Review by Princess Lynaly

Reviewed: 03/03/02 | Updated: 04/07/02

The only real way to succeed with Laziness

Well this is certainly an interesting little program. I had no idea what it was and was expecting some sort of simple online RPG. Now that is what it is except you'd have to take the RPG out of the description. Why? You don't roleplay and it's not a game! Rather, PQ is a humorous program that pretty much emulates what goes on in your average MMORPG except that you don't have to do anything but watch. What the game does is save you the trouble of actually havingto gain the levels and do the fetch quests. Instead it does it for you. (and if you'd rather the other way around, too bad. You can't)

Really now, I'm not bashing this program but I'm rating it as a game since that is how it's described. As a form of humor I'd give it maybe a 7. Anyway, in my usual fashion, I'll break it down.


It's nothing but text and scrolling bars indicating the progress of your character. Nothing special but then you can't knock it because how much do you expect from text? That's what I thought. Graphics are fine for what they were made to do: Show progress.


There is none. Just turn a CD on...wait a minute...are you actually going to listen to music and watch this thing for an extended amount of time!? For shame! ^_^


It's the only game that will let you do something else entirely while it plays. You have absolutely no control over what happens. The game is supposed to let progress and it's your job to let it do so. The only way you can interfere is to close it.


Nothing at all, but then again, you could imagine anything you want to explain why your character does the things they do. I'm sure you could come up with any number of things that are going on right now.


Well it's very easy. You can't die cause you can't play it and since it plays it for you, it does a good job of doing everything the right way. Maybe it's for the best that you can't control it, you'd probably impede the progress.


This isn't a game, it's just a joke really. It's not all bad, I'll admit I let it run under my windows all day long just to see the progress of my character, but that's all that can be done. Still, it doesn't fail since it does exactly what it's supposed to do: Make progress whether you like it or not.

Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

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