1. David Barosin Artist
  2. Peter Lawson Artist
  3. Herb Perez Artist
  4. Joshua M. Cloud Associate Producer
  5. Ron Calonje Audio Technical Assistant
  6. Shadow Phredd Choir Voices - Soprano
  7. Maurice Jackson Choir Voices - Tenor
  8. Lester Humphreys Executive Producer
  9. Rob Caswell Game Designer
  10. Ken Eklund Game Designer
  11. Daniel Greenburg Game Designer
  12. Joe Minton Game Designer
  13. Francis Small Game Designer
  14. John Brockholdt GPL Text Editor
  15. Dave Boudreau Graphic Design & DTP
  16. Leedara Zola Graphic Design & DTP
  17. Mike Coustier Install Programmer
  18. Rob Caswell Lead Artist
  19. Ken Grey Lead Programmer
  20. Ralph Thomas Music & SFX Direction
  21. Danny Pelfrey Musical Composition & Performance
  22. Rick Rhodes Musical Composition & Performance
  23. Jim DuBois Programmer
  24. Ken Eklund Programmer
  25. Joe Minton Programmer
  26. Francis Small Programmer
  27. Maurice Jackson Sound Effects Editor
  28. Lani Minella Vocal Sound Effects
  29. Lisa Karrer Voice Artist
  30. Melissa Malandrinos Voice Artist
  31. Christopher O'Connor Voice Artist
  32. David J. Simmons Voice Artist
  33. Tracy Hightower Voice Producer


Data and credits for this game contributed by AUNAO, misschu, and Tachibana Ukyo.

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