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FAQ/Move List by WorknMan-rat

Version: 7.01 | Updated: 11/16/96

Written by: WorknMan
Revision #7.01 (perhaps final)
Last Updated: 11/16/96


If you're not reading it from there, you could have an outdated revision!

Check out Sub-Zero's MKT combo FAQ at: 
Just like this FAQ, it is a work in progress :)

Check our old UMK3 Combo FAQ at: 

Also, have a loot at the MKT Story FAQ, also written by Sub-Zero



Revision 7.01
 * Added: The Trilogy/UMK3 combo FAQs are up.  You will find their address
          in the above section.  We regret though that the combos for most of
          the MK3 characters are still lost on killer.vale somewhere.  I also 
          added the URL for Sub-Zero's MK Trilogy story FAQ.

Revision 7
 * Added: Animalities for Cage & Baraka
 * Added: Ermac's babality

Revision 6
 * Added: Animalities for Rain, Noob, & Ermac
 * Added: Babalities for MK2 Kung Lao and MK1 Rayden
 * Added: MK1 Rayden's Stage fatality
 * Added: Nightwolf's brutality
 * Confirmed: I bought a game shark so I could confirm those game shark 
              I had no problems getting any of them to work.
 * Fixed: Shao Kahn's taunt and laugh moves, I had them listed with punch 
          buttons instead of kicks.

Cage Animality Unconfirmed: U-D-F-F-HK (I think this is it but haven't been 
                                        able to do it yet)

Revision 5

 * Added: Human Smoke's other fatality (the teleport one)
 * Added: Ermac's friendship
 * Added: Note about friendships and babalities .. you can do them now
          even if you use block during the winning round.
 * Fixed: Goro's fireball .. it's B-B-B-LP (instead of HP .. ooops:)
 * Fixed: MK2 Jax's air energy wave .. works if you just press diagonally
          DF+HK instead of U-F-HK. I suppose when I did it as U-F+HK, I
          went to the DF position, therefore triggering it :)
 * Updated: Reworded Chameleon code. It worked but a lot of you were having
            trouble doing it so I tried to explain it better, hope it helps:)

Revision 4

 * Added: Rain's second fatality (thanks Greesman:)
 * Added: Noob's second fatality
 * Added: Jade's stage fatality
 * Added: Some frequently asked questions (with answers) in the
          email section
 * Fixed: A few more typos fixed .. most noteworthy one is Jade's brutality
          (was missing a block as one of the hits).
          Most other ones were spelling corrections and things of that

Revision 3

 * Added: Classic Sub-Zero's Ice Spike Fatality
 * Added: Reptile's Brutality
 * Added: Sindel's Brutality
 * Added: Kung Lao's double teleport move
 * Added: MK2 Kung Lao's friendship
 * Added: Shang Tsung's Rain morph. I had it for a long time but just couldn't
          pull it off .. dunno why *shrug*
 * Added: Trilogy Game Shark codes
 * Added: A glitch to the Bugs and Glitches section that makes the
          character select screen disappear :)
 * Added: Re-added Scorpion's firehand fatality. I had it listed in rev #1
          and forgot to replace it with Scorpion's hellraiser in #2 :)
 * Fixed: A few typos around the FAQ. Thanks to the  many of you who
          wrote about some mistakes .. it only adds to the accuracy of this

Revision 2

 * Simply too much to list :) I suggest you take a look through it all again 
   cuz new codes are in, brutalities for almost every character and a lot of 
   new moves and finishers for a lot of characters.


* A total of 37 characters are selectable thus far, with one of them 
  (Chameleon) being hidden
* Not all backgrounds from all MK games are present but most are (29 to be
* Seven stage fatalities (known so far)
* Music from MK3/UMK3 & MK2 is included in the game
* No finishers/chain combos/endings for the bosses (and yes all of them
  are present and on the select screen)
* Johny Cage is present but without his nut crunch move
* 4 Different "classic" characters (MK1 Kano, MK1 Rayden, MK2 Jax, and MK2 Kung
  Lao) are instantly selectable by highlighting their Trilogy counterparts on 
  the select screen and pressing the select button
* Access time isn't all that bad .. they've given us many options to shorten it
* C.Sub-Zero's head rip is *still* censored (yes, we were wrong:)
  (I made a typo in revision 1 by saying it was uncensored.)
* Several characters have new moves that have already been discovered and a few
  new fatalities too
* The new moves/fatalities often look like they've been "glued" together 
  without much new animation thrown in
* Brutalities are here and very real, computer loves doing them
* CPU is damn hard, perhaps more so than in UMK3
* All classic characters have their old moves + most have a new one .. they 
  also have their own chain combos and each has at least one fatality

Well, that's certainly not all one could say about the game but I think those
are the major points. Anybody feel that I've left out something big?



