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FAQ by Modena81

Version: 1.10 | Updated: 06/26/03


           FA Premier League Manager 2002


Game Copyright: EA Sports, an Electronic Arts brand
FAQ Version 1.10 (10/06/2003) 
Copyright 2003 Vadim Deylgat
Author: Modena81
E-Mail: Franchises2003@hotmail.com

This FAQ may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.


I. A word from the Author

II. Version History

III. Tips and hints

     1) Tips for use of the database editor
     2) Bugs and glitches
     3) Transfer Tips
     4) Facility Development
     5) Stadium Development
     6) General Tips
     7) Team Management (Coming in through the main gate)
     8) Team Management (Starting small)

IV. Contact and Contributing

I. A word from the author

I was shocked to find that no one had written a FAQ for this game. I admit
there are some harder soccer managing sims out there, but some tips can't hurt.
I have filled this FAQ with my knowledge I gathered from playing this game for
over a year. When I discover some new things or I get contributions from other
gamers, I'll write an update. 
This is still a work in progress. For those who want to contribute or comment 
on this FAQ, see section III at the bottom. Any contributors will get
mentioned in a next version of this FAQ.
One more thing. English isn't my native language, so there bound to be some
gramatical mistakes my spelling corrector didn't pick up. If there are any 
comments concerning the language or grammar, send me an e-mail and I'll make
the proper corrections for the next version.

II. Version History

1.00 (09/05/2003)
- First version with my basic knowledge of this game.

1.10 (10/06/2003)
- Added a new trigger for the "fast regressing player".
- Added a lot of names under "transfer tips" of players with a bright future.
- Added a top 5 for most the common positions on the field and for strikers
  a top 10.
- 3 new bugs: "speedy Gonzales", "too young, but too fast" and "no more talent"

III. Tips and Hints

1) Tips for use of the database editor

- You can change every rating of every player, but be aware that the higher a
  players rating is, the higher his salary will be at the start of a new game.
  You need to keep this in mind when improving the ratings of a lower division
  team. The salary cost might be too high for the team to support.

- You can change the starting budget of any managable team, but this holds some
  risks too. The higher the budget, the higher the expectations will be from
  your team. When chosing an objective, you also have to achieve a certain
  bank balance. This will be your starting budget + about 15%. When you change
  the budget for a division 3 team to 30 million, you'll get say 25 million
  for achieving your first objective (e.g. winning the current league) and 
  you will need a bank balance of 28 million at the end of that contract.
  You can not buy top class players and win division AND earn millions. This
  can get you fired.

- What you could do when starting with a lower division team is raising the
  ratings of one or a few players so you start the game with some 80+ or 90+
  players and then sell them for hard currency. Use that money for the 60+ or
  70+ players you need to promote to the higher divisions. This way you can
  bypass the money issues at the end of the season, keep your salary structure
  healthy and get some decent players.

- Increasing the size of your stadium is also an option, but don't bother with
  giving a Division two team a 75.000 seat stadium, because the starting
  number of active fans won't be affected and you'll end up with lots of
  maintenance costs and a small attendance. You could start a game with the
  team of your choice, have a look at the active supporters and increase the
  seating to your active supporter number + about 2000 (for away supporters).
  Then start the game again with a close to optimal stadium size.

2) Bugs and glitches

My general impression is that the glitches become more frequent after some
years of managing, but this is by no means a given fact.

- "The instant kill"
   This bug has hit me almost every time I started a new game. In one of the
   first games of the season a player will get a serious injury (often knee or
   thigh) and no matter how fast you try to build a medical centre, this
   player will see his career ended. This is no fun at all when this happens
   to your star player (I've lost David Beckham in my first game I started to
   this bug). Sometimes this doesn't happen, but there is no real way of 
   avoiding this bug. The only advice I can give on this one is twofold. First,
   when signing the insurance, take the full package at the start of your first
   season, include retirements. This way you can compensate for the player's
   value. Second, save after every game your team played. If a player get's
   that expected injury, restart from your last save. Do this a few times to
   make sure the injury will happen over and over in that one game. The moment
   won't change, but the player that gets injured will change. Only save when
   it happens to a player you can miss.

