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Reviewed: 01/06/04 | Updated: 07/29/04

Endings! Endings!! ENDINGS!!!

Gloria is an adult anime-like game. For a change of pace, your character is Japanese, but the game itself is NOT set in Japan. You play Kira Akishino, one of the top students at MIT with his buddy Georg Hanson. Both are invited to jobs tutoring the daughters of a wealthy family, and upon arriving discovers that he and Georg are the only men in the house with all the foxy young ladies. By making the right choices, Kira can live happily ever after with one of the girls or lose everything.

What prompted me to give Gloria a chance was that I was told it had nearly ten times as many endings as other anime-like adult games, supposedly nearly fifty, although I haven't and probably won't get around to finding them all. There's tons of variables to considers when building up the affections of your chosen girl.

Besides the huge number of endings, there really isn't that much that separates Gloria from its fellow text/choice-driven adult games. You're a handsome and virile young stallion thrust into a situation where you're surrounded by gorgeous young women who'll be yours forever if you do four or five nice things for them. Sound familiar? Probably does if you're the kind to play this in the first place.

The girls themselves are pretty average for this kind of thing too, with the likes of Etana, the impossibly smart and mature one, Naomi the insatiable party girl, Sicile who is cute but has no self confidence, and Mary as the young one who has a cute naivete and just wants to have fun. You'll probably quickly develop a favorite to pursue, though, and then play again to experiment with what the others are like.

Overall this is an average game. The graphics don't match up to something like Tokimeki Check-in or X-Change, and the atmospheric piano music only works for the first few times you play the game. It also bars mentioning that the save games for Gloria are a bit unstable. I did a system restore once, they were all gone, although the saves for every other game on my computer were still there. I think I sneezed too close to the computer once and they disappeared again another time.

This is worth checking out for you adult gamers out there looking for a little spice to your soup, what with all the different ways the game can turn out. But there isn't much here to fill your gut besides that.

Rating: 7

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