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Reviewed: 06/23/14

The Cyber Slayer

Warning! Kikokugai is technically a hentai game. There aren’t very many scenes with sex and nudity in them, but there’s one right there in the beginning. Don’t let that fool you, though. The story is about kung-fu fights against cyborgs. Sex is just part of the story. Either way, you probably shouldn’t play this if you’re too young and you probably shouldn’t play this if you get grossed out easily because the sexual stuff is kind of twisted.

Kikokugai is a visual novel, specifically a kinetic novel. A kinetic novel is a specific sub-genre of visual novel where you make absolutely no choices. I know what you’re probably thinking. “TheSAMMIES, you gave a perfect score to a game with no gameplay! Are you serious?” I am serious. When it comes down to it, Kikokugai is a virtual comic book with sounds and the occasional movements. I know a game with no gameplay is going to be a hard sell, but trust me, this game is just that good.

The story of Kikokugai is about Taoluo. He used to be an assassin for the most powerful gang in China. He was a master of a specific art of kung-fu that involved using one’s qi to overcome a human body’s limitations. By mastering this, Taoluo can perform inhuman feats such as slicing his sword faster than the eye can see, jumping ten feet into the air with ease, and most importantly, making an electromagnetic pulse or EMP come from his hand. It’s his signature finishing move, the Lightning Palm.

Taoluo also has a beloved younger sister, Ruili. She means the world to Taoluo and is the most important thing in his life. What sets the story into motion is when Taoluo’s best friend takes Ruili away and gets together with all the other leaders of their syndicate. They all gang rape her split her conscious into five separate pieces, one for each of the gang leaders.

The five pieces of Ruili are put into Gynoids, robotic sex machines that the gang leaders can rape whenever they want. Taoluo will not stand for this. He goes off on a quest for revenge. He plans to kill every last one of the crime leaders that have been raping gynoids with the pieces of Ruili as well as reuniting Ruili’s conscious so that she can be complete again. There is one problem, a huge obstacle in Taoluo’s way.

Everyone in the crime syndicate is a cyborg. They’ve modified their bodies so that they are strong enough to exceed any human limitations. Taoluo refused to become a cyborg and insists that his qi powers are stronger than artificial strength. With this in mind, Taoluo will stop at nothing to kill all of the leaders of his former gang, take them down, and rescue Ruili.

That’s just the story’s background. There’s a lot more to it than that. Kikokugai has some amazing supporting characters, plot twists that will make your jaw drop, and some really good action scenes. Don’t let the fact that this is essentially an interactive comic book scare you away. Kikokugai makes for an awesome game just with story alone. Sure, it could have been some kind of crazy Devil May Cry action game or even an old school platformer, but I feel that the story would be diminished if it had gameplay to break up the pacing. It’s an amazing story, one that you’re not likely to forget.

Cool Fact- Gynoids also appear in Nitro+’s visual novel Dues Machina Demonbane. They could have called them anything, from robot doll to android, but they threw in “Gynoid” instead. The writers (and the translators!) do a wonderful job with that kind of stuff.

Also Try- The author of this work was Gen Urobuchi, the same man behind Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Black Lagoon, and Fate/Zero. If you’re into weird and dark anime, you probably at least know some of his work. He did a lot of work on visual novels too, specifically Song of Saya (Saya no Uta) and Phantom of Inferno. Both of these are considered some of the best visual novels ever made by many people and are highly recommended if you’re interested in some of the darker and outlandish takes on the genre.

Rating: 10

Product Release: Kikokugai (JP, 03/29/02)

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