Jetpack FAQ/Walkthrough
Version 0.60, updated May 12, 2014
Copyright (C) 2008-2014 by Nathaniel Hoover (Flashman85)

- Table of Contents -

1.) Introduction to Jetpack
2.) Controls
3.) Level Objects
4.) Enemies
5.) General Tips & Tricks
6.) How To Use The Walkthrough
7.) Walkthrough <IN PROGRESS>
8.) Credits and Thanks
9.) Version History
10.) Contact Info, Legal Mumbo-Jumbo, and Shameless Plugs

- 1. Introduction to Jetpack -

Adventurer. Fortune seeker. Treasure hunter. Call yourself what you will;
you're a dude with a jetpack, hunting for as much loot as you can grab...
without getting killed.

Your mission is not an easy one. Ancient traps and relentless guardians are
around every corner, seeking to put an end to your search for swag. Aside from
your trusty jetpack--when you've got enough fuel to use it--you have only a
phase shifter at your disposal. With it, you can open passageways to new areas
and dig escape tunnels out of old ones.

You've got extra lives and can save between levels, but there are no
checkpoints--you must collect all the emerald gems and proceed to the exit in a
single attempt, which can be especially tricky when there's so much optional
treasure--gold, gold, and more gold--tempting you to risk your life just one
more time before you go.

If you're lucky, a special item or two might appear out of nowhere to help you
along. Otherwise, it's up to your wits and your quick reflexes (and this FAQ/
walkthrough!) to get you through.

- 2. Controls -

We've got two sets of controls: menu screen controls, and in-game controls.


S - Start: Starts the game based on the parameters you've set with the Function
keys (see below).

H - Help: Tells you about the controls, story, level objects, jetpack you use,
items, and enemies...basically everything that's in the first few sections of
this document, except with pretty pictures.

E - Editor: Opens the level editor (not discussed in this FAQ, sorry).

B - Best: Displays the High Scores table.

Q - Quit: for quitters.

F2 - Players: Cycles through the number of players. You can play hotseat
Jetpack with up to 8 players total. It's like multiple people playing their own
individual games of Jetpack at the same time, except they all take turns.
Control of the game moves on to the next player every time a life is lost or a
level is beaten.

F3 - Level: Cycles through which level you'll begin with when starting a new
game, in increments of 10. Also includes a RANDOM setting, which starts you on
a random level and has you progress through all 100 levels in whatever order
the computer fancies.

F4 - Type: Cycles between three game modes, STANDARD, CUSTOM, and SAVEGAME.
STANDARD is the normal assortment of 100 levels; CUSTOM accesses levels made in
the level editor; SAVEGAME picks up where you left off when you last saved your
game (by pressing ALT + F5 on the level intro screen). Note that with the
SAVEGAME option you can't cycle through the F3 options, because you may only
start on the level where you last saved.

F5 - Joysticks: Allows you to choose which joystick, if any, you will use to
control the game. DISABLED means you'll be using the keyboard.


LEFT arrow key: Move left

RIGHT arrow key: Move right

UP arrow key: Climb ladders; face upward (to phase something above you)

DOWN arrow key: Descend ladders; face downward (to phase something below you);

use teleporter; hover at current height (while using jetpack); flip switch

ALT: Jump (without jetpack fuel); thrust (with jetpack fuel)

CTRL/DELETE/ENTER: Phase (hold down to phase)

SPACEBAR: Alternate status bar display

ESC: Suicide (lose a life and restart the level)

Q: Quit to main menu

-: Reduce game speed

+: Increase game speed

F1: Display help screens

F10: Boss key (displays DOS prompt to disguise the fact that you're playing a
game instead of working - great way to pause the game, too)

BACKSPACE+': Skip current level (you can only do this twice per game, but where
is the challenge in that?)

ALT+S: Save game (only possible on level intro screen)

NOTE ABOUT SAVING: I've encountered a problem on multiple occasions using two
or three different keyboards where the game didn't register that I had told it
to save, and it instead dropped me right into the level. I don't know if
there's some sort of hidden limit on how often you can save, but I recommend
waiting until the "level doors" open completely, then holding down ALT very
firmly and then pressing S to give you the best chance of success.

- 3. Level Objects -


STARTING POINT: This is where Jetpack Johnny, or whatever your character's name
is, first appears. Occasionally he will spawn over a Double Tank item, but for
the sake of simplicity, that's mentioned in the walkthrough for the level
instead of using a different symbol to indicate that on the map.
Map representation: $

EXIT DOOR: Technically two red doors that open out, it's the big doorway that
takes you to the next level. It will only open once all gems in the level have
been collected. Once the door is open, walk across the base of the door to
enter it. Entering an open door (I.e. beating a level) is worth 100 points.
Map representation:

LADDERS: Ladders, as you would expect, are meant for climbing. In addition to
the stationary variety, there are conveyor-belt-style ladders that move you
upward or downward as you stand on them.
Map representation: H

BRICK BLOCKS: Blocks consisting of many red bricks that you can phase through
from any side. I will usually refer to these simply as "bricks." Basic brick
blocks come in two varieties: ones made up of smaller bricks (which don't take
long to phase through) and ones made up of larger bricks (which take longer to
phase through). These regenerate a little while after phasing.
Map representation: #

SPECIAL BRICK BLOCKS: In addition to having all the properties mentioned above,
certain bricks have a conveyor belt on top that can be phased through, or a
coating of stone on one or more sides that cannot be phased through. Though the
map representation is the same, I'll mention whenever these bricks' unique
properties might be a hassle.
Map representation: #

STONE BLOCKS: Gray rock that you cannot phase through at all. I will usually
refer to these simply as "stones."
Map representation: @

SOLID BLOCKS: Blocks that look like they are made of carved stone or possibly
metal and come in different colors (and, I might add, look vaguely like the
Weighted Storage Cubes from Portal). You cannot phase through these at all.
Aside from their appearance, they are no different from stone blocks, and will
be represented on the map in the same way.
Map representation: @

STEEL BARRIERS: Blocks with a steel rim surrounding what looks like an overhead
view of a pyramid. These come in different colors and can be phased through
almost instantly. These regenerate very quickly after phasing. I'll usually
refer to these as "steel blocks" or "steel boxes" to avoid confusion with the
barriers you can turn on and off with a switch.
Map representation: o

CRATES: Wooden boxes (or "boxen," if you prefer) with a big letter X on the
front. I'll spare you the "XBox" joke. These can be instantly phased through
from any direction and do not regenerate.
Map representation: X


TELEPORTERS: Blue, green, or yellow platforms that quickly transport you from
one platform to another of the same color. You are sent randomly to another
platform of the same color if more than two exist in a level. Teleporters are
activated by pressing DOWN while standing or walking on them. Because I am
color-blind and find it easier to do things this way, each kind of teleporter
in a level is assigned a number. The first teleporter you should use in a level
will be called Teleporter 1, and all teleporters of the same color will also be
labeled 1, etc.
Map representations: 1 2 3

BARRIERS: Solid blocks that appear and disappear at the control of a switch.
Enemies can be trapped inside, as can you...but unlike the enemies, you are
squishy and go splat if this happens. Barriers come in three colors: red, blue,
and green. You cannot phase through these at all.
Map representations for red, blue, and green, respectively: R B G

SWITCHES: Switches that turn the colored barriers on and off. One variety is
activated by moving over it and pressing DOWN (you cannot do this while flying
or phasing), while another variety is activated simply by touching it; this
variety can also be activated by enemies.
Map representations for red, blue, and green, respectively: r b g

ENERGY CHARGERS: Areas you can move through that resemble interlocked square
tubes with gray liquid flowing through them (sorta). Your fuel tank is filled
at a steady rate when you are in an energy charger. When flying through an
energy charger it is impossible to run out of jetpack fuel.
Map representation: }

ENERGY DRAINS: Areas you can move through that resemble interlocked square
tubes with gray liquid flowing through them in the opposite direction (sorta).
Your fuel tank is drained at a steady rate when you are in an energy drain.
Jetpack fuel depletes disasterously quickly when flying through an energy
Map representation: {

SPIKES: Not to be confused with the enemy named Spikes. Jagged white rocks,
generally found along the surface of bricks or stone blocks. Touching them from
any direction kills you. Enemies can move over these safely. Lucky bums.
Map representation: +

HIDDEN SPEARS: Seen on the map as nothing more than a while dot, touching these
will cause a sharp spear to burst from the floor, killing you. Enemies can move
over these safely. Probably because they know to step AROUND them.
Map representation: !


PILLARS: White poles that you can pass through. Both you and the enemies move
behind pillars, all but completely obscuring your view.
Map representation: I

FENCES: Fences (or handrailings, possibly) that you can pass through. Both you
and the enemies move behind fences, slightly obscuring your view.
Map representation: =

VINES: Criscrossed jungle plants that you can pass through. Both you and the
enemies move behind vines, majorly obscuring your view.
Map representation: %

FAKE BLOCKS: Thin air that just LOOKS like stones, bricks, etc. Also referred
to as "secret passages," when you might find something good on the other side.
Just as often, there is horrible, horrible death waiting for you. Watch out.
Both you and the enemies move behind fake blocks, completely obscuring your
Map representation: ?


EMERALD GEM: A green gem (which, to me, looks like a Metall/Hard Hat enemy from
the Mega Man games) on a pedestal. I will usually refer to these simply as
"gems." Once all the gems in a level have been collected, the exit door will
open. Worth 5 points.
Map representation: *

TANK OF FUEL: Adds half of a bar of fuel to your reserve. Sometimes appears at
random in a level. Worth 10 points.
Map representation: t

DOUBLE TANK: Fills your fuel reserve to maximum. Sometimes appears at random in
a level. Worth 20 points.
Map representation: T

GOLD COIN: Optional treasure. Worth 10 points.
Map representation: c

PILE OF GOLD: Optional treasure. Worth 25 points.
Map representation: p

GOLDEN VASE: Optional treasure. Worth 50 points.
Map representation: v

EXTRA LIFE: A golden man resembling your character. Optional treasure, but
(duh) gives you an extra life. Worth 100 points.
Map representation: e

STUNNER: A swirling gray disc. Causes all enemies in the level to briefly stop
in their tracks. You may pass through enemies unharmed while the stunner is
active. When the stunner is about to expire, all enemies will flash red.
Sometimes appears at random in a level. Worth 25 points.
Map representation: s

SHIELD: Resembles a glowing yellow and orange cross...with legs? I'm not
exactly sure whether or not this is supposed to look like anything, but it
makes you invincible and flashing for a short time. Once the flashing stops,
you are no longer invincible. Worth 25 points.
Map representation: None, as it only appears randomly.

- 4. Enemies -

TRACKBOT: A silver robot with tank treads that kinda resembles the robot from
Lost in Space. Trackbot follows you persistently by moving on ladders, moving
across solid ground, and falling from ledges. However, once it starts moving
horizontally, it will not change direction until it reaches a ladder, hits a
wall, or falls off a ledge. You can lure Trackbot from one part of a level to
another by moving around, even if you're far away or separated by solid
objects. Trackbot is slower than you are. (No, I'm not insinuating anything
about your intelligence.)

SPIKES: A spinning, spiked pinwheel that bounces off of solid objects in a
predictable pattern. Not to be confused with the stationary pointy objects
called spikes (note the lowercase). Spikes is easy to avoid in open spaces
but is extremely dangerous in confined spaces. Spikes is slower than you are,
but that doesn't matter if its change in direction takes you by surprise.

STEEL BALL: Essentially a large silver boulder that constantly rolls across
solid objects and falls off of ledges. Steel Ball always starts out going left
and will begin moving in the opposite direction when it hits a solid object.
Steel Ball is a little faster than you are.

SPRING: A coiled spring that eternally bounces up and down, changing direction
when it hits a solid object. Spring pauses for a moment when changing
direction. Spring is a little slower than you are when falling.

MISSILE: A rocket that moves through the air in a straight line and turns to
its right when it hits a solid object. Missile is faster than you are.

BATBOT: A bat that looks like a flattened letter V. Batbot flies and cannot
pass through solid objects. It tracks you to a certain extent, but bounces a
little, as Spikes does, when it can't get a good lock on you. Batbot is slower
than you, and it is even slower when it is pressed against a solid object.

FLITZER: A blue asterisk blob. Flitzer changes direction at random and cannot
move through solid objects. Because of Flitzer's random movements, it is very
difficult to trap it, so it's better just to be patient and wait until it moves
out of your way. Note that different parts of Flitzer glow red to signify the
direction in which it is moving. Flitzer's speed varies, but it never moves
very far in any direction.

HOMER: A glorified speck that moves through the air and solid objects toward
you. Homer constantly tracks you and will always catch up with you if you wait
long enough, no matter where you are. Homer is much slower than you are, and
you can use this to your advantage if you are patient; if the area you need to
explore does not allow for you to quickly escape from Homer, you can sometimes
lure Homer to one side or corner of the level (if you wait a while) and then
rush into the area you need to need explore while Homer slowly makes its way

- 5. General Tips & Tricks -


Without your jetpack, falling down is the next quickest way to get out of
harm's way. Running is a little bit slower than that, and climbing is just a
hair slower than that. Jumping is slower still, because you quickly decelerate
in midair. You can change the direction of your jump in midair, and you can
affect how far you jump by how much you're moving when you initiate the jump.


Even after you've gotten used to maneuvering with your jetpack, some situations
make it extraordinarily easy to fly out of control, especially when you're
under pressure. The best way to fly is usually using shorter thrusts and
holding the DOWN key when you need to move horizontally or hover in place. Only
hold down the thrust key for extended periods if you're hovering or trying to
cover a long distance.

You can keep moving even after you let go of the thrust key, so you can often
get away with letting go before you reach your destination and using your
momentum to carry you the rest of the way.

Along those same lines, take care when you need to make a precision landing;
until you've mastered the jetpack, slow yourself well in advance of your
landing point and carefully touch down.

When trying to reach a certain height without overshooting (for example, if you
need to fly close to a spiked ceiling), hold the DOWN key when you get close
to the desired height to hover in place, then quickly release and re-press DOWN
until you have eased yourself up to the right height.


Each kind of phasable object must be phased constantly for a set amount of time
before it disappears. If you let go of the phase key or turn away from the
object before you phase through it, any phasing progress will be lost and you
will need to start over.

Crates do not reappear after being phased. Consider carefully before you phase
any crates, for you might doom yourself to failure if it turns out one or more
of the crates in a level need to be intact for you to get all the gems and
reach the exit.

All other phasable objects reappear after a set amount of time. This can be
fatal to you if you get caught, but by the same token, you can trap enemies in
walls and floors as they reappear, if your timing is just right. You can also
create holes for enemies to go through, which often changes their movement
patterns or completely removes them from an area you're trying to enter.


When you activate a teleporter, you'll notice your character take on a sort of
scrambled glow. As long as you're all scrambled after entering and exiting a
teleporter, you are invincible, as you are when using the Shield item. You can
still activate a teleporter while you are scrambled, which is good to remember
when a teleporter with multiple destinations spits you out somewhere you didn't
want to go that is teeming with enemies.

All enemies except Homer can use teleporters, so watch for enemies on both
sides of a teleporter before entering one.

You don't need to wait until you're on a teleporter to activate one. Hold DOWN,
and when you walk over it you will automatically teleport. In fact, you
continue to teleport until you let go of the key, which means that you can hold
yourself in a sort of invincible suspended animation indefinitely. If you do,
I'll just start calling you Scotty.



Treasures almost always appear next to traps or in places guarded by enemies,
so if a treasure horde looks too good to be true, it probably is. Greed will
get you killed about as often as not, so choose your treasues carefully, and
be willing to admit that sometimes you just can't get all the treasures in a
level. Of course, if you can't admit that by Level 19 and you keep trying, then
you're alarmingly determined, or quite possibly insane.


If you've just saved, feel free to experiment with various tactics for getting
through a level, regardless of how dangerous they seem. After you have a good
idea of what to do, quit to the menu and then reload your saved game. This way,
any lives you lost in the experimentation process are restored.

Remember that you don't lose points for dying; if there's an easy-to-reach
extra life placed in a level, consider grabbing that extra life, racking up as
many points as possible by picking up treasure, gems, and other items, and then
dying before you beat the level. The extra life you picked up in the level will
make up for the one you just lost, but the points you've gathered will keep
adding up toward a bonus extra life.

The odds of this happening are so slim that it's almost not worth mentioning,
but if you die above an open doorway and your body (or exploded remains)
happens to fall into an open doorway, you still beat the level, despite the
fact that you're dead.

- 6. How To Use The Walkthrough -

Walkthrough time!

Each level is identified by its number and name, so you can use the search
function in your browser to quickly locate the level you need.

Two kinds of help are given: GENERAL and SPECIFIC. General help covers things
that are important to keep in mind while playing the entire level. Specific
help gives a detailed, step-by-step explanation of how to complete the level.
Keep in mind that there are several ways to complete most of the levels; what I
describe is what I did to complete the level, though you could very well figure
out a better way to do it.

If you come up with a better solution (I.e. one that is notably faster or
incurs a lower risk of dying), e-mail it to me (see Section 10, Contact Info)
and I'll probably put it in the next release of this guide, with full credit to
you, of course.

Below the level number and title is a crude map of the level filled with
symbols that signify level objects and your starting position. For ease of use,
enemies are not included; specialized objects, such as icy bricks and moving
ladders, are not specially identified and are indistinguishable from regular
bricks and regular ladders on the map. There are many reasons for choosing to
do things this way, which I'll only bother to explain if you ask me. A blank
sample is posted below:

 1 |                          | 1
 2 |                          | 2
 3 |                          | 3
 4 |                          | 4
 5 |                          | 5
 6 |                          | 6
 7 |                          | 7
 8 |                          | 8
 9 |                          | 9
10 |                          | 10
11 |                          | 11
12 |                          | 12
13 |                          | 13
14 |                          | 14
15 |                          | 15
16 |                          | 16

As you can see, the map is split into sixteen numerical rows and twenty-six
lettered columns. I will often refer to locations by their position on the map.
For example, a gem at Z-16 would be found in the bottom right corner of the
map. I break up the areas of a level as follows:

          LEFT    CENTER   RIGHT
TOP    |        |        |        |
MIDDLE |        |        |        |
BOTTOM |        |        |        |

So, if I say that for example, there are three gems in the top center, I'm
referring to a specific area of the map, not a toy manufacturing plant called
the Top Center. That would be an odd place to hide gems.

For easy reference, here is a complete list of the meanings of all the symbols
you will see on the map:


||  Exit Door

$   Start Position
H   Ladder
#   Brick Block (any variety)
@   Stone Block, Solid Block
o   Steel Barrier
X   Crate


1   Teleporter 1
2   Teleporter 2
3   Teleporter 3
R   Red Barrier (whether on or off)
B   Blue Barrier (whether on or off)
G   Green Barrier (whether on or off)
r   Red Switch (either variety)
b   Blue Switch (either variety)
g   Green Switch (either variety)
}   Energy Charger
{   Energy Drain
+   Spike
!   Hidden Spear
&   Chozo Statue


I   Pillar
=   Fence
%   Vine
?   Fake Block


*   Emerald Gem
t   Tank of Fuel
T   Double Tank
c   Gold Coin
p   Pile of Gold
v   Golden Vase
e   Extra Life
s   Stunner
(no map representation for Shield, as it only appears at random)

- 7. Walkthrough -


 1 |*            *          /\| 1
 2 |#H       H#####H        ||| 2
 3 | H #H#####*    H      H###| 3
 4 | H* H     ###H H      H   | 4
 5 | H# H  *     H #######H   | 5
 6 |    H  ###H###        H   | 6
 7 |    H     H     *    @@@@@| 7
 8 |H######H###########H @v v@| 8
 9 |H    * H *         H @@ @@| 9
10 |H  H## H ##H       H @* *@| 10
11 |H###   H   H    *  H @@H@@| 11
12 |       H   H#####  H*  H  | 12
13 | *H#####   H       ######H| 13
14 | #H#      *H*            H| 14
15 |  H       ###            H| 15
16 |  H             $  T     H| 16

GENERAL: There's not much of a trick to this level; get a feel for how you
move without and with the jetpack, learn how you move over different kinds of
terrain, learn what you can and cannot phase, learn how long it takes to phase
bricks, and dodge enemies. It's really just a training level, so take the time
to learn the ropes. Fuel conservation is not necessary in this stage, so don't
feel compelled to use the ladders if you don't feel like it, unless you want to
practice using minimal jetpack fuel; you'll need to get good at it for the
later levels.

SPECIFIC: Collect the Double Tank to the right of the start. Grab all the gems
on top of the sludge-covered bricks in the bottom center (starting with Q-11),
using short bursts of flight to help you collect them faster.

If Trackbot isn't hanging around there, fly right and climb up into the stone
enclosure in the middle right to collect gems W-10 and Y-10 as well as (if
you're feeling a little gutsy) vases W-8 and Y-8. Move quickly and only go
after the vases if you have the time, or else you may find yourself trapped by
Trackbot. If you try several times and keep getting trapped there, go to the
other side of the map to collect gems, lure Trackbot toward where you are, then
fly and climb your way back to the stone enclosure before Trackbot can catch

Which gems you should collect next depends on where the enemies are, so
practice basic enemy avoidance to finish off the level. Stay as far away from
Trackbot and Spikes as possible as you collect the remaining gems, and don't
hesitate to use your jetpack to cover ground more quickly and to lose Trackbot.

Just keep moving, and don't waste time phasing bricks unless you're testing out
how phasing works; regular movement will get you through the level quickly
enough. Once the door opens up, make a break for it, using the jetpack if
you've got enough fuel left (which you really should).


 1 |2    1      H*H      *    | 1
 2 |# H#H##    HH#HH   ####H##| 2
 3 |# H  #*    H* *H       H  | 3
 4 |##H  ###  H## ##H      H  | 4
 5 |##H  #/\  H # # H      H  | 5
 6 |##H# #||$ H I*I H     ###H| 6
 7 |##H# #### #H###H#    1*I H| 7
 8 |##H#       H I H  *  ####H| 8
 9 |##H###H#   HH#HH *#* #   H| 9
10 |##H * H##H  H#H *# # # ##H| 10
11 |##H######H  H#H #    # *#H| 11
12 |##H#s  H#H  H#H    #   ##H| 12
13 |##H####H#H  H#H H#H#H# #*H| 13
14 |##H    H H  HHH H#H H# ##H| 14
15 |##########H  H  H##tH#   H| 15
16 |#pppvvv e#H  H  H2#######H| 16

GENERAL: Each section of this level requires a slightly different strategy.
Tackle one section at a time, move quickly through each section, and find a
safe spot to rest and plan how you'll take on the next section. Use the ladders
as much as possible, phase through blocks to make shortcuts and throw off
Trackbot, and only use the jetpack to cover short distances.

SPECIFIC: From the start, do a quick little jetpack hop to the right and take
gems N-1, M-3, O-3, and N-6 from the central tower, using the ladders as much
as possible. Drop down to the right and grab gems S-8, T-9, R-9, and Q-10 from
the four blocks floating in the air. Note that this is the second-safest spot
in the level; return here if you ever feel like you need a moment to think
about what to do next. Personally, I prefer to stand on the farthest block to
the right, but it's really up to you. It is technically possible for Trackbot
to climb the ladder on the top right and drop down on you from far above, but
in practice, that just doesn't happen.

Wait until Trackbot is on the top left, preferably right after having gone
through a teleporter; then, drop down again to collect the tank of fuel. Move
on to grab gem Y-13 next to the ladder, then climb up and phase through brick
Y-11 to snag gem X-11. Keep climbing up and grab gems W-7 and V-1. By this
time, Trackbot might be gaining on you, so drop back down to your safe spot if
you need a breather.

Use the ladder tower in the middle to climb your way to gem E-10, making sure
the Steel Ball is below you before you leave the tower. Phase through the block
below the gem to collect the Stunner, which isn't entirely necessary but is a
good precaution nonetheless. Phase through the left wall and climb to the top
of the ladder.

At this point, you can either dash right to collect gem G-3 that's over the
door and end the level, or you can go after the treasure on the bottom left. If
you decide to go after the treasure, you'll need to move very quickly; because
of the teleporters, there's a very good chance that the enemies will be on top
of you alarmingly fast, and the Stunner doesn't last all that long. To get to
the treasure, phase through brick A-3 and continually phase down through every
brick until you reach the bottom. Don't let up on the phasing, or else you'll
get squished. Also remember that Trackbot can follow you into the hole you're
digging, so I again emphasize to be fast.

After you collect the treasure, stand to the far right where the extra life was
(I-16). Wait until until Trackbot is out of the bottom center, and Steel Ball
is close to one of the teleporters (either entering or leaving). Phase through
the right wall (J-16) and scramble up the ladder tower in the center. Once
you've reached the top or are close to the top, fly over to gem G-3 and dart
down to the door below you to end the level.


 1 |2 @@*  *$1      *       * | 1
 2 |@* @@* @ @@@@@@@@@B#%%%%@ | 2
 3 |@@* @@ @*I       @%%#%%%@ | 3
 4 | @@* @ @@@@@@@@@ @#%%%#%@ | 4
 5 |* @@*  @       I*@%%#%%%@ | 5
 6 |@* @@* @ ########@%#%%%%@ | 6
 7 |@@* @@ @*I       @%%###%@ | 7
 8 |*@@*  *@@@@@@@@@ @@%%%%%@ | 8
 9 | **  *@?t      I*@%%%%%#@ | 9
10 |*@@ *@??@@@@@@@@@@%#%##%@ | 10
11 |@@ *@??@ 3  **** @%%b%%%@ | 11
12 |@ *@??@@ @ *@@@@*@##3%%%@ | 12
13 | *@??@/\ @ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@ | 13
14 | @??@@|| @ ******I******I*| 14
15 | @?@@@@@ @ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@| 15
16 |        1  I           t2I| 16

GENERAL: Most of the level consists of solid stone, which cannot be phased.
This means that your job is primarily to dodge the Marble Worm (that is, the
line of Steel Balls) that teleports around the level and rolls over almost
everything at one point or another. To succeed, you'll need to find the few
safe spots around the level, watch the pattern of the worm closely, and move
from place to place whenever there's an opening. There are many ways to do this
level; the way I'm about to describe will take you through without a jetpack
for as long as possible, but this level can certainly be beaten using a
jetpack for most of the time if you're very careful about your fuel

SPECIFIC: It should be noted that, although I include many safe spots in which
you can rest, this level can be beaten with little or no resting if you're fast

Before the level even begins, hold left so that instead of falling, you'll end
up on stone H-2. Be careful not to hold for too long, or else you'll overshoot
and fall of the edge. This isn't fatal, but it throws off the flow of my
walkthrough and causes some unnecessary backtracking, and therefore I forbid
you from doing it.

Jump to the left to collect gems F-2 and E-1. Remember that even though you're
already pressing against the ceiling, holding down the jump key will keep you
in the air longer. This isn't like Mario where you hit the ceiling and then
fall right back down.

Drop down and swing left as you fall to collect the diagonal line of gems
starting with F-6. It's easy to get caught on the ceiling when jumping through
places like this, so just keep jumping if you get a bit stuck.

Drop down again to snag half of the gems on this diagonal line (G-8, F-9, and
E-10), then jump up to the left to collect gem C-9 and the other three gems
with it in the nook, which is a SAFE SPOT. In order to nab gem A-8, you'll need
to stand at the edge of the stone, then run and hold down the jump key as you
move left.

Wait for the worm to move past the entrance to your nook, then run after it,
collecting the three remaining gems on the diagonal line along the way. Hop
into Teleporter 1 to teleport to the top of the screen. Quickly run to collect
gem Q-1, then scurry back past the teleporter and into the little maze in the
center to collect gem I-3 and the three that follow it.

There is a secret passageway through the wall to the left of the tank of fuel
at the end of the little maze; you might have noticed the worm moving through
it earlier. Wait until the worm passes underneath the door and through
Teleporter 1 to go through the secret passageway (just hold left and you'll
keep dropping down until you reach the bottom). Stand on or just to the right
of Teleporter 1 and wait for the worm to appear from Teleporter 3. After it has
moved past you, fly up to the dead-end with the six gems (starting with gem
L-12) and collect them all. This is another SAFE SPOT.

Wait for the worm to appear from the lower Teleporter 3 again, and drop into
the tunnel below you with the long line of gems on conveyor belts (starting
with gem L-14). Use the jetpack a little bit to boost yourself into the tunnel.
Run through to collect all the gems, then jetpack straight up to gem Y-1 and
wait there. This is yet another SAFE SPOT.

If everything went well, your fuel meter should be at about 1/4. Wait until the
worm enters the vines and follow after it. Go through Teleporter 3 and continue
to follow the worm into Teleporter 2, picking up the remaining tank of fuel
along the way. Continue following the worm down the first set of steps after
the teleporter, but fly up to collect the four diagonal gems starting with D-8.
This is also a SAFE SPOT.

Now, wait for the worm to pass by you, then chase after it. Once it enters
Teleporter 1, fly up to the door and end the level.


 1 |                          | 1
 2 |*                        *| 2
 3 |@@@@  #@@@         *   @@@| 3
 4 |  *#  #  #        #@@     | 4
 5 |  ##  # *#        #       | 5
 6 |  #   # ##       *#     * | 6
 7 |  #*  # #*   ##@@@@   #@@@| 7
 8 |  #@@@@ #@@@@@        #   | 8
 9 |                     *#   | 9
10 |     *     *     #@@@@@   | 10
11 |  @  # #@@@@@@   #*       | 11
12 | *@@*  # /\  #   ##    *  | 12
13 | @@@@@@@ ||  #   *#   ### | 13
14 |  @      @@  #@@@@@       | 14
15 |                          | 15
16 |                          | 16

GENERAL: Although there's a lot of open space to cover, you'll hardly use 1/4
of your fuel if you use phasing to your advantage. Unless you mess around too
much with the bricks near them, the Spikes stay confined to specific sections
of the level and bounce around with a pattern that's predictable enough to
dodge if you end up getting too close to them. Take your time, wait for Spikes
to move away before you move in, and you'll do just fine.

SPECIFIC: Right off the bat, fly upward to grab gem X-12. Fly over to gem S-11
and phase through the left wall. Drop down and grab gem R-13. If Spikes is
bouncing around to your left (boy, that sounds gramatically awful) wait for it
to either pass over you or move farther left, then fly up to gem L-10. Avoiding
Spikes if it's still there, move left to get gems F-10, E-12, and B-12.

Fly straight up the left side to get gem C-4 (don't worry; it won't explode,
har har). There will probably be a spikes bouncing around on the other side of
the wall to the right; if so, wait until it starts to move upwards and phase
through the brick to your right, then collect gem D-7. If you see a Spikes
moving up the left side of the screen toward you as you're waiting to phase
through, don't panic; it's extremely likely that, because of the angle at which
it is bouncing, it will hit the block you're standing on, but not you. If not,
then oh, well.

This part might need to be handled differently depending on where Spikes is,
but the next gem to get is A-2. The best way is to fly up and to the right,
standing on top of stone H-3 or thereabouts, and to wait for Spikes to go back
down to where you just collected the gem. Fly over the hole, snag gem A-2, then
rush back over the hole to where you were standing before Spikes returns.

To the right should be another spikes that is bouncing around the open area in
the top center. Wait until it starts moving away, then drop down to collect gem

Phase through the wall to your left and fly up to collect gem I-5. Once again
wait for Spikes to move away, then quickly collect gems R-6 and T-3, but drop
down to the right to grab gem Y-6; Spikes will probably be too close to the top
right corner for you to grab the next gem safely.

Once Spikes heads left again, fly up to get gem Z-2. Drop down to collect gem
V-9. Scurry down to brick N-13 and phase through it if the coast is clear, then
fly to the exit.


 1 |s               H *H   H  | 1
 2 |@########@@@H   H###  *H  | 2
 3 |@/\     *@ RH   H*H  ###  | 3
 4 |@||   @@@@ @H   ###   H*  | 4
 5 |@@@      @ @@H   H    ### | 5
 6 |@*  2    @ @2H   H   * H  | 6
 7 |@@@@@@@@H@ @@@@@@@@ ###H  | 7
 8 | *   #  HR  1 *   R  H H  | 8
 9 |H###H#H@@@@@@@@@@@@  H*H  | 9
10 |H#  H#H@   B    *    ###  | 10
11 |H#####H@** B  b####   H   | 11
12 |H# * #H@@@@@@H###H *  H###| 12
13 |H#H#H#H 1    H$  H####H# r| 13
14 |H#H#H######H#######H*#H#H#| 14
15 |H#H#H # * #H#e#H*H#H#FH H | 15
16 |H H##H H#H H###H#* H #H#H*| 16

GENERAL: You'll be using the phase shifter here as much as the jetpack, if not
more, so fuel shouldn't be a problem. Unless you want to constantly phase
through walls and run away from enemies in tiny spaces, it's best to trap
Trackbot as early on as you can. After that, it's just a matter of patience and
awareness: make sure that you know where Spikes and Spring are going and wait
long enough for them to get out of your way, and watch out for being crushed by
bricks reappearing after you've phased them.

SPECIFIC: Immediately climb up the ladder to your left and hit the blue switch
to turn off the blue barrier and grab the two gems behind it. Then climb back
down the ladder, wait for Trackbot to get off the long ladder to the far right
and start heading your way, and phase through the brick above the Extra Life.
This is a SAFE SPOT, as soon as the brick above you reappears.

Wait there until Trackbot turns around and heads back into the maze in the
bottom right. Follow it, collecting gems I-15 and D-12 as you go. As Trackbot
ascends the long ladder on the far left, phase through the ceiling above and to
the left of gem D-12 (brick C-11).

As soon as Trackbot reaches the top of the long ladder, climb down the ladder
you're standing on, up the long ladder to the left, and collect gem B-8.

How you get out of the maze depends on what the enemies are doing at this
point. If Trackbot is right behind you, drop down the hole you made by phasing
the brick--it should close up just before Trackbot gets there--and then phase
through brick F-12 to get out of the little maze. If Trackbot is far enough
away, phase through brick F-8 to exit the little maze. If Spikes somehow gets
involved, use your best judgment to determine where you should phase through
the wall, or if you should phase through brick C-11 one more time and do
another loop around the ladders until Spikes goes away.

Once out of the maze, lure Trackbot to the area where the blue switch is and
the blue barrier used to be. Collect gem Q-10 as you wait for Trackbot, and
then hit the blue switch to trap Trackbot behind (or in) the blue barrier.

You may now take your time throughout the rest of the level. Wait until Spring
is bouncing up and collect gem T-12. Climb down into the bottom right to
collect the four gems and the Double Tank there, phasing through bricks as
necessary, and hit the red switch.

Climb and use short jetpack bursts to grab the gems on the ladder towers in the
top right (gems W-9, V-6, X-4, W-2, S-1, and R-3).

