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    FAQ/Move List by CBlaney

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 07/03/96 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                    --- CBlaney's WWW Pages ---
            Written by Chris Blaney (LEAM18A@prodigy.com)
                    Last Updated 7/03/96  Revision 1.3
            >>>NEW FOR REVISION 1.3<<<
            New secrets from EGM2 #25
    Running Body Press: 360+K (outside sweep)
    Double German Suplex: 360+K (close)
    Spinning Pile Driver: 360+P (close)
    Glowing Backhand: F,D,DF+P
    Spinning Lariat: All P or All K
    Super Flying Fist: QCF,QCF+K
    Super Atomic Blaster: 360,360+P (close)
    Fireball: QCF+P
    Medium Fireball: QCF+P,P
    Large Fireball: QCF+P,P,P
    Uppercut: F,D,DF+P
    Hurricane Kick: QCB+K
    Super Vacuum Fireball: QCF,QCF+P
    Super Vacuum Hurricane Kick: QCB,QCB+K
    Super Rising Uppercut Wave: F,D,DF,F,D,DF+P
    Baton Spin: QCF+P
    Backward Spin: QCB+P, then tap P to attack
    Forward Spin: All P, then tap P to attack
    Knife Throw: F,D,DF+K, then tap K to throw knife
    Wall Attack: QCB+K, then tap K or P to attack
    Super Fire Raid: QCB,QCB+P
    Super Hanging Attack: QCF,QCF+K
    Teleport: F,D,DF+All P or All K or B,D,DB+All P or All K
    Yoga Flame: HCB+P
    Yoga Air Flame: HCB+K
    Ground Slide: D+K
    Yoga Fire: QCF+P
    Head Drill: D+FP in air
    Feet Drill: D+K in air
    Super Yoga Blast: QCF,QCF+P
    Super Yoga Throw: QCF,QCF+K
    Mantis Fighting Style: All P
    Mantis Fury: Tap P repeatedly
    Mantis Kick Uppercut: F,D,DF+K, then K repeatedly
    Crane Fighting Style: All K
    Crane Dive: D 2 sec. U+K
    Crane Roll: B 2 sec. F+P
    Crane Wall Dive: D 2 sec. U+K, tap D,U when flying off wall
    Super Mantis Charge: QCF,QCF+P
    Super Crane Throw: F,D,DF,F,D,DF+K
    Jaguar Kick: D,DF+K
    Front Kick: DF+K
    Jaguar Tooth: HCB+K
    Jaguar Knee: F,D,DF+K
    Super Jaguar Kick: QCF,QCF+K
    Super Jaguar Breed Assault: QCF,QCF+P
    Diving Kick: D+FK in air
    Overhead Chop: F+SP
    Spin Kick: F+FK
    Fireball: QCF+P
    Red Fireball: F,DF,D+P
    Air Fireball: QCF+P in air
    Hurricane Kick: QCB+K
    Dragon Punch: F,D,DF+P
    Forward Roll: QCB+P
    Air Roll: D,DF,F,UF+P or K
    Teleport: F,D,DF+All P or All K or B,D,DB+All P or All K
    Super Rising Dragon Wave: QCF,QCF+P
    Super Vacuum Fireball: HCB,HCB+P
    Super Aerial Vacuum Fireball: QCF,QCF+P in air
    Body Slam: DF,D,DB,B,UB+K
    Head-Butt Charge: B 2 sec. F+P
    Turn-Around Head-Butt: Hold any 2 P or K then release
    Chain Grab: DF,D,DB,B,UB+P
    Super Leaping Chain Grab: QCF,QCF+P or K
    Super Mega Head-Butt Rush: B 2 sec. F,B,F+P
            M. BISON
    Demon Flight: D 2 sec. U+P
    Slide: DF+RK
    Scissors Kick: B 2 sec. F+K
    Psycho Aura: B 2 sec. F+P
    Demon Stomp: D 2 sec. U+K
    Teleport: F,D,DF+All P or All K or B,D,DB+All P or All K
    Super Psycho Crusher: B 2 sec. F,B,F+P
    Super Knee Press: B 2 sec. F,B,F+K
    Sonic Boom: B 2 sec. F+P
    Jumping Back-Kick: F+FK or B+FK
    Charging Slide-Kick: F+RK or B+RK
    Flash Kick: D 2 sec. U+K
    Super Somersault Justice: DB 2 sec. DF,DB,U+K
    Super Sonic Blade: B 2 sec. F,B,F+P
    Super Crossfire Blitz: B 2 sec. F,B,F+K
    Fireball: QCF+P
    Heel Kick: D+FK in air
    Knee Flip: DF+RK
    Split Kick: HCB+K
    Lightning Kick: Tap K repeatedly
    Vertical Spin Kick: D 2 sec. U+K
