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Reviewed: 12/27/02 | Updated: 12/27/02

Never see a school from it's presence

Another game made by C's Ware, and it's getting better and better, but it doesn't mean good, yeah. It still need improvements, hey? Mechanics anyone?

Well, what can I say, After the ''sick story'' of Fatal Relations, C's ware is making another game for Love Potion, yeah, still the same style of concept of story, except that it's less sickening, story is better, Graphic is better, Music is better. Did I need to mention to you that the Sex scene is there as well? And it's 18-years old and above Hentai game. So play it at your own risk!

Well well, after the sick concept and setting to the story is gone, it's still sick in some ways, but not as sick as Fatal Relations though (what am I saying sick here sick there! oh my......) Ok, I will go on......

Story is talking about a man from some agency is assigned a task to teach the students on a school which is only have girls in it. (yes, you're the only man), jealous? not yet. You will find out the main female character has gloomy look and some of the characters even warn you about this school, that girl, blah blah blah.... and you will dig more info and eventually this school will gone horribly horribly wrong.......

Whatever it is, Story setting is very accurate and nice, but the H-scene is sick, many ways of making love either with boys and girls, or lesbians is there. So it's safe to not know what way that I'm taking the game, boy! play the game! (you probably like it, and........)

Graphics is better than previous titles, Artwork maintain the same way as before, except that it's getting better and better, Characters were well drawn, this time, It suits even with names given. (I love the main female character, woo hoo!), It scored the highest mark of this game. (But pursue latest Anime games like Air, Ever 17~The Out of Infinity~, Natsuiro no Sunadokai (Summer's Hourglass), Memorial Song, Snow Drop....etc make me lost interest on the graphics of this game. But, fair enough...)

Besides True Love '95, Love Potion is also of the only games that I didn't close my speaker when playing this game (Nocturnal Illusions, too). Music is quite attractive, but easy forgettable. Finish the game, go to music room, have a review on your songs, but by not means the music is perfect. Music is nice, melody and mood of the music is flowing accordingly to the game, but the only bad part is you would get bored after a while, and as well annoyed.

I can't excuse myself for the worse part being the gameplay, again, this is a click-click-click-old-style-finish-the-game-with-few-clicks gameplay. You'll end up only one ending with a lots of option. Can't you have a better gameplay?

The replay is also worse, thanks to the gameplay, you'll be thankful if you can play this game more than twice. And I'll put my money on C's Ware, and do the same old mistake again. But due to the H-scene, you either scared and pee on your chair, or excited and give a horny look on your screen. Why? It depends.

Overall it's an above average game, Quite suitable to be a hentai game, if they cut the ''sick'' concept in either storyline setting or sex scene setting, It'll turn out to be another ''one of the best hentai game'' awarded by, me! of course. 6 marks is my marks, but you may give more marks than that.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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