Wait until Spikes is out of the enclosed section where the door is, then climb
or fly up to the top left and get the Stunner to freeze Spikes in some location
that's far enough away from the door. Enter the stone section via L-3 (where
the topmost red barrier used to be), and move into the enclosed section where
the door is to take gems B-6 and I-3. Fly up to the door and complete the


 1 |         @  /\  @         | 1
 2 |*       *@  ||  @*       *| 2
 3 |@@@@@@@@@@H@@@@H@@@@@H@@@@| 3
 4 |   pH  *  H *  H     H p  | 4
 5 |@ @@@@@@@@@@H@@@@@@H@@@@ @| 5
 6 |     p  *   H*     H p*   | 6
 7 |@ @H@@@@@@@@@@@@H@@@@@@@ @| 7
 8 |   H      p *   H p   p   | 8
 9 |@ @@@@@H@@@@@@@@@@@@H@@@ @| 9
10 |     *pH     *p     H     | 10
11 |@ @@@@@@@@H@@@@@H@@@@@@@ @| 11
12 |  p     p H *   H * p     | 12
13 |@ @@@H@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@H @| 13
14 |    *H p     *   p   * H  | 14
15 |@ @@@@@@@@H@@@@@@@H@@@@@ @| 15
16 |          H  $    H       | 16

GENERAL: In order to beat this level, you'll need to wait at the top of each
ladder for the Missiles to pass by. When they do, you'll need to quickly pop
out, grab a gem or a pile of gold, and then dart back to the top of a ladder.
Falling off one of the ends of a row is an acceptable strategy if you can't
make it back to a ladder in time, but it becomes less advisable the higher up
you go due to the increasing chance of hitting a Missile on your way down.

There's nothing more to this level than patience, timing, and quick reflexes.
The biggest advice of all is this: don't be greedy. If you're feeling like a
hotshot, then by all means, try and grab all those piles of gold. However, if
you're just trying to get through the level, don't even bother with the piles
of gold and just focus on the gems. Also keep in mind that you don't need to
clear out the gems one row at a time; you can always come back down to pick up
what you missed.

A few hints:
- In general, never go after a treasure unless it is within three spaces of the
ladder you're on.
- You don't need to be exactly centered on the top half of each ladder; your
head can stick up above the stone blocks a little bit, and your feet can dangle
below the stone blocks a little bit, as long as you aren't sticking out too
- You can hold UP or DOWN while running so that you automatically grab a hold
of a ladder and start climbing when you pass one.
- Once you're in a safe spot at the top of a ladder, you can take as much time
as you need to plan your next move. It's OK to wait for a good opening.
- Based on the movement of the Missiles, plan in advance whether you are going
to move to another ladder or return to the current one.
- Wait until a Missile has passed directly overhead to move out; this will
give you the longest possible amount of time to move.

SPECIFIC: The only specific help I can render concerns the two open chambers at
the top. The strategy is the same for both rooms: Wait until the Missile passes
by you, follow it to pick up the first gem, return to the middle and jump over
the Missile when it approaches you (jump when it's about a one-block space
away), then run to the second gem and then back down the ladder.

Oh, and don't forget that you can use the platform with the door as a safe
place to cross part of the top row of Missiles.


 1 | *   *  *          *   /\ | 1
 2 | #H H#H ##H *  *H###   || | 2
 3 | ##HH#H  #HH##H#H  #  H## | 3
 4 | # H###  ##H# H#H*   *H # | 4
 5 | # H#       # ##H#*  #H*  | 5
 6 |   H#     H##   H##H ####H| 6
 7 | * H#   **H #   H# H     H| 7
 8 |H#*H **H##H     H#*H* H# H| 8
 9 |H### ##H #H *** ##### H#*H| 9
10 |H**H #*H ## ###       H##H| 10
11 | ##H ##H #       *   *H # | 11
12 | #*H   H    H#####   #H   | 12
13 | ###H *H   *H *  *   ##   | 13
14 | *  HH#H  *#H #*H#H   #*  | 14
15 |##  H##H  ###H##H#H   ###H| 15
16 |#$ H####H    H  H#H      H| 16

GENERAL: The Trackbots won't be much of an issue if you move quickly at the
start to distance yourself from them. Try not to stay in any one section for
too long, or else a Trackbot is likely to get you; it's better to leave a
single gem behind and come back for it later than to grab all of them in one
section and get trapped.

Though there is technically only one safe spot in the level (O-13), it is
possible to get the Trackbots caught in a harmless loop if you maneuver
correctly, making many other places into safe spots. The floating island in the
middle center is almost always a good place to go if you need a breather.

Remember that you can jump from ladders, that you can hold UP to automatically
start climbing ladders when you pass them, and that you can climb diagonally
when two ladders are next to each other.

SPECIFIC: It won't take long for the Trackbots to make it to your starting
point, so move upward as quickly as you can. Try to collect gems G-13, C-12,
C-10, and B-10, but don't be afraid to skip one if you find you can't move
quickly enough. DO NOT get gem B-14 above the start just yet; if you do, you're
very likely to get trapped by the Trackbots.

Continue up the left side of the level, collecting gems B-7 and C-8 as you go,
and then climb up to get gems B-1 and F-1 along the top. You'll want to stay
along the top to stay out of the Trackbots' way, so jump across to gem I-1.
(If you have trouble jumping across, climb a little bit down the ladder at G-2
and jump right from there.)

Staying along the top, grab gems M-2, P-2, and T-1. Fall or jump toward the
door and collect gems V-4 and X-5.

This next part requires a lot of coordination, but it's a skill you'll need
later on. Climb all the way down the ladder on the far right side, nab gem Y-9,
and then drop down to get gem X-14. Here's the tricky part: you need to phase
through brick W-13 to be able to jump up to the ladder and get out of the way
of the incoming Trackbots. To do this, continually hold left so you are pressed
against the brick wall, jump, and as you start to jump, hold down the phase key
so that you phase through brick W-13 while you are in the air; if it doesn't
work on the first jump, let go of the phase key when you come back down so that
you don't accidentally phase brick W-14. If you've come this far as quickly as
I did, you'll have about 3-4 tries before the Trackbots catch up with you. (If
you can't get this strategy to work, you'll need to lure the Trackbots away
first or phase through brick W-13 and try to outrun them as they come up the
ladder, but that will change the order of things.)

Get gem V-11, climb back up, and head left to clean out the rest of the gems in
the top right and top center (gems U-8, S-8, S-5, and R-4).

Make your way over to the floating platform in the middle center to collect
gems O-9, N-9, and M-9. This is a SAFE SPOT unless the Trackbots are above you.
If everything went well, the Trackbots should be caught up somewhere in the
bottom center, moving around in a loop (or getting ready to). If not, I have no
idea what you've been doing.

Once the Trackbots are looping, drop down to the right to pick up gem R-11,
then run left and drop down (don't use the ladder) to get gems L-13 and K-14.

Jump left and climb up the long ladder to grab gems G-10, I-7, J-7, G-8, and

Now is the time to collect any of the gems you skipped at the beginning.
Finally, get gem B-14 either by dropping down to it from above or by jumping up
to it from on top of ladder D-16 (I prefer the latter). The Trackbots will most
likely be after you by this point, so be ready to dodge and rush back toward
your floating safe spot in the middle center via whatever route you like best.

There should only be three gems left, and of course, they're all right where
the Trackbots loop. If the Trackbots are far enough away, follow through with
the next part; otherwise, wait for the Trackbots to go back to looping, then
try to lure them to the far left side before continuing. Either way, you need
to make sure that the Trackbots are far enough away and moving in such a way
that they can't immediately turn around and follow you.

Run to collect gem R-13 (entering from the right side) and then go after gems
P-14 and O-13. O-13 is a SAFE SPOT. Now that the door is open, it's just a
matter of looking for a clean getaway. Wait there (it might take a little
while) for the Trackbots to go back into their loop. If you get impatient, rush
for the exit at your own peril. Once the Trackbots get into their loop, run
left, jump to the long ladder starting at H-15, and climb and jump your way to
the door!


 1 |                          | 1
 2 |            *             | 2
 3 |  @}}}@@##@@@@@#@@        | 3
 4 |  }}}}#          @        | 4
 5 |  }}}}#          #        | 5
 6 |r }}}}B  ***  ***@  $     | 6
 7 |#R@#B@@@B@@@##@@@@@@@@#@@@| 7
 8 |  @  @b@    ***#** @@#  @+| 8
 9 |  #**  B    @@@@@@B@#@  # | 9
10 |  @@@@@@    B        B**@+| 10
11 |   }}}@@    @@@B@@#@B@@@@+| 11
12 |  #}}}/\    @   #@@@    @+| 12
13 |  #}}}||****@***@@******# | 13
14 |  #}}}@@@##@@@#@@@#@@##@@+| 14
15 |       ++  + +     ++  ++ | 15
16 |#*                      *#| 16

GENERAL: You can pretty much take your time on this level, and you can be
almost careless with your jetpack use. Try to keep Spikes in the open areas
along the top, stay clear of the Missiles, and don't forget that you can phase
while you're using your jetpack. Oh, and note that the direction Spikes moves
at the beginning depends on how you move at first.

SPECIFIC: Fly to the top center and get gem M-2. Phase down through whichever
brick in Row 3 strikes your fancy and fall through the resulting hole to
collect the gems in Row 6 (gems J-6, K-6, L-6, O-6, P-6, and Q-6). Do your best
to keep from allowing Spikes into the chamber with you.

Phase through brick M-7 or N-7 to get gems M-8, N-8, and O-8. Drop down to get
the four gems next to the door (gems I-13, J-13, K-13, and L-13). Wait for
Missile to pass by and head right, fly through the energy charger, and then up
to phase through brick C-9 (remember to hold the jetpack key and the phase key
and RIGHT at the same time). Collect gems D-9 and E-9, and hit the blue switch.

Fly up and hit the red switch, then wait for Missile to pass by again before
dropping to the bottom to get gem B-16. Go right and snag gem Y-16. If Missile
is nearby, either run under it if it's above you, or hover against one of the
bricks in the ceiling until Missile passes under you.

Fly up and phase through either brick V-14 or W-14 (watch the spikes, and make
sure Missile has already moved to the left somewhere) and collect the line of
gems (gems S-13, T-13, U-13, V-13, W-13, and X-13). Casually fly around the
various chambers to collect all of the remaining gems, and then go to the door.


 1 |   H   H   H   H   H  H /\| 1
 2 |*  H   H*  H   H   H* H ||| 2
 3 |# *H   H#  H   H  *H# H###| 3
 4 |  #H* *H   H   H  #H  H   | 4
 5 |   H# #H   H   H*  H  H   | 5
 6 |   H   H   H   H# *H  H   | 6
 7 |   H   H  *H   H  #H  H   | 7
 8 |   H*  H  #H  *H   H  H   | 8
 9 |  *H#  H*  H  #H   H* H   | 9
10 |  #H   H#  H   H  *H# H   | 10
11 |   H   H   H   H  #H  H*  | 11
12 |  *H   H  *H   H   H  H# *| 12
13 |* #H   H  #H  *H   H  H* #| 13
14 |#  $   H   H  #H   H  H#  | 14
15 |   #       H       H      | 15
16 |                          | 16

GENERAL: The key to success here is mostly exercising good platformer skills.
Climb ladders moving in the same direction as you want to go whenever possible,
and use them to quickly escape Batbot if it gets too close. To avoid being
thrown off, jump as soon as you land on a conveyor belt, or hold DOWN and hit
the phase key to halt your movement for as long as you're phasing (be careful
not to phase through the brick this way). Remember that you can jump while
climbing a ladder, especially the downward-moving ones, to climb faster. Also
remember that you will automatically grab on to the ladders as you pass them
and start moving in the same direction. Stay as high as you can to move from
ladder to ladder, as jumping and falling to one side won't get you very far
without the height.

SPECIFIC: Depending on where Batbot is and how well you're doing at jumping
and climbing, the specific strategy for where to go and when to go there will
vary. However, to get started, climb all the way to the top of the first ladder
and collect the gems in the top left (gems A-2, C-3, and E-4). Jump right to
get gems G-5 and I-2.

After this point, do your best to avoid Batbot and stay off the Trackbot-
-infested floor. If you happen to fall there, or if you get trapped by Batbot
and have no other place to go, jump over the Trackbots and head for the ladders
in columns L and T as soon as it's safe to do so.

For the gems in the bottom right, collect gem X-11, phase through the brick
below to get gem X-13, then jump to gem Z-12. Jump left to get back on the

Good luck; even after you've gotten the hang of this level, it still might
take several tries to get it right, for even a small mistake can spell your


 1 |      c     c      c      | 1
 2 |      c     c      c      | 2
 3 |c      c   c      c      c| 3
 4 | c     c    c     c     c | 4
 5 |  c     c   c    c     c  | 5
 6 |   c    c    c   c    c   | 6
 7 |c   c    c   c  c    c   c| 7
 8 | cc  c  ==========  c  cc | 8
 9 |   cc c=@@XXXXXX@@=c cc   | 9
10 |     c=@XXX@00@XXX@=c     | 10
11 |cccccc@XX@@@  @@@XX@cccccc| 11
12 |     c@XX@t?**?t@XX@c     | 12
13 |   cc @XX@@@@@@@@XX@ cc   | 13
14 | cc  c@XXXXXXXXXXXX@c  cc | 14
15 |c   c @XXXXX/\XXXXX@ c   c| 15
16 |   c  $ XXXX||XXXX T  c   | 16

GENERAL: At the end of every group of ten levels is a level that is meant to be
far more relaxing and straightforward than the ones preceding it. Level 9 is
the first of these (remember that we started with Level 0, so this is the end
of the first group of ten; I'm not crazy). Be as greedy as you like initially
(keeping a good distance away from the Batbots), but don't stress yourself out
trying to get everything, especially around the Flitzers.

SPECIFIC: Phase through the Boxes to geth to the Double Tank on the right. Fly
up to the top of the structure (which, now that I look at it, looks like the
head of the Jetpack guy, and I didn't realize that until just now--wow),
collecting some coins on the way up, and phase through the two Boxes in the
middle and either of the Steel Barriers to collect the only two gems in this

Then, fly around as much as you please to get however many coins you can. To
get the diagonal coins, use a series of quick jetpack thrusts to ascend or
descend rather than holding the key the whole time. Remember that you can also
hold DOWN while flying left or right to maintain your current altitude; this
will help for the horizontal coins.

Come back to the middle for fuel when you're at about 1/4 energy, and then
continue your flight routine until you run out or have everything or give up;
then go to the door and beat the level.


 1 | *** ##  *                | 1
 2 | ### #  @@@*              | 2
 3 |* **   *@ @@@   *  @@@@@  | 3
 4 |# ##  @@@ * @**@@@ @ecc@* | 4
 5 |#    $@   # @@@@ @ @@cp@@ | 5
 6 |#   @@@ * #*    *@ p@ccc@ | 6
 7 |  * @T  # ##### @@ p@cpv@ | 7
 8 |  # @@@   ***   @*pv@#@@@ | 8
 9 |* *1 *@* #####  @@@@@ @T  | 9
10 |# ## @@@     *      * @@  | 10
11 |# # *@      ####  ####@@  | 11
12 | 1* @@ ##*         *   @  | 12
13 | ## @ *#####  #######  @*1| 13
14 | # *@###  *    *      *@@@| 14
15 |   @@    ########  ####@/\| 15
16 |    *                  #||| 16

GENERAL: If you take your time, practice the basics of ice survival, keep an
eye on Spring when you're near the teleporters, and don't try too hard to get
all of the treasures guarded by Flitzer, this level is a pushover. Clean out
one section of the level at a time to ensure you have enough fuel to finish.

SPECIFIC: You start the level with a full tank of fuel. Fly up and get all the
gems in the top left (gems B-1, C-1, D-1, A-3, C-3, and D-3) in any order you
like. You can save a little bit of fuel by phasing through brick C-2 or D-2 to
get to the gems below them.

Watch Spring and wait until it's safe to get gems C-7, C-9, and A-9. Keep out
of columns B and D as much as possible by phasing through bricks to avoid
Spring. Phase down through bricks C-10 and C-11 to get to gem C-12, fly right
to pick up gems E-11 and F-9, then drop down to grab gem D-14.

The gems on the left side should now be cleared out. Wait until Steel Ball
bounces off the left wall and starts moving right again to get gem E-16. The
center section is the titular ice cavern, so you'll need to get used to the
different terrain. Fortunately, the platforms are fairly long and it's not very
dangerous, so you have enough of a chance to become accustomed to the ice.

Work you way up level by level. Fly up and across gaps to grab gems K-14, P-14,
W-14, and T-12, in that order. Fly up to get gem U-10, and if Flitzer isn't too
close to the entrance, phase through brick V-8 (it's made from real vegetable
juice) and plunder whichever treasures are safe to plunder. Be careful not to
get caught in the reappearing brick you phased through if you go through here
quickly. This is one of the easier extra lives to get, so it wouldn't hurt to
wait a while or come back later to get it.

Slide left and right on the platform where gem U-10 was until Missile passes
by, then jetpack across the gap to snag gem N-10. Slide left and drop down to
get gem J-12. Wait until Missile passes overhead and enter the little nook to
take gem G-13.

Fly back to where gem J-12 was, hold left so that you're against the wall, and
wait for Missile to pass by again. Fly up to gem H-9 and then up to take the
Double Tank. Again wait for Missile to pass by, then take gem I-6 and quickly
drop down to get gems K-8, L-8, and M-8 before Missile returns. Fly up and
right to get the remaining gems along the top of the cavern interior: gems Q-6,
L-6, and K-4.

The interior of the ice cavern should now be cleaned out, so take whichever
route you prefer down to the bottom, and feel free to go back to Flitzer's
treasure horde if it looks like you can safely get anything more.

Avoid Steel Ball and fly up to the lowest of the teleporters on the left side.
It's best to stand on top of brick C-13 and wait for Spring to emerge from the
teleporter before you enter, to avoid any mishaps. Keep Teleporting until you
end up on the right side of the level, then run to gem Y-13, next to the

Fly up to get the Double Tank above you and wait for Spring to emerge from the
teleporter and head back down. Fly up the right side when the coast is clear to
get gem Y-4, then fly and run along the top of the cavern to collect the
remaining gems and the few treasures there. Using the same strategies as before
to avoid Spring and Steel Ball, make your way back down and into the first
level (row 14) of the ice cavern.

Slide around on whichever icy platform you prefer until Steel Ball starts
heading left, then drop down and phase through brick X-16. Keep holding right
to get to the door before Steel Ball catches up with you, and you're all set!


 1 |$@???@    @ @@ @    @???**| 1
 2 |??@?@@    #    #    @?@?@*| 2
 3 |@????  ####    ####  @???@| 3
 4 |@@@@   ###      ###   ?@@@| 4
 5 |D      ##        ##      D| 5
 6 |@#######          #######@| 6
 7 |            @@            | 7
 8 |@          @/\@          @| 8
 9 |@          @|1@          @| 9
10 |            @@            | 10
11 |@#######          #######@| 11
12 |       ##        ##       | 12
13 |@@?@   ###      ###   @@@@| 13
14 |@???@  ####    ####  @@???| 14
15 |*@@??@    #    #    ??@?@?| 15
16 |**??@@    @ @@ @    @???@1| 16

GENERAL: Though the Missiles pose a mild threat, the real danger here is
running out of fuel. Planning ahead, knowing which bricks to phase, and knowing
where the secret passages are will help you more than quick reflexes.

Some advice on finding your way through the secret passages: Don't use short
jetpack thrusts; hold down the thrust key in one direction for about a second,
and if you don't emerge on the other side of the passage, alternate between
left and right about every second or so until you finally work your way up.
The same is true for the reverse: When going down through a secret passage,
alternate between walking left and right until you find your way out. If this
does not work (specifically, if you get caught in the top right, use your
jetpack to bring you back to a place where you can see yourself. If you get
totally lost, try phasing in different directions--your phase beam can be seen
at the edge of a secret passage.

SPECIFIC: From the start, hold right until you're through the secret passage.
Grab the Double Tank to the left and fly up to brick I-3 and phase a tunnel
straight down through the bricks. As you phase through each brick you can wait
a moment for the Missiles below you to pass, but be careful not to wait too
long or else you'll get crushed. It's safest to drop into the middle when the
top Missile is moving right and the bottom missile is moving left.

If you timed it right, you'll be able to fall in a straight line without
needing to worry about the Missiles. Phase through brick I-12 and then left
through brick H-12), then drop down to the top of the stones in the bottom
left. The secret passage in in the middle; drop into it, walk right for a
while, then walk left for a while. Grab the three gems there (gems A-15, A-16,

Reenter the secret passage and walk as far as you can to the right. Fly
straight up for a litte over one second and then hold left--you should emerge
from the top of the maze. If not, either try to figure out where you are or
just drop down and start over again.

Fly right and phase through bricks H-12, I-12, and J-12, wait for Missile to
pass by, then drop down to the two stones in the bottom center. Wait for the
Missile to your right to pass by, then fly up and stand on top of brick R-12
until the bottom Missile moves right past you and the top Missile moves left
past you.

Fly up to brick R-5 and phase a tunnel through the bricks straight up to the
top. Get the Double Tank if your fuel is in the red or close to it; otherwise,
wait until you've gotten the gems here.

Fly up into the secret passage at W-4. Because we can afford to be wasteful
with our fuel now, hold down the thrust key and move right for about one
second, then left for one second, then right again for one second. It's easy to
get stuck in this one, so use whatever strategy you prefer to get through here.

Either way, this should pop you out at the gems (gems Y-1, Z-1, and Z-2). Once
you've collected them, reenter the secret passage and just hold left to drop
down and out of it.

Fly up to brick R-3 and phase a tunnel down into the middle; wait until the top
Missile is heading right and the bottom Missile is heading left. Then, phase
through bricks R-12 and S-12 and hold right to fall into the secret passage
below. Walk right for a while, then jetpack right for about a second or two,
then drop down to the teleporter. Enter the teleporter and you will be taken to
the door!


 1 |@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@| 1
 2 |@               #        @| 2
 3 |@H######H* #H #H# #H ###H@| 3
 4 |@H     ###H#H #H# #H #  H@| 4
 5 |@H####H    #H*#H# #H #H# @| 5
 6 |@*    H  * ####H# #H*#H# @| 6
 7 |@@@@@@@  @H#  *H# ####H# @| 7
 8 |@        @ #H##H#     H# @| 8
 9 |@ *  H*  @  H  #   H#### @| 9
10 |@ #H# #H @ H@  #H@ H     @| 10
11 |@   * *  @*H@   H@H###H  @| 11
12 |@ #H# #  @@H@  $H@H## H#H@| 12
13 |@ *  H*  @ H@ ##H@H##H##H@| 13
14 |@H# # #/\@H@@ ##H@ ##H##H@| 14
15 |@      || H   #*H@*  H#*H@| 15
16 |@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@| 16

GENERAL: As the name suggests, you'll be doing this level without any fuel,
though this isn't anywhere as challenging as your previous outings without
fuel. Aside from the bit of jumping you'll have to do in the bottom left, this
level is really quite easy once you get the Missile on the right out of the
maze there.

SPECIFIC: "Always do the most difficult stuff first" is my motto for this game
(well, that, and "Don't get eliminated!"). So, avoid the Springs and go to the
bottom left. Jump and climb ladder B-14 and get all the gems in this corner
(gems C-13, G-13, E-11, G-11, C-9, and G-9) in whatever order you can. Either
jump up to ladder D-12 or jump across the gap to brick E-14; after you do so,
just stick to climbing, walking across ladders, and doing as little jumping as
possible to get the gems without running into the Missile that will soon enter
the area and fly around the edges of the square.

Once you've cleaned up the gems in the bottom left, watch for an opening and
dash to the ladder to the right of the door (starting at K-15). Follow the
ladders (don't worry about phasing through bricks) to grab one gem after
another (gems K-11, O-7, N-5, J-3, B-6, and J-6; climb down to J-6 instead of
jumping over to it to avoid any accidents).

Move to the top of the ladder in the middle, standing next to brick Q-2. Wait
for the Missile on the right to enter the bottom-right corner of the screen
(around when it passes through Y-15 or so) and then phase through the brick.
Climb a little bit down the ladder for safety and wait for Missile to pass
overhead; if you time it just right, it's also possible for you to trap Missile
in the brick as it reappears. If not, Missile will now work its way down to
where the other Missile is; either way, the right side of the level will now be
completely open to you.

Phase right through whichever brick in the Q column strikes your fancy and
claim the remaining gems in the level (gems U-6, X-15, S-15, and P-15). Avoid
the Springs and the two Missiles that are now cruising past the door and end
the level!


 1 |1   H@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@H   1| 1
 2 |ooooH@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@Hoooo| 2
 3 |    H@@**BR*BR*BR**@@H    | 3
 4 |    H@@**BR*BR*BR**@@H    | 4
 7 |H    @@**BR*BR*BR**@@    H| 7
10 |    H@@**BR*BR*BR**@@HRRRR| 10
13 |  H  @@**BR*BR*BR**@@RRHRR| 13
14 |  H  @@**BR*BR*BR**@@  H  | 14
15 |  H  @@@@??@@??D?@@@@  H/\| 15
16 |$ H  @@@@@b@@r@@2@@@@2 H||| 16

GENERAL: Unfortunately, this level relies mostly on reflexes and cautious
jetpacking. Watch your fuel consumption once you get the Double Tank, use the
switches to trap the Spikes if it's helpful, and remember that you're
invincible for a moment when entering and emerging from a teleporter.

SPECIFIC: Follow the ladders up to the teleporter, obviously avoiding the
enemies as you go. It will probably take more than one try to get the timing
right, as you have a very small margin of error for moving past Steel Ball and

If you hold RIGHT (or LEFT, for that matter, but you don't want to do that
here), you'll automatically align yourself so that you're squarely in the
middle of a particular section of ladder. This will also nudge you to the right
side of the ladder so that you have a few extra pixels of breathing room when
you make a break for it. So, when you reach the top of the first ladder, hold
RIGHT and wait for Steel Ball to roll past you to the left, then continue
holding RIGHT and hold UP. This will allow you to make a break for the second
ladder, automatically climb it, and stay aligned to the right side and thus
slightly farther away from Steel Ball.

Climb up next to Spring. Get as close as you can to it--to give you an idea of
how close you can get, hold down the phase key; if the end of your phase beam
is touching and actually overlapping with Spring at least a little bit, then
you're about as close as you can get. Wait until Spring touches the ceiling or
is a few pixels away from touching the ceiling, then run. Enter the teleporter
in the top left.

The next Spring is easy to avoid; just phase down through steel barrier Y-2.
Climb down the ladders and get ready to do the same trick to avoid Steel Ball
that you used on the left side, except completely in reverse. Go to the middle
of the ladder (V-10) and hold right, then when Steel Ball moves past you to
the right, keep holding RIGHT and then hold DOWN until you're safely on the
next ladder.

Go through the teleporter at the bottom of the ladder and jump up through the
secret passage (consult the map for secret passages in this section) to get the
Double Tank. Move left and turn off the red switch.

Now, how you handle this next section hinges upon how fuel-efficient you are
with the jetpack and how good you are at dodging enemies in midair. The safest
thing to do, if you can do this without using too much fuel, is to collect all
the gems at the bottom of this "picture" you're in (all the gems in Rows 13 and
14). If you look at your fuel meter when you're done with this part, it should
line up with the right edge of block I-16 at the very least.

You'll need to act quickly for the next part, and anticipate where the Spikes
are going to move before you fly into them. Hit the blue switch and scoop up
all the remaining gems in the level. I find that it's easiest to move
vertically as much as possible to collect the gems, limiting horizontal and
diagonal movement to better avoid the Spikes. To save both fuel and time, try
not to drop too far below the lowest gems you have left to pick up; at the very
least, try not to land back on the ground until you have all the gems.

Once you've collected everything and the door begins to open, drop down and hit
the blue switch to safely trap all the Spikes. You might need to attempt this
multiple times, but keep at it until all of the spikes are back where they
belong so that they don't kill you as you run for the exit. More than anything
else, you want to avoid allowing a Spikes through the teleporter. If you're
really looking to challenge yourself, try to trap all four Spikes in the blue
barriers, not allowing any of them to bounce around.

The last part can be tricky, and it's again just a matter of reflexes. Position
yourself on the right edge of block P-16, and ready yourself to fall onto the
teleporter. Wait for Steel Ball to appear momentarily in the teleporter, then
hop on and activate the teleporter just after it leaves (it might be prudent to
wait for a split second). You will be invincible for a moment as you emerge on
the other side, so just hold RIGHT to make it to the door before the
invincibility wears off, or else you'll be flattened by Steel Ball.


 1 |         @?/\ ?@      ****| 1
 2 | ** **** @?||2?@ ****H###H| 2
 3 |H##H#### @@@@@@@ ####H # H| 3
 4 |H  *         H    ***H #*H| 4
 5 |H  #    *** *H*** ###H #H#| 5
 6 |H *    H#########    H #H | 6
 7 |H #    H    !*  * ** H #H*| 7
 8 |H   #H##c##c##cH#c## H ##H| 8
 9 |H $D H** ** ** H* !* H #*H| 9
10 |H #####H############## #H#| 10
11 |H      Hb                !| 11
12 |@@@@@@ H## ###  ! ! ######| 12
13 |@D   @ Hv# #v# ######v***v| 13
14 |@    B H # # #v#v   # ?#? | 14
15 |@?2 1B H #v# #H#    # #?# | 15
16 |@@@@@@ H ???b H     #v 1 v| 16

GENERAL: Conundrum, indeed. You've got three Trackbots, a little bit of ice,
the first appearance of Hidden Spears, few safe spots, some secret passages,
teleporters, and an on-again/off-again blue barrier, and the temptation of
extra treasure to deal with... basically, a little bit of many of the things
you've dealt with so far. The biggest challenge is to constantly dodge the
Trackbots across the different areas of the level, so use your best judgment in
deciding when to go after gems, which gems to skip and come back to later, and
how long to stay in any one area.

Don't worry too much about fuel consumption; unless you're always in the air,
the two Double Tanks should be more than enough. Remember that the Trackbots
can pass over Hidden Spears safely, but you cannot. Note that the only SAFE
SPOTS are in the middle center (bricks J-8, K-8, N-8, S-8, and T-8) and in the
bottom right bricks W-15, X-14, and Y-15). As usual, going after extra treasure
is likely to get you killed, so I would highly recommend ignoring the golden
vases in the bottom middle; everything else can be acquired relatively safely.

SPECIFIC: Get the Double Tank to the right of the start. If you do this level
the way I suggest, you'll never come close to needing the second Double Tank.
I got through this whole level, even getting all of the treasures, on 3/4 of a
tank, and I'm sure you can, too. Heck, maybe you can do even better than that.
I dare ya.

Anymonkey, jet over to the long ladder on the left. Climb up and collect all
the gems in the top left (the six gems in Row 2 as well as D-4 and C-6). Climb
to the top of the same ladder on the far left and wait for two, if not all
three, Trackbots to start climbing it. The Trackbots can be kinda finnicky
here, so you might need to do some moving around in the top left to lure them
all to the area.

Once they're coming up the ladder (or are really close to it), run right and
drop down to the long platform in the top center to get the gems in Row 5. Keep
running right and drop down to collect gems S-7 and T-7, then climb up the
ladder to the right. Hurry to the top and grab the gems in the top right corner
(gems W-1, X-1, Y-1, and Z-1), then climb down the series of ladders to collect
gems Y-4, Z-7, and Y-9.

With any luck, the Trackbots will have chased you part of the way and fallen
down onto the ice. If any of them have followed you up the ladder, ignore the
first part of the next sentence and then follow the rest of the instructions as
you try to stay ahead of them.

Wait for them all to slide left off the ice, then drop down onto brick Y-12
and phase down as you fall so that you don't slide and so that you break
through the brick and gain access to gems W-13, X-13, and Y-13. Quickly do a
loop around this little room to collect the golden vases as well and fly back
up through the brick you phased before it reappears. Retrace your steps and
climb back up the ladders on the right side.

The Trackbots should be buzzing around the bottom center and shouldn't be a
threat quite yet. Collect as many of the remaining gems as possible, and grab
any gold coins you want. Beware of the Hidden Spear at M-7; it's really easy to
fly across the gap and move right into it before you can stop, so be gentle
with your jetpacking there (phase through the brick under the gem and fly
straight up if you're having problems with this). You should be able to get
lost everything before the Trackbots figure out what you're doing and go after
you, but you'll probably encounter one Trackbot coming up the ladder by the
time you get to gems G-9 and H-9, so stay sharp.

If you want to lose the Trackbots you can either go to one of the
aforementioned safe spots or pull the same trick again where you lure the
Trackbots onto the ice.

Once the exit door is open, you have a choice: go after the golden vases in the
bottom center or just beat the level? If you're going to play it safe, make
your way to Teleporter 1 in the bottom right, then zip through Teleporter 2 and
waltz on over through the door. However, if you're going to be greedy, do your
best to lure the Trackbots away from the bottom, don't try to go after all the
vases at once, and watch out for the deceptive secret passage under vase K-15.
Snag the Double Tank if you need it, but be careful of passing through the blue
barrier area, because a Trackbot only needs to roll over the bottom blue switch
to close it on top of you.


 1 | ***  * ###*****      **/\| 1
 2 | ###  #   ######****  ##||| 2
 3 |     *****  t  #####   ###| 3
 4 |   **@@@@@* #  *********  | 4
 5 |  *@@@   @@* **@@@@@@@@@* | 5
 6 | *@@ ***   @ @@@ **    @@*| 6
 7 | @@ *@@@*  @*@ **@@ **  @@| 7
 8 | @  @@t@@* @@@ @@@ *@@   @| 8
 9 | @* @** @@  @ *@@  @@ *  @| 9
10 | @@ @@@ *@  @ @@@  @  @  @| 10
11 |  @*  **@@ *@ @ @  @ *@  @| 11
12 |  @@**@@@ *@@ @ @*  *@@ *@| 12
13 |@  @@@@  *@@ *@ @@* @@ *@@| 13
14 |    *****@@ *@@* @@*  *@@ | 14
15 |@   @@@@@@ *@@@@  @@  @@ *| 15
16 |$         t@@t           @| 16

GENERAL: Wise fuel use, attention to conveyor belts, patience, and general
enemy avoidance are the order of the day. Ultimately, though, if you can avoid
the Spikes, then the rest of the level is easy.

SPECIFIC: Though it's tempting to rush right into the "whirlpool,"  your
chances of survival are better if you have more fuel to work with. Run right
and collect the tank of fuel, then run back left and fly up the left side of
the level to collect gems B-1, C-1, and D-1. Fly over to collect gem G-1, then
drop down and jet over to collect the tank of fuel at M-3. While you're up
there, collect all of the gems along the top of the stone blocks (don't get the
gems on top of the bricks just yet) and then make your way to the bottom of the

You should have roughly 3/4 of a tank at this point. Run right along the bottom
of the level and fly up into the right side of the "whirlpool," collecting gem
L-15 and all the ones after it. After you make it to gem S-6, go after all the
gems in the middle right in whichever order is safest, depending on where
Spikes is. Use your own judgment.