- Predeterminded games
   For those of you who have re-loaded a game because they found a result
   unfair and wanted another chance, the predetermined game won't be new.
   Some games, no matter how often you play them have the same result and even
   the same course of events. The most striking example I personally
   experienced was a game between my first division team versus Manchester
   City. I replayed that game 15 times and every time the same player scored at
   exactly the same moment. I changed startegy and field positions, but it
   wasn't untill I changed some individual orders that the game had a different
   outcome. You have to make up your own mind if restarting a game is cheating
   or not, but sometimes the computer decides you just won't win a game and 
   you will never know if you don't restart. Besides the final score of a game,
   an injury can also be predetermined and no matter how often you simulate a
   certain game, there will almost always be one player with a serious injury.

- Not quite reaching your objectives
   This is a tricky one. When you have the objective to win the current league
   and you are not in the Premier League, coming in second is a real pain in
   the ass. Promoting won't do, you need to win a league, so you either have to
   win the higher division you promoted to or relegate and win the lower
   division. Of course, relegating can cost you your job and winning the league
   you just promoted to in two years isn't a piece of cake. If you feel you
   won't be able to win the current league, but you can promote, let your team
   slide back down and try again the next year. Unless you are sure you can win
   the division above in two years time.

- The unsignable player
   Sometimes when a player's contract comes to an end, there isn't an option to
   offer a contract and the players stays on the transfer list, waiting for a
   team. I had it happen once to a player whose contract was coming to an end.
   I got an e-mail saying his contract was nearly up and asking me to resign
   him. I answered the e-mail, but the player wouldn't accept my offer, 
   saying that he had already signed for an other team. Yet he stayed on the
   transfer list, without an option to offer him a contract. And when I say 
   that he stayed on the transfer list, I mean he stayed there for years.

- The fast regressing player
   This bug appears sometimes when you have to play a lot of games in a short
   time and your players don't get a chance to train. I've seen Buffon go from
   94 to 77 in three weeks time once. You can imagine that got me a little
   worried. Why he went down and my other players didn't, even though they too
   played two games per week, is a mystery. I've seen the same thing happen to
   Thierry Henry. He regressed, even after I had him train individually. The
   difference between these two examples however is that once Buffon had time 
   to train again, he went back to a 94 rating in one week, Henry never 
   recovered and in the end I sold him to a Greek team.
   The lesson from all of this is not to panic if a player's rating goes down
   due to a lack of training. Most of the time he will go back to his normal
   rating once he gets time to train.
   Another time this bug might appear is when a player is on international
   duty. Some of them return with a considerable lower rating.

- Speedy Gonzales
   When viewing a match in 3D mode, sometimes a player from the opposition
   will take off from his own half and race to your goal to score, without
   ever giving your defenders a chance to tackle him. His speed will be double
   or three times faster than the average playing speed.

- Too young, but too fast
   This happens after a few years, when you have a lot of youth players. Your
   youth team manager will send e-mails, asking you to promote some players,
   but this will not be at the regular time (end of the season), nor will the
   players be 17 years old, but rather 15 or 16. These are some kids with a 
   lot more room for improvement, but the youth team manager will insist on
   promoting them to the first team.

- No more talent
   If you promote all your youth players after the first season, there's a big
   chance that you won't have any new youth players next season and there is
   also a possibility that you'll never receive any youth players any more. 
   This glitch isn't a certainty, but it happens quite often.

3) Transfer Tips

- There are some golden nuggets out there and lot's of gamers have found these
  by themselves. Two well-known gems are:
    - Marco Bergani, Striker
    - Dimitar Balabonov, Central Defender
  Just type in their names in player search screen if you haven't heard from
  them yet and you'll know why they are made of pure gold. You do need lots
  of money to buy them, but after a few years they tend to pop up under a
  Bosman opening and you could offer them a contract.

