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Walkthrough by TLRodriguez

A Prodigy Chocolate Chips File Library *Exclusive*

This file is freeware. It may be copied and freely distributed
as long as it remains intact and unaltered.

"Hugo 4":  Nitemare 3-D for Windows 3.1 and Windows 95

Partial Walkthrough (Game Solution) plus hints

File info: 4 pages, 8k, 1,650 words

Worked up on the easiest of the 3 difficulty levels.

By: Tony Luis Laws-Rodriguez, Age 12

Email: PAUM88A@prodigy.com

The Hugo Trilogy of shareware games is considered a classic.
Solve the puzzles and Hugo and his beloved, Penelope, can
prevail through another adventure.

Hugo Nitemare 3-D, affectionately called Hugo 4 by its admirers,
continues the theme, but with a whole new interface. If you
liked Wolfenstein 3-D, you'll like this colorful, fast-acting
game of suspense.

This partial walkthrough of the first 5 of the ten levels of
Hugo 4, was written by Tony Laws-Rodriguez, a 6th grader from
Oklahoma. It also contains useful hints for levels 6 through 10,
including the final battle with Dracula. If you get stuck, and
many adults do, just use as few or as many of these hints and
tips as you like, to get you going again.

You can find all 4 of the Hugo shareware games (plus Hugo
Nitemare 3-D for DOS) and a complete all-in-one walkthrough for
Hugo 1, 2, and 3 at the free Prodigy Chocolate Chips File
Library. Just jump FILE LIB. If you need free Prodigy software
and trial time, call 800-prodigy.


*Level 1*

Save game every few minutes in case you get killed. Read the
game directions first.

The space bar finds hidden walls you can walk through.

At the beginning, turn around and push the spacebar on your
keyboard at the bookshelf.

Once you have killed the mummy and the bat, leave the hidden

Go through the hall until you turn. After you see a bat and
reach the middle of the room, turn sideways, and open the

Turn at the first turn in the hall you see next and then turn
right at the end of the end of the hall.

Walk past the two tables and turn right. Go upstairs, turn
right, and get the RED KEY.

Go back down stairs, open the door and get the ID CARD.

Go up in the elevator and open the door with your ID card to
reach Level 2.

*Level 2*

Push on one of the bookcase with spacebar. You'll see 4 rooms.

Go into the room that is all red except for the one white panel
at the back of the room (not the kitchen.)

Skip the first 3 turns. On the fourth turn, there is a safe.

In the fifth room, there is a board with lines on it. Push
spacebar on the board and the combination will appear.

Use the combination (333) to open the safe and get the ID CARD.

Go to the kitchen and turn right. Shoot wall with berries, go
down the hall and then into the center area. You'll find a room
with skeletons.

Go to the corner of the room, take the path  and shoot the door
at the end of the path. Keep shooting and going through doors
and rooms and skeletons until you find the GREEN KEY.

You'll go through a series of 4 exploding walls, end up in a
long room with 2 exploding walls at each end, and you'll go
through the wall on the right. There are 3 exploding walls in
there and an exploding wall on the left that leads to the room
with the green key.

Go back to where you found the ID card , but go all the way to
the end and turn left.

Go up the stairs. Open the door in front of you with the key.
The open the door with your card.

*Level 3*

After you kill the witch, there is a wall behind her.

Push spacebar at the bookcase to go into a room.

Go through the curtains in the middle, open more curtains, go
through those halls, and turn right. Turn right into another
hall to find the GREEN KEY.

Go back to the room with doors.

Go through the curtain in the corner and down the stairs.

Leave the kitchen through the sliders and then turn left.

Shoot the wall. Go through the long hall, turn right and shoot.

Go straight, turn right in the corner of the room and get the
small yellow ID CARD.

Leave the garden and then the kitchen and then go upstairs using
stairs or elevator.

In that room, go to the last door on the left, and open it.

In the tie room, push spacebar on the back wall.