Once you've gotten all of them, wait for Steel Ball to roll by and go after gem
Z-15, gem P-14, and the tank of fuel at N-16 one at a time. Fly up out of the
way of Steel Ball when you need to; don't try to outrun it if you're going from
one side of the bottom to the other. Now, fly out of the right side of the
"whirlpool" and make your way back to the starting position.

The left side of the whirlpool is actually the easier of the two as long as you
pay attention. Wait below the entrance for Missile to pass, and when it goes
back in, fly up to collect gem E-14 and the ones that follow it. Get all the
gems that are in a row here and stop on gem L-11 and wait for Missile to pass
by you again. This is a SAFE SPOT, as long as you're holding RIGHT against the
conveyor belt.

Fly up to collect whichever gems you can get on top before Missile returns, and
hide out at gem C-9. This is another SAFE SPOT. Wait for Missile to pass by you
twice (once down and into the middle, then up and out of this section), then
claim the remaining gems in the middle as well as the tank of fuel. Hide out at
gem I-10 until Missle returns and leaves again; this is another SAFE SPOT (hold

Make your way out of the left side of the "whirlpool," avoiding Missile, hiding
in the aforementioned safe spots, and collecting any gems you missed. Once out,
fly back up to the top of the level, grab all the gems on top of the bricks,
and end the level. If everything went smoothly, you'll be at about 1/2 fuel,
and you won't have ever come close to running out.


 1 |BBBBBBBB@@@@@@@@@@BBBBBBBB| 1
 2 |BBBBBB@@@vpvpvpvp@@@BBBBBB| 2
 3 |BBBBB@@1           @@BBBBB| 3
 4 |BBBB@@@@@@@@@@@@@@  @@BBBB| 4
 5 |BBB@@           @@@  @@BBB| 5
 6 |BB@ @r            @@ @ @BB| 6
 7 |BB@ @@@@@@H@@@@@ 2@3 @ @BB| 7
 8 |BBX       H    @ @@@ @G@BB| 8
 9 |BB@R@@    H  * @ @@@ @ @BB| 9
10 |BB@ @@@   H  It@  @  @ @BB| 10
11 |BB@+@@@@@@@@@@@@ 3@2 @b@BB| 11
12 |BBB@@g           @@@ @@BBB| 12
13 |BBBB@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@  @BBBB| 13
14 |BBBBB@@1$           @BBBBB| 14
15 |BBBBBB@@@@@@@@@@@@@@BBBB/\| 15

GENERAL: This level is surprisingly easy. The only real danger is the Batbot,
especially if you wait too long and it moves out toward the teleporters. Stay
ahead of Steel Ball at the beginning and stop the Spring from bouncing on the
blue switch, and try not to dilly-dally anywhere for too long.

SPECIFIC: Immediately go through Teleporter 1, directly to your left, or this
will be a very short ride. On the other side, move to about the middle of the
row of golden goodies and wait for Steel Ball to emerge from the teleporter;
jump over it as it passes by and jump to grab all the treasure. If you're
having problems jumping over Steel Ball, resolve them now; you'll need to be
good at it later on, so it's best to practice now when it's easy to do so.

Run all the way to the right, start falling down the shaft, and press against
the left wall to swing into the nook where Teleporter 2 is. Go through it, drop
down and hit the green switch so that you trap Spring in or above the green
barrier (making sure that the blue barrier is switched off when you do), then
go through Teleporter 3. You'll now be back in the shaft, so wait for Steel
Ball to drop by you before hopping back into Teleporter 2. If you got confused
with all that, you should now be standing on the teleporter in R-7.

If Batbot came up the ladder and is now headed toward or hanging around the
teleporters, try to drop down as if you're headed toward the green switch and
try to lure Batbot through the teleporter and down into the path of Steel Ball
around where you started the level. Once it's out of the way enough, continue
with the level.

Jump up to the left and hit the red switch; if you can't make the jump, go back
through the teleporters as before and try jumping from exactly the spot where
you appear on the teleporter, rather than from the edge.

Sneak by Batbot to get the tank of fuel and the only emerald gem in the level,
then go left and phase your way through the crate. Drop down, go right, and end
the level! Easy!


 1 |            2      @@     | 1
 2 |3 *      *#####*  @@@1    | 2
 3 |@@@@     ##}}}##  @@@@*   | 3
 4 |   @*    #}}}}}#    @@@*  | 4
 5 |1* @@@* c#}}}}}#c    @@@*3| 5
 6 |@@   @@ c##}}}##c     @@@@| 6
 7 |  *** B  c#####c @     @@@| 7
 8 |*2@@@B@   ccccc #@#    @@ | 8
 9 |@@@             #@@@#   /\| 9
10 | T          ###@@@@@@   ||| 10
11 |H@H        @@@##@@     @@@| 11
12 |H@H      #@##@@@@t     @  | 12
13 |H@H @   @@###@@@@@       b| 13
14 |H@H #  ##@###@ @@@     @  | 14
15 |H@H ##1####@    @@     @@@| 15
16 |$@H  #####@@@@**@@@    * 3| 16

GENERAL: There are many different sections of this level to tackle, so find the
one that's hardest for you and go after it first. Spikes is a nuisance, but
Steel Ball is more troublesome because of its ability to teleport somewhat
randomly to the different sections. If you're feeling lucky, try to trap Steel
Ball in the energy charger circle (well, it's sort of a circle) in the top
center. Otherwise, just keep dodging as you go. Either way, you can use your
fuel pretty frivolously, as the energy charger is easy to reach, and there's an
unnecessary tank of fuel near the exit.

SPECIFIC: Climb up the ladder to get the Double Tank, then fly to the top
center and collect a few of the gold coins. It is possible to trap Steel Ball
in the energy charger area, which will make the rest of this level much easier,
but it's also risky. If you want to try it, phase through either brick L-2 or
both bricks K-2 and K-3. Or all of them. Fly around the top center to collect
the other gold coins and gems J-2 and P-2 while you wait for Steel Ball to
appear from the teleporter and drop through the hole(s) you made. Because of
the random nature of the teleporters, this might take a while, so keep phasing
through the bricks (preferably from underneath, where it's a little safer). Of
course, there's always the possibility that Steel Ball will appear and squash
you while you're trying to phase, but that's a risk I'm willing to have you

From here on out, go wherever it is safe to go, and don't worry too much about
where the teleporters spit you out; you can always reenter them while you're
still invincible if you appear somewhere bad. Try to clean out the gems inside
the stone structure in the top left as early as possible, because once Spikes
gets in there, it is very tricky to clear; you'll need to teleport in to grab
the gems on the left side, and fly in through one of the deactivated blue
barriers to get the gems on the right side.

If the level name wasn't a clue, perhaps by now you've noticed that there's a
dog theme going on in this level. I'm not sure if this was intentional or not,
but you need to burrow through the hind end of the dog in the bottom center to
get two of the gems. Don't ask. I would suggest recharging your fuel before you
go in, because you'll need to do some phasing while flying.

Make sure that you're constantly holding down the phase key or else you'll
probably get trapped and squished. Start with either brick H-14 and I-14 or
H-15 and phase right through the bricks in Row 15 and then the bricks in Row
14. If Steel Ball is still on the loose, wait until it is heading toward the
teleporter on the dog's tail before you start phasing. Then, wait until all of
the bricks have returned before you phase your way back out.


 1 |1  @    @   +@@@   * @ *b | 1
 2 |## * ## * #   @@ @@@ * ## | 2
 3 |############# @@   ###### | 3
 4 |###  *   #     @@@*##  *# | 4
 5 |##  @@ ! $ @@@ v@@ *#*### | 5
 6 |   @@@@@@@@@@@ +@@ ##  ## | 6
 7 | @@@@/\@ v# *@ @@* @@@  # | 7
 8 | @@@@||@ *  @@ @  @@@@@ # | 8
 9 | {{{{BB@ # @@@   @@@@@@ # | 9
10 | ++++#     @v  #    @@   *| 10
11 |*####### @@@+@ ####   *# @| 11
12 |     t    @@@@ ######### @| 12
13 | +######+ @@ vt###  *###  | 13
14 |    ## *  @@ +    *@  ### | 14
15 |v## #  @@@@@ @@@  v@@  ## | 15
16 |+## *t@*     @@@@@+@@@   1| 16

GENERAL: This level is aptly named. There are hidden spears about, and you'll
need to plan your movements carefully because you will run out of fuel very
quickly if you don't go about things in the right order. The spikes and spears
are your only enemies, so you can take as much time as you need to sit and
think, but when you do start moving you need to stay sharp, lest you fall into
something sharper.

Fuel conservation is key, so phase through blocks as often as possible, ignore
most or all of the vases, and use small, quick jetpack thrusts whenever you

For safety's sake, try to limit your movements to vertical and horizontal only;
moving on a diagonal is risky around the spikes, so wait until you hit a roof
before changing directions, and hold DOWN to lock yourself in at the current
flight height.

SPECIFIC: The first order of business is to procure as much fuel as possible.
Jump left over the hidden spear and get gem F-4. Drop down to collect gem A-11.
As soon as you do, hold right (trust me; you won't hit the spikes) to land on
stone B-15. Collect gem E-16, the tank of fuel, and gem H-14.

You can afford to use up a little fuel at this point, so fly up to get vase J-7
if you want, then go after gem M-7. Move left and phase down through brick
G-11, take the tank of fuel, and fly up to the starting point. However, if you
really wanna go after the vases, get vase A-15 before you leave; just remember
to hit the thrust key before you collect the vase so you have time to change
direction before reaching the spikes.

Fly over the hidden spear and make your way toward the shaft in Column O. Vase
P-5 is tricky to get, so feel free to skip it, but vase M-10 is easy enough to
get. Enter the mazelike section on the right through space P-9, in the middle
of the shaft, and go right to get gems W-11 and Z-10. Fly straight up and flip
the blue switch, grab the three gems along the top (gems X-1, V-2, and T-1).

Phase down through brick W-3 and take gems X-4 and V-5. Phase left through
bricks U-6 and T-6 and grab the three gems on the other side (gems T-5, S-4,
and R-7).

Phase left through brick P-10 and fall down to the tank of fuel at O-13.
Carefully fly left over the spikes (holding DOWN here is helpful), collecting
the vase, and get gem H-16 that is hiding in its little tunnel like a coward.
Fly out of the tunnel and go right to get gems S-14 and U-13, and also vase
S-15 if it won't get you killed.

Hop in the teleporter and nab gem D-2. Phase through the bricks to get to gem
I-2, then rush back left and phase down through whichever bricks you please.

Retrace your steps through the bottom left and fly up to the door, which is no
longer guarded by the blue barrier. While the route through the energy drain is
quicker and more direct, it's generally more dangerous to enter and should not
be attempted if you're low on fuel; use your own discretion.


 1 |                          | 1
 2 |@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ | 2
 3 |                          | 3
 4 | @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@| 4
 5 |                        r | 5
 6 |@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ | 6
 7 |                        @ | 7
 9 |  v# cp#p H p#  #pc   p cc| 9
10 |HH#H H HHpH## pp ##Hpc#H##| 10
11 |#H ppHp#HHH Hp#H  pH#HvHpv| 11
12 |cHc###HHHvcHH###pH#H#H####| 12
13 |#HH Hp H ##Hv  HHH#HpH#pcc| 13
14 |  H H H## H#Hc#H## #HH H##| 14
15 | H#HHpHH cp# H pcH  HH H/\| 15
16 | H##H#HHpHvpH#Hp$HpH#HpH||| 16

GENERAL: Once again, the level's name says it all. You have time to safely grab
a few treasures, but the longer you hang around, the more likely it is that
you're gonna pay for your greed. Take what you can and get out.

SPECIFIC: Watch the Steel Ball at the top. Once it reaches the red switch, the
fleet of Spikes will be unleashed, which initially makes the treasures along
the top all but impossible to reach, but they will work their way into the
lower portions of the level if given enough time, at which point there's
basically no hope of surviving. Add to that the Trackbot roaming around, and
you've got a dodging nightmare.

Fortunately, you don't have to take anything if you don't want to. You can go
right to the exit from the beginning and not take a single thing. But where's
the fun in that?

How much treasure you can take really depends on how quickly you can move, how
skillful you are at dodging enemies, how well you plot your course through the
maze, and how lucky you are with the movements of the enemies. If you have the
chance to choose, remember that golden vases are worth the most, and golden
coins the least.

Phasing through the bricks, even though they don't take long to phase through,
is usually more trouble than it's worth. Just keep running and climbing as much
as possible through whatever section you like best, saving the treasure around
the door for last. Make a mad dash for the exit when it gets to be too much for
you to handle.


 1 |/\@ vv@         #         | 1
 2 |||  @@@ @@@@@@@ # ####### | 2
 3 |@@@     @ *    *# #*    # | 3
 4 |b @@@@@@@ ? ##### #####   | 4
 5 |@   *       #        t###o| 5
 6 |@@@@@@@ ##B## ########### | 6
 7 |     @@ #*       *   #e#  | 7
 8 | @o# *  ############ #   @| 8
 9 | @ ######       *  # ### @| 9
10 | @     ## @@@@@@@@ #*  #  | 10
11 | @@@@@*   @  *   @ ##  ## | 11
12 |     @@@@ @ @@@o@@ #  *#  | 12
13 | @@@    @ @ @    @ #  ## @| 13
14 | @@@**@ @v@ @ ##  *#* *#  | 14
15 |$  @@@@ @@@ @ ###########o| 15
16 |@@          @             | 16

GENERAL: As you might have guessed, there'll be more labyrinths to come; this
one's just a warm-up. You'll need to start out moving quickly so that you don't
run into trouble with Batbot. After that, you've got plenty of time to plan
your moves, so don't hesitate to... uh... hesitate every once in a while.
Know the paths of the Missiles, think carefully about how to get past Spring,
and don't worry too much about your fuel use.

SPECIFIC: You start on top of a Double Tank, so let's start off with putting
that jetpack to use. Fly up three squares and enter the area with the two gems
(gems E-14 and F-14). After you take them, stand on the edge of block G-13 and
drop to the floor once Steel Ball passes you to the left. Dash right, fly up
and claim gem N-11, then phase through steel barrier P-12. If you don't get
there quickly enough, Batbot will be waiting for you, which will throw off the
whole plan for this level, so you'll either need to restart the level or try
out your own tactics.

Once you've phased through the barrier, move right and follow the tunnel to get
gems S-14 and Q-9. Missile should be coming up behind you quickly. Get gem G-11
and wait for Missile to turn around before you get vase J-14, unless you're
feeling pretty slick and think you can grab it and get to safety before Missile
catches up with you.

Go left and phase up through steel barrier C-8. Get gem F-8 to the right and
wait for Missile to pass over you toward the right. Fly up, hit the blue switch
on the left after you grab the gem that's in the way, and then drop into the
area that's now accessible with the blue barrier gone.

Start with the lower path and grab all the gems there. Your safest bet for
surviving the little chamber with Spring is to grab a gem, wait for an opening,
grab another gem, wait, etc. Starting at gem U-10, I prefer to jetpack right,
drop down and wait for Spring to move up, drop down and get gem W-14 on the
right, wait again, get the gem to the left, jetpack straight up against brick
U-11, move right when Spring passes down, wait on the right side, and then
fly left when it's safe. You can do whatever you want.

Then, head to the upper right to get the tank of fuel and the other gem. You
should probably have just about a full tank of jetpack energy, and that'll be
more than enough to last you the rest of the level.

Wait for the Missile in the middle right to turn around and head down before
phasing through steel barrier Z-5. Fly into the cranny to collect the extra
life, wait for missile to pass down by you again and fly up, making your way
back to where the blue barrier was.

Wait for Missile to fly left over you to fly up through the fake block to get
the gem there, fly right to grab your last gem, then navigate to the door.
If you're still feeling pretty slick, go after the two golden vases first,
but it's really a better idea to wait just to the right of the door until
Missile leaves the area before getting them. This level is over!


 1 |                          | 1
 2 |    HHHHHHHHHHHHH     # # | 2
 3 |                H     # # | 3
 4 | #### # # # # # H     # # | 4
 5 | #* # #*# # # #H   /\ # # | 5
 6 | ## # ###*# # #H # || # # | 6
 7 |  # #   ###*# #H # ## # # | 7
 8 | *# # #H  ###*#*H  ## # # | 8
 9 | ##$    #H  ####H     #*# | 9
10 | ####H    #H   ######H### | 10
11 | @   H@              H    | 11
12 | @H@@@@@@@@@@HHH@@@@@@@@@@| 12
13 |+@H  @@####@@@@ @#evvv@vp | 13
14 |@@@@          @}##@@@pvp@H| 14
15 |@* @@@@@@@@@@H@@    ?@@@@H| 15
16 |@@H  *   * * H *H@@@?????H| 16

GENERAL: Do the underground section of this level first; it's harder than most
of the other sections you've had to do in previous levels. After that, just be
careful. The bouncing Spikes will pretty much stay confined to one area, so you
at least shouldn't have to worry about that danger.

SPECIFIC: Make friends with that energy charger, because it's a place that
you'll be returning to a few times. Go there first when it's safe and charge
up. Wait for an opening and zip back toward the starting point (going across
the ice or climbing the ladders and running over the bricks are equally valid)
and crawl down the ladders to where Steel Ball is rolling back and forth on the
conveyor belts.

Wait for Steel Ball to start heading right. Follow it, and when it hits the
right wall, start phasing up through brick I-13 and hover in its place. You can
either start phasing through the brick to your right or just wait there a
moment, but once Steel Ball passes underneath you, drop onto the conveyor belt
and run to the ladder.

For some, this part here might be the hardest part of the level. The top half
of the ladder moves up and the bottom half moves down, so you'll need to climb
against the direction of the ladder as you wait for an opening so that you
don't get pushed into either of the Steel Balls. Rapidly tap DOWN to stay on
the top half of the ladder and wait until the lower Steel Ball has moved past
you to the right. Alternately, you can phase through the leftmost brick in the
row after Steel Ball starts heading back toward you and phase through each
brick to the right when the one you're hovering in is about to reappear, and
then climb down the ladder, dash right, and climb up ladder Q-16 to a SAFE
SPOT, although this takes longer and is potentially just as risky.

Either way, collect all the gems in the underground tunnel when it is safe to
do so. The corner on the far left, where you should end up, is a SAFE SPOT.

Stand on top of the ladder and wait for Steel Ball to hit the left wall, then
run after it and climb up the moving ladder you just came from at N-16. If you
timed it right, you'll be able to climb straight to the top and you'll just
miss Steel ball; if not, try adjusting how long you wait to run for the ladder
on your next try. When the Steel Ball below is out of your way, make your way
into the hidden passageway in the bottom right (see map) and enter the treasure
trove that seems too good to be true. No traps, though; I think this area is
a sort of reward for surving the last area.

Phase through the bricks to the left of the extra life, and hit the thrust key
when you go to phase the last brick (brick Q-14). If you don't, you'll fall
onto the conveyor belt and will probably get yourself smooshed if you try to
fly back up and phase through the brick, or else you'll have to climb up the
ladder and try again. Enter the energy recharge and fill your tank.

Again, wait until it's safe to exit and then go back to the starting point. Fly
up to get gem C-5, phase through the brick to your left, and fall toward the
spikes to get gem A-13. Hold DOWN and hit the thrust key to slowly bring
yourself down without risking a dip into the spikes. Once you've gotten the
gem, fly up to the other gem above you (gem B-8). When you do this, remember
to release the DOWN key, not the thrust key; this was a fatal-yet-humorous
mistake that I made the first time.

Phase through the brick wall to your right and go back again to the starting
point. Refill your fuel if you want to, then fly up to gem H-5, being
especially watchful of the enemies at this point. Phase through one brick wall
after another until you've collected all the gems in the center.

Climb down the ladder next to gem P-8, and run under the first Spring so that
you are standing under the door. Wait for the next Spring to bounce up past you
and phase through the right wall to get the last gem, gem X-9. Once you have an
opening, phase through the wall again if you have to and stand beneath the door
once more. Fly and phase your way through the bricks and enter the door from


 1 |**************************| 1
 2 |**************************| 2
 3 |**##**######**######**##**| 3
 4 |**##*****###**###*****##**| 4
 5 |**************************| 5
 6 |s*****#************#*****s| 6
 7 |####**#**@BBBBBB@**#**####| 7
 8 |/\ o**#**@      @**#**#   | 8
 9 ||| o**#**@      @**#**#   | 9
10 |####**#**@t     @**#**#  b| 10
11 |s********@@@@@@@@**#**####| 11
12 |**************************| 12
13 |**##**#*****$T*****#**##**| 13
14 |**##**####**##**####**##**| 14
15 |************##************| 15
16 |************##************| 16

GENERAL: If the title didn't give it away, then the level design should have
given it away: this is Pac-Man, Jetpack-style. If neither the title nor the
level design gave it away, then perhaps we should give YOU away, for you should
be ashamed that you did not instantly recognize an obvious adaptation of the
arcade classic that every gamer should have played, or at least heard of.

...But I digress. This might be the hardest level so far because of two
factors: one, the fact that there are so many gems to collect; two, because the
enemies are a constant danger and just get worse the longer you take to beat
the level. Despite the fact that there are two Double Tanks and one regular
Tank of Fuel on the board, running out of fuel is a very real concern because
you'll spend almost all of your time flying.

Conserve fuel as much as possible (flying in straight lines can help this) and
stretch your fuel as long as you can before picking up an extra tank. Enemy
avoidance is absolutely key, so you may need to adjust your flight path in
order to stay away from areas congested with enemies. I prefer to clear out the
top part of the level as soon as possible to avoid wasting fuel on flying back
up there, but you ultimately need to do what works for you.

SPECIFIC: Unfortunately, the very nature of this level keeps me from being able
to write a useful step-by-step walkthrough, so I can only offer two points of
advice. First, The Official Jetpack Hintbook (TOJH, for future reference)
suggests saving the Stunners until you are surrounded by enemies. This works
in Pac-Man, and, as it turns out, it works here as well. So, if you've cleaned
out a section of the level and are about to leave the Stunner behind, wait
around until you've got some Batbots closing in, then hit the Stunner and carry
on with your gem collection.

Second, only go after the Tank of Fuel in the middle center when your jetpack
energy is at or below half, when a Stunner is active, and when the blue barrier
is down (which makes sense, because you can't get in there otherwise). It's a
waste to get it when your energy is more than half, and the box becomes a
deathtrap if the barrier is activated while you're inside of it: enemies tend
to congregate above you or get caught in the barrier so that even if you do
survive against whatever is likely to be trapped in the box, you'll probably
get torn apart when the barrier goes down.

Try to plan your movements so that your fuel is spent getting gems more than
avoiding enemies, and save enough to get you to the exit.


 1 |      B              R 3R*| 1
 2 |e!v!v B              R @@@| 2
 3 |@@@@@@@H@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@/\| 3
 4 |{{{{{{{H{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{@||| 4
 5 |{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{@H| 5
 6 |{{{{@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@H@H| 6
 7 |@@@H@@@                H@H| 7
 8 |2  H  @H######## ***** H@H| 8
 9 |###H##@H       #########@H| 9
10 |r  H *@H *****           H| 10
11 |@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@| 11
12 |                      @2 1| 12
13 |H###########H######## @@@@| 13
14 |H 3#**      H             | 14
15 |#H###### #######H####c#c#c| 15
16 |$H **#1 b **#+**H**+#*#*#*| 16

GENERAL: This level really isn't so bad if you think it through, but if you run
in without a plan you're almost certainly going to get yourself killed. Smart
teleporter use and prudent switch flipping are the roads to success.

SPECIFIC: Clean out all the gems in the bottom section of the level (in Rows 14
and 16) in whatever order you please, but save gems K-16 and L-16 and the blue
switch for last. I prefer to grab the two next to the start and then work my
way from the far right to the left, but whatever. If you are careless enough to
run into either of the spikes in Row 16, I'm disowning you.

Wait at the edge of either brick H-15 or J-15 for Steel Ball to appear from the
teleporter. Once it passes under you to the left, drop down to collect the two
gems, but do not hit the blue switch yet; we'll come back later when it's safer
to release Trackbot. The bottom should now be cleared, so it's time to move on
to the next section... carefully.

This part requires you to be attentive about where the teleporters go. Stand on
top of Teleporter 1 and wait until Steel Ball appears from Teleporter 2 at
X-12. As soon as it starts rolling through that tiny tunnel, activate your
teleporter so that you teleport just before Steel Ball comes in on your end and
ends you. You'll be invincible for a moment as you materialize, so dash for
Teleporter 2 when you emerge so that you come out at A-8 unscathed.

Climb down the ladder to get gem F-10, and wait for Steel Ball to make a pass
above you before hitting the red switch and climbing up into the energy drain
area. Trackbot, now released from its prison, will head toward the ladder and
drop into the energy drain area. Though this seems like a bad idea, wait there
in the energy drain for Trackbot; you actually don't need any fuel to complete
the rest of the level. Fly above Trackbot when it enters the energy drain and
then grab onto the ladder.

Climb up, go right to pick up gem Z-1, but be careful moving past where the
barriers were if Trackbot is near the red switch; it's very easy to forget that
Trackbot can kill you even though you're far away. When it is safe to do so,
enter Teleporter 3 and make your way back to the blue switch, using the same
tactics to avoid Steel Ball as before, as well as the Trackbot that might get

Once you've hit the blue switch, you can claim the treasures in the top left.
If you're not feeling daring enough to go after them, then don't hit the blue
switch and just skip this paragraph and the one that follows it. Anywho, once
you hit the switch, the safest way to the treasures is back through Teleporter
3 (be sure to watch for the red barriers reappearing), though you can still get
back there (at much greater risk to yourself) through Teleporters 1 and 2. You
might need to move around the level to lure the Trackbots back to the red
switch if you get locked in when you go through the teleporter again.

The vase on the right and the extra life are easy enough to get, but be careful
of the vase in the middle if you're flying, as those hidden spears are
unforgiving if your jetpack control is a little loose. Wait around the treasure
area until both Trackbots are on the left side of the level; once they drop
down to the ladder on the left leading to the red switch, they won't be able to
get back up to bother you.

Enter the energy drain area and climb down the far right ladder. Get all the
remaining gems and climb up to the exit. No problem!


 1 |          ##  ##          | 1
 2 | ##  ##  ##    ##  ##  ## | 2
 3 | #* ## *##      ##* ## *# | 3
 4 |   ## *##        ##* ##   | 4
 5 |   # *##          ##* #   | 5
 6 |    s##     **     ##s    | 6
 7 |    ##     *??*     ##    | 7
 8 |    #     *????*     # /\ | 8
 9 | $  #     *????*     # || | 9
10 | XX ##     *??*     ## XX | 10
11 |     ##     **     ##     | 11
12 |   #* ##          ## *#   | 12
13 |   ##* ##        ## *##   | 13
14 | #* ##* ##      ## *## *# | 14
15 | ##  ##  ##    ##  ##  ## | 15
16 |          ##  ##          | 16

GENERAL: If Jet-Pac didn't give you a chance to show off your mad jetpacking
skillz, then this level will. If you can fly around in a pretty tight circle
with your jetpack, then this level will be a cinch.

Due to the large number of Missiles on the screen, you may experience a little
bit of slowdown. This is a good thing, because it makes the Stunners seem to
last longer than they should so that you don't feel as though you need to rush
as much. Maybe.

You shouldn't have to worry about fuel unless you're still having trouble with
flying; ending with anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2 energy is perfectly normal.

SPECIFIC: I'm going to assume by now that you can handle basic Missile
avoidance (whether by flying or phasing), so I won't bother telling you to do
any of that. Collect all the gems on the left side of the level before entering
the diamond; save the Stunner for last.

I prefer to wait for all the Missiles in the diamond to be in the middle center
before hitting the Stunner so that, if I need to make an escape, I have just a
little more time to get phasing before they come after me. However, you
shouldn't have to worry about the Missiles at all if you're good with the
jetpack. Do your best to fly around in a circle to collect the gems in the
center; very short thrusts the whole way around oughta do it.

If it doesn't look like you'll be able to collect them all before the Missiles
start moving again, there is a Stunner on the other side which you can use to
finish the job, but it's easier to get the job done right the first time.

Phase through any of the bricks on the right side of the diamond to get to the
right side of the level, though the higher up you phase, the safer you're
likely to be. Grab all the gems over here as well as the Stunner and end the
level! Not too bad, eh?


 1 |1*      1*       *1     *1| 1
 2 |####  ####### ######### ##| 2
 3 |# 1I  * I I *  I    *I   *| 3
 4 |  ####### #######  ##### #| 4
 5 |   I #I     #   #  I # I  | 5
 6 |*  I  I*1      * 1 I* *I  | 6
 7 |####  #####  ######## ### | 7
 8 | I     #  #  #     #  #/\ | 8
 9 | I *   I*    I*   1I  I||*| 9
10 | ##### #### ########  ####| 10
11 | * 1I    I*    *I   *   I*| 11
12 | ############  #######  ##| 12
13 | #    #   I #  #  I  #  # | 13
14 |  *     1*I*      I *   I | 14
15 |####  ##########  ######I | 15
16 | $I   *  I  I 1*    I I I | 16

GENERAL: No, no it decidedly is NOT raining rain. You'll need to move fast at
the beginning and head for the top, then collect the gems row by row. Being
attentive and having quick reflexes will help to preserve you, but the whims of
the random teleporters will have the most say over your ultimate fate.

Though I suppose you could do this level a few different ways, I feel that the
longer you take to beat it, the more likely it is that you will get killed by a
Steel Ball, so I recommend getting through this level as quickly as possible,
favoring recklessness over patience and caution. The wacky teleporter situation
makes it unwise to do a step-by-step walkthrough, so I'll just point you in the
right direction.

SPECIFIC: Before you do anything else, get off the ground floor as quickly as
possible, either by phasing up through one of the bricks above you or by flying
up to the next row of platforms. If you want, grab a few of the gems in the
bottom left corner so that you don't need to worry about them later. Then, make
your way to the top as safely as possible; flying up the left side and phasing
through blocks if it seems appropriate usually works, or you could attempt a

The simplest way to do things, which is the way I prefer, is to slide from one
side of a row to the other, collecting gems and dodging Steel Balls along the
way, and then moving to the next level down. You'll need to use very tiny
jetpack thrusts to cross the gaps, and you might need to change course or wait
for a moment if a Steel Ball gets in your way, but quickly sliding from one
side to another works surprisingly well. If you're moving fluidly enough, there
is a high probability that you'll never get hit by a Steel Ball emerging from a
teleporter, even though you'll be running over almost every teleporter in the
level. Still, there is a risk.

If that doesn't work for you, you might try constantly using the teleporters so
that you're frequently invincible for short periods of time, but that requires
you to look all over the level to see where you appear each time, which
generally puts you into even more danger.


 1 |@@@@ *      g     * @ @@@@| 1
 2 |*G X @@@@@@@@@@@@@@H@ X G*| 2
 3 |@@ @ @            @H@H@ @@| 3
 4 |   @ @H@@@@@@@@@@ @H@H@   | 4
 5 |   @ @H@       *@ @H@H@   | 5
 6 |   @ XH@H@@@@@H@@ @HXH@   | 6
 7 |   @ @H@H@    H @ @H@H@   | 7
 8 |*  @ @H@H@*pppHD@ @H@H@  *| 8
 9 |@@ @ @H@H@@@@@@@@ @H@H@ @@| 9
10 |   @ @H@H         @H@H@   | 10
11 |b  @ @H@@@@@@@@@@@@H@H@  r| 11
12 |@@ @ @H            H@H@ @@| 12
13 |*R @ @H           *H@H@ B*| 13
14 |@@ @ @@@@@@@@o@@@@@@@H@ @@| 14
15 |   @ *               H@ /\| 15
16 |$  @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ ||| 16

GENERAL: Patience, my friend. Patience. Take things one step at a time, wait,
and think. Plan your movements through the center carefully, and don't be too
concerned about your jetpack fuel.

SPECIFIC: So that I don't need to keep repeating this, any time I write "wait,"
that means that you should wait for whichever enemy to pass before moving on.

That being said, wait, then fly up to hit the blue switch. Wait. Grab gem A-8.
Wait. Phase through crate D-2. Wait. Fall down the shaft to collect gem F-15
and move right to phase through crate W-2, and wait.. On the way there, feel
free to phase through steel barrier N-14 to drop Steel Ball to your level, as
it might be handy to have it out of your way for later. It should be noted that
any place where a crate is located is a SAFE SPOT.

Fall to gem Z-8. Wait. Drop down and hit the red switch. Wait. Swing
around to get gem Z-13 below you. Wait. Fly back up to W-2 and, if it's safe,
phase through crate U-6 and wait there.

Climb up the ladder to get gems F-1 and S-1 on top, and hit the green switch on
your way across. Fly over to gem A-2 when it's safe, wait, and go after gem
A-13. Wait again and get back up to D-2 when you can.

Once it's safe, phase through crate F-6. Wait until Missile passes you going
down the ladder before you climb up and work your way around into the middle.
Collect the two gems, the piles of gold, and the Double Tank, and wait at the
top of the ladder at O-6 for Missile to return. After it turn around and starts
leaving the central spiral, and then hide out at F-6 for a bit until the other
Missile passes by you going up the ladder. Go after gem S-13, avoiding Steel
Ball if you left it there. Make your way to gem Z-2. Wait. Drop down to where
gem Z-8 was, wait, and then end the level!


 1 |*#{ {#{ { * {#{*{ {*{ {/\ | 1
 2 |#{ { { { {#{ { # { # { ||{| 2
 3 |{ { { { { { {#{ { { { +## | 3
 4 | 2#{ { + + { { { { { *#++{| 4
 5 |{#{*{ {#{#{ { {#{#{*{## {1| 5
 6 | { # { # # {#{ { { # { { #| 6
 7 |{ { { {+{+{ # { { { { { {+| 7
 8 | { { { { { { 3 { { { {*{ *| 8
 9 |##########################| 9
10 | * #         3    #*#     | 10
11 | #  *   *    #     #     *| 11
12 |    #*  #    #* *        #| 12
13 |   * #      # # #*        | 13
14 |   # #      #*   ##* * *  | 14
15 |$   *# *#*  ##     # # #! | 15
16 |#   #* ####}}}1}}}}}}}}2#*| 16

GENERAL: Even using a walkthrough, I wouldn't expect many people to get this on
the first try. Save before you go in and practice a few times to get a feel for
the enemy patterns and how to manage your fuel. You can take your time and
waste as much fuel as you want, but you need to be constantly on guard when
you're near the teleporters, at least at first. You can certainly rely on your
reflexes the entire time, but there is an easier way if you're willing to do a
little planning. The key is to burrow in all the right spots to get the enemies
into places where they can do you no harm. May The Schwartz be with you!