- Other tips when using the default rosters:

  a) Goalkeepers:
     - Sebastien Frey, Parma
     - Mickael Landreau, Nantes
     - Iker Casillas, Real Madrid
     - Paul Robinson, Leeds United

  b) Defenders:
     - Tadas Grazhunas, CD/SW, Rostselmash
     - Ledley King, CD/SW, Tottenham
     - Chris Doig, CD/RB, Nottingham Forest
     - Gabriel Milito, RB/LB/CD, Bu. Aires

  c) Midfielders:
     - Dejan Bojinov, CM, Dobrich
     - Seth Johnson, LM/LWB/DM, Derby
     - Paul Ivanov, DM/RM, Belasitsa
     - Massimo Donati, CM/RM, Milan
     - Antonio Cassano, AM/RW/ST

  d) Attackers:
     - Allan Delon, CF/ST/AM, Vitoria
     - Mark Burchill, ST/CF, Celtic
     - Hassan Ahamada, ST/LW/RW, SPVGG U'Haching
     - Dimitri Kirichenko, ST/CF, Rostselmash
     - Roman Adamov, ST/CF, Rostselmash
     - Alberto Gilardino, ST/CF, Verona
     - Laurent Silva Da Cruz, ST, Monaco

  (More to come in updates of this FAQ, send me your tips too!)

- The absolutely superb players (the top 5 players for the most common
  positions on the field and a top 10 for strikers).
  Name, team, rating and age. If you start with a big team, here are the
  best players money can buy. The further you progress in the game, the more
  this list will become obselete and other stars will emerge.
  A) Goalkeepers
     - Buffon, Juventus, 90, 23
     - Barthez, Man Utd, 89, 30
     - Kahn, Bayern Munchen, 86, 32
     - Martyn, Leeds Utd, 85, 34
     - Nigmatullin, Lokomotiv, 83, 26

  B) Central Defenders
     I placed Balabonov on top, but he's almost impossible to buy, way too
     expensive for almost any team at the beginning of the game. Most of the
     time he does appear under a Bosman ruling after about 4 years.
     - Balabonov, Dobrich, 99, 22
     - Hyypia, Liverpool, 88, 27
     - Stam, Man Utd, 87, 28
     - Campbell, Arsenal, 85, 26
     - Nesta, Lazio, 83, 25

  C) Right backs
     - Babbel, Liverpool, 87, 28
     - Cafu, Roma, 86, 31
     - Thuram, Juventus, 85, 29
     - Zanetti, Inter, 83, 27
     - Gary Neville, Man Utd, 81, 26

  D) Left Backs
     - Roberto Carlos, Real Madrid, 84, 28
     - Iuliano, Juventus, 83, 27
     - cannavaro, Parma, 82, 27
     - Silvinho, Arsenal, 81, 27
     - Hreidarson, Ipswich, 80, 26

  E) Centre Midfielders
     - Zidane, Real Madrid, 92, 28
     - Nedved, Juventus, 85, 28
     - Seedorf, Inter, 84, 25
     - Titov, S. Moscow, 84, 25
     - Hamann, Liverpool, 84, 27

  F) Right Midfielders
     - Figo, Real Madrid, 92, 28
     - Beckham, Man Utd, 87, 26
     - Luis Enrique, Barcelona, 81, 31
     - Conceicao, Inter, 80, 26
     - Gattuso, Milan, 79, 22

  G) Left Midfielders
     - Giggs, Man Utd, 84, 27
     - Overmars, Barcelona, 82, 28
     - Gronkjaer, Chelsea, 80, 23
     - Coco, Milan, 80, 24
     - Zambrotta, Juventus, 79, 24

  H) Attacking Midfielders
     - Rui Costa, Milan, 87, 29
     - Denilson, Betis, 86, 24
     - Totti, Roma, 85, 24
     - Scholes, Man Utd, 85, 26
     - Nakata, Parma, 83, 24

  I) Attackers
     Ronaldo and Raul are in the game, but under a different name. It's easy
     to modify the names of these players. Ronaldo is with Inter Milan and
     Raul with Real Madrid of course. The will be the unknown strikers with
     very high ratings.
     - Ronaldo, Inter, 89, 24
     - Vieri, Inter, 87, 27
     - Henry, Arsenal, 86, 23
     - Raul, Real Madrid, 86, 24
     - Kluivert, Barcelona, 86, 25
     - Larson, celtic, 86, 28
     - Bergani, Cobreloa, 85, 20
     - Owen, Liverpool, 85, 21
     - Shevchenko, Milan, 85, 24
     - Van Nistelrooy, Man Utd, 85, 25

- Keep an eye on the Eufa Cup and the Champions League. Be on the lookout
  for unlikely teams. When you spot a team that you wouldn't expect, take
  a look at their roster, they might have a few players you can use.