Access the ? Screen In the Options Screen
Ok, here's how it works. Go into the options screen and highlight any
of the four boxes. Then Hold up on the control pad and L1+L2+R1+R2 and
then either a)press the X button or b)Just wait a few seconds.
If done right, you will here a "boom." You can now access the ? in the
options screen. Here are your selections:

 * 1 Button Fatalities ON/OFF
 * Instant Aggressor ON/OFF
 * Normal Boss Damge ON/OFF
 * Health Recovery ON/OFF
 * Low Damage

Here is the button config when doing one button fatalities

R1 and L1 (block) friendships
R2 and L2 animalities
HP  is brutality
LP is babality
LK is fatality 2
HK is fatality 1

Training Mode (Sort of)
Enable Low Damage and Health Recovery in the ? screen (see above code) and
disable the timer from the Game Konfiguration screen. This will give you
the opportunity to select two players and beat on a "dead" character
'til your heart's content .. this is a great way to practice combos without
the opponent's energy meter running out or the CPU kicking your butt.
The only drawback is .. for some reason after you fight in a round for so
long, the special moves somehow get disabled. (This little glitch was also
present in PC MK3 .. strange). Hey, it's not Tekken 2  training mode but it's
better than nothing:)

Play as Chameleon
To play as Chameleon, you must be playing as ANY male Ninja.
Before any round, hold BACK on the control pad + HP + HK +
You will then "poof" into Chameleon.

About Chameleon
Chameleon is a transparent character who (about every 7-10) seconds
"semi-morphs" into any of the male ninjas. While he's morphed into
... say Ermac, you can do all of Ermac's special moves and combos
and such. When he morphs, you get the special moves or whatever of
whatever ninja he morphs to. There is no loading time at all for
these morphs.

Things to note about Chameleon
* If he tries to morph while doing a special move, he usually stays
  that character instead of morphing into another
* If two players are playing as Chameleon, the Playstation seems
  to have a hard time keeping both players morphing and one will
  usually stay as one character instead of morphing into another
* If you are about to win a round, wait (timing is critical) until
  Chameleon starts to morph and is turning invisible. Then, finish
  your opponent. If done right, Chameleon will go into his winning
  stance while still invisible. I'm not too sure on the timing
  of this so you'll have to experiment.

Fight Against Chameleon
To fight Chameleon, beat the game (either against the computer or 8-player
tournament mode), and choose box #2 at Shao Kahn's treasure chest.
Hehehe, good luck :)

Choose Your Background
When in the character select screen, highlight Human Smoke or Sonya and then 
press (and hold) the start button and then press up on the conrol pad. If done
right, you'll hear a low exploding sound in the background. After you choose 
your character, you'll also get to choose your background. If two players 
happen to be playing, whoever enters the code is the one who gets to choose 
the background.

Shao Kahn's Treasure Chest
After you beat Shao Kahn, you can choose a symbol. The higher skill level you 
choose, the more symbols you can pick from.

box 1: Character Endings (Some don't appear to have one) :(
box 2: fight chameleon
box 3: MK1 classic endurance kombat
box 4: MK2 classic endurance kombat
box 5: random prize
box 6: fatality demo 1
box 7: fatality demo 2
box 8: fatality demo 3
box 9: super endurance kombat (all girls/roboninjas)
box 10: battle w/ shokan champions (bosses)
box 11: mega endurance kombat (all ninjas incl. chameleon)
box 12: supreme fatality (shows no classic character fatalities,
no raiden 1 or 2, no jax 2, no classic sub, no rain, no noob
saibot, no kano 1, no kung lao 2)

Quick Exit
For those of you (like me) who don't read the instructions, you can
exit a game in the middle of any match by pressing the start button
and then pressing select. You'll then be asked wither you want to
continue with the fight or quit.

Game Shark Codes
You MUST have a game shark peripheral to do these codes.

Codes tested with Game Shark/PAR version 1.93 (whatever that means:)
All codes by brianj@htc.net

P1 Always Has Full "Aggressor"                80032698 00CC
P1 Always Has No "Aggressor"                  80032698 0000
P2 Always Has Full "Aggressor"                8003269A 00CC

P2 Always Has No "Aggressor"                  8003269A 0000
P1 Has Infinite Energy                        8003219E 00A6
P1 Has 50% of Normal Energy                   800321A0 0030
P1 Can't Run                                  800321A0 0000
P2 Has Infinite Run                           80032318 0030
P2 Can't Run                                  80032318 0000
"?" in Options is Selectable                  8003268C 0001
P1's Character                                8002833A 00??
P2's Character                                80028386 00??