SPECIFIC: Start by cleaning out all the gems in the bottom right quarter of the
level (so, everything you can get up until the teleporters). Try to sneak away
with gem B-10 first unless Flitzer's in the way, in which case you should wait
a little for it to move away. I prefer to get the gems in this order: B-10,
D-13, E-11, F-12, H-15, F-16, I-11, J-15. You don't have to do it this way, but
I find it's the quickest way and helps with the timing of the next section.

Watch the movements of the Steel Balls and Spring as they go in and out of the
teleporters, and keep an eye on Batbot. The first step to making this level
easier is to trap Batbot, so let's do just that.

Wait at J-15, where the gem was, for Batbot to come at you from the Energy
Charger section. Hop into the energy charger to refuel, but be careful. Once
both Steel Balls have come out of Teleporter 3 and Batbot is almost on you, fly
up and over Teleporter 3 and phase through brick S-10. Grab gem T-10 and wait
there; Batbot should follow. If your timing is similar to mine, the brick
should reappear just before Batbot gets there, and Batbot will be pressed
against the brick in a futile effort to get at you. (If you're lucky, you might
actually trap Batbot in the brick as it reappears, but we can't count on that.)

Phase through brick U-10 on your right, wait about 4-5 seconds, then phase
through brick S-10 on your left. Quickly fly right to gem Z-11 and wait for
Batbot to get trapped. If for any reason this doesn't work, you can return to
J-15 and try it over again; just remember to refuel if you need to.

Being careful of the hidden spear, pick up gems Z-16 and X-14. You might have
picked up one or more of the following when trapping Batbot: gems Q-12, R-13,
and T-14. You might as well make sure you have all of them now, but you can
always come back later.

Now, let's get those Steel Balls out of the way. First, max out your fuel in
the energy charger area and then go through any teleporter you please to get to
the top half of the level. Get to the long brick floor that spans the middle,
avoiding enemies as necessary, and then phase through any brick from A-9 to
H-9 so that one Steel Ball will fall through the hole, dropping into the
section that you already cleaned out. I find it's safer to drop through the
hole after you phase and then use a teleporter to get back to the top, but you
may do as you please.

Next, still avoiding enemies, phase through any brick from O-9 to X-9 to change
Steel Ball's pattern and then repeat what you did to get rid of the first Steel
Ball. Alternately, you could phase through brick Y-9; this will plunk Steel
Ball down into the nook to the right of the hidden spear (just be careful that
you don't fall into the spear yourself!). If you do it this way, wait under the
spikes at space Z-8 for Steel Ball to pass by before phasing through.

Now that Batbot and the two Steel Balls are out of the way, this level should
be a piece of cake. Get whatever gems remain on the bottom half of the level,
but be very patient when getting gem N-14, as you should only move just after
you see Spring go back into the teleporter. Or, of course, you could always
just phase through brick M-14.

Once the bottom is finished, teleport to the top and take your time scooping up
the rest of the gems. If you run out of fuel, just go through Teleporter 2 or 3
back to the energy charger. Before you know it, you'll have everything and can
beat the level! ...Just make sure you don't run out of fuel while flying over
any spikes. That would be sad.


 1 |##*   # g@    @r@b@    @  | 1
 2 |H   * #H#@    @@@@@    G *| 2
 3 |H#  #    R     *B     *G #| 3
 4 |H########@XRRRRR@XBBBBB@  | 4
 5 |H     s  +++++++++++++++ *| 5
 6 |H     X *              * X| 6
 7 |H       X *          * X  | 7
 8 |H         X *      * X    | 8
 9 |$           X      X      | 9
10 |@@@@@@@HH@@@@@@@@H@@@@@@@@| 10
11 |@?????@@HH@@@@@@HH@???????| 11
12 |@?@@@?@@@HH@@@@HH@@?@@@@@?| 12
13 |@?@o??@@@@HH@@HH@@@??@@o??| 13
14 |v?@?@@@@@@@HHHH@@@@@??@?@@| 14
15 |v@@??@@@@@@@HH@@@@@@@?@?/\| 15
16 |vvv@vGr            bGT@@||| 16

GENERAL: The initial challenge of this level is figuring out what to do. The
secret passages can be tricky, the constantly alternating barriers are a
nuisance, and the unpredictable Flitzers are almost certain to cause you
trouble, especially when Spikes gets involved. It's really not that difficult
of a level when compared to some of the other ones you've faced recently, but
don't be surprised if it takes you a few tries to get it right.

SPECIFIC: Start off by collecting all the gems on top of the boxes in the
middle, but feel free to skip gem Z-5 if the spikes or the Spikes make you
nervous. Don't get the Stunner quite yet.

Climb up the ladder on the far left to get gems C-1 and E-2; watch out for the
blue barrier. Hit the green switch, then head back to the starting point.

Clamber down through the V-shaped ladder section to the bottom of the level and
grab the Double Tank when it's safe to do so. As soon as you get it, fly up and
left into the secret passage to hide from Steel Ball. This is a SAFE SPOT.
After Steel Ball bounces off the right wall below you, drop down and go back to
the ladders in the center and climb up to the middle.

Return to the green switch and activate it when both the red and blue barriers
are down so that you trap Steel Ball and keep the barriers from their hazardous
alternating. Phase down through brick G-4 and drop onto the Stunner. Fly back
up and fly horizontally (holding DOWN to avoid any catastrophes) to get gems
P-3 and W-3 along the top; fly back immediately after getting them. If you can
conserve fuel through here by running along the little bit of floor in the
middle, good for you, but don't try too hard, as it's very easy to lose track
of what you're doing and suddenly fall through the spikes or start flying

The Stunner should wear off shortly, so phase down through any one of the
bricks in the top left so that you can quickly get back to the middle. Phase
through the two crates along the ground as well as any crates that are blocking
Spikes from leaving the right side of the level (if it's stuck there). Go right
to pick up whatever gems remain. Just fly straight up to get gem Z-2; don't try
any fancy diagonal flying around the crates. Climb down to the bottom of the

If you want to go for the treasure and think you can budget the fuel to do it,
rush all the way left to the golden vase at E-16. Fly up into the secret
passage to your left. This is a SAFE SPOT. Fly up, phase up through the steel
barrier, and immediately fly right before the barrier closes on you. Fly up and
around and drop down to get the golden vases. Go back the way you came and wait
at the aforementioned safe spot for Steel Ball to bounce off the left wall.
Follow behind it to the ladders in the center and climb up out of the way.

Enter the secret passageway above where the Double Tank was as you did before,
but this time follow the passageway to the end (consult the map if you'd like).
Phase through the steel barrier and drop down to the exit!


 1 |   *pp*ppppp ppp*ppppp1   | 1
 2 |   @@@@@@@@@H@@@@@@@@@@   | 2
 3 |v  @$ppp*p pHpppppppp*@   | 3
 4 |@  @@@@@@@H@@@@@@@@@@H@   | 4
 5 |   *ppp ppHppp*pppp pH*  v| 5
 6 |   @@@@H@@@@@@@@@@@H@@@  @| 6
 7 |   @*ppHppppppp *ppHp*@  }| 7
 8 |   @H@@@@@@@@@@H@@@@@@@  @| 8
 9 |v  *Hppp *pppppHpp ppp*   | 9
10 |@  @@@@@H@@@@@@@@@H@@@@   | 10
11 |}  @*pppH pp*p pppHpp*@   | 11
12 |@  @@@@@@H@@@@H@@@@@@@@   | 12
13 |   * ccccHccccHcccccc/\  v| 13
14 |   @ pp*pHpp pHpp*ppp|| *@| 14
15 |   @H@@@@@@@H@@@@@@@@@@@H@| 15
16 |v1v@H*ppppppHppppp*pppppH*| 16

GENERAL: This one's a lot like Level 5 (remember Level 5?), except with a more
complex layout, the ability to use your jetpack, and a Trackbot thrown in for
good measure. The energy chargers are SAFE SPOTS, so don't hesitate to go there
if you need to regroup. This level isn't all that difficult, so as long as you
stay far enough away from the enemies, you should be fine.

SPECIFIC: From the beginning, try to clear out one row of treasure at a time,
making sure to get everything in the row before moving on. You'll at least be
able to get everything in the first few rows before Trackbot potentially closes
in on you. Do your best to continue the sweep of one row after another as best
as you can, but take evasive maneuvers to ensure that you never get too close
to the enemies. Move quickly and always have a plan of where you're going next,
even if you have to detour.

As usual, keep a close eye on the enemies any time you come near a teleporter.

Fuel is a non-issue here because you technically don't need to fly to beat the
level, and the energy chargers will keep you supplied. I prefer to use the
ladders whenever possible, but you may fly to your heart's content.

There's a lot of bonus treasure, and as long as you keep your distance from the
enemies, there's really no reason not to go for it. The most dangerous
treasures are the ones next to the teleporters and the floating gold coins, so
stay especially alert if you go after those.


 1 |                  c@@     | 1
 2 |r                H@@#####H| 2
 3 |*           H@@  H@#####cH| 3
 4 |@@@@@@@@H H@@@c  H@####@ H| 4
 5 |      c@@@@@c   H@@###@@ H| 5
 6 |H@   X       X  H@####@c H| 6
 7 |HH    X   X X  H@@c## R H#| 7
 8 |HH@@@H  XX    H@@c c##@ H#| 8
 9 |HH c@@@H   @@@@@c   H@@ H#| 9
10 |HH   c@@@@@@c     H@@@c H#| 10
11 |HH                H@c  H##| 11
12 |@@@H X      X   H@@@  H##?| 12
13 |/\@@@@@H      H@@@c  H##?o| 13
14 |||   c@@@@@@@@@@c   H##?o?| 14
15 |@@                 H##?o??| 15
16 |$B   X           H###?o??b| 16

GENERAL: Yes, actually, the mission is possible, despite the Spring infestation
next to the red switch and lone emerald gem. Patience is really the key there;
everything else is straightforward. The bonus treasures require some good
jumping skill, but are worth pursuing because you can take as many tries as you
need to get them, provided you aren't careless with your phasing. However, you
might wish to wait until after collecting the emerald gem to go after the
treasures to save yourself time if you happen to die among the Springs.

SPECIFIC: Use crate F-16 to get the coin above it, then phase through the
crate. (NOTE: Don't phase through any other crates unless you're sure you don't
need them to get golden coins.) Jump over Steel Ball and phase your way to the
blue switch. Wait until Steel Ball is on the far left to trap it in or behind
the blue barrier. Phase back out and grab all the coins as you ascend the

This is cute. There are Spikes trapped in the bricks, so you'll need to phase
a tunnel around them, which is very simple. Phase down through brick V-2, left
through brick U-2, and then straight down. To get coin S-7, you'll need to
phase left through brick T-7 and jump for it.

Collect all the coins here, and you might wish to phase through crate M-12
(after getting the coin above it) for an easier time avoiding Steel Ball when
you return this way. Jump over Steel Ball, get the next two coins, and climb
one of the ladders. Yay moving ladders.

Run under Spring and climb/jump your way through this section to get the coins,
but don't phase the crates because you need them to get some of the coins. To
get to the top left where all the Springs are, jump left from the last ladder
when you are almost (but not quite) at the top; this might take a few tries.

The challenging part of the level is, of course, after all the easy stuff. If
you wait and watch, though, this part isn't as impossible as it seems. You
should notice that the Springs aren't exactly synched up; as time goes on, the
gap between each Spring in a pair gradually grows or shrinks. So, if you wait
long enough, each pair of Springs will eventually bounce more or less together
so that you have enough time and space to slip under them. This is easier to
witness than for me to explain, so just watch for yourself. Anyhow, run under
each pair when there's enough of a gap to do so. This will take a bit of

On the other side of the Springs is the red switch, which you should flip, and
the only emerald gem of the level, which you should probably leave alone just
in case it's booby-trapped.

Nah. Grab it, cautiously make your way back to the start (use the passage
where the red barrier was), and you're done!


 1 |   p*p v1v v2v v3v p*p    | 1
 2 |   @@@ @@@ @@@ @@@ @@@    | 2
 3 |p*p   * p*p   p*p *   p*p | 3
 4 |@@@  *@ @@@   @@@ @*  @@@ | 4
 5 |   * @  *p     p*  @ *    | 5
 6 |   @*   @@     @@   *@    | 6
 7 |p*p @ * p*     *p * @ p*p | 7
 8 |@@@  *@ @@  *  @@ @*  @@@ | 8
 9 |   * @@*p * @ * p*@@ *    | 9
10 |   @* @@@ @* *@ @@@ *@    | 10
11 |p*p @ *   @@ @@   * @ p*p | 11
12 |@@@  *@     *     @*  @@@ | 12
13 |   * @    * @ *    @ *    | 13
14 |   @* p* p@p p@p *p *@    | 14
15 |/\  @ @@ @@@ @@@ @@ @     | 15
16 |||    1   t 2 t   3       | 16

[NOTE: Starting position is M-16, on top of Teleporter 2.]

GENERAL: Yeah, that's right. The Marble Worm (I.e. line of Steel Balls) from
Level 2 is back with a buddy. Fuel conservation, attentiveness, and (sometimes)
quick reflexes are what you need. Use the teleporters to get around as much as
possible, and pause frequently to plan for the movements of the Marble Worms.

There isn't a set order in which you should get the gems, but do your best to
fly as little as possible and stay out of the way of the Marble Worms as best
as you can.

The Marble Worms do move in a set pattern, so it is possible to predict their
movements is you're paying close enough attention. There are many safe spots,
so you may wish to sit back and observe to find the best places to stand if the
worms get too close.

SPECIFIC: If you keep standing where you are, you're going to have an awful
headache. Pick up one Tank of Fuel, wait for the Worms to go through Teleporter
2 (or just make a run for it), then get the other Tank of Fuel. Unless another
tank randomly appears, this is all the fuel you'll get.

Take either Teleporter 1 or Teleporter 3 to the top of the level. Quickly fly
to Teleporter 2 at the top to get the golden vases. Wait there for the Worms
to emerge from the other teleporters, then fly to either the left or the right
side after they're gone. Collect all of the gems and treasure on that side of
the screen (roughly, everything in columns A-H on the left side and everything
in columns R-Z on the right side, though you can branch out and get more if
it's safe). Try to fall onto as many gems as possible to conserve fuel, but do
a little bit of flying if you need to.

Then, clean up all the gems and treasure in the bottom center (gems K-13 and
O-13 and the piles of gold around them). Hop into either Teleporter 1 or 3,
whichever one you didn't use the first time. Clean out the other side of the

Now, it's time to tackle the center. Teleport back up to the top via whichever
teleporter looks to be the safest and get all the gems and treasure that
remain. You need to be especially aware of where Steel Ball is going at this
point, so find a good place to stand (for example, M-8 is a SAFE SPOT) and wait
until the Worms are away from the center to go after everything. Unless you're
keenly aware of where they're going, wait in a safe spot every time they're
about to go through a teleporter.

Once you have everything, wait for an opening (I prefer to wait until the Worms
are falling down the center) and head to the exit!


 1 |XX*XXXXXXXX@@@@@@ooooooooo| 1
 2 |XXXXXX*XXXXX@@@@oo*ooooooo| 2
 3 |@XXXXXXXXXXXX@@oooooo*oooo| 3
 4 |@@XXXXXXXXX*X@@oooooooo*oo| 4
 5 |@@@@@@@@@@XXX@@ooooooooooo| 5
 6 |@@@@@@@@@@XXX@@oooo**ooooo| 6
 7 |@@*   HHHHHHH@@o*ooooooo*o| 7
 8 |@ @  *HHHHHH*@@ooooooooooo| 8
 9 | * * @@@HHHHHHH ooooooooo@| 9
10 |*@ @ *@@H*HHHHH *******D@@| 10
11 |@  **@@@HHHHH*HH@@@@@@@@@@| 11
12 | * @@ @@HHHHHHHH@@@@@@@@@@| 12
13 |*@ *  @@HH*HHHHHHHHHHHHH@@| 13
14 |@**@ *@@HHHHHHHHHH*HHHHHH@| 14
15 | @@ *@@@@HHH*HHHHHHHH*HH/\| 15
16 |$   @@@@@@HHHHHH*HHHHHHH||| 16

GENERAL: All you need for this level are skill with jumping and the
coordination to phase while flying and changing directions. The steel barriers
are the only real threat here; if you can figure out how to get the rest of
the gems without using the jetpack, or if you can conserve enough fuel to get
everything without any extra jumping, you'll be fine.

I do encourage you to use eschew the jetpack in favor of jumping as much as
possible, for this level provides great practice for your jumping skill, which
you will be using more in the future.

SPECIFIC: Anybody familiar with platformer games knows that jumping puzzles
featuring blocks or ceilings directly overhead are some of the toughest ones
around. Lucky for you, the first area of this level is very forgiving if you
mess up. Show off your jumping ability by collecting all of the gems in the
first area (everything you can reach before the ladders).

A few of the gems, most notably gem C-7, might seem impossible to get without
a jetpack, but that isn't so. Even if you know this already, it doesn't hurt
to reiterate: as you run across a platform, jump at the last possible moment
before you fall off, and keep holding in the direction you're moving. Keep
trying, but if you're really getting frustrated, come back after you get the
Double Tank. Still, there's something satisfying about doing it all without
jetpack assistance.

Anyturkey, once you get to the section with the ladders, head to the area with
all the crates in the top left. The Springs in the ladder section are somewhat
difficult to see, but they're easy enough to avoid.

Here's another good opportunity to practice: selectively phase through the
crates in a zigzag or stairway pattern to get to all the gems; start off by
phasing through M-6, M-5, and L-5 (you'll need to jump and briefly hit the
phase key) to start. Instead of creating a zigzag pattern through the middle of
the crates, you could also run left along the solid ground, phasing through all
the crates in your way, and then climb the little staircase made by blocks A-3
and B-4, phase a path to gem C-1, and then phase horizontally until you drop
down to gem G-2. If all that's too complicated for ya, then just come back with
the jetpack and make sure you don't run out of fuel too early.

Now, for the tricky part. Getting through the area with the steel barriers is
more a matter of coordination and speed than anything else. Run through the
line of gems to the Double Tank and plot out in advance the route you'll take
through the steel barriers. Because a moment of hesitation or getting stuck can
be fatal, try to stick with straight lines whenever possible.

There are numerous ways to get through this area, so experiment with different
plans. Mine goes a little something like this: from where you get the Double
Tank, phase straight up to the very top of the level, collecting gem X-4 along
the way. As soon as you reach the top, phase left until you drop down onto gem
S-2. Wait a moment until all the steel barriers seal back up if you need to
catch your breath. Phase right until you drop onto gem V-3, then straight down
until you're next to gems T-6 and U-6, which you should collect.

Wait for the steel barriers to seal back up, then phase right until you drop
onto gem Y-7. Phase left to gem Q-7, then down and out of the steel barrier
area. Phew!

The rest is a cakewalk. Continue to move in straight lines through the ladder
section to avoid calamity as you scoop up the remaining gems. A good strategy
is to move along the very bottom of the level, climb up to grab a gem, and
climb back down to the bottom to continue moving forward. The door is just


 1 |/\XXX1         ****       | 1
 2 |||XXXX        H####H      | 2
 3 |############  H    H      | 3
 4 |#######H#############H    | 4
 5 |       H             H    | 5
 6 |       H          ########| 6
 7 |           ###############| 7
 8 |   H##############        | 8
 9 |   H                      | 9
10 |########                  | 10
11 |###############           | 11
12 |    H  ##############H    | 12
13 |    H                H    | 13
14 |    $            #########| 14
15 | +  H     ################| 15
16 |+1+#######################| 16

GENERAL: Nothing good will come of you if your name is "Donkey Pack," unless
you're a Jetpack level paying homage to (or spoofing) the immortal Donkey Kong.
Instead of dodging an endless supply of barrels, you will be dodging five Steel
Balls that just keep coming thanks to a clever teleporter setup, but your phase
shifter gives you an option that Mario never had when going up against Donkey

SPECIFIC: There are two ways to handle this level: the traditional, Donkey Kong
way or the crafty Jetpack way.

The traditional, Donkey Kong way is as follows: Make your way up the ladders to
the gems while jumping over the Steel Balls. Whenever you come to a narrow
tunnel with no room to jump, wait a few spaces away from the mouth of the
tunnel for a Steel Ball to arrive, and when it does, jump over it and scramble
through the tunnel. You'll need to move very quickly, so leave only as much
space as is absolutely necessary to jump over a Steel Ball. Once you reach the
top, wait for a Steel Ball to emerge from the teleporter, then phase through
the bottom crates quickly before another Steel Ball pops out.

The crafty, Jetpack way is as follows: Trap all of the Steel Balls in bricks to
give you a clear path to the exit. Phase through any brick in an area with
enough room to dodge, jump out of the hole and stand back, and wait for a Steel
Ball to drop in the hole and become trapped; you might actually trap two. Then,
move on to a different brick and repeat until all the Steel Balls are safely
encased in brick. These bricks take a while to phase, so you'll need to start
immediately after a Steel Ball passes by for the best chance of success.


 1 |                  @@      | 1
 2 | vv!*@           *@*      | 2
 3 |H@@@@@      @@  @@@@   /\ | 3
 4 |H          *@*  @ @  * ||*| 4
 5 |H  @@     @@@@       H@@@H| 5
 6 |H  *@*    @ @        H   H| 6
 7 |H  @@@@       @@     H   H| 7
 8 |H   @ @  @@   *@*    H   H| 8
 9 |H       *@*   @@@@   H   H| 9
10 |H      @@@@    @ @   H   H| 10
11 |H      @ @           H   H| 11
12 |H                  * H   H| 12
13 |H                  @@H   H| 13
14 |H$ t! t *  *! *t!  @@H   H| 14
15 |H@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@H@@H ! H| 15
16 |H  v * v * v * v  H@@@@@@@| 16

GENERAL: This level is all about dodging enemies. There should be enough fuel
available to get you through the level with energy to spare, and you'll likely
use just as much fuel getting to the gems as you will dodging enemies. Keep
moving and do your best to lure the Batbots away from areas you need to visit.

The sludgy terrain isn't too much of a problem, but the hidden spears are if
you're not paying attention. Don't hesitate to phase through a brick if you get
into a tight spot, but don't bother trying to trap anything. You might succeed
at getting a Batbot caught below the long brick platform that you start on, but
that will only buy you a little bit of time before it escapes via a ladder.

You can get Batbots stuck in the little nooks underneath each of the floating
rock formations in the center by standing above them; remember that the Batbots
follow a straight line to you and get caught up on anything other than flat
terrain. As usual, if you're getting swarmed by enemies, retreat to a position
away from where you want to go to lure them toward you, then make a break for

SPECIFIC: The many Batbots ruin the effectiveness of a step-by-step
walkthrough, so you'll have to judge whether or not it's safe to do things in
the order I suggest. As long as you've got fuel to spare, use your jetpack as
much as possible to speed your way through this level.

Start off by collecting the two Tanks of Fuel in front of you, then swing
around and climb up the far left ladder to get the two golden vases and the gem
(gem E-3) in the top left. Fly up and into the center and pick up whichever
gems are most accessible to you. As soon as it looks safe enough, go down to
the very bottom of level and run through the line of three gems and four vases.
Leave the bottom by the safest route, which might be phasing through one of the
bricks above you.

Do what you can to collect the remaining gems in the level, and go after the
third Tank of Fuel when you drop below half energy. There's no set order to how
you should do it, so go for whatever you can without risking your neck too
badly. Just watch that there aren't any Batbots lying in ambush for you when
you go for the exit; they sometimes get caught where gem T-3 was and can tag
you at the last minute if you're not careful.


 1 | *    {{{  G*   #* *#  #* | 1
 2 | ### * {{* G## *## ##  ##*| 2
 3 | #  *#   #*G#  ##    *  ##| 3
 4 |    ##  *##G#    *   #*   | 4
 5 |     # *#*#G  {{###  ##   | 5
 6 |#* *   ### G  {{# ** #    | 6
 7 |## ##   #  G  {{{ ##   *#*| 7
 8 | #  #      G  ### ##   ###| 8
 9 |    # ##   G## ##       # | 9
10 |   *  ##   G#*          * | 10
11 |*  #*    #*G## *#   *#  #*| 11
12 |## ##  *###G * ###*###  ##| 12
13 |#  @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ # | 13
14 |#  @ t t t s s t t t/\@   | 14
15 | 1 @$H H H H1H H H H||@ 1 | 15
16 |@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@| 16

GENERAL: This level is based on Squarez Deluxe, which is a puzzle/strategy game
that is somewhat similar to Tetris (emphasis on "somewhat") that you might find
bundled with your copy of Jetpack, depending on how and when you got it.

This is another level where patience pays off. Keep your distance from the
Spikes, save the Stunners until you need them, and don't worry too much about
fuel conservation.

SPECIFIC: Grab any two Tanks of Fuel and hop into the teleporter. Get as many
gems as you can from the side you end up on, and phase through bricks whenever
you think it will be helpful to do so. If there are any gems that you can't
get to safely, teleport back to the center (don't be discouraged if you keep
teleporting back and forth between the teleporters on the far left and far
right; you'll get there eventually). Refuel if you need, then repeat all this
on the other side of the level.

Once you've gotten as much as you can without putting yourself at unnecessary
risk, return to the center and grab a Stunner. Quickly use the teleporter and
claim the remaining gems in whichever section you end up in. If necessary, use
the other Stunner when the first one expires to finish the job. You'll probably
waste some time randomly teleporting to the wrong place, so do your best to get
as many gems as possible on the first time through.

Return to the center and pick up any powerups that remain to get the extra
points, then strut through the door.


 1 |* @@@@@            @@*   *| 1
 2 |@ *@@   ##########   @ * @| 2
 3 |@ @   ##############   @*@| 3
 4 |@*  #####%%%%%%%%#####  @@| 4
 5 |@@ ####%%%######%%%#### @@| 5
 6 |@  ###%%##########%%###  @| 6
 7 |@ ###%%####   $####%%###  | 7
 8 |  ##*%####    T ####%###  | 8
 9 |* ##*%####      ####%#e# *| 9
10 |@ ###%%####    ####%%### @| 10
11 |@* ###%%##########%%### *@| 11
12 |@@ ####%%%######%%%#### @@| 12
13 |@@* #####%%%%%%%%##### *@@| 13
14 |@@@ * ##############  *@@@| 14
15 |@ **@** ########## ** @ /\| 15
16 |**@@@@@            @@   ||| 16

GENERAL: Whoa! Somebody's got a serious case of red-eye! This is the easiest
level to come along in a while, and if you disagree, then you need to rethink
your strategy for this level. Just keep moving, except when you stop to hide
from Missile.

SPECIFIC: For the timing on all this to work correctly, you'll need to move
constantly unless I tell you otherwise. Hold LEFT from the start, Ignore
Flitzer, and phase through brick K-10; it probably won't get you if you act
quickly enough. Keep phasing left until you get into the vines; Missile should
be just passing you as you phase through the last brick.

Fly up to gems E-8 and E-9, then go around the top half of the vine area to
get to where the extra life is sealed away. Missile will be on your tail, but
you should have a good head start and shouldn't need to worry. Phase through
bricks V-9 and W-9, get the extra life, and then phase through brick X-10 on
your right.

You should come out a little bit ahead of one of the Missiles, and the brick
you phased will throw off its pattern for a moment, which will give you time to
get out of the way. Collect all of the gems you can along the bottom half of
the level, and find a spot to hide when Missile comes back after you.

You should be able to make it to gem A-9, which is a SAFE SPOT, before you're
in danger of Missile catching up with you. Wait for both Missiles to pass, then
collect all the remaining gems; you shouldn't have to worry about fuel or
Missiles if you keep moving and don't get caught up anywhere. Easy!


 1 |@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@| 1
 2 |2}}    @@              R*1| 2
 3 |@}}*   @@*  c  *  c  *H@@@| 3
 4 |@@@@@H @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@H   | 4
 5 |@* c H1@@    G       rH   | 5
 6 |@@@@@@@@@  c G c * c cHct*| 6
 7 |        @H@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@| 7
 8 |        BH                | 8
 9 |b$ p p pBHp p* p p g* c * | 9
10 |@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@HH@@@@@H| 10
11 |    @             HH  s  H| 11
12 |2cc*@             HH     H| 12
13 |@@@@@             HH     H| 13
14 |vvvvR             HH     H| 14
15 |vvvvR             HH   /\H| 15
16 |evvTRp*pppp*pppp*pHHp*p||H| 16

GENERAL: Yuck. As if to make up for the easy level before it, Level 37 is a
frantic scramble for survival based on luck and quick reflexes. Keep trying,
and don't even bother with picking up all the bonus treasure unless you're some
kind of hotshot or something.

Be careful near the blue and green barriers because Trackbots can trigger them
when you least expect it and destroy you. Avoid the side-by-side ladders
leading to the bottom if Trackbots are nearby, because they get unpredictable
when they can go back and forth between the two ladders.
Remeber to hold UP when walking over top of moving ladders to not get dragged
down by them, and DOWN when walking below them to not get dragged up.

SPECIFIC: Lift off immediately so Trackbot doesn't run you over, pick up the
piles of gold, and dash right once Trackbot deactivates the blue barrier. There
are many approaches to tackling this level, but I find that the following one
has an acceptable rate of success:

Collect the rest of the treasure and gems that are on this level, then climb
down to the bottom via the far right ladder. It goes without saying that you
should be dodging Trackbots all the way. Grab all the gems and piles of gold
along the bottom, then fly up to get the Stunner. (Alternately, you can wait
until the red barrier is down to use the Stunner so that you can get through
Flitzer's treasure hoard safely, but let's focus on just trying to beat the
level for now).

Make sure the green barrier is down, climb up and collect everything on that
level (level as in "platform," not "video game stage") and hit the red switch.
Leave the Tank of Fuel alone until you're headed for the exit; I'll explain why
in a moment. Climb to the top, collect the gems and coins there, and wait for
Trackbot to emerge from Teleporter 1. Enter the teleporter once you can do so

You'll be teleported to the room in the top left, and if you are in no danger
of having a Trackbot follow you through, get coin D-5 and gem B-5; getting
trapped in that dead-end is no fun. Grab gem D-3, use the energy charger, and
go through Teleporter 2, get the two coins and the gem from the little room you
end up in (which is a SAFE SPOT, by the way), then head back toward the exit,
still dodging Trackbots.

On your way back, be very careful about the green barrier, as there's a good
chance a Trackbot will activate it, either trapping you in the top right area
or just crushing you like a squishy bug. If you get trapped, move around the
area and do your best to stay alive until a Trackbot shuts down the barrier.
The Tank of Fuel I told you to leave alone might come in handy if you need to
do a lot of flying to avoid Trackbots, so take it now if you need it. Move out
when you can.

If you're feeling adventurous, Steal all that treasure from Flitzer in the
bottom left. If nothing else, try for the extra life. It might take a bit of
waiting until Flitzer gets out of the way, but it's easy enough to avoid the
Trackbots that should now be swarming the bottom of the level.


 1 |                          | 1
 2 | ### ## ### ### ### ## #v#| 2
 3 |  #  #c  #  #e# #c# #  ###| 3
 4 |p #  ##  #  ### ### #  ###| 4
 5 |#v#  #p  #  #   # # #1 # #| 5
 6 |###  ##  #  #   # # ## # #| 6
 7 |  *         **         *  | 7
 8 | ###H     H####H    H#### | 8
 9 |    H1  H## /\ ##H  H#    | 9
10 |}}@ ## *H  *||*  H* ## @@@| 10
11 |@@@    @@@@@@@@@@@@ #  @%g| 11
12 |bG     @*** ** ***@   @@%@| 12
13 |@@@@   @@@@B@@B@@@@   @s%%| 13
14 |      @@ ======== @@  @@@%| 14
15 |  X      ########      @%%| 15
16 |$XXt     ????????      o%@| 16

GENERAL: Aha! At last, you get the play the demo level you see if you wait too
long at the menu screen! Okay, so maybe it's not all that exciting. Pay
attention to the enemies and don't be careless with your fuel and you'll be
fine. And no, you can't get that extra life or that gold coin. Knock it off.

SPECIFIC: Wait a moment for Missile and Steel ball to bounce off the stack of
crates in front of you, then phase through the crates; doing so will make the
patrol path of both enemies a little longer, slightly decreasing the chance of
running into them at a bad time.

Fly up to the energy charger and fill 'er up. Watch for Missile and fly to the
gem above you (gem C-7). If you want to try for the pile of gold and the golden
vase on the letter J, hover between the J and the E and wait for Missile to
pass overhead to the right. Grab the treasues and quickly get out of there,
because it's a bit tricky to dodge Missile if you get trapped. If you do get
trapped, hover in space B-3, and as soon as Missile passes under you, land
where the pile of gold was/is, at A-4.

Something you might consider to make your life a little easier for later: phase
through brick E-10 to trap the Spring on the left in the top half of the level
when the brick reappears.

Go after the treasures on the letter E, then refuel. Grab the six gems
surrounding the exit, being aware of the patrolling Missile. Go right to get
gem X-7. Fly up for the vase on the K, and that there's a SAFE SPOT.

Now you might consider getting the Spring on the right out of your way: phase
down through bricks V-8, V-9, and V-10 to trap Spring. Your best chance of
success is to start phasing when Spring is on the way back up and passing the
Stunner. Watch out for Missile, because things can get complicated pretty
quickly if it's around.

Drop to the bottom; watch out for Steel Ball coming out of the hidden passage.
Phase through the steel barrier in the bottom right, fly up to hit the green
switch, grab the Stunner, and phase back out. Run along the bottom through the
hidden passage and fly to the blue switch. If you're fast enough, you should
have just enough time to get into the previously sealed row of gems before the
Stunner wears off.

After collecting the gems, it's only a matter of avoiding enemies on the way to
the exit. Onward!


 1 | * * * * *  ##  * * * * * | 1
 2 |H#########H    H#########H| 2
 3 |H#cc# v## H T$ H ##v #cc#H| 3
 4 |H#c  v##  H ## H  ##v  c#H| 4
 5 |H## v##   H##v#H   ##v ##H| 5
 6 |H# v##    ######    ##v #H| 6
 7 |H#v##    ###*####    ##v#H| 7
 8 |H###    ###v###v##    ###H| 8
 9 |H##    #########*##    ##H| 9
10 |H#    ##*#v###v###v#    #H| 10
11 |H    #########*######    H| 11
12 |H   ###v#*######v#*###   H| 12
13 |H  ########*#v#######v#  H| 13
14 |H ##v#*###########v#*### H| 14
15 |H##*######v#/\##T########H| 15
16 |######T##*##||#v###*###v##| 16

GENERAL: There's a lot of treasure here, and you can get it if you're careful
and patient. You can trap both Missiles fairly easily, but you'll need to keep
your distance from the Spikes and Flitzers, as trapping them is more trouble
than it's worth. Note the mix of brick types, and think about how long it will
take for the bricks to be phased and reappear before you proceed.

