will look like. If you want you character to be a fairy with antennae, than that’s what it will be. In reality, that graphics themselves are whatever you want them to look like as well. If you have no imagination, then the game really is just a box full of frames and text, but the game can be so much more. Once you pick your stats for all these characters, the adventure of the frames and the text (or whatever you want it to be) begins with the Prologue, which really has no meaning. It is not until Act I where the game really picks up. You’re given a quest, which could be anything from having to execute a were-brontosaurus to finding a key to delivering a lunch pail. While on this quest, you execute enemies, acquire items, and sell them to acquire better weapons. When you accomplish your quest, your stats and spell power increases. It sounds like a lot of fun until you figure out what the game really is.

The game is repetitive, I’m not going to lie. You will eventually repeat quests, and you will probably think something’s up when you’re on Act LXI with the spell Slime Finger MDCXLIV and you don’t feel like you’ve done anything. You don’t fell like you’ve done anything because you, in fact, haven’t actually done anything. You literally sit back and let the game run on your browser while doing other things. In fact, I’m reviewing this game and “playing” it at the same time. Some people that download this game will love the idea and others will hate it. It all depends on how you perceive what doesn’t exist. The game goes as follows:
1. Get quest.
2. Kill enemies
3. Complete quest, gain new spell/item/weapon
4. Kill more enemies
5. Head to market to sell loot
6. Head back to killing fields, with half-completed quest still looming.
7. Repeat
Does this sound like fun? To me, it does. Although I can’t visually see a titanic brontosaurus being executed, I can visualize it as I continue playing the game. The one thing that REALLY makes this game fun though is the multiplayer options, and it is what really saves this game. When you create your character, it is put on a giant ranking ladder. As you level up and acquire new skills, you advance on the ranking ladder. If you’ve played any Blizzard game, the ranking system is similar; you are ranked by level and what act you’re on, then a mix of your best spell, item, and stat. You can also create a motto, which will be put next to your name on the ladder. You can use it to say whatever you want, even trash talk the user above you with 60 lower STR then you, yet is above you in the rankings. Also, when your character is created, it must be in a certain realm, which would either be Expodrine, Oobag, or Spoltog (Knoram, the fourth realm, is closed). If you are in Oobag or Splotog, you may join a guild, which greatly increases the interactivity in this game. You can join your friends and attempt to create the most powerful guild/clan/band/trivialty in the realm.

If you decide to do single-player mode, you may be disappointed by this game. The true fun of the game is the “interactivity” with other units. I admit that it gets boring at times, but it’s also very addictive, and that’s what keeps my character going.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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