Use these for the above two codes!!

00=Kano         09=Kung Lao       12=Scorpion
01=Sonya        0A=Kabal          13=Reptile         1B=Chameleon
02=Jax          0B=Sheeva         14=Ermac           1C=Raiden
03=Nightwolf    0C=Shang Tsung    15=C.Sub-Zero      1D=Baraka
04=Sub-Zero     0D=Liu Kang       16=Human Smoke     1E=Kintaro
05=Stryker      0E=Smoke          17=Noob Saibot     1F=Jonny Kage
06=Sindel       0F=Kitana         18=Motaro          20=Goro
07=Sektor       10=Jade           19=Shao Kahn       21=MK2 Kung Lao
08=Cyrax        11=Mileena        1A=Rain            22=MK2 Jax
23=MK1 Raiden   24=MK1 Kano



Key -------------------------------------------------------------------------

U = Up                   HP = High Punch                  HK = High Kick
F = Forward                                 BL = Block
D = Down                 LP = Low Punch                   LK = Low Kick
B = Back       R = Run

Move (distance): movement

For movement:

"-" means "then"
"+" means "and"
So D-F-HP+LP means Down, then forward, then hit HP and LP at the same time.

Hold button (other thing) more things
So "hold LP (D-F-D-F) HK" means
"Hold LP, then tap D-F-D-F, then let go of LP, then hit HK, release HK"

A word about "Hold button"...
Sometimes you have to hold the button a certain amount of time. If
something doesn't work that involves holding a button, hold it longer.

If something requires UP, it helps to hold block, but it is not necessary.


To throw, you only need to hit LP while you are up close. You DO NOT need
to hit any direction on the joystick. In fact, you can even push back on
the joystick and you can still throw provided you are still close enough.

To block a throw, hold BACK or DOWN+BACK. No block required.
This works even if you are getting up, or stunned (frozen, spinning, etc).
It has been this way since MK1.


- It is now POSSIBLE to use block during the winning round
- You can be anywhere on the screen (unless otherwise specified)
- You can do a friendship/babality after a doing a mercy (optional)

Stage fatalities:

Scorpion's Lair
Shao Kahn's Tower
The Subway
The Pit III
The Dead Pool (Press and hold down on both controllers after the finishing move
               to hear somebody say something really strange)
The Kombat Tomb

The Pit 1 (Instead of doing a regular stage fatality, simply uppercut your oppo
off the ledge. Do this and your next fight will be at the bottom of the pit)

(see "Stage:" to see how to do these for each character)
(the distance is always "up close")

If you hold both run buttons after you do the stage fatality on
Scorpion's Lair, you can hear Shao Kahn say "Crispy".
If you hold both HP buttons, Dan Forden will pop out and say "Crispy".
You can hold both run buttons AND both HP buttons, and you will hear
both Shao Kahn and Dan Forden say "Crispy".

Mercy: Hold RUN (D-D)

This gives your opponent a little bit of energy back after you beat them.
- You have to hold run a certain amount of time. Around 2-3 seconds.
- Your opponent has to have won one round.
- You can be anywhere on the screen except close.
- You have to do this if you want to do an Animality. After the mercy has
  been done, and it says "Finish him/her" again, anyone can do an animality.
- You can't do more than one mercy per match.
- You may do any finisher (Fatality, Friendship, Stage or Babality) after
  the mercy. This does not mean you HAVE TO do the mercy first.


Here's how they work. WHen the screen says "Finish Him", you tap a series of 
buttons like a chain combo. Your character starts to hit your opponent. You go
through about 10 or 12 button presses and then the game goes into "fatality 
mode" where the computer gets in about 10-15 more hits, increasing in speed. 
And then, your opponent explodes .. BRUTALITY!!!

Random Select: Just like MK2.

Up-Start at the select screen.
The default players have to be selected for this to work.

Sometimes the guy doesn't say "toasty".
Freeze your opponent while he/she is in danger. To prove this, do the mercy
with sub-zero, then just keep freezing your opponent.

(Has anyone heard "frosty" in Trilogy?)