SPECIFIC: Grab the Double Tank to your left and fly up to either the top right
or top left side to escape the impending Missiles. Whenever you're dodging
enemies, try to climb the ladders in the same direction that they're moving,
and either keep moving up and down the ladders in a loop or else wait at the
starting point until you've escaped.

If you're after bonus treasure, phase down into Flitzer's lair from above and
get whatever you can; phasing through the nubs (bricks C-5, E-3, V-3, and X-5)
helps to open the area up to allow both you and Flitzer more room to move. And,
if you're extraordinarily lucky, Flitzer will get trapped in a reappearing

Once you've gotten all the treasure you can, phase through any brick and head
over to the area with the other Flitzer, repeating the strategy above. Remember
that these bricks take a little while to phase through, so exit when Missile
and Spikes are headed away from you, in a place that isn't close to Flitzer.

Now is a good time to trap the Missiles in with the Flitzers, because dodging
both Missiles and Spikes at the same time can be tricky. Start with whichever
area is free of Spikes (or wait until the Spikes leave an area) and phase
through bricks G-4 and H-4 (for the left side) or bricks S-4 and T-4 (for the
right side) when Missile is getting close to the bottom part of the ladder on
the long ladder on the far side of the screen. It doesn't matter whether you
phase the bricks from the inside out or hover to phase them from the outside
in, as long as there are no enemies close to you.

Anyhow, Missile normally bounces off of the bricks mentioned, but with them
phased out, it will enter Flitzer's chamber and get trapped there. Needless to
say, you should get out of the way (moving to any place where enemies are not
present) so that you don't get hit by Missile when it comes through. Do this
for both sides to trap both Missiles.

Once again, when there are no enemies nearby, phase down into the pyramid, and
keep in mind that most of the bricks on the inside can be phased through
quickly and reappear fairly quickly. You can phase your way through the pyramid
any way you like, but don't carelessly phase through bricks containing Spikes,
have a clear stopping point (safe spot) in mind before you begin phasing
through so that you don't get trapped in a moment of indecision, and don't
backtrack through phased bricks unless you know for certain that you have
enough time to pass through without getting crushed.

If you're really having trouble navigating the pyramid, try going through it in
this order, moving through each space I list, phasing through the bricks that
are in your way and flying when necessary (periods denote SAFE SPOTS):

N-4, N-5. N-6, O-6, O-7, O-8, P-8. Q-8, Q-9. Q-10, P-10, O-10, O-11.
P-11, Q-11, Q-12. R-12, S-12. S-13, S-14. T-14, U-14. U-13, V-13.
V-14, W-14, W-15, X-15, X-16. W-16, V-16, U-16, T-16. S-16, R-16, Q-16, P-16.
P-15, Q-15, Q-16, P-16. O-16, N-16, N-15, N-14, N-13, M-13, L-13.
(The right half of the pyramid should be cleaned out now.)
L-12, L-11, L-10, K-10. K-9, K-8, L-8. L-7, M-7. M-8, L-8. L-9, L-10, K-10.
J-10. I-10. I-11, J-11, J-12. I-12, H-12. G-12, G-13, G-14. F-14, E-14.
D-14, D-15. E-15, F-15, G-15, G-16. H-16, I-16, J-16. J-15, K-15. L-15, exit!


 1 |   @2         @@        /\| 1
 2 |   @@         1@        ||| 2
 3 |  1@@@@@@@@@@@@@2     @@@@| 3
 4 | @@@           @@@@@@@@   | 4
 5 |                          | 5
 6 |*   @@@@H      *  @@@@@@H | 6
 7 |@@@t@*R @@@@@@@@@@@    @@H| 7
 8 |* @@@@@H     b      r*   H| 8
 9 |@      H@@@@@@@BBBBB@@@@@@| 9
10 |+  @@@ H@{***{@+++++@     | 10
11 |   ++@@@@{@@@{@@@@@@@     | 11
12 |     {{{{{@@@{{{{{        | 12
13 |*++++@@@@@   @@@@@**@@@@@ | 13
14 |@@@@@@   @H@H    @@@@    t| 14
15 |$     H#HHHH@H#H #*@ H  H@| 15
16 |@@@@@ H*H@*H@H*#H H H#*H@@| 16

GENERAL: Quick reflexes and very careful fuel use will save the day. Good luck.

SPECIFIC: You'll need to perform a fast dodge to get away from Trackbot at the
beginning. Collect the first gem, H-16, and wait at space G-15, on the ladder
to the left of the brick. When Trackbot gets on the ladder to the right at
space I-15, it will climb up if you're a little higher on the ladder or down if
you're a little lower on the ladder. Climb in the opposite direction that
Trackbot goes, keeping the brick between the two of you, and head for gem K-16.
Alternately, you could go for gem K-16 directly after getting gem H-16; it's
up to you.

As soon as you have it, jump up, climb the ladder, and scramble to the right to
get the three remaining gems along the bottom of the level. If you acted
quickly enough, Trackbot should be trapped in a loop on the left side; if not,
Trackbot will follow you, but you should have enough of a head start to outrun

Grab the Tank of Fuel and make a short flight up to the level with the Springs.
As far as I'm concerned, this is the hardest part of the level, so don't be
surprised if it takes you multiple tries to make it through here. Remember what
you learned in Mission Possible: wait for at least two Springs to synchronize
bouncing so that you can either run right under all of them or pause for just
an instant to wait for the third one to bounce before the other two come down
on you. If timing isn't your strong suit, blindly running and hoping for the
best sometimes works.

Collect the two gems in front of you, then quickly move through the Energy
Drain tunnel, picking up the next three gems as you go; flying seems to consume
a little less fuel than slowly walking through the sludge. Hold DOWN as you fly
out of the tunnel's exit on the left; cease flying horizontally and drop down
when you're over gem A-13. Your fuel level should still just barely be in the
yellow, so be exceedingly careful.

Fly up to gem A-8 in the nook above you, being very careful to avoid the spikes
without swinging too wide. Then, hold RIGHT and hit the thrust key as you
begin to fall so that you fly up into the tunnel to the right. You should have
almost no fuel remaining.

Climb the ladder, hit the blue switch, and run across the newly-formed barrier
to hit the red switch. Grab gem V-8 next to the red switch and head back to hit
the blue switch. Grab gem F-7 now that the barrier is down, then hit the blue
switch again to return to the other side.

Climb up the ladders and go over to gem P-6. Avoiding the Springs is especially
dangerous on that icy floor; constantly and quickly change directions (LEFT,
RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, and so on) to keep yourself sliding relatively in place,
and then hold LEFT to slide under the Springs once they're on the way up. If
you're feeling gutsy and have any jetpack fuel left, you might try to slide
under the first one and immediately try to fly over the second one. It'll be a
close call, but it can work.

Drop onto the Tank of Fuel and then go after the last gem, A-6. Fly up to
Teleporter 1, activate it, and then wait for all three Missiles to pass by
before tailing them to Teleporter 2.

Now, all that stands between you and the door are two pairs of Springs. Run
under the first two, then jetpack to the ceiling and hover there until the next
two start to go down, then fly over them to get to the door.


 1 |@*p*@@*pcv*@@}{}{@XXG    b| 1
 2 |@XXX@@XXXXX@@}{}{@XXG @@@H| 2
 3 |@*p2@@*pcv3@@1{}*@XH@H * H| 3
 4 |@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@XH@@@@@@| 4
 5 |X*XXX*XXX*XXX*X@XXXH@cc@cg| 5
 6 |X@XXX@XXX@XXX@XXXXXH@ccccc| 6
 9 |H@H@H@H@H@H@H@H@H@@H@ccccc| 9
10 |H@H@H@H@H@H@H@H@H  HRccccc| 10
11 |H@H@H@H@H@H@H@H@H  H@@@@@@| 11
12 |H@H@H@H@H@H@H@H@H  H @@@cc| 12
13 |H@H@H@H@H@H@H@H@H  H  r p*| 13
14 |H@H@H@H@H@H@H@H@H  H @@H@@| 14
15 |H@H@H@H@H@H@H@H@H *H*@ H/\| 15
16 |H2H*H*H*H*H*H3H@H1IHIX H||| 16

GENERAL: With a little bit of planning, this level can be a cinch. The key is
to phase through the right crates.

SPECIFIC: Phase up through crates A-6 and A-5, then carve out a tunnel through
crates C-5 to O-5, collecting gems along the way, until you hit the stone
wall at P-5. Destroy crate O-6, then phase a tunnel right through crates P-6 to
S-6, to the ladder on the right. Then, go back and phase down through crate
R-7 to form a pit into which you'll be luring both Trackbots.

Fly up out of the pit and position yourself on the ladder at about T-6. Once
Trackbot starts following you on the ladder, fly over the pit you just made and
stand to the left of it. Trackbot should follow after you but fall into the
hole. If Trackbot doesn't come after you, wait toward the bottom of the ladder
and climb back up to the pit once it starts to follow you.

Now that the coast is clear, pick up the two gems on the pillars, hop through
Teleporter 1, grab gem Q-3, recharge your jetpack fuel, and return through the

Destroy crate V-16 and climb up to get the loot above the door. Hit the red
switch and climb up into the room in the middle right with the Spring and all
the gold coins.

You can get all the coins in the room easily, except for the ones in the
central column where Spring is bouncing. If you're feeling daring, hovering in
place and flying horizontally once Spring passes you is probably the safest way
to get everything. Remember to go through Teleporter 1 to recharge you're fuel
once you're done.

Hit the green switch and run under (or fly over) Spring and climb to the top of
the longest ladder. Wait until the Trackbot in the top right climbs down ladder
V-3, then destroy crate T-2 and climb down/fly back to the left side of your
pit trap. Wait there for Trackbot to fall in.

Collect the gems Trackbot was guarding in the top right and hit the blue
switch. Fly back to the starting point (don't phase through any crates) and
climb down the ladder to get everything on the other side of Teleporter 2 as
well as the several gems along the bottom of the level. Missile should be stuck
in a loop going in and out of Teleporter 3 and should not hurt you.

The safest way into Teleporter 3 is to clear a path through the crates to allow
Missile to escape. Start with crate B-8 and phase a tunnel all the way right
through crate L-8. Wait for Missile to be headed away from you on the ladder
and destroy crate N-8. Scramble down the ladder to your left to get out of the
way, then go into Teleporter 3 once Missile leaves the scene.

After collecting the last of the loot, return through the teleporter and make
your way to the exit. Note Missile's new pattern. Wait on the longest ladder
above the two pillars until Missile passes below you and into Teleporter 1
before making a break for the exit.


 1 |@                        @| 1
 2 |                          | 2
 3 |@   *   *   *   *   *    @| 3
 4 |@                        @| 4
 5 |@                        @| 5
 6 |@   *   *   *   *   *    @| 6
 7 |@                        @| 7
 8 |@                        @| 8
 9 |@   *   *   *   *   *    @| 9
10 |@                        @| 10
11 |@                        @| 11
12 |@ ###   ###   ###   ###  @| 12
13 |@ ###   ###   ###   ###/\@| 13
14 |@D                     ||@| 14
15 |@########################@| 15
16 |@########################@| 16

GENERAL: Another old-school video game tribute.  :D

SPECIFIC: Luck, patience, quick reflexes, and fuel conservation. Grab the
Double Tank in the corner, and the rest is really up to you.

To save fuel, collect as many gems as you can while you're in the air; moving
in straight lines both vertically and horizontally might help, but don't be
afraid to break formation to dodge Flitzers or to skip a gem altogether.

Still, if you wait long enough, you should start to see areas open up where you
can loot without too much fear of death.

The only other advice I can offer is to never land on the ground level if at
all possible; try to land on the floating bricks if you can help it, just to
save fuel.


 1 |    @@@    @@@@@@@v@v@v@v@| 1
 2 |?@@* @ *@@ @D    @BBBBBBBB| 2
 3 |  @@ @ @@  @@@@@ @v@v@v@v@| 3
 4 |/\@  @ @  @@ c @ @*@*@*@* | 4
 5 |||c@ccc@ @@ c@*  @@@@@@@@ | 5
 6 |@?@@@@@@ @@ @@@@@@rcc @*c | 6
 7 |?@*@ **@ *      @@@@@ @@@ | 7
 8 |e@ @ @@@R@ @@@@       @ c | 8
 9 |o@ccc @@ @ @$ @ @ @@@@@*@ | 9
10 | @@@@ @@ * @@ @ @ @ c @@@ | 10
11 | **b@    @    @ @   @ cc@ | 11
12 | @@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@ cc@ | 12
13 | *@ G @*      cc@   @ cc@ | 13
14 | @@ @ @@ @@@@@@R@g@ @@@@@ | 14
15 | @cc@      @ *@ @@@ @@@   | 15
16 |  c@@@@@@@ * @@         @@| 16

GENERAL: This may take you several tries to get through. There are a lot of
close calls, and it's all about precise timing and quick reflexes. Knowing when
to go for the fuel refill is essential as well, as it's all too easy to
conserve enough fuel to get you through one area, only to realize that you've
run out before you can get to the next one.

Remember that, if you're trying to enter a tunnel or alcove by falling down and
then flying left or right into it, you can conserve fuel by activating your
jetpack just above where the entrance is so that your jetpack acts to slow your
descent rather than compensate for you falling beyond the entrance.

SPECIFIC: Start by heading directly to the red switch to turn off the red

If you so desire, plunder the coin pit that Spring is guarding. Stand at U-10
and run right as Spring bounces back down; briefly hit the thrust key after a
split second to help keep you from falling onto Spring. Grab the coins, then
hover at W-11 (for as short a time as possible) until Spring moves down past
you, then fly up and out.

The next order of business is to clear out gems H-13, L-16, and N-15, near the
green barrier. It's helpful to do this now because you'll have to dodge Missile
after the barrier goes down. Just watch for the other missile when you enter
column P.

After you've collected the gems, wait at space O-13 for Steel Ball to hit the
wall below you before dropping down and then quickly flying up into the nook
with the green switch. Flip-a the switch.

Perch on the edge of block S-14 and drop down just as Steel Ball rolls to the
right underneath you. Run and fly to space J-13 and wait there for Missile to
pass underneath you to the right, then drop down and quickly follow the path to
get to gem B-13.

Wait for Missile to pass up and then back down past you, then fly up to phase
through the steel barrier at A-9 to grab the extra life. Hover against the
ceiling for a moment until the barrier closes, then drop down and phase through
it again.

Swing into the alcove to collect the two gems and hit the blue switch, then
wait at the left edge for Missile to return. Don't bother trying to trap it
behind the steel barrier; if it's possible at all, it's such an incredibly
call that it isn't worth trying.

Once Missile passes by, drop back into B-13 and wait for Missile to pass by
once again. As soon as it moves down past you, drop down and scramble back the
way you came to return to space O-13. Missile will be directly in front of you,
but don't worry about running into it, as it is faster than you are. Let go of
the thrust key as soon as you get to the space where the green barrier was, and
start holding the thrust key again at space H-15 so that you can let go of
RIGHT when you reach the hole in the ceiling and fly straight up and out. There
is not much of a margin for error here because Missile turns around pretty
quickly, but there's enough.

At this point you should have somewhere between a quarter and half a tank of
fuel. If you go after the goods on the right side of the level, there's a
chance that you'll run out of fuel prematurely, so instead clean up what you
can near where you started.

To make life easier for you, return to the red switch and flip it on so that
Missile changes its route by bouncing off of red barrier I-8. After that, turn
off the barrier and then turn it back on once Missile is beyond red barrier
P-14 so that it is trapped on the right side. Flip the switch off and on again
if necessary so that Spring gets trapped in or above red barrier I-8. Now your
path for the next section should be clear.

If your fuel level is still in the green, do Step A followed by Step B. If your
fuel is in the yellow or red, do Step B first and then Step A.

STEP A: Make your way to gem J-10. Move left and get gems C-7, F-7, and G-7, as
well as the three coins in that area.

STEP B: Enter the top center of the level, taking the two coins and the gem as
you go, and grab the Double Tank.

Now! Back together, everyone!

Go back to the red switch and turn off the barrier. Once Missile passes by,
drop back down to space O-13 and wait for Steel Ball to pass as it did before,
and get to the entrance to the green switch nook. Wait until Steel Ball comes
back at you and then quickly thrust up into the vertical tunnel just long
enough for it to pass under you, then drop and dash right.

Fly up and take all of the coins and gems that remain on the right side of the
level. If you're concerned about your fuel consumption, ignore the four golden
vases along the top of the screen; otherwise, go for them. You can save some
fuel by holding DOWN as you fly to hover through Row 2 so that you don't keep
falling into the holes where the gems were.

Avoid Steel Ball as you did before and make your way back to the red switch for
the last time. Like before, switch it on to trap Missile on the right side.
However, this time make sure that Spring is trapped in or below red barrier

All that's left is to collect the gems and coins on the path to the door! Just
make sure to still be careful of your fuel usage so that you don't run out of
gas moments before the exit.

Oh, and don't freak out; the floor beneath the door isn't really a floor, but
you won't fall to your doom or anything.


 1 |%%%%%%%%%%%%%@@@@@%@@@@@@@| 1
 2 |%@@@@@%%%%%%%@*c*@%@ccccc@| 2
 3 |%@   @%%@@@@%@@o@@%@ppcpp@| 3
 4 |%@   @%%@cc@       @@@o@@@| 4
 5 |%@@@o@% o *@ @@@@      %%*| 5
 6 |%%%%    @@@@*@  @  {  @@@@| 6
 7 |@@@@    *    @  @ {{{ @p @| 7
 8 |@c*@ @@@@@ @@@  o {s{ @X @| 8
 9 |@ X@ @X* o @vvv@@ {{{ @@o@| 9
10 |@o@@ @XX@@*@@@@@   {     %| 10
11 |%    @@@@             @@@%| 11
12 |%@o@      @@@@%@o@@@ @@X@%| 12
13 |%@ @@ @@@@@/\@%@   @ @c*@%| 13
14 |%@*c@ o    ||@%@c**@ oc*@%| 14
15 |%@@@@ @@@@@@@@%@@@@@T@@@@%| 15
16 |%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%| 16

GENERAL: This level isn't terribly difficult if you're just putting in the
minimal amount of effort to beat it, but as soon as you start eyeing the bonus
treasure, all of a sudden your fuel supply becomes a very serious problem.

Unless you are an absolute master of timing and fuel conservation, don't
attempt to get all the bonus treasure. (It is possible, though.) Grab what you
can, for sure, but don't go out of your way--you'll almost certainly regret it.

To save fuel: walk unless it is absolutely necessary to fly; be very careful
when flying around the energy drain area; plan your route through the level to
minimize backtracking; and remember that you only need to quickly strike the
phase key to open steel barriers while flying.

SPECIFIC: Run right and pick up the Double Tank, then immediately phase through
steel barrier V-14, right above the Double Tank, while still holding down the
thrust key. Use just a little bit of fuel to pick up the two coins and gems
inside this room, ignore the crate, and phase through the steel barrier again.

Drop down to the bottom of the level and scurry through the vines to get to the
far left side. Once you hit the left wall, jetpack straight up and land on
block B-12. From a standing position, hold UP and phase through the steel
barrier above you, then quickly fly through and grab the coin and gem on the
other side. Yes, you could phase through while flying, but this conserves just
a teensy bit of fuel, and you might end up needing all you can get.

Phase down through the steel barrier and then down again through the one
immediately to the right. Grab the gem and coin, then fly and phase back up and
out of the tiny room.

Run right and do a quick horizontal thrust over space F-13. Run and fly up to
gem K-10 and then phase through steel barrier J-9. Collect everything inside
and then phase back out. Just ignore the crates, because if you phase through
the ones on the bottom you'll need to waste fuel flying up out of the hole you
will create.

Fly up and left to collect gem I-7. Now, if the idea of doing something fairly
stupid, dangerous, and potentially wasteful is appealing to you, read the next
paragraphs. Otherwise, skip ahead.

Fly up to steel barrier E-5 and phase it when the Missile in the room above
just after it passes through the extra life. Hurry back to solid ground on top
of the room with the three crates. Missile will hopefully leave the room and
start jetting around the level, but if not, it will most likely get stuck in
the steel barrier and block your entry. Or kill you. If it leaves, fly in and
get the extra life, otherwise, just leave it alone and get on with the level.

Fly up and phase through steel barrier I-5 and collect the gem and two coins.
If you let Missile out of its pen, wait here until Missile returns and gets
caught in a loop just outside this room you're in. The safe way to leave is to
phase through the steel barrier and immediately fly up to the roof of the room
you're currently in, but the fuel-efficient way is to phase out and drop down
as Missile passes by and to then run right to get out of Missile's way before
it hits you.

Now collect gem M-6. Keep going up and to the right, then phase up through
steel barrier P-3 and snag the gems and treasure in the room above. Phase
through the barrier again to exit.

Fly horizontally to the right until you hit block T-4, then let go of the
thrust key and just hold RIGHT to collect the Stunner as you fall. Once you
have it, hold LEFT to get out of the energy drain area and to land on the room
where Spring is guarding two gems. Phase through the steel barrier to get into
the room, grab the gems, and then quickly fly and phase out.

Making sure to hurry, as the Stunner won't last much longer, run right from the
top of the room where Spring is, do a short horizontal thrust over the gap, and
then jetpack straight up through Column V until you hit the ceiling.

As long as the Stunner hasn't worn off and Spikes isn't flashing, you can phase
up through steel barrier W-4 and get as much treasure as you can in the room
above. If you time it right, the Stunner will just be wearing off as you exit.
It's a bit of a close call, but it's worth it if you're up to the challenge.

Either way, be sure to grab gem Z-5.

What should happen next depends on your fuel level. As long as your fuel is in
the green, you can safely continue to collect the bonus treasure, but as soon
as it reaches red, stop what you're doing immediately and head for the exit, or
else you probably won't have enough fuel to make it!

The easiest treasure that's left is the pile of gold at X-7, but it may not be
worth the fuel it requires to get in there. If you want it, drop down Column V
and fly into the path below the room before you hit the ground. Phase up and
in, grab the pile, phase down and out. You know the drill.

The next one requires some guts. Run left, do a quick horizontal thrust over
the gap at U-12, then stand at the ready on top of block R-12. Timing's gotta
be perfect on this one, or else you'll waste too much fuel or the Missile will
waste you.

Fly up and phase left through steel barrier Q-8 and either immediately or after
a split-second's wait, run left and collect the three golden vases. You'll have
to experiment with the timing on this, as your individual reaction time will
affect the ideal strategy for you to use. To get out, wait at space O-9 for
Missile to pass directly overhead, then fly up to the ceiling, fly right, fall
down (following right behind Missile the entire time), and quickly phase
through the steel barrier, being careful to fall straight down instead of
falling right into the energy drain.

That's it! Phase through steel barrier G-14 using as little fuel as possible to
get there, and end the level!


 1 | c c c c X      X v v v e | 1
 2 |bI I I ItX      X I I I Ir| 2
 3 |@@@@@@@@@@GGGGGG@@@@@@@@@@| 3
 4 |    *   $            *    | 4
 5 |     *  @@@@@@@@@@  *     | 5
 6 |    *   @        @   *    | 6
 7 |   *    ? @@oo@@ @    *   | 7
 8 |    *   @ @@BB@@ @   *    | 8
 9 |     *  @ oR/\Ro @  *     | 9
10 |    *   @ oR||Ro @   *    | 10
11 |   *    @ @@BB@@ ?    *   | 11
12 |    *   @ @@oo@@ @   *    | 12
13 |     *  @        @  *     | 13
14 |    *   @@@@@@@@@@   *    | 14
15 |   *    I  t  t  I    *  g| 15
16 |    *   I  I  I  I   *   I| 16

GENERAL: Thankfully, you don't have to be as cautious with your fuel in this
level as you were in the last one. Don't be excessively wasteful, but don't try
too hard to limit your fuel consumption.

You only need to hit either the blue or red switch to be able to end the level,
so unless you're planning on collecting all the bonus treasure, only go after
the switch you think will be easiest to hit.

SPECIFIC: Start of by jumping left and collecting all the gems in Column F as
you fall. Just be careful not to land on Trackbot--you're not Mario, you know.

Follow Trackbot and jump to get the Tank of Fuel on the left, but let go of the
JUMP key once you get it so that you don't needlessly use up your fuel.

Run left and fly in a vertical line to collect all the gems in Column E, then
nudge yourself to the left a little bit once you hit the ceiling and then fall
to collect the gems in Column D. Apply a little thrust to slow your descent if
it looks like you're going to fall on Trackbot.

Run right along the bottom of the level and fly up to collect the other Tank of
Fuel. Needless to say, you should fly up and over Trackbot if it's heading
toward you.

Using essentially the same technique you did to get the gems on the left,
collect the gems on the right side of the level by flying straight up through
Column W and falling down Column V. Hit the green switch next, then fly up
through Column U to collect the last of the gems. (Fly over Steel Ball if it
comes your way.) Fly left to land on top of the big square in the middle.

Alternately, you could try to fly in a zigzag pattern to minimize your fuel
use, but you'll probably end up flying wildly out of control and using up even
more fuel unless you're really skillful and careful. In this case, it's best to
flip the green switch after you've collected everything so that you don't have
to contend with Steel Ball.

Anywidget, once the green barrier is off, you can take your pick about which
switch to flip to open your path to the doors. Pick either Option 1 or Option 2
(or both, if you want to collect all the bonus treasure) and then go on to the
"Ending the Level" section.

OPTION 1: Fly up to space P-1, then stop flying and hold down the PHASE key as
you fall to break through both crates to your right. Quickly retreat to the
hidden passage at I-7 to hide from the Spikes as they bounce out of their cell;
you could try to dodge them, but I won't be the one to clean up the mess when
they shred you apart.

Sit tight in your little secret square until all the Spikes have completely
left the top portion of the level so that you can grab the golden vases, extra
life, and then hit the red switch without endangering yourself.

OPTION 2: First, fly or walk to the far left side of the level to lure Batbot
as far left as it will go. If you've already loosed the Spikes, be very aware
of how much fuel you're using to dodge them; once your energy bar turns yellow,
you'll need to go after the remaining Tank of Fuel at the top immediately.

Once Batbot is on the left side of its cell, fly up and phase through crate
J-1. Grab the Tank of Fuel, and wait for Batbot to get closer to you. Run past
it once it reaches about the third pillar from the left (use your own judgment)
and flip the blue switch. Either fly up to get each individual gold coin or fly
in a horizonal line to get them, whichever makes more sense based on how Batbot
is moving.

ENDING THE LEVEL: Enter the big square in the middle via whichever secret
passage seems safest to you (you'll need a little bit of fuel to boost yourself
inside) and wait for Missile to pass by you before flying to one of the steel
barriers and phasing through to reach the door.

If you're coming in from the secret passage on the left, phase through the left
side if you hit the red switch, or through the bottom if you hit the blue
switch. If you're coming in from the secret passage on the right, phase through
the right side if you hit the red switch, or through the top if you hit the
blue switch. Just remember to move AFTER Missile passes you.


 1 |  g   b   r    b   g   r  | 1
 2 |@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@| 2
 3 |                          | 3
 4 |RRRR *              * RRRR| 4
 5 |  GGGGG            BBBBB  | 5
 6 |    *BBBBBRGRRBRGGGGG*    | 6
 7 |BB  RRRR  *B/\G*  RRRR  GG| 7
 8 |*B  s   GGGB||GBBB   s  G*| 8
 9 |BB         GRRB         GG| 9
10 |                          | 10
14 |      G*G     B*B RGBcGRBe| 14
16 | $G*B     R*R     GBRpBRGp| 16

GENERAL: Steel Ball rolls across the top, activating and deactivating all the
barriers and constantly changing the landscape. However, this level isn't
nearly as complicated as it first appears. Be patient and cautious at the
start, and plan your route to make the best possible use of the Stunners.

SPECIFIC: This first part requires a lot of waiting. Only move when the barrier
next to you you falls, and look for safe spots where you can wait as the
barriers come back up.

From the beginning, hold RIGHT to collect gem D-16 as the green barrier falls,
and move to underneath gem H-14 when the blue barrier falls. Wait under that
gem and collect it the next time the green barrier falls, then fall back down
and run for gem L-16 the next time the red barrier falls.

Wait at gem L-16, and run under gem P-14 the next time the red barrier falls.
Fly up to get the gem when the blue barrier falls, the drop back down.

Ignore the bonus treasure in the bottom right for the moment (don't worry; you
can come back for it) and head back toward the starting point on foot.

So far, you should have used a very tiny amount of fuel. Don't worry about how
much you use for the rest of the level, because the instructions I've mapped
out should leave you with around a quarter of a tank by the end, even if you do
waste a bit of fuel.

Stop at about F-16, on the right side of the barrier surrounding the first gem
you picked up, and wait for all the barriers to start to drop. Once they do,
fly straight up, pressing against any barriers above you until they disappear.
Hold DOWN to hover once you're just about to reach the Stunner; if you fly too
high, you'll probably get squished by a barrier. Hover there until all of the
barriers are off again and then grab the Stunner (preferably by holding DOWN
and flying horizontally to pick it up).

If you grabbed the Stunner at the right time, you should be able to clean out
all the remaining loot before Steel Ball starts moving again. Fly left to get
gem A-8, then diagonally to grab the next two closest gems, then fall a little
and fly horizontally to get the two gems next to the door, then fly diagonally
to get the two gems to the right, then fly to the right edge of the level and
fall straight down to get the last gem and the extra life below it.

At this point, you may wish to go after the bonus treasure in the bottom right,
starting on the far right and working your way left by making short thrusts to
reach the higher treasures, and then flying up to the exit.

The most efficient path to take through the rest of the level is a very nice
sort of loop around the edge of the level, but it will be necessary to grab the
other Stunner to keep Steel Ball frozen, so you may need to divert from your
course when the first Stunner is about to run out. I recommend that you go for
the Stunner either just before claiming the last gem or just after taking that
extra life, but that's up to you. (As is everything else you do in this game,


 1 |   t cc    ccc     ccc  c | 1
 2 |   x   c  c   cc  c   cc c| 2
 3 | x     c   cc   c  c     c| 3
 4 |   x  c      c  c  c   cc | 4
 5 | x   c  ccc  c c  c  cc   | 5
 6 |   x  cc   cc   cc  c   /\| 6
 7 |1x                   ccc||| 7
 8 |##########################| 8
 9 |++++++++++++++++++++++++++| 9
10 |    c c  c c    c c   c c | 10
11 |  c     B      c  c c     | 11
12 |c   B B  B B  c @ cB  B B | 12
13 |  B ccc ccc  c @@ c B  c c| 13
14 |B           c @b@ c  B    | 14
15 | B  @@@ @@@  @??? c    @??| 15
16 |$ H         @@c@@ c   @@1@| 16

GENERAL: This is just a simple test of your jumping skill. This really isn't a
challenging level unless you fall for the lure of those coins... oh, those
shiny, precious coins...

It is possible to snag all of the coins, but you'll need to have good reflexes
and excellent jetpacking/fuel conservation skills to do it. Even if you collect
every single coin in the level, all those points put together will only earn
you 3/4 of an extra life, so don't put yourself at unnecessary risk to pick up
one or two coins. It's okay. You can leave them behind. Life goes on.

...Unless you're greedy like me.

SPECIFIC: The first priority is to trap Spikes; if at any time Spikes gets
even a little bit close to you, just back off and keep your distance until it's
safely away from you and where you want to be. Also, don't worry about getting
gold coins for the moment; after Spikes is trapped, you can take your time to
get them.

Immediately climb up the ladder so Steel Ball doesn't flatten you, then jump
onto the platforms to the right. Wait at the edge of the second platform (at
K-14), and when Spring is about halfway to the ceiling, jump right onto the
staircase. Wait between the two Springs for the Spring on the right to hit the
ground, then run and jump right just after it starts heading toward the

Drop down and enter the secret passage under the staircase. Now you can use the
blue switch to trap Spikes. Either look at my map or flip the switch on and off
to see where the blue barriers appear, then jump and hit the switch to activate
one of the blue barriers over top of Spikes. This may take a few tries, and
leaving the barriers on will alter Spikes' trajectory, so I find it's best to
switch them off as soon as possible unless you want to direct Spikes a certain
way. Just be patient and keep trying, but remember that you can beat the stage
without trapping Spikes if you get too frustrated.

Once Spikes is out of the way, you can take your time to collect all the coins
in the bottom half of the level. You can use the blue barriers as stepping
stones, but don't worry if Spikes is sticking halfway out of a barrier; as long
as an enemy is even a tiny bit trapped, it can't hurt you at all. Note that if
you fall onto the teleporter, you can get out by jumping left from on top of
block Z-16.

Head toward the teleporter and jump up onto the barriers to reach the staircase
with the springs. Going down the staircase is easier because you only need to
wait until the Springs are above your head to go down a step--no jumping
required. Go all the way back to the starting point and start jumping on the
blue barriers there to grab the coins. Then swing back to the right side and
get everything else.

Once you've satisfied your lust for gold (or for hopping on blue barriers),
make your way to the bottom right and use the teleporter.

At this point, you can just make a beeline for the exit, dodging Springs and
jumping over Steel Ball. However, having the jetpack will make it easier to
reach the door, and then you'll be able to get more (or all) of the coins.

Big important thing to remember: Don't destroy the crates. Other wise you can't
reach the fuel tank. Other big important thing to remember: Only jump when
Steel Ball is moving away from you, or when it's no closer than the second
spring from the left. If you fall down, you'll probably go smoosh.

Hop onto the first crate, hold right, and jump at the last moment before you
fall off the crate. This might take some practice, so just watch Steel Ball as
you try this. If you fall, just scramble back to the bottom crate and try

Get into a groove jumping back and forth between the columns of crates and
claim your jetpack fuel. If you're just headed to the exit, fly along the top
of the screen and wait for Springs to pass by if they're on their way back up
as you're getting ready to go past them. You might also wish to destroy the
crate next to the teleporter, which will give Steel Ball just a little more
room to move, keeping it out of your way for just a little longer.

Otherwise, collect the coins in whatever way you're most comfortable with. If
you're a flying ace, you might try to follow the winding path of coins and
collect them all in order, hovering momentarily if a Spring gets in your way.
Or, you might just fly in a series of vertical or horizontal lines. Or maybe
you'll just grab whatever you can and then make a run for the exit. It's up to
you. Just remember that there's probably not enough fuel for you to get every
single coin and dodge enemies at the same time, so you might leave the coins on
the bottom for last because you can actually jump to reach those.

And as a final advisory, be careful that you don't run out of jetpack fuel
while trying to avoid Steel Ball. Lifting off, only to come suddenly back down
in the way of rolling doom is a sad way to end this level.