- If you buy a non-EU player and you play him regularly for three years, he
  will get EU status.

- Bringing a non-EU player to England will increase his value just because he
  will be playing in a thougher competition. In any case' you should be able to
  get a nice profit when you sell the player.

- Do not loan a player you intend on buying during the next transfer period.
  Why not? If you loan that player, his ratings will go up in case you have
  a training facility (which you should have very early on!). That player will
  thus become more expensive for you to buy.

- The Bosman ruling really kicks in at the third year. Lots of players will
  hit the market that are available without a transfer fee. However, plan
  carefully. You have to pay the signing fees before a new finnacial period
  starts. If You have to cough up 7 million in signing fees and you only have
  4 million over the financial target, you will end you financial year with
  a big hole in the budget. Not reaching your financial objective will get you
  an angry e-mail from the chairman. Falling millions short can get you fired.

- Beware of players on the transfer list who are injured for a long time.
  (Longer than 10 weeks) If you have a medical centre and a doctor, you will
  be warned for risky transfers, but if you do not have a doctor to give you
  advice, then you might be better off buying the lower rated player who does
  have a good condition.

4) Facility Development

General advice:

- Don't build to close to your stadium, so you have room to upgrade your
  stadium. A friend of mine surrounded his stadium with facilities and
  found himself boxed in when he wanted to expand his stadium.

- Start with a medical centre, so you can hire a doctor. This greatly
  reduces the risk of a career ending injury.

- Your second priority is a training centre. Now you can hire a good coach
  to get your players'ratings up.


a) Medical Centre: A first priority for long-term management. Speeds recovery
   of injured players and reduces the risk of career ending injuries. Upgrade
   this falility when you can afford it or really need it.

b) Training Centre: A second priority and essential if you want to develop
   your players. Upgrade this facility as soon as possible when you have the
   resources. And be sure to get the best coach out there to train your guys.

c) School of Excellence: To improve the quality of your own youth players.
   A pretty good investment, but very much on the long term. If you can spare
   the money, upgrade the School as quickly as possible to get the maximum out
   of the local talent.

d) Clubhouse: Cheap, only one level and attracts more active fans. Put it as
   close to the stadium as possible, without hindering future stadium
   development. Not quite necessary for big clubs, but a great help for the
   little teams.

e) Sports Shop: Increases income from merchandising. Is well worth the 
   investment, but it all depends on the number of supporters that attend the

f) Car Park: If your stadium is packed for every home game, you don't need it.
   Only interesting if you can't seem to fill your stadium.

g) Hotel: Consider building a Hotel only when you are a regular contender in
   European competitions. Attracts more away supporters when the visiting team
   is from abroad. Even for big clubs this is the lowest priority facility.

5) Stadium Development

- When an upgrade to your stadium is complete, go to tickets and change the
  visiting team seats a bit. If you do not do this, the upgrade of the stadium
  will not affect the attendance. If you do a major upgrade, you'll have to
  allocate more seats for the visiting team (about 1/7th of the full stadium

- Take a look at your teams info page before you decide to expand your 
  Stadium. How many active fans do you have? This number goes up slowly if
  your team performs well, but there's no need to have a 60.000 seat stadium
  when you only have 30.000 active fans.

- When you have decided to expand the stadium, take a look at the calendar
  and see when your last home game of the season is. Start construction right
  after that last home game, thus limiting the number of matches you have to
  miss that part of the stadium. Of course, this does not apply when you build
  a new stand where there was none before (e.g. in corners with only lights).

- Expand the stadium in little steps, increasing the seats by a few thousand
  at a time. Expanding the stadium by 15.000 seats at a time might leave you
  with 10.000 empty seats during home games. Even when you play every home
  game for a full stadium, upgrade in small steps.

6) General Tips

- Do not try to rush things. If it takes you two seasons to get your team into
  the higher division, so be it. If you try to rush things by buying players 
  like mad, you will create some major money issues down the road.

- Don't be cheap on support staff. Sign the best trainer, doctor or scout
  there is, these investments pay off in the long term.