Eye Spark: D-B-HP
Shredder: B-B-B-LP
Blade Spin: F-D-F-BL (keep tapping block to keep it going)
Blade Swipe: B+HP
Fatality: (Close) Hold BL(B-B-B-HP (Release BL) (Decapitation)
Fatality: (Close) B-F-D-F-LP
Friendship: D-F-HK
Animality:  (sweep) Hold HP (F-B-D-F) Rel HP (Vulture)
Babality: F-F-F-HK

Grab & Smack: F-F-HP
Twirl Spin: B-B-F-HK
Taunt: D-D-LK
Fireball: B-B-B-LP

Jax (MK2 Version)
Energy Wave: F-D-B-HK
Gotcha!: F-F-LP
Air Energy Wave: DF+HK (Just press down-forward at an angle)
Earthquake: Hold LK
Quad-Slam: Throw and then tap HP repeatedly
Backbreaker: Block (in the air near opponent)
Fatality: (Cloase) Hold LP (F-F-F) (The Clapper)
Friendship: D-D-U-U-LK
Babality D-U-D-U-LK
Stage: U-U-D-LK

Johny Cage
High Fireball: F-D-B-HP
Low Fireball: B-D-F-LP
Green Shadow Kick: B-F-LK
Red Shadow Kick: B-B-F-HK
Shadow Uppercut: B-D-B-HP
Fatality: (close) D,D,F,F,LP (Knock off)
Fatality: (close) D,D,F,F,LK (Exploding Backbreaker)
Friendship: D-D-D- D-LK
Animality: (one step away) U-D-F-F-HK (Kangaroo)
Babality: F-B-B-HP
Stage: D-B-F-F-BL

Kano (MK1 version)
Knife Toss: Hold BL(B-F)
Knife Spin: B-F-HP (the faster you tap HP, the faster it goes)
Roll: Hold BL(360 Forward, release)
Fatality: (close) B-D-F-LP (Heart Rip)
Stage: B-F-F-BL

Grab & Smack: F-F-HP
Teleport Stomp: D-U
Fireball: B-B-F-HP
Taunt: D-D-LK
Brutality:  Hehehe, just kidding :)

Kung Lao (MK2 version)
Hat Toss: B-F-LP
Shield: U-U-LK (Tap LK repeatedly)
Teleport: D-U
Dive Kick: D+HK (in the air)
Suer Dive: B-B-F
Fatality: (full screen) Hold LP (B-F) release & aim up (Hat Decap)
Friendship: B-B-B-D-HK
Babality: F-F-B-B-HK
Stage: F-F-F-HP

Grab & Smack: F-F-HP
Fireball: F-D-B-HP
Teleport: D-U
(Anyone know how to do his rapid fireball?:)

Noob Saibot
Projectile: D-F-LP (Leaves opponent vunerable for a short time)
Shadow Toss: F-F-HP
Teleport Slam: D-U
Fatality: (sweep) B-B-F-F-HK (Skull ring)
Fatality: (Close) D-D-U-RN (Teleport Slam)
Babality: F-F-F-LP
Friendship: F-F-B-HP
Animality: (just past sweep) B-F-B-F-HK
Stage: F-D-F-BL

Fireball Control: D-F-LP (move your opponent around once projectile hits)
Lightning Lift: B-B-HP
Teleport Kick: B+HK
Super Roundhouse B+HK (Normal roundhouse that knocks opponents thru screen)
Fatality (close): F-F-D+HP
Fatality (Sweep) D-D-B-F-HK (Lightning Strike)
Friendship D-F-F-F-LP (may be FFF,LP .. haven't confirmed yet)
Animality: (sweep) BL-BL-R-R-BL
Babality: F-B-B-HP

Lightning D-F-LP
Reverse Lightning: D-B-LP
Torpedo:  B-B-F (can be done in air)
Teleport:  D-U
Shock Therapy: Hold HP for 2-3 seconds then release (close to opponent)
Fatality: (close) Hold HP for 5-10 secs .. release (Exploding Uppercut)
Fatality: (close) Hold LK for 3 secs .. release then tap BL+LK rapidly (Shock)
Friendship: D-B-F-HK
Babality: D-D-U-HK
Animality: (sweep) D-F-D-HK
Stage: D-D-D-HP

Rayden (MK1 Version)
Lightning: D-F-LP
Torpedo: B-B-F (can be done in air)
Teleport: D-U
Fatality: (sweep) F-F-B-B-B-HP
Stage: D-D-F-HK

Shao Kahn
Hammer:  B-F-HP
Fireball: B-B-F-LP
Grab and Punch: F-F-HP
Charge:  D-F-LP
Upwards Charge:  D-F-HP
Taunt: D-D-LK
Laugh: D-D-HK
Throw: F-F-LP


Classic Subzero
Freeze:           D-F-LP
Freeze ground:    D-B-LK
Slide:            B+LP+BL+LK
Fatality (close): D-D-D-F-HP
Fatality: (close): D-F-F-F-HP (Ice Spike)
Babality: D-F-F-HK
Stage: F-D-F-F-HP
Standard Combo:   HP-HP-LK-B+HK-F+LK