    Super Vert Kick: DB 2 sec. DF,DB,U+K
    Super Thousand-Burst Kick: B 2 sec. F,B,F+K
    Super Power Storm: QCF,QCF+P
    Gale Kick: QCB+K
    Fireball: QCF+P
    Dragon Punch: F,D,DF+P
    Super Fury Kick: QCB,QCB+K
    Super Vacuum Fireball: QCF,QCF+P
    Super Rising Dragon Wave: QCF,QCF+K
    Dashing Elbow: QCB+P
    Overhead Slam: F+SP
    Elbow Drop: D+SP in air
    Bushido Running Slide Kick: QCF,FK,FK
    Bushido Running Stop: QCF,SK,SK
    Bushido Short Jump Kick: QCF,RK,RK
    Bushido Leap: QCF+P,P
    Rising Spin Kick: QCB+K
    Super Bushido Rage: QCF,QCF+K
    Super Bushido Jump: QCF,QCF+P
    Dragon Punch: F,D,DF+P
    Overhead Axe Kick: F+FK
    Ground Roll: QCB+P
    Fireball: QCF+P
    Hurricane Kick: QCB+K
    Super Rising Dragon Wave: QCF,QCF+P
    Super Vertical Dragon Wave: QCF,QCF+K
    Cape Charge: QCF+K
    Slide Kick: DF+FK
    Soul Spark: DB,D,DF,F+P
    Soul Reflect (Absorb): QCB+JP
    Soul Reflect (Horizontal): QCB+SP
    Soul Reflect (Diagonal Up): QCB+FP
    Soul Catch: F,D,DF+P
    Super Aura Soul Catch: QCF,QCF+P
    Super Aura Soul Spark: QCB,QCB+P
    Super Soul Illusion: QCF,QCF+K
    Fireball: QCF+P
    Overhead Punch: F+SP
    Spin Kick: F+FK
    Hurricane Kick: QCB+K
    Dragon Punch: F,D,DF+P
    Super Vacuum Fireball: QCF,QCF+P
    Super Vacuum Hurricane Kick: QCB,QCB+K
    Tiger Crush: F,D,DF+K
    Low Tiger Shot: QCF+K
    High Tiger Shot: QCF+P
    Tiger Claw: F,D,DF+P
    Super Tiger Cannon: QCF,QCF+P
    Super Tiger Genocide: QCF,QCF+K
    Super Tiger Raid: QCB,QCB+K
    Carpet Bomb: D,DF,F,UF+K
    Slide Kick: D+RK
    Jitte Slice: QCF+P
    Power Bomb: D,DF,F,UF+P
    Super Mega Jitte Slice: QCF,QCF+P
    Super Mega Power Bomb: 360,360+P
    At Player Select screen
    Hold Start and move cursor over Chun-Li
    Leave cursor on Chun-Li for 5 seconds
    Press the following buttons for these colors
    Any P: Blue   All P: Green   Any K: Pink   All K: Black
    Can only be done in 2 Player Mode
    At Player Select screen
    Either player press and hold Start
    Move cursor to Sagat, leave it there for 5 seconds
    Go to any character, release Start, and press any button
    Do the same code as above but use Bison instead of Sagat
    Go to Ryu and hold Start for 1 second
    Then go to Adon, Akuma, Adon, and back to Ryu
    Press and hold Start then press any button
    His moves are the same as Ryu's
    Dragon Punch hits 3 times
    Demon Super: QP,QP,F,QK,FP
    Go to Dhalsim and hold Start for 1 second
    Then go to Zangief, Sagat, Charlie, and back to Dhalsim
    Hold Start and press any button
    Yoga Fire: QCF+P
    Yoga Flame: HCF+P
    Win 6 straight rounds
    Finish each round with a Super or Custom Combo
    You will speak with your mid-boss then fight him/her
    Ryu-Sakura        Gen-SF2 Chun-Li   Rose-Akuma
    Adon-M. Bison     Sakura-Sagat      Sodom-Ken
    Chun-Li-Gen       Rolento-Sodom     Sagat-Adon
    Guy-Rose          Zangief-Birdie    Akuma-Ryu
    Ken-Dan           Charlie-Rolento   M. Bison-Ryu
    Dhalsim-Zangief   Birdie-Dhalsim    Dan-Guy
    F-Forward  B-Back  U-Up  D-Down
    P-any Punch button  K-any Kick button
    JP-Jab Punch  SP-Strong Punch  FP-Fierce Punch
    SK-Short Kick  FK-Forward Kick  RK-Roundhouse Kick
    ch-Charge for 2 seconds     /-or
    Alpha Counter: B,DB,D+K or B,DB,D+P
    Super Combo: Super bar must be at least Level 

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