Review by shags2dope78

Reviewed: 11/29/03

A game that you play while you're miles away from your computer!

I first heard about this game from a friend. He told me to just check out the website and he told me the game is ''different''. So I checked out the website and downloaded the game, but I realized that the game really is not a game. This is a game that plays itself for you. It really makes me wonder how I never thought about a game idea like this.

The game is somewhat hard to review in a way. Since the game plays itself, it's actually very hard to review. But once you have downloaded the game (the file is not big at all), you just unzip it and start it up. Then, you come to a screen that lets you choose what server you want to play on. After you choose the server, you can create your character. The character classes are the same as in games like Everquest and Ultima Online. Then, you choose your character stats and you begin the game.

You really just watch as the game plays itself. You see the game doing quests, leveling up, gathering items, selling items, and just doing everything that a typical MMORPG does. As time passes, your character grows. You begin to have better items. You have the Character Sheet which shows you your spells, stats, level, race, class, equipment, inventory, plot development, and quests. They all progress by themselves, so it takes no work from you besides keeping it on the background. The game doesn't even get in the way. All you do is minimize it and it runs in the tray next to the time. It does not slow down the computer at all and you can leave it on during the whole time. You want to go to sleep? Leave it on and the game will play. You have to go to work or school? Leave it on and the game will play? You want to go to the movies? Leave it on and the game will play. When you come back, you can see how much progress your character has made.

You may think this game is boring, but it really is interesting. The game has attracted many people to download the freeware. You can check the forums and talk to people about the game and the news on the game. You can also create all the characters you want. There is a Hall of Fame where you can see where your character has ranked. The only problem there is with the game is that if you begin after all these months after the game has been created, your never going to raise the ranks quickly. But it's still fun to see how high you can go.

But this game really adds a new type of game into the gaming community. It is different and many people simply don't even try it out, but I personally think it's a good idea and I enjoy it. The game does not take up much bandwidth, so even if you are on a modem, you will not have a slowdown. The layout of the software is simple so you can see what progress your character has made and is making at that moment. There is no sound to the game, but that really doesn't matter.

I have to say that this game is interesting. I am enjoying it and I have to say that whoever thought of this game idea and made it come true is very original. I would recommend anyone to download this game. It's free and there is no spyware in it, like a lot of people may think. All you do is let it run in the background and you can just watch it progress or play games while Progress Quest plays itself. I would recommend anyone to download this and at least try it out.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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