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Reviewed: 03/09/02 | Updated: 03/09/02

A quest so simple, it even appeals to lazier people

Progress quest is an interesting experience to say the least. Like many other players, I first came in contact with the game after CJayC announced it on the Current Events board at After having given it a chance, I have to say that although it is not really a game, it is a fairly interesting experience.

For those of you that do not already know, Progress Quest is a Massive Multi-player Online RPG, or a MMORPG. Unlike most games in this genre though, you do not have to do very much at all to play this game. Downloading the game is half of the work you need to do. When you first start the game, you are allowed to select a name for your character along with their class, and their race, and their statistics. There are several classes, and races to choose from, with some that are standard to online RPG games, while others are added to this game specifically for humor value. From here, you can also roll a special set of dice that comes up with different combinations of statistics each time, based on the total roll. If you are not satisfied with your roll, you can roll again, until you get a roll you like.

Once you have customized your character the way you like, you can begin the game. Within the first 5 minutes of the game, you will absolutely love it, or hate it. What happens when you star the game is that the whole game plays out for you. You do not need to touch a thing, you do not even need to be there to watch the game play out. If you want to go to the movies while it plays, go ahead. Very few people that play this game will actually watch the game for very long. As long as you have the game open on your computer, you will be making progress in the game. Progress Quest will appeal quite a bit to lazy people, or people that do not have much time.

When playing the game, your character will have to complete various quests that are randomly made up, while killing monsters along the way. Each monster killed will give you an item that can later be sold, and you will gain experience points. There are bars that will fill up for every little thing in the game. When killing a monster, a bar will fill up at the bottom of the screen, and the monster is not killed until that bar fills up. With each kill, the bar for the quest you are on will fill up a little more, and the experience bar will fill up a little more.

When you have received all the items that you can carry, you will automatically go to the market, and sell all of your loot. After this, if you have enough money to, you will automatically purchase new equipment. Once you can not purchase any new equipment, you head back for more killing.

It is a continuous cycle of killing monsters, and buying new equipment, while new quests are accomplished. These new quests are usually small things like fetch this, or deliver that. It is nothing that is really that exciting to watch. If there is any real reason to watch the game, it is for the humor that is put into it. Many of the quests, and items that you receive are different from the ordinary RPG game, and add some humor into the experience.

The graphics are nothing special, since there are no graphics to the game. Everything in the game is text that will appear on the screen. If there were to be graphics, like showing the monsters being killed, or an image of the items that you have just received, then it may have added a little bit more of a reason to watch the game for more than 5 minutes. The game can still be okay to watch, but not for very long. There is also no sound to the game whatsoever. This is not really a problem though, as you can turn on some of your own music, or go and do something else while the game plays out. One advantage to the lack of sound, and graphics is the download size. The .zip file is around 300 kb, and the unzipped version is 700 kb. If you wanted to, you could easily take the whole game, and your character with you to another computer, on a floppy disk.

The biggest selling point for this game, and the element that makes it somewhat likeable is the online mode. Players can see how they stack up against the thousands of other players by looking up their name on the hall of fame. Depending on how much time you put it, you may be able to brag to your friends about being the number 1 progress quest player. It does not necessarily sound like much, being the person who has left their computer on the longest, but it does make the game interesting for a little longer.

Many people have a competitive spirit, and they find it exciting to be the best at something. Progress quest offers a lazy approach at this idea, which will appeal to a lot more people than the thought of sitting around and pressing a couple of buttons for hours of their time. Although it looks like it may have started as a simple joke towards the MMORPG world, it has quickly flourished into a large community, with thousands of people who are addicted to the game of progress quest, and attaining the top spot in the hall of fame. If you’re looking for an effortless way to attain top status in a MMORPG, then I would recommend that you give this game a try.

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