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Reviewed: 12/23/02 | Updated: 12/23/02

How would you think a family with all girls, a woman, and a maid will refresh you up? It'll all depends on you

From my view, This is how Fatal Relationship goes into my mind when I first finish the game: Good artwork, screwed up scene, sick storyline, good graphics and introduction, decent memories after playing the game, and bad morality and influence. Again, forgive me for being so ''moral'' - but playing Adult Anime games may already prove that I'm not, right? Ok ok I'll stop for being so ''fake'' ^_^ Hop on it, let have a review! (note that this game is for 18 and above. So don't say I didn't warn you!)

Fatal Relations is made by C's Ware, though I don't know much, it DO produces good hentai games, but only for some, from what I know, this game, Fatal Relations, is only so-so. Some may like it, some may not, It's all depends on you.

Story is about you are been adopted by a family with no men, only you, because your family died in an accident. So you were luckily ''adopted'' by a rich family that with only a woman, 5 daughters, and a maid. They are all have their own personality and attitude. For instance, a maid who is actually the main female character, who's duty is to serve you, but she's NOT happy and always have a gloomy and sad face. So you would feel weird and want to find out more about her, that's how you decided to stay in this house and pop up to find out more about it. It does have a good introduction and beginning, but if you play it long and going into deeper storyline, the storyline will become sicker and sicker, I won't spoil it for you, but beware this is for your eyes only, take it seriously may influence your mind (I don't know, for me it is.)

You will mostly find this storyline in the Hong Kong drama series, So for Europe and US players, you may find it new, but for Asians (especially Malaysians and Hong Kong citizens, if you cut out the adult scene, it's really nothing special and new, so.......)

Storyline marks given : 5

Graphics and Artwork is what makes the game interesting, drawings of most characters is fine, but not all the name designs are well-matched with the character. But don't really mind it, since it's rarely happen, it's just a minor downside for this game. CG scene is also sick (thanks to the storyline) but nice to watch and the scene is somewhat impressive. But not all are nice, some scene may need more improvement. Character Designs were decent, but overall it's acceptable

Graphics and Artwork marks given : 8

Gameplay is again, scared to say, close to the lowest, since your job is to only click click click, click click click, and you still end up with the same ending. Where else, you just click, and you'll end up going into the same path. Nothing really special, since it's more like ''watching a movie'' rather than ''play a game''.

Gameplay marks given : 2

Music is not much, no variety of songs, maybe around 6-7 songs around, and the song are not really nice to listen, probably around 1-2 songs which are nice to hear, where else you really not interested in those songs, and those songs even annoy you after every second I'm afraid, so it's best to turn off the midi at the sound option. Yeah, I'm helping you to clean your ears, aren't you satisfied?

Music marks given : 4

At last but not least, since you will (or maybe) play this game only ONCE, replay marks is also close to none. But if you replayed the game more than once, you're mostly interested about the story of Fatal Relations, or else it really doesn't matter. Since it has such a sick storyline.
You might only play it once, or at the reverse.....Overall it's up to you to decide.

Replay marks given : 4

As for the end, It's pretty much an average hentai game. Believe it or not, I feel this is a much more or less a so-so hentai game, maybe it's a different point of view for you. For me, at least it's better than Immoral Studies series or Ring out. Yeah that is.........

Ok, that's it, see ya! oh, before I forgot, I would give the overall marks only 5 , a slightly average game, only for your viewing pleasure.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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