Grenade Close: Hold LK (B-B-HK)
Grenade Far:   Hold LK (F-F-HK)
Net:           B-B-LK
Teleport (can do in air): F-D-BL
Air throw (while you on ground, and victim in air): D-F-BL
           Then LP to throw.
Fatality (anywhere):  D-D-U-D-HP
Fatality (close): D-D-F-U-R
Animality (close):  U-U-D-D
Friendship: R-R-R-U
Babality: F-F-B-HP
Stage: R-BL-R
Standard Combo: HP-HP-HK-HP-HK-B+HK

Fireball: D-B-LP
Exploding Teleport Punch: D-B-HP
Telekinetic Slam: B-D-B-HK
Fatality (close): R-BL-R-R-HK
Fatality (sweep): D-U-D-D-D-BL
Babality: D-D-B-B-HP
Friendship F-F-F-HP
Stage: R-R-R-R-LK
Animality: (one step away) F-F-B-B-LK (this one's tuff .. may be just F-B-B-HK)
Standard Combo: HP-HP-B+LP-HK-B+LK

Human Smoke
Spear: B-B-LP
Teleport Punch: D-B-HP
Throw (in air): BL
Fatality (half screen) RN-BL-RN-RN-HK (UltraLame Teleport)
Fatality (Just outside sweep) F-F-B-RN (Anybody have a name for this one?:)
Friendship: D-F-F-F-RN
Babality: D-B-B-F-HP
Stage: F-U-U-LP
Animality: (half screen) F,F,F,B,HK
Standard Combo: HP-HP-HK-B+HK

Boomerang High: B-F-HP
Boomerang Middle: B-F-LP
Boomerang Low: B-F-LK
Returning Low Boomerang: B-B-F-LP (Will only return if your opponent is a
                                   human and if they duck the boomerang)
Projectile Invincibility: B-F-HK
Glow Kick: D-F-LK
Fatality (close): U-U-D-F-HP
Fatality (close): R-R-R-BL-R
Animality (close): F-D-F-F-LK
Friendship (anywhere): B-D-B-B-HK
Babality: D-D-F-D-HK
Stage B-F-D+RN
Standard Combo: HP-HP-D+LP-LK-HK-B+LK-B+HK

1 Missile: B-F-HP
2 Missiles: F-F-B-B-HP
Gotcha Grab: F-F-LP (tap LP to keep punching)
Backbreaker (in air):  BL
Quad Slam (after starting a throw): tap HP
Ground Pound: Hold LK
Dashing Punch: F-F-HK
Fatality (close): Hold BL (U-D-F-U)
Fatality (far): R-BL-R-R-LK
Animality (close): Hold LP (F-F-D-F)
Friendship: LK-R-R-LK
Babality: D-D-D-LK
Stage: D-F-D-LP
Standard Combo: HK-HK-D+HP-HP-BL-LP-B+HP

Top Spin: B-F-LK
Eye Spark (can do in air): B-B-HP
Ground Saw: B-B-B-R
Fatality (outside sweep):  D-D-B-F-BL
Fatality (close): R-BL-BL-BL-HK
Animality (close): Hold HP (F-F-D-F)
Friendship (anywhere except closer than sweep): R-LK-R-R-U
Babality: R-R-LK
Stage: BL-BL-HK
Standard Combo: LK-LK-HP-HP-D+HP

Psycho Roll: F-D-F-LK
Knife Throw: D-B-HP
Knife Uppercut: D-F-HP
Cannon Ball: Hold LK
Diagonal Cannon ball: F-D-F-HK
Grab and Shake: D-F-LP
Throw (in air): BL
Fatality (close): Hold LP (F-D-D-F)
Fatality (sweep): LP-BL-BL-HK
Animality (close): Hold HP (BL-BL-BL)
Friendship: LK-R-R-HK
Babality: F-F-D-D-LK
Stage: U-U-B-LK
Standard Combo: HP-HP-HK-LK-B+HK

Fan lift: B-B-B-HP
Fan Throw: F-F-HP+LP
Square Wave Punch: D-B-HP
Fatality (close): R-R-BL-BL-LK
Fatality (close): B-D-F-F-HK
Animality (between close and sweep): D-D-D-D-R
Friendship: D-B-F-F-LP
Babality: F-F-D-F-HK
Stage: F-D-D-LK
Standard Combo: HP-HP-B+LP-F+HP

