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Reviewed: 01/01/02 | Updated: 01/01/02

Hmmm, yes. Playing soccer with only 'uno' button, right.

I must admit, I'm a huge fan of football games (or if you like so, Soccer games) and so I've played a lot of them. From the early Fifa's ('94) till the newest, more advanced soccer games like ISS or PES. When you are a fan too, you'll know these abbrevations. So, let's talk about this one: Serious Soccer. It wasn't even on's games list, so it'll be pretty unknown; I bought it for a bargain, so it's not quite weird. This game was published by Virgin games a couple of years ago (just for knowing).

Serious Soccer has a lot of European Soccer Teams in it, while there aren't any National Teams. But it is one of the first games with authentic names, e.g. all the teams have players that they had in real life. Many soccer games that were released hadn't got this, the first one after this one was Fifa'96 I guess (with a lot of mistakes...) So that's a good point. Now the bad point(s).
Everything you do: sliding, passing, switching player, shooting, diving, heading, lobbing etc. has to be done with the Ctrl button (as set default). This is kinda 'unhandy' as you can't really make (see) a difference between shooting the ball on target or lobbing it to a fella in the 16 meters zone. Getting past a adversary is even more difficult as you can only move with your arrow keys. And you lose the ball if moving too quickly from the left to right, otherwise, or front 2 back. So you can't 'cut' someone out and run along. I'll tell you: I haven't scored a lot with this game. Although it is possible to shoot from a big range.

Graphics: 4.0/10
Yes, yes. It is an old game, but not to blame them for that. It has to run on a DOS computer :) And, a big and, it has to store over 45 teams!! :) again. You can differentiate players from the field, and you can see a white spot, which is the ball if you haven't noticed, but there isn't even done something about 'tinted' players. Spanish, Norwegian, Japanese, African, Russian, they all have the same skin color. Not to mention the crowd. Err... is there a crowd? Yes, there is, but I would rather see a silent and still Bitmap picture with some grass on it.
Outside the field (menu's) you can't even read the names of the teams very well, because I know must of 'em, I can tell by seeing 'some' of the letters, but when you are a 'not-knowing-person' it'll be hard to tell.

Sound 1.0/10
Nah, too sad. There isn't any... sound
There is whistling. No sound.

Gameplay 1.0/10
If you could give negative points... But everything that could be said here is already said in the introduction, so. Playing with only the control button doesn't really bring the groove into yer fingers, does it? Nevertheless the fact: you can't score, even when your team is ten times better as the opponent is (you CAN score of course, but you could make a FAQ for doing that thing).

Originality 3.0/10
YES, they have real names. NO, it is a Soccer game, again. And it's bad.

Replay Value 4.0/10
It is a soccer game, so playing it often will be a question? I can get really hooked to a soccer game (if it's good) and start my own competitions and leagues etc. The 50 teams (about 50) will make it you play more, but BIG games like mentioned above have driven this game and it's follow-ups (Virtual Soccer) to an end.
So be it.

Final Score (rounded): 3/10.

Don't spend more than 1$ for this. You got my word on it. Well, if you are a big fan as I am, and want to collect a LOT of soccer games, you could pay 5$ for it. It does bring back nostalgia times. And it has some great teams from all over... Europe.

Rating: 3

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