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Reviewed: 01/05/02 | Updated: 01/05/02

A classic action/arcade style game not to be overlooked

Epic Megagames' Solar Winds is one of the less appreciated (or at least less known) games of the nineties. In its day, the game was seemingly abundant in its shareware form. The fact that someone can still remember enough to review this game many years after its release has to say something about it. Solar Winds is a great example of how you can still have a wonderful game in only half a megabyte.


The game contains a constantly twisting and involved plot that brings the player deeper and deeper in. In it, the player, as Bounty Hunter Jake Stone, is dragged into a conspiracy to hide his people's origins as offspring of a distant race known as ''Humans''. The story is dark and intense.


You control your ship from an overhead viewpoint. You have access to all your ships main functions, such as engineering, communications and weapons, through various hotkeys and such. The control is moderately complicated but works well with the game. Battles and other interactions with other ships are interesting and entertaining. The battles can be somewhat boring, however, and traversing long distances can be a hassle.


256-color bliss. The graphics are well designed and colorful. This game is graphically one of the better works of its time. Planets, ships, and characters faces are all smooth and vibrant. The animation and scrolling is smooth and flowing, and the GUI is well designed and graphically pleasant.


The sound effects are simple and to the point, and nothing extraordinary. The music is well orchestrated MIDI in all its glory. Songs from this game can still be in my head 5 years after playing it.


Although you can in theory fly your ship wherever your heart desires, the game is somewhat linear and therefore replayability is not too high. This game is fun to run through, and then be left on a shelf for a year or two until it is a fresh game once more.

FUN: 8

This game's trump card is its storyline, so if you are a fan of deep and intriguing stories, you will probably find Solar Winds to be an enjoyable indulgence into classic abandonware. The average gamer will also be able to enjoy this game. I recommend it to any gamer who remembers fondly the days of Apogee and Epic Megagames. It is a relic from a different era of PC gaming that should not be forgotten.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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