Kung Lao
Double Teleport: D-D-U (then hold or tap Up on the contol pad)
Hat Throw: B-F-LP
Teleport: D-U
Flying Kick (in air): U-D-HK
Spin: F-D-F-R (tap R) .. can move from left to right
Fatality (anywhere): R-BL-R-BL-D
Fatality (inside sweep, but not up close): F-F-B-D-HP
Animality (close): R-R-R-R-BL
Friendship (over sweep): R-LP-R-LK
Babality: D-F-F-HP
Stage: D-D-F-F-LK
Standard Combo: HP-LP-HP-LP-LK-LK-B+HK

Liu Kang
Red Bicycle Kick: (Hold LK for 3-5 secs) B-F (Release LK)
Fireball High: F-F-HP
Fireball Low:  F-F-LP
Flying Kick:   F-F-HK
Bicycle Kick: Hold LK
Fatality (anywhere):  F-F-D-D-LK
Fatality (anywhere):  U-D-U-U-BL+R
Animality (sweep): D-D-U
Friendship: R-R-R-D+R
Babality: D-D-D-HK
Stage: R-BL-BL-LK
Standard Combo: HP-HP-BL-LK-LK-HK-LK

Sai Throw: Hold HP
Warp kick: F-F-LK
Roll:      B-B-D-HK
Fatality (far):   B-B-B-F-LK
Fatality (close): D-F-D-F-LP
Animality (close): F-D-D-F-HK
Friendship: D-D-B-F-HP
Babality: D-D-F-F-HP
Stage: D-D-D-LP
Standard Combo: HP-HP-HK-HK-U+LK-U+HK

Red Shadow Shoulder: B-B-F-HK
Arrow:  D-B-LP (can be done really fast after a combo)
Hatchet Uppercut:  D-F-HP
Shadow Shoulder:  F-F-LK
Glow (reflects missiles):  B-B-B-HK
Fatality (close): U-U-B-F-BL
Fatality (far): B-B-D-HP
Animality (close):  F-F-D-D
Friendship (anywhere outside sweep): R-R-R-D
Babality: F-B-F-B-LP
Stage: R-R-BL
Brutality: HP, HP-HK-HK-BL-BL-LP-HP-HK
Standard Combo: LK-HP-HP-LP-Hatchet-Hatchet

Acid Spit: F-F-HP
Force Ball Slow: B-B-HP+LP
Force Ball Fast: F-F-HP+LP
Slide:  B+LP+BL+LK
Invisibility: U-D-HK
Run Past and Elbow: B-F-LK
Fatality (jump distance): B-F-D-BL
Fatality (sweep): F-F-U-U-HK
Animality (close): D-D-D-U-HK
Friendship (close): D-F-F-B-HK
Babality: F-F-B-D-LK
Stage: BL-R-BL-BL

Standard Combo: HP-HP-HK-B+HK

Forward Teleport: D-F-HP
Spear: B-B-LP
Teleport Punch: D-B-HP
Throw (in air): BL
Fatality (jump distance): D-D-U-HK
Fatality (sweep) F-F-F-B-LP (Firehand)
Animality (close): F-U-U-HK
Friendship (close): B-F-F-B-LK
Babality: D-B-B-F-HP
Stage: F-U-U-LP
Standard Combo: HP-HP-HK-B+HK

Double Missle: B-B-F-LP
Teleport+Uppercut (can do in air): F-F-LK
Missile (dumb):  F-F-LP
Missile (smart): F-D-B-HP
Fatality (sweep): LP-R-R-BL
Fatality (over half screen): F-F-F-B-BL
Animality (close):  F-F-D-U
Friendship (half screen): R-R-R-R-D
Babality: B-D-D-D-HK
Stage: R-R-R-D

Standard Combo: HP-HP-HK-HK-B+HK

Shang Tsung
1 Fireball:  B-B-HP
2 Fireballs: B-B-F-HP
3 Fireballs: B-B-F-F-HP
Volcanic Eruption: F-B-B-LK

Shao Kahn:    B-F HK
MK2 Kung Lao: B-D-B HK
Motaro:       F-D-B HP
Goro:         B-B-B LK
Baraka:       D-D LK
MK2 Jax:      D-F-B HK
MK2 Raiden:   D-F-B LK
MK1 Kano:     360 CCW
Kintaro- Hold LP for bout 5 secs
MK1 Raiden: B-B-F-R (or + R)
Johnny Cage: B-B-D-LP
Noob Saibot: F-D-D-B-HK
Robo Smoke: F-F-LP

