Review by Teal_Sasuke

Reviewed: 10/24/05

This guy's never gonna get caught is he?

You'd think after all these years of seducing students he'd get reported or something. If anyone of you had the pleasure (or lack thereof) to play the first in this series, then you've seen everything this series has to offer. Acts of depravity, poor characters and dated graphics. Oh wait this has a time bar!

You are a top tutor who many accolades and is fairly respected. You have a second side to you though, a side that likes seduce your female students. This time, your student Yuka is a bit more rougher to deal with. How close will you get to borderline rape? Hopefully, you won't play this and never find out.

The visuals are the only thing I have good to say about this game. The characters are all drawn out well and the animated gifs of depravity have returned which add a nice touch to the usually batch of stills you'll see in these bishojo games.

The audio is what you'd expect, poor midi BGM mixed with lackluster acting on Yuka's part. Its not as bad as some other Bishojo/hentai I can think of, but it is certainly not the best I've heard.

If you've played bishojo games before, then this shouldn't look any different. You basically navigate through the story playing the part of the lecherous tutor. You make your way past the protective bodyguard, get Yuka in her room, and proceed in trying to turn her into a woman. While this may sound interesting, let me give you two words; POWER TOOLS. Let that sit in your head and float for a minute. Other sorts of sexual nonsense and absurd plot holes bring this game down. Also, the game is incredibly short. You can beat this in about thirty minutes tops.

Games of this kind usually have more than one female which adds to the gameplay and replay value. This game however, has more of a use and throw away approach. If you see this game, and are truly insistent on trying it out, then for your own sake, rent it first; I can guarantee that you'll see just about everything there is to see.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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