Review by UsagiWagi

Reviewed: 01/25/05

A decent game worth playing at least once

What could be better then helping a troubled student get ahead in her studies? Doing immoral acts with her at the same time! This second chapter in the Immoral Studies universe is full of fun, hentai action and a mildly amusing story.

You play the tutor. Just your average door to door tutor who is apparently very good at what he does. This time around he needs to help a Yuka Ijima get back into studying. She's slacked off and basically turned into a bad girl. That's about it. As you do your adult things with her the story, very simple as it may be, unfolds. I don't want to ruin any surprises but the story is pretty dull and simple and is just a back light to the hentai scenes.

You point and click. Sadly, unlike the first game I have yet to find any points where the choice you make will mess things up. The only critical point in the game comes up out of know where though and can mess you up, giving a slight bit of challenge. Other than that you can get through the game as long as you use just a tad bit of logic and click your mouse a lot.

The graphics are great. Yuka is a very sexy young gal and they make sure to show this to you all the time. Basic anime hentai game graphics. Nothing amazing but good nonetheless. Sadly, the copy I played was censored and that really killed the game for me.

Basic midis. Nothing amazing and no voice, what a bummer.

Replay Factor
Basically none, this game is very short and rather easy to beat. Only one ending, only one girl. Once you beat it no need to play again, just enjoy the gallery.

Story – 5
Gameplay – 5
Graphics – 7
Sound – 4
Replay Factor – 1
Overall – 4

Closing Thoughts
If you don't like hentai games or sex don't bother playing this game or any other. If you're close minded towards sex then also, don't play hentai games. This game has a lot of interesting sexual ideas and makes me wish I had a tutor like that. It's a short, quick game but it's also small and easy to download. If you have time to kill, might as well give it a try. Also, I know I gave the game a four but that's what my scores averaged out to, I honestly like this game but I do wish it wasn't censored.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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