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The city has a million stories. When you're running for your life, only yours really matters.
Better run fast. While digging up info on a law enforcement corruption case, you get too close to the truth. Suddenly your world's turning violently upside down.
A sheriff's deputy has the bad manners to turn up dead, and all fingers are pointing at you. The police want you for murder. You should hope they find you first. Members of a mysterious criminal organization are also on your tail. And those guys are playing for keeps.
The only chance you have to reveal the truth, and clear your name, is to collect the proof of your innocence during a frantic flight through the streets of the city.
- Excitement and action in the tradition of "Hitchcock" suspense thrillers
- You propel the storyline in this first-ever, completely interactive movie
- 20 hours of interactive video on four heart-pounding CDs
- Play the role of two different characters
- Replay option allows quick review of crucial scenes
- Superior SVGA graphics bring the chase to life
- An intuitive "click and grab" interface

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