Classic Subzero: BL-BL-R-R
Cyrax:     BL-BL-BL
Ermac:     D-D-U
Jade:      F-F-D-D+BL
Jax:       F-F-D-LP
Kabal:     LP-BL-HK (have to do it fast)
Kano:      B-F-BL   (have to do it fast)
Kitana:    F-D-F-R
Kung Lao:  R-R-BL-R
Liu Kang:  F-D-B-U-F
Mileena:   R-BL-HK
Nightwolf: U-U-U
Rain:      RN-BL-LK
Reptile:   R-BL-BL-HK
Sektor:    D-F-B-R
Scorpion:  D-D-F-LP
Sheeva:    Hold LK(F-D-F) or F-D-F-LK-LK
Sindel:    B-D-B-LK
Sonya:     D+R+LP+BL
Stryker:   F-F-F-HK
Sub-Zero:  F-D-F-HP

Fatality (close): Hold LP (D-F-F-D)
Fatality (close): Hold LP (R-BL-R-BL)
Animality (sweep): Hold HP (R-R-R)
Friendship: LK-R-R-D
Babality: R-R-R-LK
Stage: U-U-B-LP
Standard Combo: LK-HP-HP-LP-B+HK

Teleport Stomp: D-U
Stomp: B-D-B-HK
Fireball: D-F-HP
Fatality (close): F-D-D-F-LP
Fatality (close):  Hold HK (B-F-F)
Animality (close): R-BL-BL-BL-BL
Friendship: F-F-D-F-pause-HP (pause is to prevent fireball. Or you can
                              Hold HP(F-F-D-F) release HP, then hit HP.)
Babality: D-D-D-B-HK
Stage: D-F-D-F-LP
Standard Combo: HP-HP-LP-HK-HK-LK-B+HK

Fireball: F-F-LP
Double Fireball B-B-F-LP
Fireball (in air): D-F-LK
Fly: B-B-F-HK (press BL to land)
Scream: F-F-F-HP
Fatality (sweep): R-R-BL-R-BL
Fatality (close): R-BL-BL-R+BL
Animality (anywhere): F-F-U-HP
Friendship: R-R-R-R-R-U
Babality: R-R-R-U
Stage: D-D-D-LP
Standard Combo: HK-HP-HP-LP-HK

Harpoon: B-B-LP
Teleport+Uppercut (can do in air): F-F-LK
Invisibility: U-U-R (do while invisible, and you will reappear)
Throw (in air): BL
Fatality (across screen): U-U-F-D
Fatality (sweep): Hold R+BL (D-D-F-U)
Animality (outside sweep):  D-F-F-BL
Friendship (across screen): R-R-R-HK
Babality: D-D-B-B-HK
Stage: F-F-D-LK
Standard Combo: HP-HP-LK-HK-LP

Energy rings: D-F-LP
Leg Grab: D+LP+BL
Square Wave Punch:  F-B-HP
Bicycle Kick:  B-B-D-HK
Fatality (more than half screen): Hold BL+R (U-U-B-D)
Fatality (anywhere): B-F-D-D-R
Animality (close): Hold LP (B-F-D-F)
Friendship: B-F-B-D-R (they changed what it does in Ultimate)
Babality: D-D-F-LK
Stage: F-F-D-HP
Standard Combo: HK-HK-HP-HP-LP-B+HP

Double High Grenade: F-D-B-HP
Double Low Grenade: F-D-B-LP
Machine gun: B-F-HP
Grenade High: D-B-HP
Grenade Low: D-B-LP
Baton Trip: F-B-LP
Baton Toss: F-F-HK
Fatality (close):  D-F-D-F-BL
Fatality (a tiny bit closer than full screen):  F-F-F-LK
Animality (sweep): R-R-R-BL
Friendship: LP-R-R-LP
Babality: D-F-F-B-HP
Stage: F-U-U-HK
Standard Combo: LK-HP-HP-LP

Freeze: D-F-LP
Ice Shower: D-F-HP
Ice Shower (in front): D-F-B-HP
Ice Shower (behind): D-B-F-HP
Ice Statue: D-B-LP
Slide:  B+LP+BL+LK
Fatality (close): BL-BL-R-BL-R
Fatality (outside of sweep): B-B-D-B-R
Animality (close): F-U-U
Friendship: LK-R-R-U
Babality: D-B-B-HK
Stage: B-D-F-F-HK
Standard Combo: HP-HP-LP-LK-HK-B+HK

