Review by The Manx

Reviewed: 02/06/04

Not exactly a dream, but a fun game

When I was in junior high the local Office Max sold my family a new computer, but something went wrong so we kept bringing it back in to have them look at it, and so I got a lot of chances to look at a rack of shareware games for four or five dollars a pop the store was selling. One such game was a little title called Dare to Dream that was a graphic adventure, which had always been my favorite kind of game.

So I popped it in once we finally got the computer back and was amazed at what a fun, quirky little game it was. Anyway you're Tyler Norris, a troubled boy who has a strange dream one night where he finds himself in a deserted city. While trying to get his bearings he learns that some horrible inner demon of his named Christian is coming to find him...

Eh, kind of low grade. They look like something that was done with a five-dollar art program. For it's worth you can easily tell what everything is, so this gets an average score.

This is actually pretty good. The street music has a kind of eerie ambiance, that's a little scary but makes you want to keep playing it, too. That music, at least, is effective for the kind of feeling this game tries to capture. The others, like when in the field of flowers or at the docks, are at least in tune the feel of that particular area.

Sound effects don't really exist in this game, the sole exception being when you shoot a guy with a shotgun.

Dare to Dream is a game where you wander around a strange place picking up items to solve puzzles with. Like many latter-day games of its kind it's impossible to die or get caught in a point where you don't have a crucial item and can't go back to get it.

You can move around a variety of interesting and diverse areas, as if you really are exploring someone's dreams, and talk to bizarre characters like Bouf the bartender and Prince the shark. Unfortunately, this seems to be modeled after some of the older adventure games where logical solutions aren't always the key to victory. Think about how you deal with the bat.

It's still a fairly fun game to play, though it's over fairly quickly if you can figure out what to do. These factors dragged it down to 7.

Dare to Dream is a fun, if quick, little game that's worth the pittance it cost. The sequels expanded the plot nicely and had their own measures of quality as games go, but I'll get around to reviewing them in due time.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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