ArtistDavid Barosin
ArtistPeter Lawson
ArtistHerb Perez
ArtistSeth Spaulding
Associate ProducerJoshua M. Cloud
Audio Technical AssistantRon Calonje
Choir Voices - SopranoShadow Phredd
Choir Voices - TenorMaurice Jackson
Executive ProducerLester Humphreys
Game DesignerRob Caswell
Game DesignerKen Eklund
Game DesignerDaniel Greenburg
Game DesignerJoe Minton
Game DesignerFrancis Small
GPL Text EditorJohn Brockholdt
Graphic Design & DTPDave Boudreau
Graphic Design & DTPLeedara Zola
Install ProgrammerMike Coustier
Lead ArtistRob Caswell
Lead ProgrammerKen Grey
Music & SFX DirectionRalph Thomas
Musical Composition & PerformanceDanny Pelfrey
Musical Composition & PerformanceRick Rhodes
ProducerScott Cuthbertson
ProgrammerJim DuBois
ProgrammerKen Eklund
ProgrammerJoe Minton
ProgrammerFrancis Small
Sound Effects EditorMaurice Jackson
Vocal Sound EffectsLani Minella
Voice ArtistLisa Karrer
Voice ArtistMelissa Malandrinos
Voice ArtistChristopher O'Connor
Voice ArtistDavid J. Simmons
Voice ProducerTracy Hightower


Data and credits for this game contributed by Tachibana Ukyo, AUNAO, and misschu.

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