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Reviewed: 02/11/03 | Updated: 02/11/03

It is fun to have "lessons"! But do you honestly think so?

Ok, this is the first Immoral Studies game that I've played, honestly after picking up the game, played it, I don't feel great about this game, only craps.....Honestly, I should ask myself back, why should I even bother play this game at the first place?

Ok how bad it is:

You are a professor who is assigned to teach a fallen students into straight A students. Apparently, from what I can see, you teach only female students, I guess? So this time, your target is Yuka Ijima, the daughter of the factory CEO. Sounds great, since she was having a disappointing results, your task is to get her back to normal. Since Yuka was forced to marry another man that she doesn't even love! You should provide some comfort and continue the lessons. But from what I can see, your lessons never consists of textbook, pencils, pens, revision and whatever so called ''study'' but sweet words, cheating, pampering, having fun making love with each others.....oh god....

Since this is a hentai game, you would care less about lessons? Yeah they DO provide lessons, that is, if you know what I mean...... When lessons over, you'll solve the problem!.....Of course, ''obstacles'' always occurred during ''lessons''......

Wacky hentai programmers sure laugh when we play this game....

So it goes to gameplay, It does provide some selections, and wise selections of choices may affect your so called ''reputation'' during the game, once it's wrongly selected, you can kiss yourself goodbye, oddly, those selections doesn't applied during ''lessons''. Why? Other than that I think it's still the same old style of gameplay, nothing really new. (click-click-click game)

Graphic is descent, Character designs is not so well designed, but the graphic is somewhat sharp, probably better than other hentai games, but I rather invest my money on the other hentai games, and I can bet even those games are 10x better than this game. Hot girls are seen, but it doesn't turn me on. I bet other girls are even better than this one. So from what I can conclude for this section, the Character designs may need some improvement, Graphics is ok, but not so interesting. And forget the animation part, it's really boring.

As for the music part, It's generated as midi song. But none of the songs are interesting. Sorry to say, it's ugly, and sometimes annoying. Turn off your speakers may save the day.

Replay value is close to none, flush this game after playing this. Once it's over, it's done for. Nothing really great about this game that would make you replay this game.

Overall, 2 marks is quite a deserve marks for those kind of games, the only thing I can really talk good about this game is : It's an anime game, play for only your list of ''anime games''. Or else, it's optional whether you want to play it or not.

Shhesh, I would go for other hentai games for now.....

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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