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After spending centuries underground in subterranean hideouts, the humans resurface to find their world inhabited by the gentle, peace-loving Boozooks.
Armed with spitballs, water balloons and stink bombs, the humans reclaim their rule over the planet in The Great Battle. The surviving Boozooks remain in The City as downtrodden underdogs until Professor Azimuth discovers the powerful, mythical Schnibble.
Thoughts of a possible Boozook revolution consume the government's leaders: the President and his Chief Advisor, the Bigwig. The Bigwig storms Azimuth's house and kidnaps him, but not before Azimuth has hidden little Woodruff. The young hero looks on helplessly as thugs drag Azimuth away and the Bigwig commits the ultimate act of bad guy ruthlessness.
Help Woodruff in a courageous quest to find Professor Azimuth, solve the mystery of the Schnibble, and save the entire Boozook civilization from total destruction.
Hey, it's a CARTOON. It can happen.
- Complex, multi-faceted storyline will keep you guessing and laughing for many hours of engrossing play
- A cast of more than 20 engaging characters with full multimedia voice characterizations
- Unique multi-screen horizontal and vertical scrolling
- Hilarious graphics and humor in a classic cartoon style

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