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Reviewed: 02/25/02 | Updated: 02/25/02

A hidden PC gem

I got this game a long while back, but I never beat it 0_o. Just recently I did, with some help, but anyway this game is really good for some reason. Let's just see the review

---Story (8/10)
Wow, apparently the Orb of Storms was stolen. You, Rif the Fox, must find it with the help of some stupid people from other tribes, like a boar and an elk. Oh yeah, your girlfriend was captured too. Rehash, but it's perfectly okay.

---Graphics (7/10)
They aren't exactly OH MY GOD LOOK AT THOSE TREES type of Graphics, but they'll do. The main character becomes really, really pixilated as he progresses further away from the screen in the mazes.

---Music (7/10)
Alas, I cannot review the sounds and voice acting because of the fact that my computer doesn't seem to be able to process that feature. I do remember voice acting, and the fact that there was any is good enough for me. The music itself was mostly annoying, except for some, and I like to put on CDs, but the end constitutes listening to.

---Control (10/10)
This is a point-and-click game! HOW COULD THE CONTROLS BE LESS THAN PERFECT? Well, they could be, but this game doesn't do that.

---Gameplay (9/10)
The idea is that you have 8 different things you can do: Walk, talk, look, pick up, use, give, open, and close. The game isn't all that long, but it still will take some time. There isn't any fighting, which may seem like a bad thing, but it doesn't make it bad. You can talk to people, but there's no need really. Things may seem vague, but it all boils down to using everything on everything, and repeatedly trying to do something. Looking around is effective too. There are mazes and puzzles and the like, which just improves the game. I guess I don't have anything else to say.

---Challenge (9/10)
The only reason the challenge is above normal is because near the end, things are really vague. And the puzzle, THE PUZZLE! That thing was so hard! Oh well, this game is more like a 4 if you just click everywhere and you have help in the puzzle (its a tan gram by the way).

---Replay Value (0/10 for me, 8/10 for you)
I won't get the chance to play this game again, seeing as how I had an older computer hooked up to play it, but now we have the new one hooked up again, and we're getting ANOTHER new computer! But if you have it, you can pick up and play it to relieve boredom, hoorah!

The music is okay
The graphics are okay
The gameplay isn't the kind that is frustrating (as in kill 20 machine gunning aliens frustrating)
Pick up and play appeal

The tan gram (grrrrr)
I can't play this anymore
The tan gram (grrrrr again!)
It's too short
The tan gram (grrrrr once more!)

---Overall (9/10)
You probably won't find this anywhere, but if you do, and it's cheap (duh it's gonna be cheap :), and you have a Windows 98 or lower, then by all means purchase this game! You won't regret it, unless you don't like this kind of game, then stay away.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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