 1 |@@@@@@@@@@b/\       @@@@@@| 1
 2 |@  G B R ? ||*vvvvv @+++++| 2
 3 |@  G B RH@@@@H@@@@@H@+    | 3
 4 |@  G B RH@@@@H@vvv@H@+s++ | 4
 5 |@  G B RH@  @H@*vvRH@@@@@v| 5
 6 |@  G B RH@  @H@@@@@HXXXXXv| 6
 7 |@  G B RH@* @H*    H@+ +@v| 7
 8 |@@@@@@@@H@@ @@H*   H@+ +@v| 8
 9 |@I I I IH@  @*?H*  H@+ +@v| 9
10 |@I I I IH@tt@@*@H* H@+s+@t| 10
11 |@I I I IH@GG@@??@H*H@@@@@X| 11
12 |@I I I IHH  @@r?T@HH      | 12
13 |@I I I IHH  @g@??*@H*     | 13
14 |@I$I*I*IHH  ??*@*@@@H*    | 14
15 |X@@@@@@@@H @?@???*@@@H****| 15
16 |evcpvcpvXH?*??*@@@@@@@@@@@| 16

GENERAL: If you look really closely at the middle of the level, you can see the
shape of a dinosaur.

No? "Just get me through the dang level," you say? Okay.

There's a lot of fuel available, and you probably won't need it all once you
get a feel for the level. Familiarize yourself with the secret passages, then
plan a route through the level, trapping Spikes and the Trackbot if it suits
you. Avoid the Stunners unless you really need them, because ice, spikes, and
flying are highly dangerous together in narrow spaces.

SPECIFIC: You'll start sliding immediately and will pick up gems E-14 and P-14,
which is totally cool because that's what I was going to tell you to do anyhow.
Then climb the ladder down and blast through the crate below to claim the
wondrous treasures in the bottom-left corner. Blow up the crate above the extra
life and wait there a moment; Trackbot should be moving overhead on the ice at
this point, but in case it followed you into the treasure tunnel, you can fly
into the gap above the extra life to hide out until Trackbot leaves.

Now it's time to enter the dinosaur; check my map to see where all the hidden
passageways are. Start off with the gems on the floor, L-16 and O-16, then get
gem O-14 on your way up to flip the green switch. There's a platform directly
below it that is a SAFE SPOT.

Fly out of the secret passage at M-14 and fly straight up for gem K-7. Pick up
only one of the tanks of fuel right now and save the other one for an
emergency, unless you know for a fact you won't need it (in which case you'd be
picking it up for the sake of points, as it'll be harder to safely get later).

Make sure that Trackbot isn't below you and then head right for gems R-15,
Q-14, and R-13. Now flip the red switch; really, you should avoid picking up
the Double Tank so soon, but don't worry if you happen to get it because
there's plenty more fuel, and you won't be using it all. At least, you'd better

Fly straight up from the red switch and get the last two gems inside the
dinosaur, O-10 and N-9. Now fly up and out of the dino and head toward the exit
to get the gem next to it (N-2), all the gold vases in the top center, and gem
P-5 that's in the midst of all those vases. BUT don't hit the blue switch yet.

Collect all of the gems that are sitting atop those diagonal ladders along the
dino's back. Wait at the top of the last ladder (V-14) before going after the
four gems guarded by Steel Ball.

There are two ways to get these gems; the first is to just dodge Steel Ball and
grab what you can, while the other involves very carefully picking up a
stunner. Personally, I find it much easier to just dodge Steel Ball, but I'll
tell you how to do it both ways.

OPTION #1 - DODGING: Wait at the right edge of the ladder and drop right behind
Steel Ball as soon as it moves past you to the right. Grab the first two gems
in line and then quickly run back to the top of the ladder--climbing or flying
should be fine. Then hover over either of the middle two gems and drop to the
ground as soon as Steel Ball passes to the left. Run right to grab the last two
gems and then immediately fly straight up. Blow up the crate above you to grab
the line of vases and that tank of fuel, but don't go for the stunners unless
you REALLY need to show off.

OPTION #2A - UPPER STUNNER: Break through crate Z-11 and fly through the vases
and tank of fuel, but start to hover before you reach the spiked ceiling.
Cautiously fly to the left while still holding DOWN until you are over the
stunner. Continue to hold DOWN, but let go of the thrust key just long enough
to pick up the stunner. The moment you do, start holding the thrust key while
still holding DOWN. Now, keep holding the thrust key and release DOWN for just
a split second at a time until you're high enough to fly horizontally to the
right without hitting the spikes. Once you're all the way to the right, just
drop down and pick up those gems while Steel Ball is still frozen.

So, to recap: Constantly hold DOWN while carefully thrusting into place to get
the stunner, and constantly hold the thrust key while carefully releasing the
DOWN key to get back out. DO NOT touch the ice, because you will immediately
slide into the spikes.

OPTION #2B - LOWER STUNNER: This is really the safer stunner to pick up; burrow
through the line of five crates while flying, then hover directly over the
stunner. Keep holding the thrust key while releasing DOWN for a split second a
few times in a row until you're low enough to get the stunner. Don't touch the
ice, for it is slippery and leads to spikey doom. Once you've got the stunner,
fly straight up into the ceiling, fly all the way right, then drop down to get
those four gems while Steel Ball is still out of commission.

...And we're back!

All that remains is to hit the blue switch and claim the last three gems on the
left side. If you've got enough time left on the stunner after getting the four
gems guarded by Steel Ball, climb or fly as fast as you can up the dinosaur's
back to flip the blue switch, and then run through the secret passage at J-2.
Fall down and grab the three gems, then quickly climb or fly back to the exit.

If you've run out of stunner time or didn't get a stunner at all, wait a little
while for Spikes and Trackbot to clear out of the area with the gems. Swoop in
when the coast is clear and fly out of the way if Trackbot returns; Spikes will
most likely leave the area entirely and stay out of your hair. If you're really
having trouble here, consider going after a stunner first.


 1 |/\R B               pXXp g| 1
 2 |||RgB    p p p p p pXXXXp?| 2
 3 |####### ##B##############?| 3
 4 |#   G + @   @++++++  vvvv?| 4
 5 |#   G pp@***@pp c   +@@@@@| 5
 6 |#** # @@@@@@@@@+  c +@p p@| 6
 7 |###G# +++++++++     +@@H@@| 7
 8 |#   #    v c       c+@vvv@| 8
 9 |#   # c  #      c   +@2vv@| 9
10 |#** #v   #  c       +@@@@@| 10
11 |###G##+  #     c  v +@1b2@| 11
12 |#** #v   #       v# +@@@@@| 12
13 |###G##+  # c  v  # c {{{1@| 13
14 |#r#G#  c #    # v    H{@@@| 14
15 |#** #e#++#+ $TTT#   #H{{*@| 15
16 |#####################H{@@@| 16

GENERAL: It's dangerous to go at this level without a plan of attack in mind,
so figure out in advance how greedy you want to be and the order in which
you'll collect everything. There's plenty of easy treasure available, so don't
hesitate to go a little bit out of the way, especially for that extra life.

SPECIFIC: You start off in a big, open chamber with spiked walls and ceilings.
Grab whatever treasure here you're comfortable with getting (don't wait for
Flitzer to get out of your way, though; just come back later). For the two
piles of gold in that spiky nook (N-5 and O-5), fly up toward the spiked
ceiling above the two piles of gold and start holding the DOWN key when you're
a few blocks from the top. Quickly release and then re-press DOWN to ease
yourself to a height between the spikes at P-6 and the spiked ceiling, then
keep holding DOWN as you fly left into the nook. To get out, hold DOWN and then
start flying right to avoid instantly rocketing into the ceiling.

Once you're done with collecting treasure, grab a Double Tank if you have less
than 3/4 fuel left (or if you just want to be safe), and then stand in the
corner at T-15. Fly straight up to the ceiling and then fly right to collect
the row of four golden vases. Keep moving right and you'll enter a secret
passage. Fly up, hit the green switch, then land next to the crates.

Phase through whichever crates you'd like and proceed left (collecting all the
piles of gold as you go, of course). Drop down the first hole, grab the two
piles of gold on the ledge, and cross the gap at F-6 by holding DOWN and then
flying left (make sure that Spring is out of your way). Make a landing at gems
B-6 and C-6.

Phase down through every brick in Column B, grabbing the gems on each platform,
until you reach the bottom. If you can, hit the red switch as you fall. Once
you've cleaned up all the gems, fly straight up through the phased bricks,
phasing through any that have returned. When you reach the top, hover there
until Spring is out of the way, then fly right. For safety's sake, land on
brick E-6 to avoid an unfortunate death on the spikes.

Drop down the hole on the right and phase through both bricks in Column F to
get the extra life. Fly right back up through the phased blocks. If you're up
to the challenge, use very cautious flying and hovering to get coins G-9 and
H-14. Ease your way up to the height of vase J-8 and fly horizontally right
until you're back in the area where you started; drop down when you're far away
enough from Flitzer.

If you're having trouble with getting through all those spikes, instead fly
back up to brick E-6, then fly horizontally right to the ledge of gray stones,
then fly up and backtrack to the green switch. Fall back into the secret
passageway, move left along where the four golden vases used to be, and fly
very slowly left until you're almost touching the spikes at S-4 but are clear
of the spikes on the right wall. Drop straight down.

At this point you'll probably have no more than a quarter tank of fuel, so pick
up another Double Tank. Grab any easy treasure you might have skipped because
Flitzer was in the way and head over to gem Y-15. I find it's easiest to drop
to the floor and fly up to the gem. Your next destination is the teleporter
above the gem; you might be able to save a smidgen of fuel by dashing to the
ladder, climbing it to the top, and then flying over to the teleporter, but
just flying up to the teleporter works if you're lazy.

Before you hit the blue switch, go through the second teleporter and grab as
much treasure as you can (it's probably not worth it to wait for Flitzer to
move away from the two piles of gold, so skip them if you're not an insatiable
treasure hunter). THEN you should hit the blue switch. Note that dropping the
blue barrier will release Batbot, so you might need to save some fuel for
evasive maneuvers.

Go back through the teleporters and use the ladder to get out of the Fuel Drain
area; flying will just waste fuel, and there's the risk of hitting the wall
spikes on your way out. Grab a Double Tank and make your way to where the
remaining three gems are via the secret passage in the top right (you should
know how to do that by now). Batbot should stay with the gems, so you'll need
to lure it out. Stand on brick J-3, to the left of the opening into the gems'
little cove, and wait for Batbot to rise out of the cove. You may need to move
or fly just a little bit if Batbot doesn't leave.

Now, the idea here is to lure Batbot into the area on the left side so you can
trap it behind a green barrier. The moment that Batbot starts leaving the cove,
run left and drop down the first hole, then fly left into the area where Spring
is, resting on brick B-7. Batbot should follow you, dip down the hole at F-6,
and then come back up after a moment to resume following you.

This next part involves a bit of luck (if you believe in such a thing) and some
quick action if you do it my way, so if you can't pull off what I'm about to
describe, figure out a way that might work better for you, such as luring
Batbot into the big main area where you started and then just moving quickly
enough to the gems and exit before Batbot can catch up with you.

Anyhow, the way I do it is to phase through brick B-7 as soon as I get there,
fall through it, and wait for Batbot to eventually catch up with me. When
Batbot is sitting on top of brick B-7, I fly toward the green switch at D-2 as
quickly as possible, trying to keep out of the way of Spring and being careful
not to hit the spikes at G-4 as I leave. Now, that's a little reckless, but if
you can flip the switch in time to trap Batbot, you can collect the three gems
and make your way to the exit at your own pace. If there's anything left in the
level that you'd like to go back for, do it carefully, but I would really
recommend just finishing the level.

If my strategy really really doesn't work, and if you can't figure out a better
way to do it, just lure Batbot away from the gems, position yourself on the
long brick platform at the top where all the piles of gold were, and wait for
Batbot to start bouncing diagonally toward you; run under Batbot when it
reaches the top of its bounce, take the gems, and get to the exit before Batbot
can catch up.


 1 |/\GRB      @H@         c  | 1
 2 |||GRB      @$@   *@@@@@ Hc| 2
 3 |@@@@@@*         *@@ccc@cH | 3
 4 |ccc r@@*       *@@ccc*@ Hc| 4
 5 |cc* @@@@@@@@@H@@@c * H@cH | 5
 6 |* H @    @   H  @ *H*H@ Hc| 6
 7 |H H @**  @   H  @H@@@@@cH | 7
 8 |H   @@@@H@   H   H      Hc| 8
 9 | *  @        H   H   ##cH | 9
10 | H  @ v    H@@H  H  ### Hc| 10
11 | H *@H     HccH  H ##g#cH | 11
12 |*  H@Hv ############  # Hc| 12
13 |H* H@H     G*#bR    H##cH | 13
14 | H  @ v  v G###R v      Hc| 14
15 |  *     @@@@ccc@@@@H   cH | 15
16 |++H   +      +     H    ++| 16

GENERAL: A word to the wise: Don't get greedy. There's a lot of tantalizing
treasure here, but most of it is pretty risky to get. There's no fuel in this
level, so you may need to brush up on your jumping and close-quarters dodging
skills. Plan where you're going in advance and focus primarily on getting to
the exit; if you pick up a little bit of bonus treasure, that's great, but
don't get cocky, kid.

SPECIFIC: Grab all the gems to the immediate left and right of the starting
area (five in total) and jump onto the long ladder on the right. I suggest you
actually practice jumping from the gray stone onto the top of the ladder,
because you'll soon need to do a little more precise jumping like that.

The coins lining either side of the ladder are worth going after, but it's
really okay if you don't snag them all. When Spring is headed downward and
about halfway to the bottom of the screen (basically, when Spring passes by the
little tunnel to the left of the ladder), drop off the side of the ladder and
take between four and six coins before moving back onto the ladder; this works
for both sides. When Spring is on the way back up, you can drop and pick up the
remaining coins, but this is especially dangerous on the right side because of
the spikes below, and you need to be careful dropping from the left side
because you're likely to fall into Trackbot.

There are a few different ways to do the next part, but we'll do the one that
requires the least amount of backtracking. Well, I'LL do it my way; YOU don't
have to if you don't want to.

Climb almost to the bottom of the long ladder on the right, wait for the left
Spring to get out of the way and make sure Trackbot is far enough away, then
run left off the ladder, drop to the floor, run to the short ladder to the
left, climb up it quickly (jump over Trackbot to get there if you have to),
then jump onto the teensy ladder at U-13 and flick the green switch. Go for the
golden vase at R-14 if Trackbot is out of the way (note the conveyor belt on
the floor there), then get back onto the long ladder on the right.

Climb to space Y-9, wait until Spring passes out of the way, and jump left
(jump, don't fall) into the tiny tunnel between the stone blocks and brick
blocks. If you jump from the proper height on the ladder, you should be able to
hop cleanly into the tunnel; if you're too high and hit the wall, just keep
holding LEFT to get into the tunnel, and if that doesn't work, quickly get back
on the ladder and try again.

Alternately, you can jump from the topmost rungs of the ladder onto the stone
blocks at the top of the screen and climb down the ladder in the middle of the
level, just below the starting point, but that's just as much effort. Also,
make sure you are jumping and pressing LEFT at exactly the same time; if you
jump first and then hit LEFT, you might not get enough distance to make the

Steer clear of Spikes (unless Spikes isn't hanging around the center) and, if
the path is clear, get gold coins M-11 and N-11. If Spikes is getting in your
way at any point, either wait somewhere safe for it to go away, or else do the
next few sections out of order to avoid Spikes.

Climb up the ladder in Column R to get into the room with the Steel Ball on the
right. Wait on the topmost rungs of the ladder until the moment Steel Ball
passes over you, then quickly climb up to get gem S-6, then immediately hop to
the right and climb the ladder to get gem V-4; as you jump, you'll collect the
other two gems in the room, so that should be easy enough.

Jump to the left to land on top of the smaller ladder in this room; you will
probably touch the zigzagging ceiling on the left side for a moment, and when
you do, you can release LEFT to land squarely on the ladder. Get any coins
you're comfortable with getting here and then climb down the ladder. Watch out
for coin R-5, however, because Steel Ball will crush you if you don't move

Now climb to the topmost rung of the ladder that leads into the small room on
the left with the Steel Ball. You need to have lightning-fast reflexes here;
once you're in the room, you are NOT SAFE until you're climbing back down that

As soon as Steel Ball passes over you, climb to the top of the ladder. Run and
jump over Steel Ball as it starts moving back toward you (Steel Ball should be
in about the middle of the room). Keep running right until you hit the left
wall and collect the gem on the left, then IMMEDIATELY jump straight up in the
air to dodge Steel Ball. The moment you land, run right to pick up the other
gem and then run and jump over Steel Ball once more. Climb down the ladder
right away!

Phew! That was close!

Now you should go after gem M-13, which was formerly guarded by the green
barrier. To get onto the stone platform with the conveyor belt that leads to
the gem, you can either drop from the ledge at I-12 and quickly swing right to
land on the conveyor belt, or else you can jump from that ledge to the ladder
on the left that has the column of three golden vases next to it, climb down to
the bottommost rungs of the ladder, then jump right to land on the conveyor
belt (and you'll collect the middle vase along the way)--in either case, make
sure you keep holding RIGHT when you fall to ensure you land on the stone
platform instead of the bottom of the level.

I'd like to point out here that it's a bad idea to go after every one of the
vases next to the ladder; if you mess up, you'll either land on spikes, land on
the Trackbot that might now be zooming around the floor, or else you'll just
miss one or more of the vases and will need to climb all the way back up to try
again, which is not worth the danger of backtracking, which we'll have to do
pretty soon anyhow. Once is enough, trust me.

Now, back to business! Once you've gotten the vase on the conveyor belt and the
emerald gem, go left to the area with all the floating ladders with gems on top
of them, where Flizter is. Collect the lowest gem, which is gem C-15, and then
jump up to the next closest ladder on the left--remember that Trackbot can
still climb up that ladder on the ground, so don't stick around there.

You may need to wait around for Flitzer to get out of the way, but make your
way up to the red switch by hopping onto whichever ladder is closer to you (and
safe from Flitzer, I might add) and climbing to the top to collect the gem

To avoid any unnecessary falling, be sure to jump at the exact same
moment you press the key to move left or right--as I mentioned earlier, if you
jump first and then move, you might not get enough distance to reach the next
ladder. Also hold UP every time you're in the air; even if you miss the ladder
you're aiming for, you'll automatically grab onto the next closest ladder.

Get to the topmost ladder in Column A and take the gem there, then jump from
the middle of that ladder onto the ladder to the right, which is the highest
ladder in this area. Jumping from the top of the ladder on the left is a bit
more difficult, because you are likely to overjump the ladder on the right.
Regardless, get the gem on top of the highest ladder and jump right into the
little nook with the red switch.

Hit the red switch, and to safely get out of that little nook, either walk
directly off the ledge and fall down, or else make a long jump to the left and
hold UP to grab the leftmost ladder. A controlled jump to the top of the
highest ladder is possible, but a little tricky.

Get whatever coins you think you can safely take, then either climb back down
the ladders or simply fall (whichever looks safer) to return to the bottom of
the screen. You may wish to hang out at D-13 on the ladder to wait for
Trackbot to pass underneath you if it's roaming about the floor. If not...
well, you're bound to run into Trackbot momentarily.

This next part is where you MUST get a running start for your jumps, or else
you must press the run and jump keys simultaneously--there are two sets of
spikes on the ground to jump over, and you may need to be dodging Trackbot at
the same time, so there's not a lot of room for error.

Assuming the path is clear, get a running start and jump over the spikes at
G-16. If you misjudge the jump, try going directly to those spikes when you
restart the level and practice jumping over them a few times. Then go right and
stand under gold coin M-15. Jump and press RIGHT simultaneously to jump over
the spikes and collect the trio of coins. Make a mad dash for the long ladder
on the right, still being aware of any enemies in the way.


If Trackbot is on the floor as you're jumping on these spikes, and it probably
will be, try to time it so that Trackbot is passing through the spikes as you
jump over them (so that you jump over two obstacles at once), or else wait for
Trackbot to get behind you and then jump over the spikes as you're being
chased. I prefer the first method, because the second method puts a little more
pressure on you to keep moving.

All the switches have been flipped and all the gems have been collected, so get
to the door using the same method you used before to jump left from the long
ladder. Going to the top of the ladder this time may prove easier, because you
will almost certainly avoid contact with Spikes that way.

I strongly urge you to IGNORE any leftover bonus treasure you did not collect.
Treat the level as you would a burning building; please proceed calmly to the
exit and do not go back for any valuables, as they may cost you your life.


 1 |  R*R*R  #    1   @@@@  * | 1
 2 |  @@@@@ *#* #R#R# @ r@ @@ | 2
 3 |  @@@@@ ### R*#*# @  @  * | 3
 4 |  @@$ @     ##### @  @ @@ | 4
 5 |  R*# @ #R# R***R @  @ @@ | 5
 6 |  @#  @ R*R ##R## @##@  @ | 6
 7 |  R*# @@###            *@ | 7
 8 |  @#          @@@@@ @@ @@ | 8
 9 |  R*#   @   @ @     @@ @  | 9
10 |  @@ T  @ @@@ @1 * *@  @* | 10
11 |  @   #1    * @@@@@@@  @@ | 11
12 |      @@@@@@@@@/\@  *   @ | 12
13 | #*   #  *  *  ||@######@ | 13
14 | ###### ###### @@@*       | 14
15 |                 @@@@     | 15
16 |      *     #      *      | 16

GENERAL: There's enough fuel here to get you through this stage... if you plan
well enough. Plot out the most fuel-efficient route to each gem, backtrack as
little as possible, and phase through bricks where appropriate to clear a path
for enemies to get out of your way. Avoid phasing while flying; any bricks you
phase should be done while standing on solid ground to avoid unnecessary fuel

There are many different ways to approach this level; what I'm about to outline
is the one I consider to be the safest and most effective, but you may have
better luck with alternate strategies. Keep trying different methods and stick
with what works for you.

SPECIFIC: Immediately start phasing down through the conveyor belt you're
standing on. Once you fall through, hop to the left and grab gem D-5. Phase
down through the two bricks below to get gems D-7 and D-9, then hop onto the
conveyor belt on brick E-9 before the phased brick above you reseals itself.
Hold RIGHT to collect the Double Tank as you fall, and land on brick G-11, next
to the teleporter.

Next, go after gem C-13, in the conveyor belt pit where Steel Ball fell into.
Wait at the edge of your brick, then drop straight down onto the conveyor belt
when Steel Ball is at the far right side of the conveyor belt. Note that Steel
Ball moves slowly right and quickly left here. As soon as you land, fly up one
block and then hold DOWN to keep yourself at a height that's just above Steel
Ball. Fly left and land on the brick just to the left of the gem; wait for
Steel Ball to move right before grabbing the gem, then fly up and back onto
brick G-11, next to the teleporter. Now that you've gotten the gem, it's time
to give Steel Ball a little more company.

You'll notice two Steel Balls rolling back and forth through the teleporters;
it's unsafe to leave them loose, so phase down through the brick you're
standing on and then fly up to a safe spot, such as on top of stone I-9. Wait
there for both Steel Balls to come out of the teleporter and roll left into
the conveyor belt pit; you may need to phase the brick a few times to get both
Steel Balls out of your way. Notice that Steel Ball will only roll into the
conveyor belt pit if it enters the farthest right teleporter (in the little
stone room with the two gems), and that's also the only time when it's unsafe
to stand to the left of the teleporter.

Once both Steel Balls are out of the way, you can take your time clearing out
all the gems in the top center of the level. Use the teleporters and phase
through bricks as much as possible to save fuel. Hopefully you can figure out
how to do this all by yourself, but if you need a step-by-step guide, I guess
I'll give you one. This time.

Teleport into the little stone room to pick up gems R-10 and T-10. Teleport to
the topmost teleporter, run left to get gem K-2, then phase through the wall to
get gem I-2. You can't get the gems immediately below you or to the left of you
until you remove the red barrier, so walk and fly right until you're in a
position to phase up through brick P-6. Fly into the teensy room and get all
three gems here, then phase up through brick N-4 to get the gem above it. Drop
back down to the brick floor and wait for brick P-6 to reintegrate, then phase
up through brick P-4 and fly up to the the gem above it.

Alternately, if you're really tricky, you can phase and hold DOWN while
emerging from the topmost teleporter to drill into the square area with the
five gems I just talked about in the previous paragraph. If you manage to enter
that way, you can just collect the gems and phase your way downwards without
any flying at all, but it's tricky to do because phasing down while standing on
top of a teleporter is likely to get you teleported elsewhere if you don't time
it right.


Phase down through brick P-6 and go right to gem X-7. While it would be more
fuel-efficient to take care of the red switch right now, it's safer to leave
Spikes trapped for the moment. Fly up to the top right and collect gems Y-1 and
Y-3, then fall down and hold left to enter the little nook with gem Y-10. Wait
for the Steel Ball on the bottom to be one or two spaces away from bouncing off
the right wall, then drop down and run left to get gem T-16, on the ground.
Rush back and fly up onto the nearby ledge to collect gem S-14 before Steel
Ball comes back.

Gem U-12 is just above you on the conveyor belt with a Steel Ball, but it's
very risky to go after it while Steel Ball is still there. Stand under that gem
and wait until the Steel Ball on the conveyor belt is about one or two spaces
to the right of the gem. Phase through the brick below the gem and then quickly
run left. If you timed it correctly, Steel Ball will be on the left side of the
gem by the time you break through the brick, and then Steel Ball will fall
through the hole and roll right, dropping down onto the floor where it can't
hurt you anymore.

Before the brick seals up, fly up and grab gem U-12. Then fly up to where
Spikes and the red switch are, and stand below brick U-6. Wait there until
Spikes bounces off the bricks and starts heading upwards, then phase through
the brick. Do a quick thrust left, over the gap, and wait there on the stone
for Spikes to leave its prison. It may take a few tries for Spikes to leave the
room, so be patient. You may need to get out of Spikes' way as soon as it
leaves, but enter the room and hit the red switch as soon as the way is clear.

Quickly pick up gems J-6, F-1, and D-1, which are now unprotected by the red
barriers. If Spikes went left instead of right after getting out of its prison
room, you'll need to be careful not to get too close to the teleporters,
because Spikes may pop out when you least expect it.

After collecting gem D-1, run left and drop down the left side of the level and
fall to the ground. By now your fuel will probably be in the red (or very close
to it), so fly over the Steel Ball on the bottom using as little fuel as
possible, pick up gem G-16 on the floor, then fly up onto the brick platform to
snag the last two gems. Run right, fly over the small gap, and go through the
exit. Phew! Let's hope we don't need to be so stingy with fuel in the next


 1 |*   @* @*  * @        @ /\| 1
 2 |#*  @@ @@ @@ @  #####H@ ||| 2
 3 |##*  @*  *  *@  ##?## @ @@| 3
 4 |###* @@ @@ @@@ *#?##  @1  | 4
 5 | ###  @  *  @  ##?#   @@@ | 5
 6 |  ##* @@ @ *@  #?##  @@   | 6
 7 |#  ##  @*@ @@ *#?#   @  @@| 7
 8 |*  ##* @@ D@  ####   @@   | 8
 9 |##* ##  @G@@ *#?# *   @@@ | 9
10 |### ##* @G@  ####H#H @@   | 10
11 |*##* ## @G@ *#?#*H#H @  @@| 11
12 |H*##*##     ####@@@@H@@   | 12
13 |HH*##?#*     *    *@H @@@ | 13
14 |#HH##?##  *#####H#H@H     | 14
15 |##HH#### *##?##    @@@@@@ | 15
16 |T$ HH  H*###?#*H#H@1++++  | 16

GENERAL: This level isn't so bad if you can get Missile out of the way. The
biggest challenge after that is being fast (and lucky) enough to avoid Spikes;
the rest is just a matter of timing, as fuel really isn't a problem here.

Oh, and if you can't tell, that v-shape in the middle of the level is supposed
to resemble a tornado, hence the title. But I'm sure you didn't need a
walkthrough to figure that out.

SPECIFIC: The first thing to do is to trap Missile in the nearby secret
passage. Climb up to get gem C-13, and wait there a moment for Missile to reach
the very bottom of its patrol route. The instant it enters space E-12 (which is
where it turns around and goes back up), phase through the two bricks to your
right, which leads into the secret passage. Run back to the ladders and wait
for Missile to enter the secret passage.

If you timed it perfectly, the first block you phased will have turned solid,
but the second block should just be returning, which means that Missile will
proceed into the secret passage but get trapped there as the second block
becomes totally solid. There's very little room for error, and if your timing
is off, Missile will escape and come after you, but if you get it just right,
Missile will be completely out of your hair for the entire level, which will
make things much less frantic. If you're having trouble trapping Missile, wait
for it to almost reach E-12, then try phasing through the first block, waiting
a moment, and then phasing through the second one; that way, there's less of a
chance that Missile will escape.

Once Missile is trapped, collect the Double Tank and all the gems on the bottom
of the level. Fly up to get all the gems on top of the brick section on the
left side of the level, then burrow into the middle of the brick area, where
Missile started out, and get the gems there. Flip the green switch and burrow

Now that the green barrier is deactivated, you can enter the stone area in the
center. Because there's no telling exactly where Spikes will be when you get to
this point, the best advice I can give is to get all the gems here as quickly
as possible, anticipate Spikes' movements so you don't get trapped in a dead-
end (literally, DEAD-end), and always have an escape route in case Spikes
suddenly comes your way.

After that's all over, grab the four gems on your way up the brick staircase to
the right of the stone area. Climb down the tiny ladder and fall to the ground
just to the right of Spring. As usual, wait for Spring to start moving up from
the ground before you pass underneath it. Get the last two gems, wait for
Spring to get out of the way, then climb down the last ladder.

It looks like you should be able to just run into the teleporter on the floor
and jump to the exit, but those spikes lining the way to the teleporter
prohibit such an easy solution. Guess you'll need to do some fast dodging!

Move to the far right end of the stone platform with spikes on the bottom and
wait for Steel Ball to pass by you. As soon as the path is clear, quickly fly
up to the nook at W-11. This is a SAFE SPOT. Wait for Steel Ball to pass by you
again, then immediately fly up to the nook above it, at W-7. This is another
SAFE SPOT. Wait for Steel Ball to pass one more time, then fly up to the exit!


 1 |*   *   *   *   *   *   * | 1
 2 |oo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo| 2
 3 |  *   *   *   *   *   *   | 3
 4 | ### ### ### ### ### ### #| 4
 5 |*   *   *   *   *   *   * | 5
 6 |## ### ### ### ### ### ###| 6
 7 |  *   *   *   *   *   *   | 7
 9 |                          | 9
10 |                          | 10
11 |                          | 11
12 |                          | 12
13 |                          | 13
14 |            $             | 14
15 |/\         ###            | 15
16 |||* * * * * * * * * * * * | 16

SPECIFIC: Just like the classic arcade game, except YOU'RE the ball. Move
quickly, but don't rush; just keep your distance from the enemies and you
should be fine.

GENERAL: You start the level with a full tank of fuel, but you'll probably only
use up about half of that, so don't go overboard trying to conserve fuel. You
can either start by collecting the gems in the top half or the bottom half of
the level; go after whichever half has the least number of Spikes bouncing
around there.

Getting the gems on the bottom is a simple matter of running from one side of
the screen to the other. If a Spikes or Missile comes your way, back up a
little and fly out of the way if you have to until the path is clear again. Or,
you could fly up to the top half of the screen and return for the remaining
gems on the floor on your way out.

As for the gems in the top half of the level, take them one row at a time, if
you can help it. Go from one side of a row to the other, making short jetpack
thrusts across the gaps. If an enemy starts heading your way, or if you're
following an enemy that's about to run into the left or right side of the
screen, you should either fly up to the row above you or drop down to the row
below you and start collecting the gems there, because they'll very likely turn
around and hit you before you have a chance to react; come back when it's safe
to pick up anything you missed.

Don't bother with phasing unless you find yourself utterly trapped; you're
liable to just make matters worse, as enemies' movement patterns will probably
be altered. The only exception here is with the steel barriers at the very top
of the level; sometimes it's easier to escape by phasing through the floor, and
the steel barriers reseal themselves quickly enough that the enemies won't
be affected.


 1 |   # ## ** #    ## *# #   | 1
 2 | $   #* ## #e## *# ##   t | 2
 3 | # #* #* #* ## *# *# *# # | 3
 4 |   ## ## ##*  *## ## ##   | 4
 5 |*   #* #* ##vv## ** *#   *| 5
 6 |@   ## ##* #### *## ##   @| 6
 7 |@*   #* ##**  **## *#   *@| 7
 8 |@@   ##* ###vv### *##   @@| 8
 9 |v@*   ##** #### **##   *@v| 9
10 | @@*   ###**  **###   *@@ | 10
11 |* @@*    ###vv###    *@@ *| 11
12 |#* @@**    ####/\  **@@ *#| 12
13 |##* @@@        ||  @@@ *##| 13
14 | ##            @@      ## | 14
15 |                          | 15
16 | * * * * * * * * * * * * T| 16

GENERAL: Timing is everything here; every bit of fuel counts, and the enemies
leave little room for error. Watch the enemies closely and carefully plan out
a route, but don't forget that strategic phasing can make life a lot easier....
Oh, and keep in mind the art of flying horizontally to save fuel when trying to
fit into narrow spaces.

SPECIFIC: First, fall to the left and pick up the seven gems on the zigzagging
stones. Wait on stone G-13 until all of the Steel Balls on the ground are
moving right, then drop down behind the far left Steel Ball and chase it to the
right, picking up gems as you go.

Once you're to about the middle of the screen you'll need to start jumping to
avoid the Steel balls as they move left; your safest bet is to jump in place,
but if you nudge yourself to the right a little as you fall, you'll be able to
inch a little closer to the Double Tank in the bottom right corner. You may not
be able to jump in place very well underneath the exit door, so consider a
running jump if you need to dodge a Steel ball there.

As soon as you've jumped over the last Steel Ball, run right to pick up the
Double Tank, then immediately fly left and up into the nook above you where
three gems and vase Z-9 are. Collect them all, and wait on brick X-14 until the
Steel Balls are all headed left. Drop down and follow them, then fly up to the
exit door and wait once more.

As soon as the second-to-last Steel Ball passes underneath you (heading right),
do a quick jetpack thrust to the left and drop down behind the last Steel Ball
in line. Collect the remaining gems on the ground and fly up into the nook on
the left side where there are three gems and a vase, all of which you should

Once all the Steel Balls are heading right again, drop down behind the last one
and follow it for a moment, then fly up the left side to end up back at the
starting point. Fly right into the "bulge," the large brick area in the center
with all the gems and the two Missiles. The lowest layer of the bulge is
perfectly safe, so charge through and pick up all the goodies there.

Pause at gem T-7 and watch the movements of the Missiles that pass overhead.
Once one of the Missiles passes to the left over you, fly up and phase through
brick W-3, then run back down to T-7. One of the Missiles will soon pass
through the brick you just phased, make its way to the bottom of the level, and
stay there. One down, one to go! If you're fast, you can fly back up and phase
through the brick just as soon as it solidifies, and then drop back down into
the hole before the other Missile hits you. If that's cutting it too close for
your tastes, just wait a little longer until the remaining Missle starts
heading back from the extra life before you go back and phase through the

By this point, you'll have probably used up at least half your fuel. Once both
Missiles are out of the bulge, pick up the tank of fuel in the top right
corner--watch for Spring, though. While you're over there, pick up gem Z-5, but
save the others for later.

