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Reviewed: 10/01/01 | Updated: 10/01/01

I'd like to use this 'interactive comic book' as interactive kindling

Plot of the Cyberhead was a game released in 1996 that the developers claimed was 'a refreshing change from the usual video game'. CD Titles, the developer, boasts that they make the games they want children to play. I wouldn't buy this for a child, except maybe for some sort of punishment. No, that's far too cruel.....

Your job is to defeat the Cyberhead, an evil alien that's attempting to take over the earth. You play as the commander of a series of El Paso police officers who man robots travelling trying to defeat the Cyberhead and his cohorts, giant robots with lasers, known as 'Killerbots'. You see, a scientist fed up with society went to a mountain retreat and discovered a way to fuse virtual reality and the 'net. Here he found paradise, and peace. But one day entered the wrong site. He ran into some sort of online alien entity that gained control of him, wouldn't allow him to log off or shut off his VR suit. It began to fill his mind with information, and make him insane. Glitz learned of an alien plot to take over the world using hyper-dimensional tunnels to plot chips and then leave without a trace.
There are also several other side stories thrown in such as one that talks about a marshal that was friends with the characters you control being shot and something about a war between the US and a new country in the future, United Europe, and finally something about a explosion of crime using robotics. But these play no major role in the story, and really detracts from the all ready horrid game play, because it just makes things more confusing.
Also the story is told through a combination of ugly and annoying animations, and it's not done through the story. You have to choose story from the main menu. Also if you want to know more (and get some very vague game play hints) you better read the Journals and Reports section....which consists of one journal and one report. Overall the story is very interesting, but it's so confusing and you have to take the time to piece it all together, and many people just don't have that kind of patience.

Game Play
You control a team of women specially trained to use robotic suits to defend against aliens and criminals who use similar suits. You travel through hyper-dimensional tunnels until you come to a tower. Then you choose left or right. Guess the correct way to go and you continue. If you don't then it's game over, just like that. As you can imagine this can get very frustrating. And when you do make it to a tower you have to place in a code to shut off the enemy blocking your way. The dates are based on important times in history, such as when a comet hit Jupiter, or the fall of the Berlin Wall. If you read the journal all those important dates are listed. But again you never really know which date to guess, and if you guess wrong too many times, you guessed it, game over. Not only that, the game is ridiculously short. You can get to the 3rd and final tower in 5 minutes. But don't expect to beat the final boss. His code is based not on any date listed in the journal (yes, I checked them all to make sure). In the end not only is this game boring, and short, it's relies nearly entirely on luck.

Everything is done using a small calculator-like keypad. You click a left or right button to choose directions and when entering a code you press the number you wish to enter. Everything is done with the mouse, you'll never need your keyboard. This keeps things simple, but somewhat boring.

The graphics have a great range of bad to worse. There are ugly and un-detailed 3D animations, uglier pixelated comics and small and horribly over-shadowed live action videos. Once you get into the game itself the graphics are (barely) tolerable, but the story section, which takes longer to read than playing through the game, is horribly ugly.

There is basically one tune, which you will here over and over from the title screen on, at least until you begin to play the actual game portion of this so-called 'Interactive comic book'. It's not bad, actually it's quite catchy. But not so catchy I want to hear it that much.

Sound Effects
The sound effects are actually fairly impressive. The voice acting is decent, and the aliens have a great foreign feel to them. Some sounds, such as a Killerbot running, are horribly over exaggerated, but overall the effects are the one tolerable part of the game.
The only problem is that sometimes the blaring music will, for some odd reason, play during the voice acting, making it impossible to here. However this is a rare occurrence.

Overall, decent sound effects accompanied with mediocre music can't save this game with horribly flawed game play and almost as bad graphics. This game tries to do too much at once and doesn't really get any of it right.

Rating: 1

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