Review by kain50bc

Reviewed: 02/06/06

*sings* I like entomorph jelly! Entomorph jelly for meeeeee!

Ok, first of all I should warn you I haven't played this for about 2 years so my memory is a little sketchy. I first played Entomorph way back in nineteen ninety something (1995 I think?) because my cousin had borrowed it from a friend. And then lent it to me.

Graphics: 7/10
Considering this game was out before graphics were a major plus to any gamer, they've done alright. There are some cut scenes, usually very short and not voice acted. But they looked great. This game is presented in a top down view so there isn't a hell of a lot of detail with the characters. But scenery and objects are fairly detailed. But you can tell the most effort went into this games... uh... death scenes. It's about as gory as top down adventure games get, splayed limbs, blood splatter, bug shells and innards. If you play it you'll know what I mean.

Sound: 5/10
Unfortunately, you need the game cd to hear the music. And considering the last time I had the cd was 10 years ago I've completely forgotten what it was like. But sound effects are mediocre at best. As gory as the graphics but as repetitive as, well, the gore.

Gameplay: 8/10
The story for this game is a bit dodgy. You are an adventurer who has arrived on an island to find a village that's being attacked by wasps or mosquito's or something. After killing them you raise the guardian of the village which resembles a giant squid. Then you get sent away to a bigger island where people are celebrating a new religion involving giant beetles and strange jelly.

Alright, I can explain that. As you wander around the island you find a hidden resistance to this religion, which your sister is involved with. They believe the jelly is doing something to the people, that it's changing them. And amazingly it is, and it changes you well as you.

Like I mentioned above, this is a top down adventure. You start off as a normal human who just punches things to kill it. Then as you progress through you gain spells from scrolls and when you find this mysterious jelly it slowly changes you into a being called a mutaloid, which resembles... well nothing on this earth really. Mutaloids can spit acid, which is handy before attacking at close range.

Along your travels you will fight the beetles, giant bees, giant ants and mutaloids (and various other misshapen creatures who have tangled up with this jelly). The game boasts many puzzles and a huge map. Which is easy to get lost in unfortunately. So docking a point for the dodgy story and a point for the difficulty (there are no levels, just how strong your character is from eating jelly)

Replayability: 3/10
Not much to say here. I wouldn't call it fun enough for anyone to keep wanting to play through it, because there are no side quests other than finding all the spells and jelly.

Overall: 6/10 I thought it was a novel idea, if you have the patience.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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