Reenter the bulge by the same way you exited and pick up all the gems, the
vases, and the extra life. Rather than wasting your precious fuel to exit the
bulge, simply phase through bricks until you're on the right side of the bulge
again, near where you phased through the brick that allowed the Missiles to get

Actually, here's an even better idea: Go back to that brick, brick W-3, and
phase through it again. Then phase through bricks V-4 and W-4, in that order.
Why? Well, if you look down, you'll see that you'll need to get past a gauntlet
of Springs to collect the remaining gems, and it's much easier if you can take
at least one of the Springs out of the picture. By phasing through these
blocks, there's a decent chance you'll be able to trap the second Spring from
the left in one of the bricks as it reintegrates. You may need to try this a
few times, but it's worth the effort.

If you're having absolutely no success with trapping Spring, try adjusting your
timing on the last brick you phase; if you notice that Spring is consistently
in the same position when the brick reseals without trapping it, try to finish
phasing when Spring is at a different point in its jumping.

It's entirely possible that Spring might get stuck in the opening between
bricks at space W-2 instead of inside a brick; if that happens, Spring will be
blocking your exit, so phase through brick W-3 again and again until Spring
finally gets stuck there.

Being careful not to be hit by the highest-jumping Spring, fly out of the bulge
and to the right, landing on space Z-5, where a gem previously was. Watch the
two Springs immediately to the left; you'll need to run underneath both of them
at the same time, so wait until the closer Spring is on its way up and the
farther Spring is also on its way up and about at an even height with the
closer spring. You can pause at gem W-10 because the Spring that was there is
now trapped in a brick; wait for an opening and then run underneath the last
Spring to pick up the remaining gems, then hop over to the exit!

As a side note, it is possible to get the gems guarded by the Springs if you
approach them from the left side, but in my experience it's MUCH harder because
you need to get in and out of there IMMEDIATELY, all the while making sure you
don't run out of fuel.


 1 |    *@@    /\     @@*     | 1
 2 |    @@@    ||     @@@     | 2
 3 |    @@@@*@@@@@@@2@@@@     | 3
 4 |X     @@@       @@@      X| 4
 5 |vX     @  @   @  @      Xv| 5
 6 |XpX    c @ @*@@@ c     XpX| 6
 7 |vXcX   @  @ 1 @  @    XcXv| 7
 8 |XpX*    @   @   @     *XpX| 8
 9 |vXcX    c R R R c     XcXv| 9
10 |XpX*    @  R@R  @     *XpX| 10
11 |vXcX     @p@ @p@      XcXv| 11
12 |XpX    @2 @*1*@ *@     XpX| 12
13 |vX  **@@@  @@@  @@@**   Xv| 13
14 |X   @@@@       t @@@@    X| 14
15 |    @@@    XXX    @@@     | 15
16 |    *@@$! XcrcX ! @@*     | 16

GENERAL: Here's another level where the biggest challenge is resisting the urge
to collect every single piece of treasure in the level. Unless a bonus tank of
fuel randomly appears, there is NO WAY to collect all the treasure and still
make it to the exit. You can get reeeeaaally close, but there's simply not
enough fuel to get everything, no matter how precise you are.

SPECIFIC: Now, pay attention, 007. There's a hidden spear directly in front of
you, so you'd best jump over it. Phase through any of the crates to your right
(except for the farthest one, O-16, because you'll need to stand on it soon).
Grab the two coins and walk over the red switch. If you prefer, you can leave
the switch alone, but I find it frees up a little more space for you to move
through the center.

Hop onto the crate closest to the tank of fuel, then jump up to get the fuel
and start flying right away up to gem Q-12, which is just above. Wait until
Spring is out of the way and fly all the way up to gem U-1. Either run or do
a super-quick thrust to the right to land on the crates on the far right side.

By this point, Homer should be smack-dab in the center of the level, but if you
dilly-dally among the crates, it will surely catch up with you, so
don't hang around for too long. Phase through a few crates and grab a little
bit of treasure, but go straight for the gems once your fuel gauge turns
yellow. To conserve fuel, try collecting the treasure in horizontal or
descending diagonal lines; don't use any fuel to fly upwards to get something
you missed.

Once you have the two gems, phase your way down through the crates until you
drop to the floor, picking up whatever treasure you can without using your
jetpack. Take gem U-16 and then fly just above to get gems T-13 and U-13. Homer
should be closing in on you by now, so wait until Spring is on its way down and
fly up into the "face" in the center of the level through either space R-6 or
Q-9 (where the coins are) and fly over to gem M-6, between the eyes. Don't go
after the treasure inside the face; you'll get more treasure if you conserve
your fuel for the crates on the left side.

Use Teleporter 1 to reach the two gems in the tiny room, then teleport back out
and fly out of the left side of the face and up to gem E-1, once again being
careful not to run into Spring. Just as you did on the right side, drop onto
the crates on the left side.

At this point you only need enough fuel to get from the floor to the stone
ledge where gems E-13 and F-13 are; from there, you can just jump to the exit.
Following the same process as before, get the gems and whatever treasure you
can without flying back up to get anything (except the gems, but hopefully you
won't miss those). Once your fuel bar is almost completely empty (try not to
push it too far), drop down to get gem E-16 and fly straight up to get gems R-6
and Q-9. If Homer is getting close, use whatever fuel you have left to hurry
yourself into Teleporter 2; otherwise, jump over Homer if it's too close, but
time your jump so that you don't slam into Spring.

If Homer is giving you serious problems at this point, try hanging out on the
far left side of the stone ledge where the two gems were, and when Homer is
almost upon you and Spring is headed upward, jump to the right and rush into
the teleporter. If that's not working, try waiting a while after you first
land on the crates on the left side. Homer will start moving toward the top of
the level, and that could give you some extra distance when you finally need to
enter the teleporter.

Teleporter 2 will take you to the top of the level, and all you have to do is
run over to the final gem and then hit the exit. Ta-da!


12 |{XXX{XpXXXXXX*XX*{XX++X1XX| 12

GENERAL: At first glance, this stage seems to require a tremendous amount of
planning, but honestly, you can pretty much wing it. There's more than enough
fuel here to collect all the treasure, so you won't need to worry about which
boxes you phase through, for the most part. Just watch carefully for Homer; it
tends to blend in with the crates and can easily sneak up on you.

SPECIFIC: Due to the layout of this stage, it would be unnecessarily
complicated to explain exactly what to do here, especially considering there
are 8.7 bajillion different ways to go through this level. So, I'll give you as
many pointers as I can, and I'll leave it up to you to figure out exactly how
to proceed. You can do it! I believe in you! Probably!

- From the very start, carve a path straight down until you can pick up the
Tank of Fuel at J-15. No sense jumping around the level when you can fly!

- Move in straight lines as often as possible, but don't hesitate to zigzag a
little bit to avoid spikes. Practice phasing as you fly, especially phasing as
you fly in a horizontal line, which you may need to collect any gems that are
positioned above a pit of spikes.

- When flying upwards or phasing/falling downwards, look ahead to see if there
are any spikes in your way. Try to move up and down in columns with no spikes,
or in columns with spikes that are positioned toward the very top or bottom of
the level; the spikes in the middle will sneak up on you faster than you think!

- A lone Homer is the only enemy in the level, and it takes almost a full
minute to get from one side of the screen to the other. You can afford to take
your time here, and if Homer ever gets less than a few spaces away, just leave
the area and lure Homer away from where you need to be by waiting or exploring
somewhere else.

- If you ever lose track of where Homer is, wreck some boxes and carve out a
big empty space. Homer might be difficult to see when moving through boxes, but
it's much easier to spot against a blank background.

- As soon as your fuel level drops below half, make your way to the next Tank
of Fuel to ensure that you don't run out of gas at a bad time. You should be
able to finish the level with anywhere from half a tank to nearly a full tank
of energy remaining. If you run out of fuel (which you shouldn't if you've
done a little bit of planning on how to proceed), do your best to carve a path
to the nearest fuel supply, and create a zigzag path through the boxes if you
need to jump to get up higher.

- Don't worry about passing through energy drain areas from time to time, but
don't be totally reckless: dawdling and passing through them all willy-nilly
will eventually take its toll on even the most impressive fuel reserve.

- Try not to eliminate the boxes underneath the transporters. That makes them
much harder to use.

- Go for all the bonus treasure. Nothing here is outrageously difficult to get.


 1 |     R    /\@@@@@@@@@@@@@@| 1
 2 |     R    ||@b          r@| 2
 3 |H@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@| 3
 4 |H   IR     II    R  I  R  | 4
 5 |H*  @R*****@@****R**@* R  | 5
 6 |H@H @R@@@@@@@@@@@R@@@@*R  | 6
 7 |H@H @@@    R    @@@* @@@* | 7
 9 |H@*@@R   $ R     R @@* R H| 9
10 |H@@@ R *####**   R  @@*R#H| 10
11 |H@@  R ##  ###  H#H  @@R H| 11
12 |H@   R##  *R ###H#H  *@@*H| 12
13 |H   *##  *##H  ###H* ##@@H| 13
14 |HBBB##BBB##BHBBBB###H###@H| 14
15 |H *##R**##*RH    R* H  RIH| 15
16 |##########################| 16

GENERAL: This one isn't bad at all with a little bit of patience and attention.
Remember where any barriers in the immediate area are, look for safe places to
stand where barriers couldn't possibly appear (such as ladders and spaces
where emerald gems were) if you forget where the barriers are, and don't rush
through the level. Watch the Steel Ball controlling the barriers, or get used
to the timing of the barriers' activation and deactivation, and you'll be fine.

SPECIFIC: If you follow the general hints above, you can pretty much handle
this level in whatever order you'd like. The only particular place to watch out
for is at the very bottom of the level where the Steel Ball is. Again, be
patient, and wait for a red barrier to trap it in a separate section before


 1 |1  @++@@ * @{p{p{p{p{p{p{e| 1
 2 |I* @ **  @ @2{p{p{p{p{p{p{| 2
 3 |@@ @ @@ +@ @@?????????????| 3
 4 |  * *  * @ @@?@??@??@?@@?@| 4
 5 | @@@@@@@ @ +++++++++++++++| 5
 6 |*  *   * *  2            *| 6
 7 |@##@###@#@  @ @GGGGGG# #?#| 7
 8 |@@#@###@##@   @ #### # + +| 8
 9 |@#??      *@  @ #/\# #    | 9
10 |@*#@@@@@@@@@  @ ?||? # ++*| 10
11 |@@*@{#{#{#{# T@ #### # @@@| 11
12 |* ?@*{#{#{#@@@@      # @++| 12
13 |@** @@@@@@@@ *@@@@@@@@ ==*| 13
14 |@@@**      **@@        @@@| 14
15 |@@@@@      @@@         @  | 15
16 |$                      o 1| 16

GENERAL: If you take the time to plot out a safe and fuel-efficient path, you
shouldn't have too much trouble here. It's barging in all gung-ho without a
real plan that'll get you killed.

SPECIFIC: You've got a full tank of jetpack fuel from the get-go here, so
you'll want to immediately want to run forward and fly up into the cavern with
all the emerald gems to give yourself a moment to think before Trackbot
reaches you. I mean, unless you WANT to get smooshed; that's fine, too. While
you're here, you might as well clean out both sides of the cavern; cross as
much distance as you can on foot to save on fuel, but make sure Trackbot is out
of the way before you start running.

There's a secret passage through the floor to gem C-11, but it's probably safer
and slightly more fuel-efficient to grab that one along with gem B-10 later on,
when you're approaching from the top instead of the bottom; otherwise, you're
inviting Steel Ball to drop on your head once the brick disappears.

As soon as you've got enough distance between you and Trackbot, drop back down
to the bottom of the screen and head right. Depending on where Spikes is at
this point, you may wish to do the next three areas out of order; just go
wherever Spikes looks least likely to bother you.

You shouldn't have any trouble popping in to grab gem Z-13. Gems Z-10 and Z-6
require a little more finesse, however; fly up the shaft in Column W and hold
DOWN to hover in place, and make a nice horizontal line to the right until you
can drop down onto the gems safely, without touching the spikes. Beware the
false brick at Y-7; by the time you realize you've fallen through it, you'll
already have hit the spikes below. To get back out, use the same jetpack
tactics as you used to enter, but be ready to hit DOWN almost immediately
before you skewer yourself on the spikes above.

Make your way through the steel barrier and zip through Teleporter 1. To
minimize the chances of flying into spikes, collect the gems in this order:
B-2, C-4, E-4, H-4, G-2, F-2. From there, fly up to gem J-1, and then drop to
the right, down the shaft in Column K, and move left to collect all the gems on
Row 6.

The safest and most efficient way to get gems K-9, B-10, and C-11 is to clear
out Steel Ball from the tunnel it inhabits. Position yourself on top of brick
C-7, wait until Steel Ball is about in the middle of the tunnel heading left,
and then phase straight down until you hit the ground (there's a fake block or
two along the way). Steel Ball will be dropping in momentarily, so scurry into
the corner at A-12 or just run/fly like crazy to the right until you're clear.
Once Steel Ball is rolling about the bottom of the screen, exchanging
high-fives with Trackbot (well, maybe not exactly), phase back through brick
C-10, ignore gem A-12 for another few seconds, and go after gem K-9. THEN
go back for gem A-12, phasing through brick B-9 to get there. This might sound
a little silly, but there's far less chance of getting caught on the edge of
the bricks as they reappear this way. Once you're done here, exit by phasing up
through any of the bricks above you (rather than dropping down to where there
are now more enemies).

Once all the areas mentioned above have been cleaned out, you should have about
a quarter-tank of fuel left, if not less. Might as well waste it! Avoiding the
Double Tank at this time, make your way to gem E-12 by phasing through all the
bricks. Once you have the gem, turn around and phase through bricks G-12 and
I-12, and then look up to phase through brick J-11. By this point the energy
drains should have completely sucked up your fuel, so jump up on the brick to
your right and casually phase your way back out to the Double Tank. Ahh, that's

Because of the spikes along the ceiling, your best chance for survival when
getting out of here is to fly up and bump your head on block M-7, and then fly
diagonally back to J-6, which will put you at the right height to just hold
DOWN and fly in a clean horizontal line to Teleporter 2.

If you're after some reasonably easy treasure, go through Teleporter 2 and fly
across the top of the screen until you reach the extra life...and then drop to
the ground. This area is sneaky: most of the floor here is actually fake, but
there are enough solid blocks for you to be able to jump back to the teleporter
if you run out of fuel...and know where to jump (or are extraordinarily lucky).
The energy drains will do a number on you (taking away about half of your fuel,
round-trip), but if you just picked up the Double Tank you should have more
than enough to finish the level. If you can stabilize yourself at the right
height on the first try, fly horizontally to collect the remaining loot on your
way back to the teleporter; otherwise, just grab whatever you happen to come
into contact with.

From Teleporter 2's lower entrance/exit, fly in yet another horizontal line to
the right, and drop about halfway down the shaft in Column W. Hover in place to
phase left through brick V-9 or V-10, pausing inside the phased brick to let
Missile pass by, if necessary, and then continue left through the brick (or the
fake block, depending on where you are) that stands between you and the exit!


 1 |r          g             b| 1
 2 |@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@| 2
 3 |    *              H    /\| 3
 4 |1 @R@G@ *          HR   ||| 4
 5 |@*    @G@B@   *    H  *@ @| 5
 6 | @    v     @+@+@  H  @ p | 6
 7 |  BBBBBBBB  @@@@@  H  @ p | 7
 8 |          @        H  @pp | 8
 9 |           R*      H  @  p| 9
10 |   *        @ *    H  @pe | 10
11 |  B@RRRR G   B@    H  @  p| 11
12 |G   *  @  B    G   H  @pp | 12
13 | RRR@  @   BB   @@ H  @ pp| 13
14 |   *  B@           H  @pp | 14
15 |  G@GG @           H  @ pp| 15
16 | B$   *@++++++*    H  @*p1| 16

GENERAL: As long as you're patient (as the title would suggest) and remember
what the level looks like when all of the barriers are active, this one isn't
so bad. Treat the gem spaces and the moving ladder as your only safe spots, and
move quickly from one to the next the moment the opportunity arises. Practice,
plus visualizing your next move, makes perfect. Watching Steel Ball helps, too.

SPECIFIC: Grab the gem immediately to the right of the starting point. Once the
green barrier goes down, hop on the blue barrier at B-16 and then up to gem
D-14. Once both the green and blue barriers are active, hop up to gem E-12.
Then, once the red and green barriers are active (with blue being optional),
hop up to gem D-10. You're really just zigzagging your way out of this first

Once all three barriers are active at once, run to the right, leaping over the
green barrier (don't bother trying to land on it), and then jumping off the
end of the longer of the two blue barriers to make sure you clear the spikes.
There should be zero chance of you colliding with Spring, because it should be
trapped below or inside the green barrier by the time you're passing by. A fun
little fake-out, to be sure.

Grab the gem at the edge of the spikes on the floor, and proceed to the ladder.
The easiest and most lucrative way to collect the remaining gems is to fall
down the treasure hole to the right and keep using the teleporter to start from
higher ground, rather than trying to keep an eye on the barriers and jump your
way from the ladder left to the other gems. So, from any part of the ladder
between Rows 3 and 6, jump to gem W-5. Alternately, you can hang out at the top
of the ladder and wait for the red barrier to appear, and simply run across it
to fall onto the gem.

Fall through the hole in the floor below the exit door, sticking to the middle
"path" to grab an extra life and eight piles of gold. (Makes you wonder how
these piles are just magically floating there, huh?) Collect the gem at the
bottom, zip through the teleporter, and take the top route to collect gems E-3,
I-4, and O-5. If patience is not one of your virtues, you can jump from one
stone to the next; otherwise, run across the two green barriers and one blue
barrier when they appear. You will, however, need to jump to get the gem with
spikes on either side; you may need to wiggle back and forth to ensure you fall
where you want to land, instead of following the natural arc of your jump into
the spikes. Unless, of course, you WANT to land in the spikes. I won't judge.
Oh, and watch out for Spring while you're here, because you might actually get
hit this time.

Now it's time to repeat: climb the ladder, fall down the treasure hole, but
this time, hang to the left to collect four more piles o' gold. Teleport once
again, and now take the lower path to collect the remaining gems and a golden
vase. Wait until the blue barrier appears, and run.

Repeat the ladder climb once more. If you want to grab the last of the bonus
treasure, you can still fall through the hole below the exit door, and just
retrace your steps from the other side of the teleporter. When you're ready to
leave, hop over the gap below the door and exit on the right side.


 1 |   # c   * #         # /\ | 1
 2 |## # #H### # #### ## # || | 2
 3 |c c# #Hc # # #vv  c# # ## | 3
 4 |# ## ### # # ###  ## # cc | 4
 5 |c c# #   # # ###  c# # ## | 5
 6 |# ## # ###*# #gv  ##t  ## | 6
 7 |*  # # c ### #### #### cc | 7
 8 |##H# # # ###   #c cc*# ## | 8
 9 | cH  #*  # G # #######    | 9
10 |c#H## ##H#eG1#     # #*  *| 10
11 |##H     H######### # ##  #| 11
12 |ccH     H       *#       *| 12
13 |########### ##############| 13
14 |c            R*v v v v v v| 14
15 |##########H###############| 15
16 |*1c c c c Hcc#rv v v v v v| 16

GENERAL: What a mess. Tight spaces, enemies all over, and treasure tempting you
at every turn. Fuel isn't a big worry here, but you'll need expert thrustering
skills, not to mention careful planning and a heap of self-control. (Too many
treasures here just aren't worth the risk, unless you're an insanely compulsive
collector.) Take the maze one section at a time, and always have your next two
moves mapped out in advance.

SPECIFIC: Consider the first section a warmup. Drop down to the first coin,
wait for Spring to get out of the way, and then fly horizontally to the coin
opposite you. As soon as Spring hits the ceiling again, follow it back down to
either of the coins directly below you, activating the jetpack about halfway,
and letting go of the thrust if you're having trouble landing in the side nook.
Fly horizontally to claim the other coin when the coast is clear. Then, when
Spring is once again above you and headed toward the ceiling, drop to claim gem
A-7, and take a moment to look at what's ahead.

Missile is on patrol, and while coins B-9 and A-10 look tempting, it's all too
easy to get caught in the corner--if you must go after them, be quick. Position
yourself atop the first ladder, holding UP to keep from slipping, and make a
decision about whether you'll go over or under to grab gems G-9, J-1, and K-6.

If you want to go over, wait until Missile is passing under your ladder to the
right, and follow it all the way up the shaft, ducking onto ladder G-2 when you
get there. Wait for Missle to pass back the other way above you, and then go up
and to the right to claim gem J-1. Fall down the shaft and trigger your jetpack
a little early so that you collect gem K-6 as you're already starting to lift
off; the faster you can get out of here, the better, because Missile is on its
way back. Duck down ladder G-2 again, and follow the Spring below you halfway
down until you can dodge and grab coin H-7. As always, wait until Spring is
gone before you snag gem G-9.

If you want to go under instead, wait until Missile is passing under you to the
right, and climb down the ladder to follow it, pausing to make sure Spring
doesn't smoosh you. Quickly grab ladder I-12 and climb up, grabbing the gem and
coin and flying up to the ladder above when Spring is out of the way. The rest
is the same as mentioned above for getting gems J-1 and K-6, though you can
always escape via shaft E if you prefer. Either way, wait to grab coin F-1
until after you've gotten the gems, so as not to spend any more time in
Missile's way than necessary.

If you feel compelled to take coins A-12 and B-12, they're not too risky; just
make sure you've got enough of a head start on Missile, and be ready to balance
yourself in the middle of the adjacent ladder to let both the Missile above and
the Missile on your level pass by you without incident.

Things might start to get sticky here, because Steel Ball is rolling back and
forth over a red switch that's affecting the timing of the lowest Missile on
the screen. Ignore all the treasure for now, including gem Q-12, and go from
ladder I-12 down to ladder K-15. Perhaps the best time to move is when both
Missiles (in rows 12 and 14) are to the right of the ladder, heading right. It
might take a few tries. If rushing doesn't work; take it slow. Alternately, if
you're patient or taking a long time on this stage, the lower Missile will
eventually get locked into a pattern where it always gets stuck in the red
barrier when Steel Ball reactivates it, so you'll only have to worry about the
one Missile in row 12. If that happens, you have my permission to claim coin
A-14 at your leisure.

Once you've reached the ladder at the bottom of the screen, your next mission
will be to trap Steel Ball behind the green barrier, where the extra life is.
Unfortunately, the way I suggest will prohibit you from getting that extra
life, but the tradeoff is that you're less likely to NEED an extra life if you
play it safe as I suggest.

As soon as Steel Ball hits the red switch again, phase through brick N-16 and
dash to the teleporter on the left. Go through it and immediately fly up to the
top of the screen, resting on the ledge above above the golden vases. The first
part of the plan to trap Steel Ball is now complete.

After Spring gives you an opening, fly right to brick S-2 and phase down
through it, dropping onto the coin below. What comes next is perhaps the
trickiest part of the stage. Look for an opening between the two Springs and
dive between them (or under them both, as the case may be) toward the green
switch. The Spring on the left is the one to focus on most, as it's more likely
to be the one to hit you--arguably the best strategy is to wait for them both
to synchronize (or be moving close enough together) before you bolt.

Flip the green switch, and flip it again when Steel Ball is over top of the
extra life, both to trap it and so that you don't have a constant visual
reminder that you've given up that extra life for the greater good. Wait until
both Springs are about lined up and bouncing off the floor, and run down to get
gem U-8 and the coins alongside it. Follow Spring back up and duck into the
nook with coin S-5 for a SAFE SPOT, and then fly up out of this deathtrap room
once Spring is again headed back down. If you HAVE to go after the golden
vases, fly horizontally from S-3 when you think it's safe, but don't come
crying to me when you get smacked by Spring.

Along those same lines, if you HAVE to get that extra life, go through all the
steps I just listed EXCEPT for letting Steel Ball out of its pen, and after
you've satisfied your completionist tendencies, release Steel Ball and go
through the whole switch-flipping ordeal again.

By this point, you should be down to anywhere from a third to half energy. Time
to replenish! Fall down to the Tank of Fuel at U-6 and then make your way back
up, around, and down to the teleporter. Go through, phase through brick N-16,
and pick out some new golden vases for your home without interference by
Steel Ball. Open the red barrier if necessary to let Missile out, and close the
barrier so that Missile is stuck on the left side of the screen. Phase up
through any of the conveyor belt bricks and run around row 14, collecting
everything there. Phase back down to the ground floor, throw the switch, trap
Missile on the right side this time when you re-close the barrier, and phase
back through brick N-16 on your way to ladder K-16.

Now, with one Missile out of the way, gem Q-12 awaits. Balance yourself
underneath the gap in the floor above the ladder, and once the Missile above
is headed above you to the left, fly up to grab the gem, and quickly move back
down to the ladder. By now, you should be an expert at this, right?

Go through the teleporter and this time take the lower path, carefully running
past the lone Spring when the time is right, and pausing at space W-12 until
the two Springs ahead of you are in the right position. As soon as the first
Spring bounces off the floor, run in underneath it, pause a moment, and run
under the second spring when it bounces out of your way. Gem Z-12 is yours!
The return trip will need to be a little faster; as soon as the second Spring
is out of the way, RUN--it'll probably be a close one. Pause again for the lone
Spring, and then make your way to space V-6 by going over, up, and around
(once again dodging Spring at the very top of the screen) to avoid any needless

W-12 is a SAFE SPOT. Once again, we're avoiding the most direct routes for
safety's sake--as soon as both Missiles cross in front of you, drop down to gem
W-10, and then immediately fly up to grab the two coins in the little tunnel
above you. This is another SAFE SPOT. Inch your way to the right edge of the
tunnel, wait for both Missiles to cross in front of you (timing might not be
exact, so wait until they've both moved past you in opposite directions, even
if it means waiting a second or two longer), and drop down to get the final
gem. You should have enough time to fly to the two coins below the exit door,
which is yet another SAFE SPOT. All that's left is to fly from here up to the
door, which is probably safest to do from the right side once the Missiles
cross paths in front of you again.


 1 |     v   v   v   v   v    | 1
 2 |    @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@   | 2
 3 |    @@@*@@@*@@@*@@@*@@@   | 3
 4 |     I I I I I I I I I    | 4
 5 |     I I I I I I I I I    | 5
 6 |     I I I I I I I I I    | 6
 7 |     I I I I I I I I I    | 7
 8 |     I I I I I I I I I    | 8
 9 |     IcIcIcIcIcIcIcIcI    | 9
10 |     I I I I I I I I I    | 10
11 |   !@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@!  | 11
12 |   @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@  | 12
13 |  ####?#####/\###########$| 13
14 | ##+v#?##?##||##????######| 14
15 | ####?????######?##?v?v###| 15
16 |T##v+#v##??v###v#+#e+v+v##| 16

GENERAL: The top and bottom of the level require fuel to navigate, so cross
through the middle before going anywhere else. Emerald Gems should be your
first priority, but there's plenty of leeway to grab most, if not all, of the
optional treasure. The Batbots can be a nuisance, but they're only a serious
threat if you ignore where they're headed.

SPECIFIC: You're gonna need some fuel before you can do much of anything.
There's a Double Tank on the left, but don't bother trying to phase through the
bricks to get there; there are fake blocks galore down below, and your only
ways out are to fly or die. Instead, jump onto the brick to your left, Y-13,
and do a standing jump to the left, so that you end up just on the edge of the
stone with the hidden spear. It might take a few tries to get this right; a
teensy tap once you're in the air is about all you'll need. Perform another
standing jump to the left, and you should just barely make it to the next
stone up.

Run left through the pillars of the temple, jumping to grab coins as you go.
Try to grab two coins with each jump, and keep an eye out for Batbots; you've
got plenty of room to elude them, but they'll gang up on you if you're slow,
and it's easy to run into one by accident behind a pillar. Jump over the hidden
spear on the left side and grab the Double Tank.

Now, the temptation here is to phase through the bricks to your right and start
collecting all the treasures below, but chances are good that a Batbot is close
enough to come after you before the path you've cleared becomes solid again.
If there's time, phase right to get vase D-16, but don't go any farther than
that. To ensure you don't get trapped or run out of fuel prematurely, the gems
should be your next objective. It may be best to grab the first one on the left
and then quickly dip down and back up to grab each of the subsequent gems, but
don't hurry too much; give the Batbots plenty of room, and don't be afraid to
use some fuel to dodge them and lure them away from the gems.

Depending on how well things go, you should have around 3/4 of your fuel left.
While you're up here, it probably won't hurt to fly to the top of temple and
grab a vase or two or three. Don't try too hard to get them all in a single
pass; it's easy to get trapped by Batbots on both sides. Perhaps take a few
from one side, then drop down and fly through the pillars and back up to the
other side to claim the rest, dodging Batbots as you go. If it requires more
than two attempts to get every vase, it may be best to ignore them.

Once you're done, make your way back to the starting point as safely as
possible, remembering to fly over that hidden spike. Phase through brick Y-13
and keep phasing left until you fall through a fake block onto the extra life.
Your fuel should be at half capacity or so, but you might want to head to the
exit if it's less than that; just fly up and then left through the secret
passageway, and remain in flight to phase through bricks P-14 and O-14.
Otherwise, grab as much of the remaining treasure as you can, and head to the
exit whenever your fuel gets uncomfortably low.

From where the extra life was, fly up and hover in place just high enough that
you'll be able to clear the spikes to your right. Fly right to collect vase
U-15, then come to a midair halt over vase V-16 and drop down to get it. Fly up
until you hit your head on the brick above you, and fly right, phasing through
brick X-15; fly through and drop down to pick up vase X-16. Fly up again before
the brick closes, and keep flying up and left through the fake blocks until you
can't go left anymore, then drop down onto brick Q-16. Phase through the brick
on your left to get to vase P-16, then phase left to get vases L-16 and G-16.
Fly straight up and phase left through F-13 and E-13 to get to the final vase.
Keep phasing right and falling down until you're underneath the exit, then
phase up and fly off to victory!


 1 |vvpp@1@@@** G @**  * @    | 1
 2 |vppc@ * @@@ @ @@@  @ @@e@ | 2
 3 |vpcc@@@ c@ *@ @ * *@* @@@ | 3
 4 |@@oo@    * @@ R*@ @@@  *@ | 4
 5 |@*    c@@@@@@ @@@ @ ** @@ | 5
 6 |@@@@@ c@g *r@ R  *@ @@ @  | 6
 7 |   $@ c@@ @@@ @* @@ @@ @ @| 7
 8 |   @@ cc@ * @ @@  * c@ X @| 8
 9 |/\  @   * @b@  @ *@ *B @* | 9
10 |||@ * @@@@@@@ *X*@@@@@ @@ | 10
11 |@@@ @ @  *  * @ @@cc@@* @ | 11
12 |@   @ @*@@@ @@@ @@cc@@@ @ | 12
13 |@  *@ @@@1@ @   *@@ B @ @T| 13
14 |   @@  *  @ R* *@@@ @ * @@| 14
15 | @G@@@@@@X@ @@ @@ **@ @* @| 15
16 |T@          @T    @@@ @@* | 16

GENERAL: Technically, you don't have to deactivate any of the barriers to get
everything you need. Use the barriers to trap enemies, and carefully watch the
ones you can't trap before moving into each new area. There's more than enough
fuel here, so don't worry about plotting an efficient course through the level;
backtrack as much as you need to stay alive.

SPECIFIC: Freeze! Don't move. Wait about ten seconds for Batbot to enter the
starting area. Once Batbot is sufficiently over the exit doors, drop down to
collect gem D-13 and the Double Tank at A-16. Quickly fly up to get gem E-10,
watch for Spring, and navigate into the central cavern where the three barrier
switches are. If you time it right, Batbot should be stuck in the nook where
you started, allowing you to move through this area with no trouble.

The barriers help to keep too many enemies from invading any given area, and
it's possible to reach every part of the level without dropping any barriers at
all, so the safest action is to use the switches here to trap as many enemies
as possible inside the barriers. Flip the blue switch off, then flip it on
again when Missile passes through the barrier space at V-9.

The next one is tricky: There are two Batbots that should be hanging around the
red barriers at O-4 and M-14; if you're incredibly skillful or lucky, you can
trap both, but for now, just worry about trapping the lower Batbot. Flip the
red switch off when the lower Batbot is flying down toward the red barrier, and
flip the switch on again once that Batbot is squarely in the center. If things
go well, you'll have trapped both Batbots. If not, you'll have the top one on
the loose yet. Don't worry.

Use the green switch to trap Missile in the green barrier at M-1. Alternately,
if one of the Batbots escaped to the left of the red barrier while it was
deactivated, flip the green switch off and try to trap Batbot in the green
barrier instead. Batbot is the more dangerous foe here, so it's better to trap
Batbot instead of Missile if you have to choose. Technically, it's possible to
trap both at once, but it's highly unlikely.

Once you've trapped as many enemies as possible, take your time clearing out
all the treasure on the left half of the screen, including the optional
treasure in the top left. Use the teleporter if you'd like to conserve a little
fuel or more easily avoid Spring. Phase through crate J-15 when you're ready
to collect the gems guarded by Missile and Spring in the middle part of the
level; grab gems J-11 and H-12, fall back into the shaft in Column L to avoid
getting trapped in the corner by Missile, then grab gems M-11 and O-10 when the
coast is clear. 0-10 is a SAFE SPOT, assuming there's no renegate Batbot out to
get you yet.

Phase through crate P-10 to open up the next area. If one of the Batbots that
was hanging around the red barriers earlier is still loose over here, you'll
need to lure it down through the path you've just opened and attempt to trap
it in the green barrier at M-1, or take your chances moving quickly through the
rest of the level without it catching up with you. Once the Batbot situation is
fully under control, clean out all the gems and coins in these tunnels,
starting from the top and working your way down. Don't take any unnecessary
risks with Spring, and save the Double Tank until you're basically out of fuel.

Phase through crate X-8 and wait in the opening you've just made. This is a
SAFE SPOT. Wait for the Missile trio to move upward, and drop down to collect
the final gem immediately after they've passed you. If you need fuel or want
the points, keep falling to grab the Double Tank, but be sure to fire your
thrusters before you hit the bottom; it'll be a close call getting out of here.
Scurry back to X-8 and wait for the Missiles to pass you again; the moment
they've passed below you, fly up to X-2, which is a SAFE SPOT, and which has a
reasonably obtainable extra life. Wait for the Missiles to pass overhead, then
scramble back the way you came. Make your way to the exit doors, and don't
forget about Spring in Column F or that one Batbot who's been keeping your
starting point warm!