Go through the hall to the path made of blocks. Get on the right
side of the blocks and push them aside. Use your ID card on the
door in t he corner of the room you find next.

*Level 4*

Turn around and go backwards. Turn right, kill the witches, and
then go forward.

Take two left turns, kill a witch, then turn right.

If you go forward, you'll see a big opening. Go in, turn right
and down the long hall.

When you turn, you'll see another hall. Go to the end of that,
and then into another hall.

Keep going! Another right turn should lead to some paths. Go to
the one on the top left. Turn right, and follow the pathway.

Go straight until you reach another path. On your right side,
there is a skeleton, and behind it is the combination to your
safe (01532).

Inside the safe is a red key. Go back the way you came until you
find the room with four tables.

Go to the room at the bottom right and enter the hall in front
of you.

Go to the door at the back- or right- side. Go through the halls
and then through the sliding doors to a wall of berry bushes.

Shoot them. Two doors will appear. Go to the one on the right
and shoot the door in front of you.

You will see a room with a key in it. Get the KEY.

Shoot the door to your side, but don't go in.

Leave the room the way you came in, shoot the door on your left
but don't go in.

Leave the garden and go through the hall. Open the door, go to
your right and go to the closest door.

Go through that door, up the stairs and to the 3rd floor. Open
the door and kill the monsters.

You will be in a tie room. Open the door.

Go through the hall to the room with boxes. Push the boxes to
the left, push on wall, go into the hall, and get the GUN you

Go to your right and push the wall. You'll find a KEY.

Leave that room, turn left, and go tot he first door.

Once inside, open another door and kill the werewolf. Then go
through the next door.

At this point, make sure you read the documentation file for
this game. It tells you how to reach level 6 through a secret
passage in level 4!

*Level 5*

Go forward, turn right, shoot the door and turn left.

Turn left, shoot deep, and turn left again.

Shoot that door, turn right, and go forward.

Shoot door on right, kill the skeleton, turn right, and follow
the path.

Go through the opening in t he bushes until you come to the

Turn right and find the tree.

Then turn right, move forward, turn left, and take three more
right turns, and a left turn.

Move along the wall until you into a tombstone, and turn left.

Turn right again and you should see the RED KEY. Once you have
the key, leave the maze.

Turn right and follow the hall. You'll see a long hall with a
big entrance on the left side. Go forward to the end of the hall
and turn right.

Shoot the door with monsters standing on each side of it.

Take the hall on your right, turn right, and shoot the door.

Shoot the door on your right, turn left, and you'll find a GREEN
KEY at the end of the hall.

*Hints and Tips for the Next 5 Levels*

*Level 6*

If you go around the back way, you will find a tombstone with
nothing on it. Keep pushing it back until you get to the side
entrance to the YELLOW KEY.

*Level 7*

Push the boxes across the hall into the left door to block the

*Level 8*

Get the ID CARD before you open the chest. If you push the
tombstone to get to the chest, you've blocked your access to the
passageway to the ID card. If you've already opened the chest,
you'll need to start the level again before you can get the card.

To get the yellow key, go to 11,45. Shoot the wall with red dots
from behind.

Go to 14,40 and push the middle tombstone.

Go to 30,47 and push the tombstone. Shoot wall with red dots.

Push tombstone and turn right.

Go to 26,43, shoot wall with red dots.

Go to 26,39 and shoot wall with red dots.

Kill skeleton and get YELLOW KEY.

*Level 9*

Look for the room with the radio way off to the left. Go to the
radio, push spacebar twice.

Music will play, and bad guys will dance out of your way without
hurting you!

*Level 10*

How to get the YELLOW PENTAGRAM:

Shoot Dracula from as far away as possible. After the first
shot, he will turn and run away. Repeat, from as far away as
possible, with just one shot, until he turns into a bat.

Don't kill the bat yet!

Shoot at it, chasing it into the dumbwaiter room.

If you follow the bat and go up in the dumbwaiter, you will find
a room with a new door.

Just don't kill the bat before it reaches the dumbwaiters.


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