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It's Good to Be the Prince
Hearken back to a time of unbridled passion, harrowing adventure and blood-pumping action. A mystical place where a once humble servant has transformed himself into a 12th century Persian prince. Now faced with his most challenging adventure, the Prince must embark on a perilous journey to rescue his bride and avenge the death of the Sultan.
Remaining true to the original series, Prince of Persia 3D seamlessly combines the fast paced combat of a fighting game with the depth and challenge of a timeless adventure. Its stunning animation and advanced 3D technology return the Prince to his rightful place amongst the legendary characters of gaming history.
Be brave. Be strong. Be smart. Be the Prince.
- Game design and storyline develop in conjunction with legendary series creator Jordan Mechner
- A dozen challenging levels spanning 7 exotic Persian environments
- Over 30 distinct types of enemies stand in your path
- Combat AI adjusts in real-time to test your sword fighting prowess
- Magic potions and arrows allow you to harness mystical powers
- Hundreds of gut wrenching traps lurk around every corner

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