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Six Ways to Enjoy the Chase!

1. Pac-Guy: is a fun Pacman style game with 12 levels, in which you must fight your way through colorful and entertaining levels. Eat all the pellets to advance to the next level.
2. Pac-Guy: Resurrection has new 13 colorful and entertaining levels.
3. Pac-Guy: Atomic Edition features four levels with enhanced nasties and a special weapon. The enemies have also become more powerful. But luckily Pac Guy now has a big new gun.
4. Pac-Guy: Christmas Edition Fight your way through three levels where the bosses dress like Santa Claus, the nasties dress like elves, and Christmas carols are the background music.
5. Pac-Guy 2 has more hazards, more secrets and more gimmicks than ever before. Travel 12 new levels battling pirates, alligators, the cybernetic Bord, and other nasties.
6. Pac-Guy 2, Pagoon: Use spring jumps, levers and air currents to help you through eight all new levels. Help Pac-Guy return home before it's too late!


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