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You're screaming down the tracks. The G-forces are rearranging your face. And your custom-built roller coaster is heading for hyper-space. But don't wimp out now! After all, you have nothing to lose but your lunch! It's your dream. And your scheme. So relax, sit back and screeeeeeam.
Just point and click. It's that easy to use. So, you don't need a PhD to start building your masterpiece ASAP.
Computer Assisted Design. The power of 3-D CAD Imaging is at your fingertips!
In Your Face Action. First-person perspective will send you hurtling down the tracks on a teeth rattling, stomach churning, head spinning rocket ride!
Digital Sound. Our sound engineers braved America's hardest rocking roller coasters to capture all the glorious clatter in mind-bending digital detail.
Build Your Own. Or Make a Clone. With the ample variety of track pieces, you can invent the scream machine of your dreams. Build one based on your favorite real-life roller coaster. Or choose from many designs that are pre-built, ready to ride.
Track Your Stats. Coaster's unique Signature feature lets you save and analyze stats like speed, longest drop, G-forces and more, as you shoot for personal bests--or compete with other Coaster boasters.
Ask the Experts. Our panel of animated experts will judge your Coaster design and let you know if it's a go!

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