Review by Overlord Hikash

Reviewed: 02/01/02 | Updated: 02/01/02

I love this game, very addictive, and dungeon crawlers can be so cool

Ahh, Dungeons of the Unforgiven. This game just rocks, in my opinion. It's basically the suped up version of Moraff's World, another of Moraffware's awesome games.

Graphics: Once again with Moraffware's ongoing trend, graphics are very lacking, allthough some of the monsters can be pretty cool. The graphics are better than in Moraff's World, in my honest opinion. The shop colors are slightly different than Moraff's World though, but no loss there.

Sound: Once again, no sound. You won't really notice it though, seeings how your running around killing things all the time. If you are in dire need of sound, play a CD or something, but don't ignore this game because it doesn't have sound.

Gameplay: Simple as before. There is a little sidebar at the left side of the screename showing you what a couple of the hotkeys are. If you need more help, hit F1, and a help menu will appear. Fighting monsters is easy, invloving not but the press of a button. Everything in this game will take no more than a key pressed.

Storyline: Other than the fact that you are an adventurer, there is literally no storyline whatsoever. You won't need storyline though. This is just one of those games where you can just have fun with it, unlike an RPG, which may take several hours alone to get into (yes I play RPG's) So have fun and avoid the drudgery of storyline.

Replay value: If I had to put it in one word, it would be immense. This game can be repeatedly played with a myriad of character/race combinations. It's very entertaining.

Difficulty: HARD. Not like Moraff's world. In Moraff's World, you could get a Raise Dead Contract, but not in this game. Nope. You have to take alot of care not to get killed, because death is death here. The monsters can be horrible at times, dealing massive damage, draining levels, and even poisoning or deseasing you. Tsk tsk tsk, just hard.

Would I buy this game: Yes, yes. I did. It's cheap, so buy it. It can take as long as FOREVER...oh, I mean 80 hours to beat....*ahem*. Yes, buy it, it has great replay, takes long enough to beat one time, and the difficulty is very entertaining. Hard, but not too hard sometimes. Have fun

Rating: 8

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