Review by agentblue00

Reviewed: 04/24/03 | Updated: 04/24/03

Ugh... I can't believe people consider this a game!

Ok, first off, there isn't much you can say about this ''game''. For the most part, Progress quest is nothing more than a very, very, strange background running program.


There are no graphics. This game is compromised of about 6 loading screens running at the same time, and about 7 lists of items, levels, gear, quests, acts, etc. There is nothing more to this.

Interactivity: 3/10

Only thing you do in Progress Quest is pick your characters name, his gender, class, race, and you can roll infinite times to get your skills. That's about it.

Challenge rating: 1/10

OK, heres the skinny on Progress Quest. You download the game, pick your characters, class, name, states, hit go, and then you sit back and watch. Loading screens is what gets this game going. Loading: Heading to killing fields.
Loading: Decapitating a Headless Troll. You think to in the heck to you cut off the head of a headless makes you wonder why you are even playing this at all. Anyway, then it does a whole lot of loading. That's it.

Music: 1/10

There isn't any music to this game what so ever. No hacking, no slashing, no words saying good job...nothing.

Fun Factor: 2/10

Considering all you do is look at this game anyway, it can be sorda ok, but only at first. The programmers put some jokes into the mix so to keep you entertained IF you watch it, but you get very sick, and very tired of it after watching it for so long. This game never ends. It goes one act after another. In order to beat an act, you have to leave it running for so many hours, for instance, to beat act 1, you leave it running for 5 hours. To beat act 2, you leave it running for 15 hours. And the beat goes on dum dumdumdum. The longer you keep this game running, the higher the act you will be.

Final score: 1/10

This game stinks. It is little more than a boring background to run when you are completly bored with life. You can keep it running all day, and forget about it, check it in a year, and be completly suprised that the program is still there. I would say skip it.I sappose that if you so happen to be bored on a Saturday, you may want to download this small file for amusement, but do not take it anyfurther than that. Theres better things to life than this.

Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

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