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Smoke by KasketDarkfyre

Updated: 09/27/99

From: KasketDarkfyre@aol.com
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 1999 16:49:32 EDT

-Cyber Smoke/Human Smoke FAQ for Mortal Kombat Trilogy-

Section 1: Introduction
Section 2: Cyber-Smoke
 -Finishing Moves
 -Player Synopsis
 -Ending Movie
Section 3: Human-Smoke
 -Finishing Moves
 -Player Synopsis
 -Ending Movie
Section 4: Credits

-Section 1: Introduction-

  I made this Character FAQ for those players that wish to just print out a 
short move listing for the two Smoke Characters in the Mortal Kombat Trilogy 
Game. The guide is split into two sections covering Cyber-Smoke, and then 
Human Smoke, their attacks, finishing moves, combos and then the ending movie.


-Section 2: Cyber-Smoke-

  Smoke, Unit LK-7T2, is the third prototype cyber-ninja built by the Lin 
Kuei. He tries to escape the Lin Kuei automation process with Sub-Zero but is 
captured. His memories are stripped away, leaving behind an emotionless 
killer. However, Sub-Zero believes that somewhere in this machine is a human 
soul trying to escape.

-=Cyber-Smoke's Attacks=-

Cyber-Spear: Back - Back - Low Punch

*Smoke opens his chest, and shoots a spear forward, snagging his opponent and 
dragging them in*

Teleport Punch: Forward - Forward - Low Kick

*Smoke drops through the floor, only to appear the opposite side of his 
opponent, uppercutting them into the air*

Invisibility: Up - Up - Run

*Smoke strikes his chest, and in a flash of flame, disappears from view. (Can 
be repeated to re-appear)

Air Toss: Block in Mid-Air

*Smoke twists and whips his opponent from the air, into the ground*

-=Cyber Smoke's Finishing Moves=-

Finishing Move 1: (Hold Block + Run) Up - Up - Forward - Down

*Stops and drops his chest open, shooting bombs across the ground. The screen 
fades, to show an overview of the Earth, just before it explodes*

Finishing Move 2: (Hold Block + Run)Down - Down - Forward -Up

*Drops a bomb down the throat of his finished opponent, causing them to 

Animality: Down - Forward - Forward - Block

*Turns into a giant bull, and rams his opponent off the screen*

Brutality: High Punch - Low Kick - Low Kick - High Kick - Block - Block - Low 
Punch - Low Punch - High Punch - High Punch - Block - Block

*Smoke gets brutal, clocking his opponent with several elbows, backfists and 
forward roundhouse kicks until his opponent explodes*

Friendship: Run - Run - Run - High Kick

*Smoke blasts a giant fog horn at his opponent*

Pit Fatality: Forward - Forward - Down - Low Kick

-=Cyber-Smoke's Combos=-

First Combo: High Punch - High Punch - Back + High Kick (18%)

Second Combo: High Punch - High Punch - Low Kick - High Kick - Low Punch (26%)

Third Combo: Teleport Punch - Harpoon - High Punch - High Punch - Low Kick - 
High Kick - Low Punch (40%)

Fourth Combo: Jump Kick - Teleport - Hop Kick - AirToss (28%)

-=Player Synopsis for Cyber Smoke=-

  Cyber-Smoke has many qualities that make him a top-notch player. His speed 
in the Teleport uppercut/Harpoon Combo, should place him at the top of the 
list. But, his speed is overlooked for the basic opponent stopping that 
Sub-Zero holds.

  Playing against Cyber Smoke, is fairly easy as long as you block his 
Teleport Uppercut, you can counter uppercut him into submission. Watch for 
cheap corner throws, which he'll constantly perform over and over until he 
wins the match.

-=Cyber-Smoke's Ending Movie=-

  Smoke was once a friend and ally of Sub-Zero when they both tried to escape 
from being turned into machines by their ninja clan.  But Smoke is captured 
and transformed into a cyborg with a mission to find and kill his own 
partner. But Smoke soon finds himself being persued by Shao Kahn's minions. 
He finds he still has a soul and his true mission if the destruction of the 
Outworld invaders. 

  He defeats Kahn and saves the world, but is forever trapped in his 
artificial body.


-Section 3: Human Smoke-

   In his human form, Smoke was a lethal assassin working for the Lin Kuei. 
But when they decided to automate their ninjas, Smoke is caught in the 
middle. He became a cyborg assassin, whose human form would exist as a memory 
forever more.

-=Human Smoke's Attacks=-

The Spear:  Back - Back - Low Punch

*Whips a spear out, catching his opponent and dragging him in*

Teleport:  Half-circle Back - High Punch

*Tossing a bomb to the ground, he disappears in a cloud of smoke. (Repeat to 
make Smoke re-appear)*

Air Toss:  Block 

*Smoke grabs his opponent from the air, and sommersaults the opponent into 
the ground*

-=Human Smoke's Finishing Moves=-

Finishing Move 1: Forward - Forward - Back - Run
*Smoke takes over his opponents body, causing them to explode*

Finishing Move 2: Run - Block - Run - Run - High Kick

*Smoke takes off his opponents head with an uppercut ala Johnny Cage*
Animality:  (1/2 Screen) Forward - Forward - Forward - Back - High Kick
Brutality     :  High Punch - High Punch - Block - Low Kick - High Kick - 
High Punch - High Kick - High Punch - High Kick - Low Punch

*Out with the Axe, and his opponent is turned to a beaten sack of flesh*

Friendship:  Down - Forward - Forward - Forward - Run

*A No Smoking sign appears in front of Smoke, and his body stops smoking.

Stage Fatality: Forward - Up - Up - Low Punch

-=Human Smoke's Combos=-

First Combo: High Punch - High Punch - High Kick - Back + High Kick (23%)

Second Combo: High Kick - High Kick - Low Kick - Low Kick (23%)

Third Combo: Spear - High Punch - High Punch - High Kick - Back + High Kick 

-=Players Synopsis for Human Smoke=-

  He plays exactly as Scorpion does, use his teleport/spear combo at will, 
and decimate your opponents. One of his best combos, will be the jump kick, 
teleport punch, spear, 4 hit combo.

  Playing against him, be sure to block his teleport attacks, and spear, and 
then rush him with whatever you've got. Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Reptile, and 
Cyber Smoke are best suited to take him out.

-=Human Smoke's Ending Movie=-

  Before his transformation into a cybernetic ninja, Smoke was one of the Lin 
Kuei's finest ninjas. It was during this time that he came to know his 
greatest ally - Sub-Zero. When the Lin Kuei decided to automate their 
warriors, the two attempted to escape.  While Sub-Zero successfully eluded 
capture, Smoke did not. 

 He would become a robotic nightmare, his soul trapped inside a living 
machine. In his human form Smoke was a fierce warrior. In his mechanical body 
he is even more lethal. But his true form is that of a human, one he'll know 
again only in dreams.

Copyright 1999: Kasket Darkfyre

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