- If you do not use the auto-training option, check on the training settings
  at least once every two weeks. Players returning from injury won't resume
  training if you don't put them back on the training shedule.
  Auto-training takes some workload of your back, but the downside is that
  your players keep training on the same skills week after week.

- If you put aggression all the way down, your players will hardly get any
  cards, but it shouldn't affect the performance of your defense. (This is a
  tip I received from another Gamefaqs member and I haven't tried it out yet,
  so I can't confirm if your defense doesn't give up more goals this way.)

7) Team Management (Coming in through the main gate)

What I mean by "coming through the main gate" is starting with a team like
Manchester United, Arsenal, Real Madrid, Juventus or Bayern Munich. There is
no great challenge in coaching Man United to a Champions League win in this
game. You start with world class players, a ton of money, a big stadium and
lot's of loyal supporters. However, there are some guidelines you should
keep in mind.

- You have lot's of money, but don't spend it all at once. Don't start by
  buying Ronaldo, just because you want him. Do you need him? Are you prepared
  to sell another player later on to achieve your financial objective? If you
  start a game with a big team, go training first, then you can go shopping.

- If you really want a great player, check out the list of top 5 players in
  the transfer section of this guide. Keep in mind that some of these players
  aren't that young anymore, so when building a team for the future, buy the
  mid 20's rather than the late 20's players.

- Start by building facilities and pitch upgrades, you can afford them and
  your team will benefit greatly.

- Try to find a balance between young talent and more mature effeciency. You
  could theoretically build a team with only 90+ rating players, but these
  players will be in their late twenties and early thirties. Do not forget to
  plan for the future by giving your youth players playing time or skimming
  the market for the next Ronaldo.

- If you are a genuine contender for the championship or a European cup, don't
  put a lot of effort in the domestic cup(s). Don't tire your best players in
  a chase for yet another trophy, you could be left with no trophy at all at
  the end of the season. Play the domestic cup(s) with your reserves and 
  younger players so that they get a chance to show their potential. This
  advice is not relevant when your objective is to win a domestic cup or to do
  a "double" or "treble".

8) Team Management (Starting small)

Starting small, here's the real challenge, get a 3rd division team in the
Premiership and then win it. Or try to win the Champions League with an Italian
second division team. You start with less supporters, average (or just plain
bad) players, and a real tight budget. If you want to try this, here's some

- If you have players of similar quality, but one is younger, start the youth.
  There is more room for progression with the young players (well, duh!) and
  they could carry your team for more years to come. Starting at the bottom of
  the ladder means long term planning is a necessity.

- There are some real bargains to be made in Eastern Europe, and later on you
  can either sell them with a nice profit or take them with you on your way

- After three to four years there are a lot of Bosman bargains. Here's a cheap
  way of getting some middle class players that can help you enter the Premier
  League or form the basis to avoid relegation the first year at the top.
  Be aware however that signing players under a Bosman ruling is like
  shopping with a credit card. You can buy lots of guys and you only have to
  pay at the end of the season. Make sure you have a surplus at the end of the
  year to pay for all the signing fees of your new players.

- When you reach the Premier League, you will get a lot more offers for your
  star players. Don't be tempted into selling the foundations of your team.
  What good does a 40 million account do when you have only mediocre players
  left? You can sell some top players and try to replace them by home grown
  talent or buy some lower rated players.

- Cup competitions are a good source of extra money if you can get far or draw
  a big team, but they also put an extra load on your players. Sometimes it
  just isn't worth tiring your players in an attempt to upset for instance
  Arsenal in the F.A. cup.
  "Winning a domestic cup" can be an interesting objective to pursue, this is
  especially true when coaching in England. Almost every division has a cup
  competition and almost every team has a chance to win a cup. The Conference
  cup should be doable for every conference team. The Challenge Shield can be
  won by any third or second division team. First division teams should focus
  on the League cup or if they are really talented, try for the F.A. Cup.

IV. Contact and Contributing

For questions, comments or contributions, there's only one address:


If you make a valuable addition to this FAQ, you'll get your name in it.
The people that have made a significant contribution to this FAQ are
(in gamefaqs user names):
 -Lee Jing

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