 1 |##  ##  ##  ##  ##  ##  ##| 1
 2 |##  ##* ##* ##  ##* ## t##| 2
 3 |  ##  ##  ##  ##  ##  ##  | 3
 4 |  ## *##  ##  ##  ##  ##* | 4
 5 |##  ##  ##  ##  ##  ##  ##| 5
 6 |##  ##  ##  ## *##  ##  ##| 6
 7 |  ##  ##  ##  ##  ##  ##  | 7
 8 |* ##  ## *##$ ##  ## *## *| 8
 9 |##  ##  ##  ##  ##  ##  ##| 9
10 |##  ## *##  ## *## *##  ##| 10
11 |  ##  ##  ##  ##  ##  ##  | 11
12 | *##  ##  ##* ##  ##  ##* | 12
13 |##  ##  ##  ##  ##  ##  ##| 13
14 |## *##  ##  ##  ##  ##* ##| 14
15 |/\##  ##  ##  ##  ##  ##  | 15
16 |||##  ## *##t ## *##  ##  | 16

GENERAL: Fuel might be a problem here, so plan your route as efficiently as
possible. Note that these stone-lined bricks are oriented so that you can only
move diagonally from one cell to the next (hence the name of the level). To
carve out a horizontal or vertical line from one cell to the next, you'll need
to phase through the first brick, and then phase through the adjacent brick at
a 90-degree angle; otherwise, you'll be trying to phase through stone, which
doesn't work. You'll have to confront some of these enemies to get all the
gems, so take some time to figure out how best to trap or avoid each enemy.

SPECIFIC: There are numerous ways to get through this level, but the one I'm
about to outline is reasonably safe and fuel-efficient.

When the Flitzer nearest to the starting point is in the upper left corner of
its cell, phase through bricks O-8 and N-9 to open a passageway between your
two cells. Stay back, and wait for Flitzer to (hopefully) move into the breach.
If you're lucky, Flitzer will get trapped in one of the bricks. If you're not
lucky, try this one or two more times. If you manage to trap Flitzer, phase
through whichever other brick is unoccupied and drop into the cell to get gem
P-10. If Flitzer is still loose, then carefully drop into the cell when Flitzer
is in the upper right corner and grab the gem. Either way, once you have the
gem, phase down through brick O-11 and grab gem M-12.

Below you to the right is a Missile, which is currently defending an important
cell to have open. Phase through brick M-13 and then M-14 to clear a path for
Missile to fly harmlessly up into the cell where Flizter is/was. Drop down
into the cell, and phase through whichever brick you please to get to gem R-16.

Our next objective is to grab gem W-14, but we'll need to get rid of Batbot
first. Phase up and over (or over and up, if you prefer), into the cell to the
left of Batbot; we're gonna make a tunnel and turn it into a trap. Phase
through brick U-14, quickly drop down and phase up through brick V-14, then fly
left into the cell across from where Batbot and the gem are. Batbot will start
to chase you, but the bricks should close over top of it before it reaches you.
Now phase through the bricks in row 12, 13, or 15 to get to the gem.

Phase over and up (or up and over, if you prefer) to gem W-14, and then phase
over to gems T-10 and V-8 in whatever fashion you please. At this point you
should be down to half energy, if not below. The next few maneuvers should all
but wipe out your fuel supply, so make a beeline for one of the two fuel tanks
if things get desperate.

In the cell to your right is a gem that's kept company by Spikes. The key is to
lure Spikes into the cell below you to the right so that you can go up and over
to get gem Z-8. Phase through bricks W-8 and X-8 as quickly as possible, then
rush back to the cell you were just in. Spikes should enter the cell below you
and get trapped as the bricks return. Phase into the cell directly above where
Spikes now is, and then phase some more to get to the gem.

Your fuel should be in the yellow now, so don't dilly-dally on your way up to
gem Y-4. Phase through the bricks above you to get at the Tank of Fuel at X-2
as your fuel meter is probably turning red, and breathe a sigh of relief.

The right half of the level should be almost clear of gems; just two more to
pick up before tackling the left side. It's best to avoid the Spikes in the
cell below you, so start retracing your steps for a bit and move diagonally
through each of the cells nearest the one where Spikes is, clockwise, with the
ultimate goal of reaching gem S-2. Then phase down to the left to get gem P-6.

Move through whichever unoccupied cells you want in order to get gems K-2, G-2,
F-4, and A-8, in that order. Fuel should be in the yellow again, so let's
continue through the unoccupied cells (moving through the one between Flitzer
and Missile nearby) and pick up gems H-10 and J-8. Your fuel will probably be
in the red now, but there's no need to worry because you should have a clear
path to the Tank of Fuel at the bottom of the level since you opened a path
for Missle to hang out with Flizter earlier.

You DID do that, right?

Phase diagonally down and to the right through three cells, and then once to
the left to get a much-meeded fuel refill. Turn around as soon as you've
grabbed the fuel and fly back into the previous cell before the phased brick
restores itself (so that you don't need to waste fuel flying and phasing it
again). Move counter-clockwise through the cells surrounding the nearby Spikes
to safely reach gem J-16. Once again, move back into the previous cell after
getting the gem before the phased brick closes up.

Almost there! Phase over to get gem D-14. If you're willing to chance it, phase
through brick B-13 or C-12 to try to snag the last gem while Flitzer is out of
the way. Otherwise, avoid the gem for the moment and make your way safely into
the cell above and to the right of Flitzer. Phase through bricks B-10 and C-11
to try to trap this Flitzer like you did the other one. Don't worry if you run
out of fuel at this point; there's no place left to go but down. Once you've
trapped Flitzer, or run out of patience, phase down to snag gem B-12 and then
make a mad phasing dash for the exit!


 1 |*R  * pppppp ppppppp *HHR*| 1
 2 |##HH@o@@@@@@o@@@@@@@o@HH##| 2
 3 |  HH@       H        @HH  | 3
 4 |*pHH        H        @HHp*| 4
 5 |##BB@H*     H  $   * @HH##| 5
 6 |b   @@@@@@@@H@@@@@@@@@HHB | 6
 7 |*v  @cR}}   H    }}Rc@HHB*| 7
 8 |##HH@cR}}   H    }}Rc@HH##| 8
 9 |  HH@*R}}   H    }}R*@HH  | 9
10 |  HH@@@@@@@@H@@@@@@@@@HH  | 10
11 |  HH@ccG    H     Bcc@HH  | 11
12 |  HH@*vG    H     Bv*@HH/\| 12
13 |*pHH@@@@@@@@o@@@@@@@@@HH||| 13
14 |@@@H@@@@@@@@R@@@@@@@@@@H@@| 14
16 |*pH@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@H*| 16

GENERAL: Fuel is a non-issue here; the worst danger is running out of room to
evade Trackbot. Phase through the steel blocks (both from above and below) to
put some distance between you and Trackbot. To save time, consider falling off
of ladders or flying through them instead of climbing them. Don't worry about
plotting out an efficient route through the level; focus more on going wherever
Trackbot ISN'T, and always have an escape plan.

SPECIFIC: You've only got a few moments until the first Trackbot arrives, and
another one will arrive a few moments after that. One strategy is to hug the
wall to your right (collecting gem T-5 along the way) and jump as each Trackbot
passes through where the gem was. They'll change direction when they hit the
wall, allowing you to chase them for a moment and make your way out of the
room. Another strategy is to go left instead, jumping over the first Trackbot
just after it clears the ladder, and jumping again to avoid the next Trackbot
that's climbing up from below. Either way, once you're ahead of both Trackbots,
get gem G-5 and exit the room through the hole on the left.

If you're feeling daring, get gem A-4 and the pile of gold next to it on your
way out, but you may need to jump onto the ladder and climb diagonally to keep
ahead of the Trackbots. Either way, get to the top of the level and run across
it, picking up gems E-1 and V-1 and a whole lot of gold. Stand on top of steel
block U-2 and wait for one or preferably both Trackbots to join you. Phase down
through the block when the enemy draws near. If you time it right, you can trap
the first Trackbot in the block (wait until Trackbot is about three blocks
away, moving onto block R-2). Even if the second trackbot is still down below
and didn't follow you to the top, at least you've only got one to deal with at
the moment. Still, step lively.

Jump over Trackbot if necessary and climb down into either of the energy
chargers. As long as you're holding the thrust key, spaces H-7, I-7, R-7, and
S-7 are all SAFE SPOTS because Trackbot can't reach you that high and because
the energy chargers replenish your fuel faster than you can burn through it.
Hang around until your fuel is at full, and feel free to return anytime you
need to catch your breath.

From here on out, Trackbot could really be anywhere, so use your best judgement
about when and how to proceed to the each area I suggest. Return to the top of
the level and make your way clockwise around the edge of the level. Get gem Z-4
on your way, phase through the brick below to reach gem Z-7 if you're not being
followed, then phase your way down again. When you reach the bottom left, ONLY
phase through box Y-15 at first; you'll need the other one to keep Trackbot
away after you deactivate the red barrier. Which you should do at this
juncture, collecting gem Z-16 in the process.

Wait for the newly freed Trackbot to start moving left before phasing through
box W-15. Be cognizant of the ice and glide left, following trackbot halfway
across the level. Fly up and phase through steel block M-13 (unless there's
a Trackbot above you, in which case hover there for a moment first). Climb the
ladder back to the energy chargers, grab gems F-9 and U-9 along with the coins
above them, and restock on fuel. Once again, hang around against the ceiling
until Trackbot is out of your way. When there's an opening (keep an eye on ALL
the Trackbots), phase down through steel block M-13 again and go left to flip
the green switch and collect gem A-16. Climb up the ladders and clear out the
left side of the level, obtaining gems A-13 and A-7, flipping the blue switch,
and finishing off with gem A-1.

Go after gems F-12 and U-12 (and their surrounding treasure) by any path you
like, fill up on fuel one last time, and also go after gem Z-1 (and any other
treasure you may have missed) by whatever path looks safe. Once all the
treasure is yours, proceed to the exit!


 1 |@ *     *  @@@@  *     * @| 1
 2 |  @@ 1 @@  @/\@  @@ 2 @@  | 2
 3 |  @  @  @  @||@  @  @  @  | 3
 4 |  @* @ *@  @H@@  @* @ *@  | 4
 5 | *@@ @ @@* @H @ *@@ @ @@* | 5
 6 | @@  @  @@ @H3@ @@  @  @@ | 6
 7 |   **    **@H@@**    **   | 7
 8 |**@@@@**@@@@H @@@@**@@@@**| 8
 9 |@@@  @@@@  @H2@  @@@@  @@@| 9
10 | *       * @H@@ *       * | 10
11 | @@* 3 *@@ @H @ @@* * *@@ | 11
12 |  @@ @ @@  @H1@  @@ @ @@  | 12
13 |  @  @  @  @H@@  @  @  @  | 13
14 |  @* @ *@  @H$@  @* @ *@  | 14
15 |  @@ @ @@  @@@@  @@ @ @@  | 15
16 |@**      **?tt? *      **@| 16

GENERAL: That's "SYMMETRY" backwards, in case you were wondering about the
level title. Death the Kid would be proud. The level is broken into quadrants;
move quickly through the ones at the top, slow down for the ones at the bottom,
and always watch the teleporters for Spikes before getting close or going

SPECIFIC: It won't be long before Spikes makes its way through the teleporter
into the central shaft where you begin, so the first part of the level will
need to be the fastest to make sure your path stays clear. Immediately climb up
and into teleporter 1 to enter the top left quadrant. Start with gem I-1 and
work your way clockwise around the edge of the quadrant, collecting gems as you
go. Spikes will most likely be directly in your path; if so, wait for it to
move into space K-1 before dropping down to gem J-5. Keep following the edge of
the room until you're back at the teleporter, and drop down to get gems D-4 and
H-14 before hustling back into the teleporter.

Quickly climb up and into teleporter 2; at least one Spikes will probably be in
the ladder shaft with you, but you should be safe if you stick to the upper
half. You can afford to slow down a bit once you arrive in the top right
quadrant; give Flitzer all the room it needs and take your time grabbing gems
in whatever order is safest until you've cleared this place out as well. Don't
worry about fuel; as long as you've got enough to get back to the teleporter,
you'll be filling up shortly.

Return through teleporter 2 and climb up to teleporter 3. When you reach the
bottom left quadrant, wait on the teleporter pad and watch Missile's movement
pattern. Step out when you're ready and start collecting gems, pausing
frequently to let Missile pass when you've found a SAFE SPOT (D-14, H-14, and
A-15 are my preferences). If you're running low on fuel, duck through the fake
block to snag the tank of fuel on the left; otherwise, keep going here until
you've cleaned out this quadrant as well.

Pass through the fake blocks at the bottom and wait at O-16 for Spring to move.
There are a few ways to get all the gems in this quadrant, but I prefer picking
up all the ones in the bottom half first, then flying up to grab the ones in
the top half when there's an opening to get up there. You should have plenty of
fuel to spare, so after you've gotten the lower gems, fly up from gem Y-16 and
hover against the ceiling directly above you until Spring passes, then swing up
and around to grab all the gems at the top. Holding DOWN to fly horizontally
across gems W-11, U-11, and S-11 is the safest way to collect them; either rush
across in one go, or carefully pause at each one to avoid each Spring. Your

Getting back down to the bottom can be a little tricky; stand next to Column P
or Column T and either (a) drop down the moment Spring moves above you, or (b)
wait until Spring moves below you and fall after it, dodging to the side at the
first opportunity to avoid being splattered on the rebound. After that, watch
for Missile on your way back to teleporter 3 and climb straight up to the exit!


 1 |1b rRg              * @   | 1
 2 |@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @ @ | 2
 3 |@B                    @ @ | 3
 4 |$B@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @ | 4
 5 |@B%*%%%%%%%%%%%%%%*%B%@ @ | 5
 6 |@@%#%%%%%%@@@@@@%%#%#%@ @ | 6
 7 |%%%#%%#*%%@b/\g@%%%%%%@ @ | 7
 8 |*@%%%%%#%%@ ||r@%%%%%%@ @ | 8
 9 |@@@@@@%%%%@@GG@@%%%%%%@ @ | 9
10 | * * *?%%%%@HH@%%%%%*%@ @ | 10
11 | # # # @%%%%%%%%%%*%#%@ @ | 11
12 | * * * @%%%%%%%%%%#b%r@ @ | 12
13 | # # # @@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@ @ | 13
14 | * * * ?*@                | 14
15 | # # # @@@@@@@@H@@@@@@@@@G| 15
16 |       @*          +++   1| 16

GENERAL: If you're extraordinarily patient and pay attention to the level
title, this one's easy.

SPECIFIC: The starting point is right on top of an energy charger, so stand
still until your fuel is maxed out. You might notice that Missile's current
flight path is about to take it through the red and blue switches (or knobs, if
you prefer), immediately after you've fueled up, hop down and fly horizontally
to gem D-5. A blue barrier should go up behind you after a moment. Move on to
gem H-7 and wait there until Missile passes overhead.

In order, move clockwise around the edge of the room (geez, this is becoming a
habit) to collect gems S-5, U-10, and S-11. Be careful not to hit the switches
on the floor! Missile remains on a safe and predictable path as long as YOU
don't mess with the barriers in its path. Start heading left and wait until
Missile goes down into the tunnel below you, then run and fly up to gem A-8.

Exit your comfy little nook and fall down through fake block G-10. Snag all the
gems in the bottom left part of the level in any order you fancy; I prefer to
hover left across the top row, fall down and hover right across the middle row,
then fall down and hover left across the bottom row, but whatever works for
you. Pass through the fake wall to get gem I-14 and hold tight for a little
bit. This is a SAFE SPOT. If Missile arrives before you're done getting the
other gems, hide out here.

Before too long, Missile should enter the area you just cleaned out; once it
leaves and goes back into the jungle, follow it out and make your way down into
the tunnel and down the ladder to gem I-16. Return to the energy charger and
bide your time; Missile should be in the tunnel above you at this point. The
moment Missile moves past you to exit the tunnel and return to the jungle, fly
up into the tunnel and race to gem U-1.

At this point I'm going to do the unthinkable: I want you to touch the knobs.
(GASP!) Continue across the top of the level and flip the green and red
switches, but WAIT to hit the blue switch until Missile tries to reenter the
tunnel and is deflected by blue barrier B-5. THEN flip the blue switch to drop
the barrier, hit the red switch again to drop the red barrier, and hit the
green switch again to drop the green barrier. With all barriers down, make your
way to the exit and keep your distance from Missile; the path should be mostly
clear, but I might cry if you got sloppy and died at this point.


 1 |                     b#   | 1
 2 |                     ##   | 2
 3 |                     ##$t | 3
 4 |    @@@?@@@       @@@@@@@ | 4
 5 |     @* *@1        2###   | 5
 6 | #  @@@#@############/\   | 6
 7 | #2@e?@#@  # s#* # *#||   | 7
 8 |##@@@##B#*H############   | 8
 9 | # @*?@#@#H##t *##        | 9
10 | #  @@@#@#H#####          | 10
11 |     @* *@H               | 11
12 |    @@@?@@@               | 12
13 |                          | 13
14 |                          | 14
15 |                          | 15
16 |+++++++++++++++++++++++++1| 16

GENERAL: This flight to Fantasy Island has been invaded by Trackbots, but you
can avoid practically all confrontation if you plan your route carefully. All
those brick blocks might be tempting to phase through, but you're a dude with a
jetpack, not an action hero; blasting through the heart of the plane is a good
way to die.

SPECIFIC: Disabling the blue barrier is the first order of business, so grab
the tank of fuel to the right, phase through the tail of the plane, and fly up
to flip the blue switch. Phase back through the tail if necessary to return to
the starting point, then fall down behind the plane. Fly around the underside
of the plane until you reach the base of the ladder, then climb up. If fuel
consumption is a problem, try short, sporadic thrusts to keep your momentum
going without falling into the spikes.

Pick up gem J-8, then phase through brick L-7 and immediately climb down the
ladder as Trackbot comes after you. At the base of the ladder, fly a short
distance to the right so that you're hovering against the underside of the
plane. Once Trackbot plummets into the spikes, fly back to the ladder.

Climb up and phase through brick I-8. Start by phasing up through the bricks
to reach gems G-5 and I-5, being carefuly not to waste fuel flying up through
the fake ceiling. Wait until the bricks seal themselves, then phase down
through them until you're back in the center where the blue barrier was. Phase
left, fall through the fake floor to pick up gem E-9, then quickly fly around
and up to get the extra life. Pause a moment for the brick to reset, then phase
down through it again, hover to phase through brick G-8, and return once more
to the core. Phase down through the bricks and be ready to catch yourself with
what little fuel remains, for the floor is hollow and will send you hilariously
to your doom if you're unprepared. Get gems G-11 and I-11 while you're here.

Fuel should be close to depleted, so fall through the fake floor and quickly
fly back around to the ladder. Climb up, phase through brick L-7 again, and
hit that Spinner! With all enemy passengers incapacitated for a moment, raid
their cabins by phasing down through brick N-8, up through brick P-8, and right
through bricks R-7 and U-7, picking up fuel and the last three gems on your way
to the exit.


 1 |+    +R  +    +B *@  ot  +| 1
 2 | *ct* Rcc *cc* B1@@ +@@ gG| 2
 3 |H@@@@H@@@H@@@@H@@@ 2@@ c@H| 3
 4 |H    H@@ H    H    @@  @@H| 4
 5 |H   *@@  H    H   @@ c@@ H| 5
 6 |H  *@@   @@@@@@@@@@  @@  H| 6
 7 |H *@@  @@@+c c c c c@@  H@| 7
 8 |Hb@@  @@           @@  *H*| 8
 9 |H@@  @@ c@@@@@@@@@@@  H@@@| 9
10 |o@  @@  @@ @*  *@     H   | 10
11 |r  @@ c@@ *@@  @@*  c*H*c | 11
12 | 2@@  @@  @@    @@ H@@@@@H| 12
13 |+@@ c@@            H     H| 13
14 |@@  @@+g c   c   c H   *+H| 14
15 |/\$@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@o| 15
16 |||@@1* c c c c* c c c *Bbc| 16

GENERAL: It's very easy for things to suddenly go wrong in this level, so keep
moving. Worry less about fuel reserves and minimizing backtracking and focus
more on keeping yourself alive. Survival is mostly a matter of quick reflexes.

SPECIFIC: Because of how unpredictable enemy movements can be in this level,
there's not much specific advice I can actually give. Do your best to lure
enemies away from each other, and be as patient as necessary for a safe path to
appear. If something clearly isn't working, try something different, no matter
how crazy it seems.

There's only one way to go from the start, so fly diagonally through the
tunnel, picking up coins as you go. Careful not to fly up into the spikes when
the tunnel levels off. You may need to wait around for Spikes to pass, so scoop
up the coins above you until Spikes enters the flat part of the tunnel. Because
the floor is icy, it might be trickier than usual to get past Spikes; try
hovering against the ceiling or quickly alternating between hitting LEFT and
RIGHT while on the ground to keep yourself from sliding too far out of control.

Once you're past Spikes, fly up through the next diagonal part of the tunnel
until you reach the top right corner. Now you've got a choice: phase through
the steel box for the top route, or flip the green switch for the bottom route.
Regardless of whether you go the top or bottom path first, the order in which
you collect the gems and coins should be dictated by where it's safe to be at
the time. For the top path, remember that Steel Ball (and eventually Trackbot)
will be locked in a leftward loop, so move quickly through that corridor and
avoid going against the flow of traffic. For the bottom path, remember to use
your jetpack to fly out of harm's way, and don't worry about using too much
fuel; as long as you get the gems in the center and disable the red barrier,
the rest of the level can be completed without flying.

Arguably, the trickiest parts of the level are hitting the red and lower green
switches. For the red switch, you'll need to hover over it, release the thrust
key for a split second, flip the switch, and then resume flying before you hit
the spikes. Technically you can flip the switch by jumping to it, if you're out
of fuel, but I make no guarantees that you'll land anywhere that isn't
painfully pointy. For the green switch, try hovering above the switch, facing
right, then dropping to the ground and hitting the switch as you slide away
from it in the direction you're facing. Also remember you can hold DOWN while
phasing to temporarily freeze yourself in place (hah!) while standing on ice.
That's a good way to keep from slipping into the spikes when going after gem

Other than that, use the teleporters and ladders to get to safety and confuse
your enemies, avoid any coins that look like they'll get you in trouble, and
get the red and blue barriers down as soon as possible to give yourself some
breathing room. Run for the exit when you're able, and don't forget about
Spikes on your way out!


 1 |@*pp   +   *   +    ppppp*| 1
 2 |@@@@H      @       H@@@@@@| 2
 3 |@+++H$     I       H++/\  | 3
 4 |@   H@@@HH@@@H123  H t|| *| 4
 5 |@   HGv@HHRv@@@@@@@H@@@@@@| 5
 6 |@   HGs@HHRs@ccvvv@H+ +  +| 6
 7 |@tp HGe@HHRv@c@vvv@Hpppp*+| 7
 8 |@@@H@@@@@@@@@c@vvv@H@@@@@@| 8
 9 |  +H@r{{{{{g@ccvvv@H++++++| 9
10 |*  H@{{{{{{{@ccvvv@H      | 10
11 |It H@o@@o@@o@c@vvv@H      | 11
12 |@@ H#}}@{@}}}c@vvv@H   *  | 12
13 |++ H@@@@{@@@@@@@#@@H   I  | 13
14 |*ppH{{{{{{{{*{{{{{{H * I *| 14
15 |###H######################| 15
16 |*ppHppp*pp1p*#p*2pp*3pp*pT| 16

GENERAL: As with most "bonus" levels, obtaining all the gems is pretty simple.
Going for the gold is the challenging part. The Flitzer in the chamber with the
red and green switches is the only major threat, though; if you're patient,
you can keep a good distance from all the other enemies. Despite all the energy
drains, fuel shouldn't be a problem, either.

SPECIFIC: Start by climbing up the ladder to the left to get two piles of gold
and gem B-1. Move along the top of the level to get gems L-1 and Z-1, plus all
the piles of gold along the way, being mindful that Flitzer could suddenly pop
out of the teleporters at any time. Also keep an eye out for Trackbot; skip
sections as necessary to keep yourself safe, and come back when you're able,
or hover around until it leaves.

Climb down the long ladder to the left and ignore the goodies around the exit
door for now; best to save that fuel for later. Climb down to the level below
and get more piles of gold and gem Y-7. Continue climbing down and pick up
gems V-14, X-12, and Z-14. If at any point you need to return to the top of the
level, it's probably better to use the teleporters than try to climb that
ladder back up; if Trackbot descends the ladder, any of the places you might
go to hide from it are covered in spikes.

Phase down through any of the bricks below you to enter the bottom row of the
level; just stay clear of any Flitzers that might be hanging around. Only get
the Double Tank if you're not planning on coming back this way; hopefully you
won't need it, but it doesn't hurt to play it safe. Phase through blocks as
necessary to clear a safe path to all the gems at the very bottom of the level,
and don't worry about entering the energy drain briefly to pick up gem M-14 or
avoid enemies. Likewise, if you need to escape through a teleporter, go for it;
better to take a little more time backtracking than to throw yourself into
danger unnecessarily.

Once the entire bottom row is devoid of treasure, pick up gems A-14 and A-10,
plus the two gold piles and the fuel tank, being careful not to hit the spikes.
If Trackbot is harassing you, move around the level as needed to draw it away.
At any point from here on out, feel free to grab Z-4 and end the level; the
rest of this section encourages pure greed, so only dedicated treasure hunters
need apply.

Enter the row of energy drains at the bottom of the level and fly up to steel
block I-11. This is the only way into the center of the level, but there are
multiple ways out. Don't phase through the block just yet; wait for Flitzer to
move far enough out of the way for you to enter the room safely. Your fuel will
drain rapidly, but you should have enough to wait a few seconds for an opening.
If you run out of fuel before Flitzer moves out of the way, there should be two
or three fuel tanks scattered around the level yet that you can use to try

As soon as you're in, flip either the red switch or green switch, whichever is
easier to reach. If Flitzer is sufficiently out of the way, rush to the other
side of the room and hit the other switch; otherwise, phase down through the
steel block below you and enjoy some time in the health spa (read: energy
charger). If Flitzer is sufficiently out of the way by the time you're fully
charged, phase back into the room and hit the other switch. Alternately, if
Flitzer is being a nuisance, find the nearest exit (either brick E-12 or Q-13),
phase through it, and enter the area behind whatever barrier you deactivated to
get the spinner and other treasure there. With Flitzer rendered harmless by the
spinner, reenter the center and flip the other switch.

Once both barriers are down, phase down through steel block L-11, and take full
advantage of the energy charger (unless you have a spinner still active, in
which case hurry along to the next room). Wait next to gold coin N-12 until
Spring hits the ground and starts to bounce back up, then fly into the room
with all the coins and vases and start picking up everything you can. You'll
need to loop around to pick up the top few coins that Spring is guarding, and
then quickly fly back up and over before you fall into Spring. After you've
gotten all the treasure you can tolerate, exit the room by phasing down
through brick Q-13 (unless that route is completely unsafe, in which case go
back the way you came in).

Go back and mop up whatever treasure you missed or skipped, ending with gem
Z-4. Strut over to the exit!


 1 |      *       *           | 1
 2 |    * # *   * #      **   | 2
 3 |  * # # # * # #BBBBBB##  1| 3
 4 |$ # # # # # # #++++++#####| 4
 5 |##########################| 5
 6 |                          | 6
 7 |1 BBBB@@RRRR* *GGGGGG* *  | 7
 8 |##b   BRe  r#e#******#e# 2| 8
 9 |#####G####################| 9
10 |br###G### #HHHHHH*HHHHH*#3| 10
11 |          oHHHHHHHH*HHHH#*| 11
12 |2        g#HHHH*HHHHHHHH##| 12
13 |##       ##*H*HHHHHHH*HHo3| 13
14 |##########################| 14
15 |       ###     ###      /\| 15
16 |3# * * * * * * * * * * *||| 16

GENERAL: Ah, good old-fashioned platforming. There's no fuel for your jetpack,
so you'll nee to pull off some serious running and jumping stunts to make it
out of this one. Be patient, watch the enemies carefully, and run like crazy
when it's finally time to move.

SPECIFIC: Jump from one brick pillar to the next, collecting gems as you go.
Be sure to pause before every jump, and don't be afraid to wiggle left and
right as you fall to stifle your momentum if it looks like you're going to
overshoot a platform. Make sure you DO jump, even when you're against the top
of the screen, because you'll only make it as far as a spike pit if you walk
off the edge of a pillar.

Halt when you reach gem O-1. Notice how Steel Ball is constantly activating
and deactivating the blue barrier that forms a bridge across the spikes here.
Also notice how fleetingly the barrier stays on. Your best bet is to keep an
eye on Steel Ball and jump to the right when it has ALMOST reached the blue
switch to turn on the barrier, so that you land just when the barrier comes on.
Immediately jump again to the right so that you're not running across the
barrier when it disappears again. Grab gems V-2 and W-2 when you're safely on
the other side, and go through the teleporter, being mindful of Spring.

Again, wait and watch Steel Ball so you get a feel for the timing of the blue
and red barriers going up and down. If you're not quick and careful, you'll
end up getting smashed by a barrier as it appears. The moment the blue barrier
goes up, jump on top of it and start running across, and jump to the right when
you're about halfway to ensure you make it to the floating solid block
platform. Grab extra life I-8 when Steel Ball is moving to the left of it, then
move right and collect the four gems that are currently accessible between you
and the teleporter, once again being mindful of Spring. Going after the two
remaining extra lives on the map is foolhardy, but if you've collected the
first extra life and all the gems preceding it, you'll end up with a net gain
of one life and a bunch of points if you die going after another life. Nice and
fairly easy infinite life loop if you need it.

Careful not to spontaneously jump for joy as you cross the green barrier; those
spikes above you are lethal from all sides. Go through the teleporter, run
between each pair of Springs when it's safe to do so, and then get into
position to flip the green switch...but don't flip it yet. Consider phasing
through the steel barrier to go after any gems in the ladder section to the
right that are currently unguarded by Flizter; otherwise, you may end up
waiting a long time for another safe window to get them, depending on Flitzer's
movements. Probably better NOT to deal with that section yet, but it's there.

Note that deactivating the green barrier opens up the area above with all those
gems, but it also opens a hole in the floor where Steel Ball will mingle with
the Springs, making the area excessively hazardous to navigate. That's why you
want to time it so that you've only got to dodge Steel Ball ONCE after it drops
down. Flip the switch when Steel Ball is just barely on the right side of the
green barrier below it, heading toward red switch L-8. Move left to the
teleporter as quickly and safely as you can; if you time it right, you should
make it across before Steel Ball arrives. Once through the teleporter, collect
all the gems you missed when the green barrier was up, then return the way you

Now the tough part. And before you ask: no, there is not an easier way to do
this (unless a stunner or shield suddenly appears). You can't jump over a pair
of Springs from this height, so you need to run under them...except Steel Ball
will mow you down if your timing is imperfect. Stand at the edge of the ledge,
to the right of teleporter 2, and wait for the Springs to hit the floor at the
same time that Steel Ball hits the ledge you're standing on. Chase after Steel
Ball as it rolls away, running under the first pair of Springs, then stop in
the middle and jump when Steel Ball returns. Continue jumping in place and
dodging until you have a wide enough opening to run under the second pair of
Springs without getting smooshed. Promptly jump back up to the green switch and
then take a breather!

If there's no Flitzer in the way, phase through the steel barrier and enter the
area with the moving ladders. Pick up all the gems in here before phasing
through the next steel barrier and going through the teleporter; be as patient
as it takes for Flitzer to get out of your way. Don't try to coordinate your
movement with the movement of the ladders; just move vertically, horizontally,
or diagonally in the direction of the gem you want to get, and then keep
holding UP or DOWN to ensure you're pressed against the ceiling or floor when
you need to wait for Flitzer to move.

With the ladder-area gems collected, go through teleporter 3. If you end up at
the bottom of the level, teleport again until you reach gem Z-11, then jump and
hit DOWN while you're in the air to teleport back. When the teleporter drops
you off at the bottom of the level, hop up onto the brick in front of you and
wait for all four Steel Balls to bounce off of the brick you're standing on and
start heading right. Run to the center, around gem L-16 or N-16, then begin to
jump over the Steel Balls as they return. Running jumps, or even jumping in
place and moving a little to the right as you fall, will help give you the
clearance you need to get past each one. Run to the left a little if you're
running out of vertical space. Once all four foes are to your left, dash right
and collect the remaining gems, and stand over the middle of the exit doors. If
Steel Ball happens to flatten you as you're preparing your victory dance,
you'll still make it through the door somehow to win the level!


 1 |                          | 1
 2 |                          | 2
 3 |                          | 3
 4 |                          | 4
 5 |                          | 5
 6 |                          | 6
 7 |                          | 7
 8 |                          | 8
 9 |                          | 9
10 |                          | 10
11 |                          | 11
12 |                          | 12
13 |                          | 13
14 |                          | 14
15 |                          | 15
16 |                          | 16

- 8. Credits and Thanks -

- Thanks to GameFAQs, Neoseeker, and Super Cheats for hosting this, and
GameFAQs in general for accepting my other works!

- Thanks to Adam Pedersen and everybody involved in creating Jetpack!

- The point values of the items and most of the specific names listed in this
document, including the names of items, enemies, and some level objects, came
directly from the help screens within the Jetpack game itself.

- The list of controls was compiled using the help screens within Jetpack as
well as The Official Jetpack Hintbook and The Official Jetpack Manual (which
were also useful in the preparation for writing this), available at:

- For some of the particularly challenging levels in which I struggled to come
up with a truly sound strategy, I consulted The Official Jetpack Hintbook for
inspiration; I did this as sparingly as possible, but ideas taken from there
are credited in the walkthrough itself.

- Inspiration for the presentation of level maps came from Entropic Lobo's FAQ
for Eggerland: Meikyuu no Fukkatsu:

- Inspiration for the legal mumbo-jumbo came from various other FAQs.

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walkthroughs for levels 60-70; cleaned up a few random things.

10/17/12: Pinched myself to make sure I wasn't just dreaming about resurrecting
a three-year-old project. Added walkthroughs for levels 50-60; updated and
overhauled basically every section of the document.

05/14/09: Added walkthroughs for levels 40-49; fixed my color-blindness and
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Tips & Tricks, and Contact Info sections; made a few random tweaks elsewhere.

08/04/08: Added walkthroughs for levels 31-39; added permission for and updated Credits and Thanks section accordingly; put legal
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07/11/08: Added tips & tricks section and walkthroughs for levels 22-30; added
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accordingly. Cleaned up a few random things.

06/18/08: Yay first post! Covered legal mumbo-jumbo, introduction, main menu,
controls, game basics, level objects, enemies, how to use the walkthroughs,
walkthroughs for levels 0-21, version history, and credits.

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