1) In a two player game, each player put their box on a character that
can switch between a classic and a new character. (Cannot be on the same
one. Also neither player can pick a character before doing this tric or
it won't work. It must be two player.)
2) Then each player hold select or press it rapidly to keep making it
switch between the classic and new.
3) After a while the character selection screen and background will
slowly disappear by exploding to the bottom of the screen. Pretty soon it
will be totally gone and you won't be able to see what character you
4)Yes, there are sound glitches. I had lots of ppl write and tell me
that but I thought this one was obvious just playing the game
and listening too it.
5)Game freezes periodically .. another obvious one. However, in the
times that I have played it, it has locked up on me only twice, except
for the timer glitch that is described below.
6)In one button fatality mode, if you're too far or too close to your
opponent, the computer will attempt to do the fatality, but instead just sit
there like an idiot.  (No LK or HK movements).
7)Doing subbie's ice rain on Motaro will cause him to grab and punch you...but
he'll freeze before he can punch you out.  Subbie will remain frozen in the
Grab position and Motaro will just stand there like an idiot. :)
8)Occasionally, Cage's Shadow Shoryuken as the last move will freeze the game.
9)Sometimes when the timer is disabled, it will automatically become enabled
again. When you go back to try and change it, the game will sometimes lock
10)Doing C.Sub-Zero's Ice Spike fatality  while your opponent is in the corner
will cause the ice to come up behind them  and they will "land in mid air"
.. splat! It's funny to watch :)

Ok, no more glitches here unless they do something major (like crash the game:)

If you have any moves/codes/info that I am missing here, please write and
let me know. If you send me any info that I use here (and don't
already have), I will give you credit in this FAQ. (This does  not
include simple typo corrections unless it is something major).
Also, I'm sure there is a typo or two in here .. if you spot
one, let me know about it so I can fix it:) I don't care if it's a single
word mispelled, you can still email me about it.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (You should read before emailing)

Q Do you have any additional moves or codes or do you know of any
  other secret characters not listed in this FAQ?
A No

Q Can you send me the FAQ whenever it's updated?
A No, too many requests for that .. sorry

Q Can you send me codes/info on MK Trilogy?
A That's what this FAQ is for .. be more specific :)

Q Why don't one button fatalities work all the time?
A The theory is that you have to finish off your opponent with the same
  button as the fatality you want to use. If you want to use BLLK or RN,
  you have to do something like Rayden's torpedo and then you can pick
  whichever button you want. If this is true, it is not the case with
  all characters, MK2 Rayden is an example .. I have tested this. So, maybe
  it's just a glitch ?

Q Why is there no Pit II and why does Cage not have his nut crunch?
A Programmers were too lazy to create the animation needed for all
  the new characters that those moves would have required

Q Why does the screen still go dark during Sub-Zero's spine rip fatality?
A Same reason as the above question:)

Q Why does sound sometime crackle when Shao Kahn says who won a round
  and in other various places ?
A Probably just an access problem, it's the same with all Trilogy CDs

Q What is the answer to life's ultimate question?
A 42

Email address: worknman@rat.org

Below is a list of people/places who have made this FAQ everything that it is.
They are the ones responsible for a *lot* of the info included. All I
did was confirm things that were sent to me. Very little of this
information goes to my credit. I thank each and every one of you for
providing me with codes/moves/glitches/fixes/etc.

* Pat Muth <pmuth19@mail.idt.net>
   Babalities for Human Smoke and Rayden
* Jenn Dolari (accept no substitutions) <dolari@alamo.net>
   Some neat Trilogy glitches
* Fighter's Edge MKT Site  http://www.fighter-edge.com/mkt/
  (Definitely the most accurate and up-to-date Trilogy FAQ I have seen
   so far ... great job guys!)
   Classic KL's babality, Stage fatals for classic Rayden & Kano
* C-L <chaith1@server1.netpath.net>
   MK2 Jax fix
* ??  <jhataway@graceba.net>
   Human Smoke fatality
* Acitve MKT Site  http://druboy.mmrcorp.com/amkt/index.asp
   Ermac's friendship, Rain's Animality
* Zach Keene <FnlFanatic@aol.com>
   Found *lots* of typos for me, prolly ones I never would have found:)
* Lewis <angler@epix.net>
   Jade's stage fatality
* Flagg Redd <Pete_Mizzo@wow.com>
   Kung Lao's double teleport
* Sean "Cyrax" Casey
   Disappearing select screen glitch
* Game Shark Code Creaters Club  http://www.htc.net/~brianj/gsccc/m.htm#MKTri
   Geee, I wonder :)
* Dominion <jesoswld@fast.net>
   Ermac's Animality
* Rasti Rasti <rasti@cco.caltech.edu>
   Goro's fireball move
* Malitor Greymaulkin <malitor@cooke.net> 
   Rain's first fat., confirming some brutalities for us
* Jeff Greeson <greesman@iadfw.net> 
* Newsgroup (alt.games.mk)
   I got a lot of stuff there. It's hard to know who to thank because 
   (unfortunately) there's half a dozen lamers there claiming credit for every
   move/code that's found.
* Brandon Hamer <bhamer0@ix.netcom.com>
   First one to send me the ? code, ending treasure chest info


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